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  1. As a public service to your American friends can you translate "clapped out" from British into regular English?
  2. That's quite an efficient operation they're running there. We should know something by the 12th or so.
  3. These clues scream Prince but that dude does not look like Prince to me,.
  4. That was a legit penalty on Carolina but the guy that Burns beat tackled him and injured him with no call.
  5. It might be Darius Rucker.
  6. I understand that in terms of the 15 yards but to me a DQ for something unintentional is weird. If they DQEd the guy that kicked TB I'd be all for that.
  7. Me too. I thought the DQ was harsh because I wasn't sure of the intent there. The trip that set the whole thing up was dirty as heck.
  8. Court packing literally renders a branch of government moot and that is far more consequential than just about any of the other worry.
  9. This isn't an official guess but do you know if Anne Hathaway is Jewish?
  10. I'm not sure why that seemed so easy to me when most of them don't. I almost didn't answer because it seemed to easy to be true.
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