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  1. TurbosrrgoodToday 12:53 PM
    Speaking of which, my GF isn't on birth control, and I've been using the pull out method, which we all know is 100% effective...I'm asking for trouble right?


    TurbosrrgoodToday 12:56 PM  

    I need to start spiking her wine with plan b

  2. An earlier topic started by another member about a dentist trip then morphed to how a Vasectomy was painful .. 


    Turbo went a bit TMI talking about his sexual routine ...  
    then got pissy with Hap for singling him out. 



  3. This is likely an oversimplification, but I thought the game plan for Fitz was established 5-6 years ago: sit on everything short, stack the box, give him man coverage on the outside and dare him to beat you over the top. That's what I recall from his time in Buffalo. Once opponents keyed in on FJ and sat on the quick stuff our offense stalled. He doesn't have the arm talent to make you pay on the deep ball. He throws them 5 feet out of bounds or underthrows resulting in INTs.
  4. Yeah, that dude is smoking something. I still think the biggest mistake the franchise has ever made is passing on Roberto Aguayo. Set the team back 20 years.
  5. Yes. I think I speak for most of the board when I say that I live in a state of crippling regret and terminal FOMO.
  6. I would prefer if you just went and fornicated yourself with a pointy stick and stopped polluting our board with your hot takes and teenage angst.
  7. I'm digging the new avatar. What was the bet and who was it with?
  8. Care to back that up with facts and examples rather than pulling more crap out of your ass?
  9. The worst thing about this loss is that it was made clear that we are frauds. This is a mediocre team. Limping in to the playoffs looks like a monumental task at this point.
  10. He would at least report to the team if his shirt wasn't orange and have the opportunity to get hurt again for real.
  11. Pretty sure his injuries could all be healed with a different color uniform. Great thread though.
  12. Go to Tournedos at the Inn on Broadway instead. Yes and yes. Its no longer a printed copy of the newspaper but I follow the reviews from local online publications. I'm guessing there is a correlation between people who do no research on where to find good food and people who have bad experiences at "fancy" or "expensive" restaurants.
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