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  1. 4merper4mer

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    We made the playoffs last year. What is missing from 2017 that makes 2018 a rebuilding year? Please be specific and please don't say Preston Brown.
  2. 4merper4mer

    Other League wide injuries

    Figuring out if Ben's brain is back to functioning "normally" has got to be quite the task for the doctors involved.
  3. 4merper4mer

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    Dude. Seriously. You are literally changing the definition of the word play to make your Bama guy look good. He looked bad.....not good. Half a player....half a play.
  4. 4merper4mer

    Patriots Pre-Season Broadcast

    Mass holes have been around since long before the Sox or Pats were winning.
  5. 4merper4mer

    John Brennan's Security Clearance

    0% of the population is above reproach. I cringe when I hear of someone's "unimpeachable integrity" right before they are appointed to some Wadhington investigation. They almost invariably prove to be whack-a-do's. Defending a colleague is often an emotional reaction. I'm not saying it is always wrong, just emotional. This admiral's reaction was.clearly emotional as he claimed Brennan's freedom of speech has been infringed. It clearly has not. The admiral might have a lot of credibility in a lot of areas, but not in this case. He screwed his own case. If he wanted to state why he thought it is important that Brennan keep his clearance and/or why nothing he had done should have jeopardized it, he should have written about that.
  6. 4merper4mer

    What is better, no guns, or more guns?

    Change the word "threatened" to "warned" in the second sentence you bolded, and voila you have the defense at trial. And I didn't even read the article. Edit:. I read the article and what I wrote above is incorrect. It's just a bad headline.
  7. 4merper4mer

    Advice Needed re: Managerial Dilemma at Work

    If she missed the call she needed to find a way to notify him and get acknowledgement from him. An IM that may have been seen is not enough. Even sick on the way out she could ask someone to go find him. If she had enough energy to leave, she had enough to ask someone a favor. He needs to tell her that it can't happen again. If it is the first time, that's enough. If there are other concerns, that is when he has to think about how far the conversation goes. With all of that's said, he or someone else should have been prepared to take her part smoothly.
  8. 4merper4mer

    John Brennan's Security Clearance

    I think there is a fall opening at the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good. You may want to look into it.
  9. 4merper4mer

    John Brennan's Security Clearance

    Also, Buddhist temple rhymes with Juddhist temple. Coincidence?
  10. 4merper4mer

    John Brennan's Security Clearance

    If you trust Mueller there is a problem.
  11. 4merper4mer

    John Brennan's Security Clearance

    Brennan provided a safe haven for these treacherous acts to be performed. It is being reported on the site of a football team who once had a receiver named Haven. What was that receiver's last name? Coincidence?
  12. Is your question about the Jello or is it about NJ's gay thing?
  13. I tried that frozen Jello thing because it sounded cool but you suck at science dude. There are a MILLION tiny little pieces of melting Jello all over my carpet. The thing friggin shattered like glass. I'm sending you a cleaning bill. And I'm guessing that NJ, already seemingly wary of gays, is not going to take you up on your suggestion of pinning them down.
  14. He talked about the whole league pretty much. He's a douche but advocating killing him is out of line IMO.
  15. 4merper4mer

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    I'm pretty sure the trade happened before the game.