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  1. Yes, grapeseed oil has a very high smokepoint and its more affordable than other high smoke point oils like avocado oil. I haven't tried searing with peanut oil but that is the general thought that it may impart some taste. Given the recent moronic trends on reddit of sous vide steaks schmeared with peanut butter, wiped off and seared for a burnt sugar slightly peanutty finish, maybe thats not even a bad thing.
  2. Not trying to be pedantic but both of these common views are myths. Searing does not lock juices in. Flipping multiple times does not dry out steak. Sous vide is an idiot proof method of cooking a steak perfectly from edge to edge for even doneness but if I had to replicate the same results without the water bath, I would got a cast iron crazy hot, vigorously salt and dry my steak, then throw in the pan flipping every 30 seconds. Thats how I finish my water bath steaks as well. Toss some grapeseed oil in an already preheated cast iron, toss in meat, toss in a big pat of butter some rosemary and garlic, flip and baste every 20-30 seconds until you've got a perfect crust. Don't take my word for it. Better explanation in the link below. https://www.seriouseats.com/2013/07/the-food-lab-flip-your-steaks-and-burgers-multiple-times-for-better-results.html https://www.tastingtable.com/cook/national/why-sear-meat-locking-in-juices-food-myths
  3. What should I buy? What do I need that I didn't know existed before right now?
  4. That was one of the more fun game experiences I can barely remember. Everyone at the bar was having tons of fun. The game itself was a farce but still exciting. The Colts had every opportunity to win. Don't care about one call when you're playing against Peterman and Joe Webb.
  5. That's what I was thinking. As a fiduciary for the Wilson estate, as I believe he was, it was his legal responsibility to act in the best interest of the estate. The estate said many times they were selling to the highest bidder.
  6. I assumed Coughlin was going to pull a Pat O'Reilly when he took the Jax job. He couldn't get a coaching job due to age concerns so he takes a GM job and at the first sign of trouble axes Marrone and installs himself as HC and GM.
  7. If the Pats trade Brady to the Bills for any player on our roster, who makes the playoffs in 2020: Pats, Bills, Neither, Both?
  8. Other teams don't post winning seasons when their HoF QB goes down. The Colts went from Super Bowl contender to first overall pick. The Pack miss the playoffs. The Pats with Cassel still manage to win 11 games even after having to re-write the script for a backup. The Pats go 3-1 when Brady is suspended. They shutout a playoff team with their 3rd stringer.
  9. Who is your favorite korean?
  10. Not only is that perverse but your dog has gained like 25 lbs. Do you have any idea how much fat and sugar is in PB? Animal abuse on multiple levels.
  11. Thats fair and makes sense. What doesn't make sense is arguing that "having an Andre, Bruce, Thurman, and Talley isn't even important cause they didn't win the super bowl and some years didn't make the playoffs".
  12. The article cited in the OP is objectively stupid. If the choice is to have give Allen an AB, Hopkins, or OBJ vs not, all other things equal, I'm strongly in the camp that you give your QB a true #1 WR. I don't even see how that's debatable. The real question is one of resource allocation. Is a true #1 WR the best option given the money they command? Is WR by committee a better option? Debatable. For his progression, I would love it if Allen had a Deandre Hopkins type target who is open even when he's covered for a year or two while he learns the game. While we didn't land a true number one we at least added another true deep threat and a real Edelmand/Welker style slot receiver. Foster and Brown can take the top off and keep safeties honest giving opportunities for Beasely, Zay, and our run game.
  13. Its your opinion that #1 WR is underlighting or a fancy decal on a car and I think it improves performance. Its ok, we don't have to agree. You said something flippant and I don't feel like engaging you for 4 hours while you try to justify it since we both know you're not going to drop it or walk it back.
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