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  1. I heard the theory on the radio again. This time it was on the Classic Vinyl channel. The dude had a British accent so I couldn't make out everything but he was pretty clear about the trannies.
  2. He also hates Oliver so he will have more material.
  3. I only heard this once once the radio and I've been listening for it again to no avail. The best I can summarize: Castro thought US business was profiting off the backs of the workers and wanted to get even. He hired at least two trannies and they were actually the cause of the electrocution that killed JFK There may have been a bullet but that is not ultimately what did him in The electricity came from below.
  4. I think the passport thing was a parody. I realize the article about the Japanese doubts was from sources and not anything official but IMO they can get bent. I have an idea. Run your own investigation. That way you don't have to trust anyone else or make accusations about the US or Israel. Are they the only other countries in the world that could have pulled that off did Japan pick them randomly.
  5. Well the Beatles had commie influences but they were not mentioned on the radio. Were the guys in the front seat ever investigated? Were they known to cross dress? The current could have been triggered by them. I can't see doing it remotely back in the 60s.
  6. It was kind of crazy. It implied Castro hired trannies and that it wasn't a bullet that did him in. I listened but didn't hear it again. I'll try to remember the details.
  7. JFK. It made it sound as if he was actually electrocuted. I don’t really know. There were definitely crazy aspects to it. Is it true that no one heard the shot? I knew nobody saw for sure but I thought there was a noise.
  8. @Deranged Rhino Have you heard anything about the alternate theories on Kennedy's death. I heard something on the radio this morning and it was intriguing.
  9. In a mere 5 years UMD will announce that electrolytes are what plants crave.
  10. Only in Canada would so many people wear t shirts that are advertisements for illiteracy. To celebrate, a team official beats up a cop. Classy.
  11. I'm not into this nerd stuff but I know hab means Canadian and I know Rex Ryan grew up in Toronto. If you are in to amateur Klingon foot fetish porn you may have hit bottom.
  12. It is neither in Ireland nor New Zealand. It can be found only in the brains of nerds.
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