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  1. A few days ago you were all chummy with the Chefs fans. What changed? Is this because ChiefsPlanet declined your invite to come here and vote on which man is sexier?
  2. Were it any other top QB it would be a national story. Its been discussed by Hasselbeck and it was obvious that Allen was wearing a shoulder harness and knee brace at times this year. But why attribute to injury what you can argue for regression to the mean after a hot start?
  3. I've been assured that his head doesn't hit the ground and its entirely possible for that to happen. The video footage shows that his head was accelerating toward the ground until it stopped mere millimeters from the turf and then his whole body and head then popped a foot into the air.
  4. Have you heard of this thing called music? I haven't tried it yet, still sticking with AM talk and HAM radio, but it seems to be a big hit with the kids!
  5. I hope its the next great QB rivalry. Allen needs to show up with his A-game to make this a thing.
  6. Dark Knight is an incredible sequel.
  7. I thought they played well last night. They gave up a goal late while pressing but other than that I felt they had the better scoring chances. If Skinner elevates the puck he might have had a pair of goals last night. Skinner is totally snake bit. Olofsson had a shot at a wide open net and held the puck until the opportunity passed. They need to capitalize on their chances.
  8. Bro, you always have been. This did not change! Time to come to terms with it.
  9. Why are you actively soliciting Chiefs fans to join this board and vote in your sexy QB poll?
  10. Yes, completely. As did throwing money at the Alzheimer's Association because Jerry Coleman called us names and BillsMafia needed to look good after some unhinged nutbag flew to Baltimore to "confront" him. As did going nuts when Bomani Jones and Foxworth called out some questionable members of BillsMafia who suddenly felt compelled to prove they weren't racists by contributing to the National Diaper Bank. As did a number of less publicized social media campaigns to donate to the preferred charities of opponents, critics, and haters which failed to generate headlines. Opening t
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