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  1. I started getting into NFL football in high school (89-92) and loved watching the Bills and the k-gun offense. I am a very loyal person and stuck with them through the bad years, even when friends and family told me to give it up and pick a new team. I have missed very few games since the Sunday ticket came out in the mid 90's. I have seen a few games when they have come to Indy or Cindy, but my goal is to make it to a home game one day soon.
  2. Thanks for this info. It will be very useful. Thanks to everyone else's suggestions as well. I definitely plan to visit the stadium and Bills store. I also plan to do a lot of eating.
  3. Greetings everyone. The family and I will be spending a week in the Buffalo area (Wilson, NY I believe) for a week at the end of June. Other than Niagra Falls, what are some attractions and restaurants in the area I should check out. I am from Kentucky and have only been to the area once, when I was a child. I have been a lifelong Bills fan and was hoping to tour the stadium, but apparently you can only tour from July to September's. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Go Bills!
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