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  1. Thats it? Hildegard showed off almost enough range to be in a bad Velvet Undergound cover band.
  2. Much has been said about Levi riding on minor league buses and eating Rochester food, but I trust they will give him at least a year in the AHL before he takes the starting job for the Sabres. I expect he will see a decent number of call ups along the way.
  3. Seinfeld (except season 1) Simpsons seasons 2 through 12 The Office Seasons 1 through 10 Always Sunny seasons 1 through 5 Parks and Rec (seasons 2 through finale) South Park seasons 1 through 10 Short lived Eastbound and Down Season 1 is phenomenal. I don't acknowledge anything that came after Arrested Development Seasons 1 through 3 Family Guy was funny early but got old quickly after it came back on the air I think Seinfeld did it right. 10 years is about the maximum life span over which a show can maintain excellence.
  4. Cut your mother some slack. Its the only one you've got.
  5. I would also take Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Buddy Clinton, and George Clinton. Or perhaps Jeb, George, Neil, Marvin, and Rachel Bush.
  6. But what if James Cook can recruit his brother Dalvin to come to town on a mega deal so James can sit on the bench?
  7. Larry Bird invented the slam dunk. Pretty important contribution to the game. He was a really bright guy.
  8. The Royal Blood is my favorite newer rock band. They were surprisingly good live too.
  9. Against Me, Rise Against, and pretty much anything playing on a rock station these days all sounds like Creed to me and I mean that in the only way possible. Its a sad state of affairs but I have not found a new band or artist of any genre that I care about in the last 5 to 10 years. Most of what I'm finding is a new appreciation for bands that I overlooked in the 90s and early 2000s. I really didnt think it would happen to me.
  10. I have considered buying a switch just for Breath of the Wild. It looks phenomenal.
  11. I made an old school gaming emulator using a raspberry pi. From time to time I'll fire up classic Mario 3 or Double Dragon II from NES, or Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World on SNES. The Zelda series was fun. Particularly Legend of Zelda and Ocarina of Time
  12. I know TBD is just horrific when it comes to spelling players names but this is the worst butchering I have ever seen. Its spelled LaVonte David. You only got half the letters right and none of them were in the right order.
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