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  1. Lol when you changed your mind about Beane based on Hopkins you’d go from being wrong to……being wrong.
  2. Please tell me you’re not someone who wants OBJ, Hopkins, or Jeudy then.
  3. The comp pick formula isn’t that complicated. If your name is Buffalo……no comp pick.
  4. Oh I know you hate our draft. That’s a given. I’m just wondering if March 20 is a new record.
  5. Is March 20 the earliest you've given the Bills draft a failing greed or nah?
  6. If by juice you mean Hopkins is still cheating……maybe. If by juice you mean contribution…..no.
  7. Does “finalizing” mean waiting for the Rodgers thing?
  8. I’m not likely to complain about the GM of a team with three straight division titles. I’ll leave that to the Uber experts like you.
  9. Math has the same answer to that as always.
  10. I’m not one to complain about Beane but Cooks has some juice left, unlike Hopkins or OBJ.
  11. OBJ is a waste of space, both cap space and locker room space.
  12. I’m not scared about anything, much less your blatantly incorrect statement. The methane ocean I described may or may not be frozen….it may or may not even exist……therefore we know less about it than we do about our own oceans. I’m not, nor is anyone else, saying we shouldn’t learn more about the bottom of our oceans.
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