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  1. I like Okposo and he ran into some bad luck but his contract’s term was far too long. Skinner is such a joke.
  2. Letting Ullmark go was bad bad bad. Boston getting him was worse. And we’re still paying Skinner for another 97 years and Okposo for how many more?
  3. In an ideal world Eichel would be willing to stay but he has basically become James Harden. There is a lot of water under the bridge and Eichel aspects of him wanting to play elsewhere are understandable IMO, but even the initial request is not 100% a good look for him by any means. Yes he was thrust into the captain's role at too young an age, but my guess is that he wanted it. Act like one then. He never really has. And now he is faking a desire for an unrealistic surgery so he can get out of town. If his demand for that surgery were actually real, his trade value would be
  4. They get a goalie prospect and a first next year for Reinhart. I guess they finally gave up on Ukka Pooka Sambuca.
  5. My analysis in 2018 was not on the mark. It was something like this: Mayfield-cocky prick who will be an average QB. I wouldn’t draft him until the 20s. Not way off Darnold-Turnover machine that might improve. Maybe the best of a bad bunch. Off…at least so far Allen - A most likely losing lottery ticket who can’t throw. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off Rosen - Entitled douche bag who will suck. I nailed that one Jackson - More of a passer than people think and less of a runner. Probably worth a late first. Backwards but ended up in the right spot.
  6. I’ll grant you that Tim Murray was the worst GM in the history of professional team sports and that the Sabres haven’t exactly executed well in trying to recover from that. But they are ungrateful pukes. Are they entitled to just walk into a room and be handed a Stanley cup and a villa on the beach in some glitzy locale or should they have to work? WTF has Reinhardt ever done to be in some sort of position to demand a trade to a specific geographical area? The Boston raised Eichel is really showing the classic Boston personality lately with the experimental surgical demands that
  7. Looks like they got a first for Risto...I'll take that.
  8. Can't be as bad as a team that makes me think I just pulled into the Gulf station.
  9. Honestly thought Risto or Sam would be gone by now. Eichel I expect to take longer. If they don't make a trade tonight I think it means this front office may try to rival its predecessors in the ineptitude department.
  10. Jerry is lying as he has absolutely refused to hire or to be a good GM.
  11. I disagree about Mittlestadt..and Thompson too….but understand your point. Mitts has top 6 potential on the Sabres I suppose but is 4th line at the absolute most on a real team. Agree on Risto; we need a good return.
  12. Were there rules on how the positions were protected or did teams just follow the same formula? Borgen was certainly more protectable than friggin Mittestadt.
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