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  1. His interests are fashion and music. Unless the good people of Buffalo have turned him on to cargo shorts, crocs, and Kid Rock then I think his interests and lifestyle would be a better fit in NYC or LA.
  2. I would think MMA would be rather taxing. TRying to put someone to sleep who is trying to kill you has got to be up there in stress. The old hockey fighters talk about high stress. You sit there on the bench most of the night knowing any second you might get tapped on the shoulder and have to go out and drop the gloves.
  3. You can't put veterans on the practice squad. The only Kicker who is eligible for PS is Bass. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-reportedly-proposes-expansion-of-practice-squad-and-here-are-the-details/
  4. Taking my word for it pretty much guarantees this venture will now be an overnight success. But there will be plenty of time to get back in, if you choose, once they identify a target and release some actual information
  5. Which language in the above tweet is irresponsible given what was known and knowable as of 3:30 PM on January 29th? This tweet bothers you? Meanwhile POTUS has daily twitter tantrums and there isn't a shred of scrutiny on this board.
  6. Those are valid points. The tweet in question still doesn't strike me as any kind of smoking gun. I would like to think if she was in on it she might've hired some actual professionals. Maybe involved Hillary's hit squad.
  7. What is indefensible about a tweet sent 12 hours after the "assault" expressing concern about a friend and condemning hatred? What facts were publicly available at 3PM January 29th mere hours after the hoax? Jussie made a lot of people look like fools. His actions were heinous.
  8. And you have evidence that she did so with knowledge of Jussie's plans to commit a hoax for public attention?
  9. That tweet is from the same day as the fake assault. Are you suggesting she was in on it or should have smelled a hoax before the first cursory reports hit the wire? Weak.
  10. Its not just calling audibles. Its all communication on offense. The huddle, substitutions, the snap count.
  11. Would you rather be the leading scientist in your field or get the mad cow disease? https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/harry-caray-space-the-infinite-frontier/3505886
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