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  1. You've hit on the crux of the matter. Some people think fetuses are babies while others think they are moldy cheese. The two groups will never agree.
  2. 4merper4mer

    Jared Kushner

    Don't worry. John Kerry is still working on it too.
  3. Hirono has no business calling anyone a sexual predator if she is simultaneously mocking the size of their taint.
  4. 4merper4mer


    Don't get me wrong, not good enough is not good enough. It is the facade that they are even seriously considered that is disappointing. Everything about the NCAA seems fraudulent to me and this is on the lower end of the scale but they are telling schools like UCF a lie. Recruiting violations for hamburgers and helping kids get home for funerals......fake punishments that are quickly rolled back for a school that covered up child rape.....pardon me if I have my doubts about the selection process.
  5. The last few years, with readily available DNA tests, have further exposed the stupidity of categorizing individuals. And yet morons like Warren, and countless others seem to have increased their desire to do so. Pride in heritage certainly has a place, but if we lose individuality we are all screwed.
  6. 4merper4mer


    If any team were to go 2 straight undefeated years including wins in the top 25 and make the playoff in neither, isn't calling them part of FBS a lie and a sham?
  7. 4merper4mer

    Have to feel a little bad for the late Aaron Hernandez

    He needed to be removed from society for his actions. We can leave his ultimate judgement to the big man.
  8. 4merper4mer

    Sabres & NHL 2018-19 - Game 8 vs. LAK at 4 PM ET on 10/20

    Nylander 2024!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 4merper4mer


    Lol you assume it is fair. That scenario won't happen but even if it did.....Bama is in.
  10. I don't know this ref's name but in my head he is known as Mr. Patriot.
  11. 4merper4mer

    NFL rules committee has more work to do

    The unwritten rule that some teams can get away with crap and some can't make it seem like a popularity contest. Steelers won today on a blatant pick. Watch the Bengals/Bills/Cardinals/Brown's/10 other teams try that.
  12. 4merper4mer


    Lol if you think a one loss Bama would be out I have a bridge to sell you ....in Brooklyn. Honestly though in most scenarios a one loss Bama would actually deserve to get in this year.
  13. 4merper4mer

    The final season of (Rick) The Walking Dead starts tonight

    Morgan is my favorite character/actor from either show and I think the actors on fear do a great job. John Dorrie is awesome. With that said, I agree about this last season. They changed the entire direction, which I suppose I get, but it felt like the last 3-4 episodes were not enough to do anything real new so they did a small Gillian to wrap things up. The whole helping people thing means the season ended where it started only with Morgan at the helm instead of Madison. So they change the whole direction but sonehow ended up where they started. I'll watch the start of next season but it had better be good. As for the main show....ok episode I suppose. They had a time jump but they could at least explain what happened a little. Maggie's baby is about a year old and yet the issues with Negan/Sanctuary/Gregory picked up exactly where they left off. Nothing happened?