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  1. I have been blown away by Chernobyl. All three episodes have been excellent. I had no idea that Ukranians and Belorussians spoke with British accents.
  2. What does the obituary say?
  3. I was secretly dating my English teacher. Got straight As in that class because I studied hard and wrote great essays. I used to cheat on her rampantly with the gym teacher though. Looking back that was unethical. Is that what you mean?
  4. Did you and 4mer used to date? Time to move on. If you really want his attention use the @ function
  5. My sources tell me he couldn't smooth out a silk sheet even if he had a hot date with a babe.....and hes a ***** soccer coach. Pretty damning stuff.
  6. Apparently Krueger was on the toad's end of a retrenchment following a right bolloxing of the Southhampton Fish and Chips at the hands of the Bolton Spotted ***** which resulted in a relegation from the Earl Grey Division to the shameful Sanka league. I'm sure he'll be great as the Sabres head coach.
  7. I will remember EJ as an exemplary teammate who tried his best under difficult circumstances and demonstrated strong character. But mostly I will remember a visor wearing, locker room cancer, with disgusting body language. Not a leader of men.
  8. I'll define success by continuing to develop rather than stats. I want to see him show command of the offense. Recognize defenses, go through his reads, operate from the pocket. I would like to see him develop some rhythm and touch on short passes, the high percentage plays. I would also like to see him rely on his legs less and avoid unnecessary hits.
  9. I thought I had read that HBO begged them to make more episodes and the producers wanted to wrap everything up in one 10 episode 7th season. I am surprised at the pacing through six seasons if that was truly the plan. The amount of action to wrap up even with the additional episodes is totally rushed.
  10. So what did you, Buffet, and the rest of the smart money pick up today on the cheap?
  11. EJ fell on some very difficult times lately. After weeks of remaining unsigned while Nathan Peterman occupied a roster spot EJ's mental condition deteriorated rapidly. He lost 43 lbs, stopped showering, and walks around all day muttering "5 interceptions in a half. Child of god, my ass". He made several strange and incoherent and graphically violent public threats toward Ted Nolan. Something about Ted and his mom. His family and Dr. all agreed retirement was in the best interest of his health.
  12. Flacco: "I am no longer interested in having a job in the NFL!"
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