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  1. Pay no mind to what they say doesnt matter anyway I love Cecille
  2. They have a 5 year plan for that guy
  3. Despite a gigantic staff, this guy does less than Jason Botterill.
  4. We haven't been patient enough. Seattle makes playoffs, Buffalo makes playoffs, Notre Dame repaired. Which happens first?
  5. This in a year where only 18 guys have a first round grade leaving 14 teams picks useless.
  6. Your post makes the assumption Botts is aware he needs to hire a coach but this is golf season. Don't assume.
  7. Spoiler alert: the redhead chops people into tiny little bits and her mom eats the evidence. Bosch solves this by reviewing victims Skype histories.
  8. Even though you have no idea who is available at 25 but not at 40?
  9. Haven't we already used our 2nd on Andy Isabella?
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