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  1. This is just part of Miller’s stealth campaign to get Haack cut.
  2. He’s in the army now. He’s not behind a plow.
  3. They both have a track record of injuries so………….oh, wait.
  4. Gemini telescope adds to the math when studying HD 222925. Amazing set of discoveries but like the other arrows of math and science it points in the direction of “no aliens” so you probably won’t see it hyped too much.
  5. When White gave his interview upon signing his extension, he specifically named being able to play with Edmunds as a big reason he wanted to stay long term.
  6. You never know. Have you seen before and afters of Kathleen Turner?
  7. Bills….I won’t do team based predictions for fear of jinxing Bernard becomes something of a fan favorite Hodgins makes the team and scores 7 TDs Gabe Davis throws more than one TD Mitch Morse retires after the season NFL: There are more ties in the first 6 weeks of the NFL than in any other full season. Vikings win NFCN DK Metcalf is traded at the deadline Jacoby Brisset plays all year in a Luchador mask and the Browns are leading the AFCN. In week 18 the mask is ripped off by TJ Watt revealing it has been a suspended Deshaun Watson the whole time. The Browns forfeit all their wins.
  8. Since the title asks for “at their position” I’ll add a few to the GOAT Luck. DB Troy Polamalu or however it is spelled. Obviously not a terrible player but his self promotional hair gets him far higher rankings than he deserves. At RB I think decent cases are being made for both George and Smith. I’d disagree with Jackson because he is a weird case and generally remembered more as a great athlete….which is correct…..than a great NFL RB. At WR I never though KeShawn panned out anywhere near where he was seen. Maybe I’m forgetting someone though. DL Mark Ganstineau At the other positions nobody really jumps to mind.
  9. Who was the greatest prospect in the history of the world, had a traditionally solid team go on a one year tank to take him, had that same team trade away their greatest ever player to pave way for him, got inserted into a division who had a five year run of unmatched ineptitude and still managed to produce average results, playing in just one AFCCG and getting smoked in it, winning his terrible division a few times and choking it away at other times? Oh, and then he retired early. Andrew Luck
  10. Miami scares me zero both short and long term. Well, nothing is ever truly zero so not much. My short terms divisional concerns are NE, NYJ….and those two could change, with Miami being a close third. Long term it is NYJ, NE with Miami being a distant third. I see the Bills as being in a strong position to win the division this year. Anything can happen of course, but we have to be a pretty big favorite. Longer term the Jets seem to me to have finally turned the corner from an approach perspective. They would benefit from Wilson panning out and among the other three QBs I think he has the best chance. I think they will improve this year. If they maintain their rational approach, next year could be a big leap. I can’t totally dismiss NE due to BB and his willingness to both game plan in a way counter to current trends and to cheat, but I don’t understand what they’re doing roster wise. I can’t envision Jones at his peak ever being better than Allen, Burrow, Lamar, Watson??, Mahomes, Herbert, Carr or Wilson and other guys like Lawrence would have to bust to be in Jones territory. Miami to me seems to be throwing darts yet again. Superstar here, superhype there, And Tua? His ceiling seems slightly higher than Jones’ but his floor is much lower than Jones’. No way.
  11. If every post that was thought of as dumb by another poster was erased, message boards would be empty. I’m not sure how it could be seen as off topic. It was directly about the topic being discussed.
  12. I don’t know anything about that area but know that situation is difficult if not impossible. I feel for you and wish you the best. I think every person is different but have seen 100% necessary changes like moving into a nursing home for rehab accelerating declines. Things like this are unavoidable. Whatever you do…..do your best….after that….do NOT let guilt creep in. Don’t. There are some situations where a good answer does not exist.
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