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  1. Hyde's TD was indeed garbage time. Up until the onside kick the Bills covered, onside kicks had been recovered at a 0% clip in the NFL this year. There was one later in the day when the receiving team made an egregious error. Danny Crossman is the Dolphins special teams coach. Garbage time. Are you maintaining the drive the Dolphins put together at the end didn't have flukes? Are you saying the Bills didn't at least get it to the point where kneel downs would have finished things? Yes I could have done without Fitz's miracle escape and run but it happened.
  2. On your first point I agree that we were not a top 5 defense this week. On the second: The entire time they had the ball all the Bills needed to have happen was for the clock to get under 2 minutes to mean recovering an onside kick sealed the game. The Bills achieved getting the click under 2 min. There were not over 2 minutes to play. Miami scored on a fluke play after converting a 4th on another fluke play. It was garbage time.
  3. Please be sure to not be specific about your original point so that it can't be refuted. It seemed you were saying that one bad game showed more than 5 good games. But of course that couldn't be it. I'm not sure what you're saying but I'm sure you're right. The Dolphins had three good drives today. Two resulted in TDs and one they botched, creating a pick on what should have been a score. They added a garbage time drive for another TD. That isn't the best look for the Bills D but it is hardly some sort of definition of the season.
  4. I asked if a top 5 defense had ever had a bad game. That is a simple question. You answered it with a question that added in parameters. Your effort to define the discussion in a negative way is completely dishonest as usual. I asked if a top 5 defense had ever had a bad game. Your response, knowing of course that top 5 defenses have indeed had bad games, was an effort to say it was impossible for a top 5 defense to have a game as bad as the Bills had today. That's a joke so I decided not to look up every box score in NFL history.
  5. Of course top 5 defenses have had bad games. When I asked you changed the parameters to whether there was ever a bad game against a team with a giant headed bearded QB who hadn't scored much so far this year. The fact is that in an effort to be negative, you will twist and turn anything you can. Your team has won 6 Super Bowls but you are still very insecure. Today's game is not how I would have chosen but it is far from some sort of weird proof that the Bills D is a mirage. That's just a weird take. Do they need to do better than they did today? Sure. I'm not about to look up every game result from the last 100 years to match some weird criteria. I've seen: Hall of Fame pitchers lit up and pulled in the first inning. Ozzie Smith make a bad throw Great offenses shut out and nearly shut out Great kickers miss chip shots and on and on In reality, there are very few examples of teams, units or individual achieving a full season with no hiccups.
  6. You're right. A good team or unit has never had a bad game. Today's game is absolute proof that the Bills defense is horrible. Well either that or you've simply chosen to be negative about the Bills at every opportunity. I think I'll go with Occum's Shaver on this.
  7. .??? I will grant you that the Dolphins are worsethan the 2010 Browns but the Bills won the game. The Browns indeed won 34-14 in Foxboro. That was not some sort of sign that the Pats were a mirage. Good teams and good units indeed have bad games.
  8. 9 years ago your boys got spanked at home by a bad Brown's team.
  9. Supposedly Bills at Vikings. Be sure to add more weird parameters to maintain negativity.
  10. Are you saying if Kim Jung QB were still there that they would be 9-0 by now? If not, prepare to be put in your place. On a separate note I flipped to RZ only a few times and saw the Lions get screwed by the refs on three different calls. What the heck did they do to piss off the zebras this year?
  11. I was underwhelmed by most of the effort although the defense did well in Q4 when the game was still in doubt. I thought we looked unprepared and overconfident with few exceptions: White Gore in his usual reliable way Allen:. He didn't make any really silly plays and we really couldn't have afforded one. I hope we learned some sort of lesson.
  12. Honestly they should be embarrassed no matter how this ends. There really isn't an excuse for this.
  13. I have to concede this point as your Pats have clearly always been much more savvy on the latest communication methods like Fieldtime and WhatsApp Helmet edition.
  14. That little dude really is something else.
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