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  1. 4merper4mer

    Matrix 4

    Spoiler alert:. Neo will look down and out but will grab one of the tennis balls off the bottom of his walker and throw it at agent Smith. He will miss but Smith will trip over it and fall. Smith will start loudly complaining about his sciatica which will be overheard by Trinity who does not fight physically, but verbally with Smith by lamenting the horrors of menopause. While this is going on Neo will surreptitiously crawl over to his gun, load it and put a bullet in his own head. Roll credits.
  2. Four posts in and we already have: "better then" in the thread title "pump the breaks" in a post let's go for the record!!!!!!!
  3. These people are a disgrace. And yes I'm including Barr,Horowitz, Huber and the lot of them investigating with no action whatsoever. They are stealing their salaries and doing nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuthing. Much of what was done is right there in public record and yet zero action has been taken. One of them should muster up 5 minutes of honesty and notify us that some people can do whatever they want. Instead, it's multiple years of "investigating"/padding the pension.
  4. Does Kevin Malone get one too for inventing the number keleven? When he couldn't get a ledger to balance he just added keleven. It's basically the same thing as dark matter.
  5. Hysterical interviews in episode 3, until the second one got creepy.
  6. Will this be the first time that the combined record of the NFL will be under 500?
  7. The Go-go's hit song "I Love Cecile" which is crappy but somehow catchy. It was gutsy to sing about lesbian stuff back then too.
  8. Maybe we can wait 20 years like Eichel and the Sabres. Or maybe screw that and win now.
  9. Beane needs to dig up about 20 of those helmets and trade them to Oakland for a first. One of them will pass inspection.
  10. Good point about the NCAA. They barely punish schools that allow pedophile rings in their locker room.
  11. . Gentlemen? Is this guy some kind of massage artist? How can we listen to him?
  12. At the risk of being repetitive I'll post a video from earlier in the thread. It looks at things from from the point of view of the aliens rather than humans. Or it could be this:
  13. Re-read what you just wrote and then re-think whether I am the one being human centric or if that is you. Your first paragraph does a great job making my points. Why would a civilization that advanced care if we knew or not? What if there were a million of them? Would they all want us not to know? Every single one? What about signs they may have inadvertently sent before they became so advanced? Did those disappear? Yes, the UFO nature of this thread is about physical visitation but clearly that is not the only way we could find out about aliens. Take your example of us and add 1000 years. What is the most likely thing we'd do? This is important. What is the most realistic thing that we'll do?
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