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  1. Where does Tremaine Edmunds get off wearing #49? Who does he think he is, Ron Guidry? I just swung by to illogically bash Tremaine Edmunds a little because it looks like this is the only thread on the board in which he hasn’t been illogically bashed yet so I’m guessing it is a rule that every thread must illogically bash him. I like this thread and don’t want it to be removed for a rules violation. We good mods?
  2. You must know by now that Edmunds must be bashed in every thread. I think it is a board rule so I’m sorry but I have to report you to the mods for using logic and reason when it comes to Edmunds.
  3. So who plays MLB this year.....while we’re trying to make a championship run?
  4. Jettisoning your defensive play calling pro bowl rookie contract MLB right before a season in which you plan on contending for a championship is perfectly reasonable?
  5. Quick. Name all the 22 year olds that call the defensive plays that Bellichick traded. The Edmunds bashing on this board is beyond ridiculous. If he is so replaceable, why name make a list of guys that could replace him for less money? The middle of our Dline was a mess for most of the season last year. Edmunds was injured as was his partner Milano. The Pro Bowl is not what it used to be but he still made it with all of those things factored in. He’ll be 24 during the 5th year option. But you know, he is a real big personality so we should ditch him. What a joke.
  6. This seems like a highly logical pick unless they really like someone else at 1T and are sure that guy will be there in round 2 or 3. I also think if they love a corner and/or if someone like Farley magically slips that could easily be the pick. It seems like the pass rushers all stink but maybe they like someone there too. I highly doubt it is Noweh. To me, 1T is the only spot where they absolutely have to draft someone on day 1/2.
  7. If I’m being honest....I did not like any of them. Once they picked Allen I was ok with him. I would have also been ok with Darnold or Mayfield but not thrilled about any. I would have been ok with Jackson with our second pick in the first as it was clear he would be there. At this point I’m thrilled with Allen and would be ok with Jackson or Mayfield.
  8. Ummmm then why didn’t they stay at 12 and keep the picks they already had?
  9. He was such a good character and the actor did a great job. Not my favorite death at all but I guess I see why they did it. Last night was another great Lennie James performance. Morgan is my favorite character on either/both of the shows. That said, I think Fear has more interesting characters as of now than the main show. Strand, June, Morgan, Dwight, Al, Sherry, and others all have interesting stories going and something is bound to happen with Daniel because Ruben Blades is really good.
  10. Trust me on this one. I took out a bet at Floyd’s of London. I got 1,000,000,000-1 odds on Brycen Hopkins, backup tight end for the Rams. I bet only $50 so it wasn’t suspicious. I win 50 billion if Hopkins is on the cover. I know the people who make this decision and you’d be surprised how far an offer of $10B will go. It will be Brycen Hopkins.
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