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  1. Sabres Penalty Kill is dreadfully bad.
  2. Snap was good. The handle was the issue.
  3. The irrational part would be to hate a man solely because he chooses to spend his spare time servicing other men. No one is forcing you to watch them and demanding your comfort.
  4. I'm never one to stop a misplaced rant about the evil woke but you may consider taking your complaint up with the stewards of the english language who defined homophobia more than 5 decades before anyone had ever uttered the term "woke". Or you can continue on fighting the noble fight, one ruined family dinner and holiday at a time.
  5. Please explain why you're upset at the definition of words.
  6. What are you afraid of? What is Lamar's aversion? I'm not convinced he has one but that doesn't change the meaning of words.
  7. I'm just wondering what he was thinking. Was he running onto the field to celebrate and then realized his teammate wasn't down and tried to blend in? Is Carroll coaching players to do this since no one is watching? Did he just lose his mind?
  8. Phobia (noun) - an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.
  9. People are surprised that Polish Alexa leans far more toward artificial than intelligence?
  10. Did beating the Titans do anything for us? We were already ahead of the Titans and own the head to head vs. them. We have yet to play the Bengals.
  11. The best assessment of Kyler's game I have ever seen was posted on twitter recently: "Kyler Murray runs like a little kid who just stole his mom's iPhone."
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