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  1. I would have thought you looked that up before you said they were terminated. If you did nothing and someone told you resign or be fired wouldn't you fight back? Although I agree the SJW stuff is out of control, I also dislike the offshoot of it which is "just claim it is all SJW stuff even if you go around harassing 23 year old women that work in your organization". How about we just go with the truth? Nothing, including the actions of the participants indicates the id SJW stuff so why just conclude that?
  2. They resigned. Your other post said terminated. There is a difference.
  3. 4merper4mer

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Did you fashion a trap from licorice whip?
  4. 4merper4mer

    Blakeman ref for KC *NE game...and *pats fans upset

    Weird concept of "fun".
  5. A lot of moving parts. Some of them line up with it making sense for the Bills. I think one of those is potential synergy with Allen. Many of the parts don't line up though. The "me" thing is a factor. I can see the Bills on the outskirts of this but the teams I see at the forefront: Sea, SF, Saints?, Raiders, Chargers, Colts? Dallas and Wash are always in play for anything.
  6. 4merper4mer

    East-West Shrine Week

    I think you have it all wrong. They are trying their best to make eye contact but it is impossible.
  7. 4merper4mer

    Marquise Goodwin: Tough year, loses twins

    It's truly awful. Prayers to him and to his wife. Women can blame themselves when things like this happen when of course they should not. I hope they are able to have the children they clearly want. These tough things in life help us all grow and ultimately will help them be appreciative people and parents, but their pain at present has to be unbearable.
  8. 4merper4mer

    Hypothetical : Trade down in 1st with Raiders?

    The Raiders don't want a QB at 4 but need one desperately at 9?
  9. 4merper4mer

    California (again)

    Is it dignity that prevents them from turning 90 degrees?
  10. Your window is closing now that Adam Gase is making his move.
  11. 4merper4mer

    Blakeman ref for KC *NE game...and *pats fans upset

    I don't get why they're whining about the ref who caught them cheating and did nothing. Was he supposed to conceal it from the league too?
  12. 4merper4mer

    Blakeman ref for KC *NE game...and *pats fans upset

    Your team plays fine in the cold and I'm guessing KC will too.
  13. 4merper4mer

    The Mizzou/Yale/PC/Free Speech Topic

    Well I blame Gillette for toxic masculinity. As they point out in their explanation of the ad campaign, SOME of their customers are not massage artists bruts who want to keep women in the kitchen and beat up gay people. But, as they so eloquently state, SOME is not enough. Their ad campaign will educate ALL men to be truly enlightened. This begs the question of where they have been for all this time? They have been sitting back reaping profits from this disgusting country where hair grows from men's faces and women's legs. If they and their partners on Madison Avenue would have taught us earlier about our sick society, we could have known all of this much sooner. They have also failed and continue to fail their stockholders in that they have not yet marketed male leg shaving products. Who are we to let hair grow on our legs? Shouldn't we all be more feminine? Certainly Gillette, who has marketed women's shaving products for years, could have developed a male parallel. And don't ask Gillette why women need to shave their legs. Where do you think they get the extra money to fund ad campaigns telling us all how unenlightened we are? Yes, it is selfish of men to enjoy the smooth legs of a woman, but in the long run it has benefited us all as we have had this wonderful educational ad campaign bestowed upon us.
  14. To be fair, good ole Carl knew nothing about football and was always yammering about imaginary aliens. Why would Miami listen?
  15. 4merper4mer

    Should Bills go after FA TE Demetrius Harris

    Then why the preference for the dead guy? Shouldn't they be equal?