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  1. Full of chowderheads sound better? And don't call him Shirley.
  2. My guess would be Russ Brandon type stuff. Just a guess.
  3. Bill Clinton just announced he is running again, doesn't care about rules and will be making a trip to Finland on 1/21/21 He also said he knows how to Finnish with the best of em
  4. Hasek eventually asked off the team right? It was because they were unable to acquire enough talent due to an inept GM right?
  5. These are good observations you've made but while you were doing so the turnip truck kept moving. You'd better run so you can hop back on.
  6. Is this possibly the first step toward blindness? His mom told him this would happen.
  7. My takeaway is that the entire thing is like a caste system. Certain people/types are allowed certain privileges based on their standing in the system. Hillary for example, is on the top of the food chain and can literally do anything. She can hide her correspondence from view, regardless of law or the care she takes with it. If "caught", it doesn't matter. A lower member of the system, in this case lap dog Comey, sweeps it under the rug. This is all oversimplified but people higher on the ladder can abuse people below them depending on how far down they are. Obama's mockery of Romney about Russia is a simple example. It was immediately protected even though patently absurd. Romney had status but not like Obama. Clinton could have bought opposition research on Cruz for example and had it leak into public perception. But Cruz has status so this could have only gone so far. There is no way that Cruz would have been investigated for what amounts to treason based on something made up. Cruz is lower on the ladder, but he is on it. Trump, despite his net worth, isn't on the ladder. You aren't and I'm not. There are no limits when the system goes after someone who is not on the ladder. The Comeys/Pages/Strzoks/whoevers are on the ladder. They are low and both fantasize about being higher and bask in the "glory" of being on it. They are weak people and pathetic. But, they can do whatever they want to people not on the ladder and the rest of it will protect them from any real harm. For some, their own status is imperceptible. They are convinced they are doing the right thing in a Stockholm Syndrome sort of way. This is why I don't view what is going on as purely political. What is happening to Trump couldn't happen to Bush, Pelosi, etc. It could happen to a lesser extent with Cruz, Sanders and others. The proxy of Trump via Kavanaugh was an interesting story. It's not political. It is a system that has grown out of control for far too long and it is protecting itself. There are many people knowingly supporting it and others doing so unknowingly. What they share is a belief, conscious or unconscious, is that regular people are not equipped to understand their complicated and critical world. They are above it all. This is ingrained in them and will never disappear. It is why Horowitz report leaves room for interpretation and exoneration of people CLEARLY overstepping any reasonable boundaries and why Beardy McGee will do nothing. I'm not really a fan of Trump, I'm not sure if he is knowingly exposing this ugliness or accidentally doing so out of jealousy or insecurity. It doesn't really matter. It is "good" that it is being exposed but it is an elephant that now has one of its toenails in the daylight but is still standing behind a giant barrier. I am genuinely confused by smart people who are comfortable with this and willingly deny it because people with their ideologies hold the power. That's sad to me.
  8. Up thread somewhere, and written before this excuse came out, someone quoted a years old article stating they had ready made cover stories, including this very one.
  9. Who wrote the headline saying she was "tapped" to be the new PM? I smell a promotion.
  10. Putin has done a million bad things. Stealing Kraft's ring can't possibly redeem them all. Can it?
  11. Did this ever get answered?
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