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  1. I love it when athletes stand up for their beliefs. But not those beliefs. Or that one. And definitely not that one. I guess what I am saying is, shut up and dribble. Sports is my escape and I don't want politics intertwined. Not unless I agree with those politics. Then I'm all for it. - TBD
  2. As bad as you are on here, somehow you're 10x worse on Twitter. Do you get off on being wrong?
  3. His actual hairline is somewhere near the point of his head. He grows it long and combs it forward to make it look like hes not bald. Its a horrific decision and probably why his dad never liked him. I gotta believe we are in the top 13 of the AFC but you can never underestimate Chris Collinsworth.
  4. I guess I am just uncomfortable with you using the word grooming after the incident.
  5. The Buffalo Bills are a professional organization and not some sleazy Subway sandwich shop. They are developing players NOT grooming them.
  6. Injuries any time are horrible but there is just something about preseason injuries that seem especially cruel.
  7. Wasn't the 100 mile rule that it wasn't gay if you were over 100 miles from shore? I guess its good that it also wasn't cheating.
  8. KC sees no threat in the team that smoked them in the regular season and was 13 seconds away from eliminating them from the playoffs until they did the inexplicable?
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