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  1. I don't get it either but I'll have to accept it since there is nothing more just than an angry white woman.
  2. I'm going to need you to cite your entire "not racist" resume in chronological order before we will even consider inviting you into the club. What color are your pets?
  3. Its far less weird than having friends who have no skin color. Where are you finding these people?
  4. How many black friends do you have? More importantly, how many times have they been to your house for dinner?
  5. One post you're claiming some moral or gentlemanly high ground and in the next you're a tough guy who isn't concerned how his brash attitude rubs people the wrong way. How novel. F-
  6. The insults started around page 325. You'll never guess who cast the first stone, chief.
  7. So how many opinions was it that you have created for me in the absence of any statements you have personally witnessed? Greater or less than 10? Take your shoes off if its more than 10.
  8. Go back and read all of your responses to my posts. Count how many opinions have you falsely attributed to me based on statements you haven't seen me make.
  9. I suppose I could declare that since I have not personally witnessed you (or anyone else in this thread) denouncing the murder of innocent black men to the max or condemning police brutality to the max and strongly considering that most of your (and everyone else's) posts pertain to looters and rioters rather than the impetus for the protest in the first place, that the bad actors in the law enforcement community have your support and you are minimizing injustice and its corrosive effect on society; but I'm not going to because that is asinine and I don't believe you hold any of those views.
  10. Settle down, snowflake. You're so uppity when you get called on your disparate and inconsistent opinions. You're freaking out! You just dropped an OMG basically interspersed with little claps. Do you smell toast? I'm actually not a big fan of government force in any of the above applications but I am happy to find middle ground with you and agree to move on with our new lives as admitted and unabashed hypocrites! It feels pretty good. You gonna make it? And what's up with everything you disagree with as virtue signalling now? There could be no other reason for having an opinion that differs from Joe in Winslow except someone wanting to demonstrate virtue?? And me of all people, who has no virtue as demonstrated throughout this thread, what could I possibly have to signal? PPP has agreed I support violence against cops for ***** sake! You're becoming a caricature.
  11. Set the record straight then Joe. Below is where you have stood on the issues. How does this make sense? Government force used to impose quarantines: Tyranny Government force to restrict hours on private enterprise: Tyranny Military force to enforce curfews, dispel assembly, and put down looting/civil unrest: Justified
  12. 1. I call out your hypocrisy. 2. You tell me to reconcile YOUR opinions. 3. You call me a hypocrite when I can't? Brilliant.
  13. Those are your beliefs, hypocrite. Its not my responsibility to reconcile them for you.
  14. You answer first and hypocrisy will be abundantly clear.
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