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  1. Well, at least we all avoided a thread about your rude neighbor snowblowing in the middle of the night.
  2. This will be ignored because it is Rudy. No amount of evidence would matter. In the mean time Beardy McGee's thumb is still up his ass by design.
  3. I thought the purse was a forced march from Giselle. This refutes that theory.
  4. Did anyone get a glimpse of who was driving Feinstein's car?
  5. Maybe he had Patrick Chung's phone number scrawled on his registration or insurance card and the cop pulled a Columbo.
  6. I gave that a thumbs up because I like Risto and agree with the Eichel/Dahlin summary. While Risto has value our GM has also shown a proclivity for useless forwards so I'd just keep the good defenseman rather than add yet another Sheary/Vesey/Thompson/Mittlestadt.
  7. It sort of turned crappy. It had the widest gap I've ever seen in a show between some very interesting premises and the lame way they were delivered. There was some good stuff in the show but it was about a 6. A few changes could have made it much better.
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