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  1. Revolt against the right to only choose three. That mustard is so damn good it forces me to give up Ted's, Pizza, Weck or wings....and two of them at that. Nooooooo I left off Weck because it's not the best picture I've seen and wings.
  2. If that is Trent Murphy we should cut him to save on salary cap.
  3. So all of these worldwide morons who keep looking despite math's hammerlock on reality are either: 1. In on it. All of them. Or 2. Having all the signals from all over the universe blocked on them without a mistake being made by government in 50 years. The same governments that can't go 5 seconds without making a stupid mistake individually have perfectly coordinated everything for 50 years. Occum called and thinks you're getting a little scruffy.
  4. What? You don't agree that the answer to everything, including the Covid virus, is simply cutting Murphy?
  5. What variables would explain hiding the biggest discovery in the history of mankind from billions of people, hundreds of thousands of whom would have to be involved in the coverup?
  6. Bullet point 2 above makes sense. Except math. Accept math.
  7. Negan shot the guy last week using a whisperer gun.
  8. It's funny how a number 4 pick can have a career that is sporadic between some huge games, some meh games, some "not much" games and some injuries, contribute to a Super Bowl win and sign some decent contracts, but still be considered a huge bust by some and "ok" by others. You won't find anyone assuming he is a critical piece to anything whether he can be or not. Contrast this with the consensus greatest draft propspect of all time who had a career with some solid stats, never really sniffed a Super Bowl, choked in a bunch of critical moments, had several injuries and retired extremely early. Call that guy a bust and holy terror will rain down upon you forever. Even after a career full of false hope and disappointment, we're in for a decade or so of imagining what could have been. Perception is more real than reality sometimes.
  9. Shows will gloss over stuff like that with vague references to splits, etc. but no physical damage at the office or reference to it was odd. I see it as a small flaw because the season was so good.
  10. I don't want to spoil anything but I have some theories. I'll wait until everyone has seen it or enough time has past.
  11. In the middle of the finale. Lots of tension like when Tony Soprano was hiding in the house.
  12. That's what you say but Jax drafted Josh Allen last year.
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