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  1. The most interesting guy to me is Trey Adams because he probably has the highest upside even if odds are low.
  2. Remember the game changing can’t miss ultra talent named Tavon Austin? The Rams keep trying to forget him.
  3. How's this?: They hated the nails on a chalkboard sound of the Jimi Hendrix wannabe loser KC trotted out there. That doesn't sound too political to me.
  4. It’s not all the running backs. The line is built for pass blocking and usually does that well...today, not so much. Barry Sanders would be meh with this run blocking.
  5. Our line is built for pass blocking. Singletary has a place but it is a tight fit. They could use a dynamic, quick pass catching guy back there. Alvin Kamara doesn’t grow on trees.
  6. It’s like 10 years after the Sabres did nothing for Miller and they are still doormats. It can be very reasonably argued that that play started the slide into what they became. The best t8me to answer something like that is: immediately. They really only need three. Mahomes, douche Kelce and the child beating thug that wears number 10. Jail is likely to remove Hill before the salary cap does.
  7. He was thrown to the ground after the whistle. Maybe you want him to curl up in the fetal position?
  8. Lots can happen. I’d like to improve and beat them as they currently stand. Honestly though Hill will probably land in jail at some point and that would drastically change their offense.
  9. Not me. KC guy threw Josh to the ground post whistle and got all bent when he got a ball flipped at him. He taunted and got exactly what he deserved. Most of the dirty stuff came from KC. Punches thrown Sorensen is a douche, the flinging of Diggs. Our OL stood up for our QB and will again. It is far better than the way the Sabres hung Ryan Miller out to dry after “piece of s$&*” Lucic ran him.
  10. 100% but they didn’t do nearly enough today. Douche Kelce and the child beater killed them. It was eye opening. Milano was easily exploited all day, we had no pass rush and Tre was not great either. Obviously KC is elite but we need more. I think Star opting out hurt our scheme all year and we mostly made the best of it. I’m not sure where we can get the following: An elite pass rusher Some solidification/depth on the DL in the middle. Is that Star? Better linebackers. I am very pro Edmunds and Milano has a place but not at the price he will require. D
  11. Upon further review and although I think they would have failed on 4th down, I think you’re right and I was wrong there.
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