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  1. Don’t take it too hard. Trashing a college freshman’s name is only collateral damage for the committee in pursuit of promoting Bama. Honestly, that kid should sue the ever living daylights out of that committee. They literally trashed him in public and blamed him for FSU’s exclusion. It’s one thing if they spin it or keep quiet but they used this kid as a scapegoat. It’s at least grounds to file a defamation suit.
  2. That kid is a totally worthless human being incapable of ever improving. Thank God the committee screwed the rest of his team and made him a scapegoat for the rest of his life. So classy of these gentlemen for thrusting hardship on this kid. If he didn’t want to be publicly blamed by the committee for FSU’s omission, he should have stopped being a worthless sack of crap and been a 5 star backup like that awesome Bama kid. Do I have that right?
  3. To be fair the Chiefs probably took it from the Atlanta Braves and they may be connected by half of each roster having humped Taylor Swift.
  4. Lol you conveniently left out that TCU won a playoff game while making a case they were unworthy of a spot. That’s not logical.
  5. The non conference Bama schedule was a reasonably tight game against USF, a curb stomp home defeat to Texas, a resounding victory over Chattanooga and another against MTSU. But we get the gaslighting about their tough schedule. Also: Kim Jung Il shot an 18 in a round of golf.
  6. Oooh 5 stars. The committee basically told a kid at FSU that he is a worthless piece of garbage. Even though he lost exactly zero games. Nice example from our institutions there.
  7. In fairness to Florida State, the committee should have notified them at the beginning of the season not to bother playing because they had already been eliminated. Cuz Bama. As usual.
  8. 1. Clemson getting stripped of their titles now? 2. So you’re saying Cleveland should be eliminated now? What if Mahomes gets hurt in week 18? 3. Has there ever been an undefeated team, power 5 or otherwise, eliminated from the playoff when the beneficiary wasn’t Bama?
  9. Didn’t mean to “clap back”. Sorry if it seemed that way. I agree the committee has a wide variety of anti-logic at its disposal.
  10. One will make it for sure. Maybe two.
  11. The NFL should probably eliminate Cleveland from the playoff picture because their QB got hurt. The committee would essentially be telling an individual player that he sucks and is the entire reason for his undefeated team’s elimination. That’s quite a unique way to treat their student athletes. Texas curb stomped Bama at their house. Nice reward.
  12. Honestly if an undefeated team in a high end conference gets summarily eliminated for any of a long list of dubious excuses, why not simply eliminate any type of playoff at all and go back to the bowl system? It’s a farce. Why wouldn’t they just tell 95% of the teams in August……you’re eliminated? Because they are. The injury reasoning is stupid and borderline dangerous. What happens if someone walks into Milroe’s dorm room this morning and goes all Tonya Harding?
  13. New strategy: injure players on the other team to eliminate them. That sounds like a good way to run a system for a team sport. Or maybe just another in a long line of excuses to hand it to Alabama.
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