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  1. You really want to be pissed at Alexa? Ask her to enumerate the ways in which the Mets suck.
  2. Ukka Pukka Sambuca makes the save when the puck hits him. 6 goals on 25 shots? GTFO. 100 year wait for this loser? Just cut bait and move on already.
  3. Tracy Wolfson interviewed the skunk after the game game and…. Skunk: Helloooooooo baby. Wolfson: What is your name? Skunk: You may call me streetcar….. because of my desire for you.
  4. I agree and understand to an extent. What I don’t get is how every other terrible team in the league, except us and the Canucks, seems to turn things around in 2-3 years consistently. Their shortcuts are working. I truly believe that with the exception of anyone that committed criminal acts, etc., that Tim Murray was the worst GM in the history of professional sports.
  5. I am generally happy with the current overall direction of the Sabres and the cancerous growth known as Eichel had to be removed, but I’m still not thrilled at the pace. My prediction that Seattle would make the playoffs before Buffalo…..made years before the franchise played its first game, appears to be about to come true.
  6. I read it differently. I don’t think he told the dude to eat a dick….I think he believes the guy has already done plenty of that.
  7. Since it wasn’t a close game, Bama’s impressive win over Austin Peay puts them ahead of Ohio State.
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