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  1. Are you suggesting that war paint is inherently racist? The trope of using war paint to ironically depict football coaches as brave is offensive to whom exactly? Use your strong mind.
  2. Using small words may expedite the process of misrepresenting and misunderstanding the posts you're responding to. May also lead to shorter rants and less weeping for the rich, whomever they may be, those poor unfortunate souls. Butker's wealth is highly relevant when suggesting single incomes and homemakers is the paradigm by which we should all live. Of course, the vision Butker has laid out is not an economic possibility for many households. Some would call this opinion out of touch. Some might argue that making millions a year is contributing factor to losing touch with the realities of middle class and lower class America. Some already have made these points, but you spun it into proletarian class warfare and trampling on the first amendment rights of the wealthy. And for that, you earned mockery. I find it funny that you insist EII and others focus on the content of a speech you admittedly haven't read and likely won't. Such a principled stand. A stand in defense of the rich. The rich that you are so reluctant to identify. I'm sure they sleep soundly at night knowing their dark per4mer is out there protecting their interests on internet fora from Marxists and the Neo Khmer Rouge. Well that and their gated communities and private security.
  3. I have not once mentioned Butker's beliefs or shared any opinions on his beliefs. I have not once criticized or villainized the rich. I have only commented on the opinions you have shared about stifling the free speech of individuals and socio economic groups while reminding you of some opinions you willing share. Reading comprehension not your strong suit? I'm obsessed with the rich?? You launched into a largely irrelevant diatribe about villainizing the rich, marginalizing the rich, and even mass murder of the rich. Not once, but twice. It was a pretty good diatribe, I can tell you've been practicing. It was, however, misplaced as Butker fits any conventional definition of the term as it pertains to wealth. You can't dish it out then clutch your pearls when it comes back around. When did you get so fabulously dramatic? Doc? Here comes that famous reading comprehension of yours again.
  4. Developed countries have declining birth rates because the cost of living, buying houses, and raising children has outpaced wages. In many developed nations, there is also an expectation that children will take care of their elderly parents. That math is a lot easier when families had 4 or more children as an insurance policy and for cheap agrarian labor. Think one child policy in China. Simply having more children does nothing but exacerbate the underlying issues.
  5. My reading comprehension is strong which is why I was able to parse through your histrionics and respond with salient points. Villains are indeed needed. To play your game, replace rich or even millionaires with "Hollywood elites" and you will stand and applaud at the notion that the opinions of a group of wealthy people are totally irrelevant. It seems certain groups you will accept as categorically out of touch with the experience of the common man but other groups, which may be aspirational for you, should be protected. God forbid, EII does the same for fear of "stifling" the speech of the marginalized "rich". "Rich" may be a politically convenient term that is often used to lump any household that makes about $300k a year up to the generational wealthy and billionaires. That's a point worth exploring that does not require invocation of Pol Pot or Marxist revolution. However, in this case the subject is Butker who makes a little over $4 million a year. He's not living the life of a Musk, or Bill Gates, or a Warren Buffet (well maybe he is because Buffet is notoriously boring and cheap) but that type of annual earnings with any financial discipline suits pretty much any definition of rich. Well, except for the definitions of rich which involve a mothers love, or house full of kids, or getting right with Jesus. Those are utter bull####.
  6. He wouldn't want to show up uninvited. That would just be rude. The psychological effects of Jason Kelce attending his brother's football game at the invitation of a loosely affiliated and leaderless fan club cannot possibly be understated.
  7. How is calling Butker, a top 0.1% earner in this country, "rich" at all controversial or stifling his speech in any way? Going full Godwin is always a nice touch.
  8. How did you cook your ribeye? Whats the plan for the whole strip loin?
  9. We have at least addressed the lack of a deep threat with MVS. Its far from the best WR room but with MVS we can challenge all over the field. Hamler staying healthy or Claypool regaining cognitive function were always low probability events as far as stretching the field.
  10. Samuel is 7 years into his career. He broke out in 2018 and hasn't gotten back to that level since. He is who he is at this point. Maybe he can have a John Brown style career year with Josh given the lack of competition for targets.
  11. Our wide receiverer room may have better but we need it to be even betterer than it is now.
  12. But its the principle!...of showing your displeasure with the NFL by only watching 94% of the games.
  13. "I can taste the tomato." This guy really knows his stuff!
  14. https://buffalonews.com/sports/professional/nhl/sabres/seth-appert-leaving-rochester-to-join-sabres-coaching-staff-under-lindy-ruff/article_ec32635a-1130-11ef-a0e9-5fba3ddefe5c.html
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