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  1. 4merper4mer

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    Are you going to completely leave out the look the rest of that draft had while you discuss Lawson? You know....crappy players that only Rex could love? Pin it all on Whaley. Maybe he thought our medical staff could be like yours and give them all the TB12 juice. BTW, Rex and Whaley are both gone, you can just feel the Bills gaining on your beloved Pats, so your reaction is to talk about Shawn Merriman? Well, the Pats cleared Ted Johnson didn't they? It does happen with other staffs you know.
  2. 4merper4mer

    Will Shaq Lawson Make the Roster?

    As long as you are a prick about it when you come back to report.
  3. 75% true but you left out the GOP's role in creating Trump. If he hadn't shaken up the primaries it would have been 7 on 1 to eliminate Cruz and then everyone falls in line behind Jeb.
  4. 4merper4mer

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    Granted I have a lot of $$$$$$$ but I have specifically avoided gaining any coercive power over anyone so I would not call my wealth, land and assets a regime at all. I have no mine fields and if I did I would not use children, people, or even squirrels in that manner. And I hate squirrels.
  5. 4merper4mer

    Star Trek: Return of Picard?

    You left out TAB
  6. The answer to your original question is that Trump etc. would have been correct if they added the word "legally" to the phrase "nothing can be done". That is unless they intended to let any group of people enter the country after 20 days if they have a child in tow. I don't think that is their desire but it is the desire of the left, the press, the Chamber of Commerce, and egg farmers in Ohio. Those folks just won. We will see if it is a temporary victory. Dogblitz is all over the place and hard to follow and the tail light crap is a red hair ring for sure.
  7. 4merper4mer

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    Mullahs watching CNN and commenting on Twitter. Geopolitics is stupider than most episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Let's see if they can go full Canadian and get dumber than Dudley do right.
  8. Huh? Pointing out that something is insanely stupid isn't shifting an argument. It's dismissing one.
  9. I think it was Manafort and only 5 people knew. And he man slaughtered them.
  10. Broken tail lights huh? There haven't been any other issues?
  11. Yes he could. And if the rest of the process played out properly, both EOs would be shot down. Read the law. Either EO gets shot down or all families released into the US in 20 days. Then go to a Google and look up "Ohio egg farm" for a little fun light reading.
  12. What he did today usurped the law. Now what will happen is the left will try to e force the law saying kids can't be held for 20 days and force release into the US.
  13. I see what you are getting at with that gif but WHY did the Jews turn Eddie Murphy's ear yellow?
  14. Wow. Impressive use of physics. The photo dude also has a completely different face than Osama. And I can't wrap my head around why, if the did a facial transplant, that Ossman chose to look like Osama instead of looking like Travolta or Nick Cage. Any thoughts?