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  1. I like these sources: https://www.cover1.net/category/all-22-breakdown/ https://twitter.com/YardsPerPass?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  2. This is not what I have heard or saw in other reviews of the KC game.
  3. The last thing we need after two tough losses is to face a fired up Sam Darnold....
  4. I won't pretend to have expertise on linebacker play but I can say that the people who do know the Xs and Os do not agree with the sentiment of this thread. Cover1, YardsPerPass, Lorenzo Alexander, and our own knowledgeable posters are all telling the same story on Edmunds; he is not the problem on this defense. He is in the right place, he is doing his job, and hes playing pretty well all things considered but acknowledge he has made some mistakes. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2020/10/23/21527770/all-22-analysis-buffalo-bills-lb-tremaine-edmunds I find sources like these more compelling than arguments like "Edmunds suckkssss!!!!11!!11!!!1"
  5. Are you suggesting that Buffalo isn't the only team that plays in inclement weather? Because thats just crazy. I am appalled. If you even think about making the argument that considering: high annual roster turnover; players from all over the country; a regular season with 1.5 months of POSSIBLE winter weather; and an even mix of home and away games mitigating the chances of playing many bad weather games in any cold weather city, that there's minimal advantages based on weather then I am just going to lose it!
  6. Whatever they're doing, the Oline is getting zero push. I'm also just a casual fan with no playing or coaching experience but with brain like a f@#$ing rocket scientist and penis like burmese python but I don't see open running lanes or holes on TV. I see defenders in our backfield and log jams at the line of scrimmage even though the Chiefs and Titans were running light boxes. If Singletary manages to get past the LOS clean I see LBs and defensive backs flying downhill to meet him. Meanwhile, Clyde Edwards Helaire is running through massive holes, his O lineman are driving our defensive line 2 and 3 yards downfield, and our DBs aren't even in the camera field of view yet.
  7. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2020/10/23/21527770/all-22-analysis-buffalo-bills-lb-tremaine-edmunds All 22 analysis on Tremaine's play.
  8. Hopkins is the highest paid WR in the history of football. Diggs has years remaining on a team friendly deal. This must be accounted for in evaluating the two trades.
  9. Where were the fire everyone voices last year when essentially this same team went to the playoffs or through the first 4 weeks this season? Do they just lie dormant hoping and waiting to lose a game or two to resurface?
  10. Where was this opinion hiding last year or the year before? When this team makes the playoffs again this year will you stick around and accept all abuse you deserve?
  11. I disagree. I believe that women prefer the softer core pornography with fancy stories and costumes that whisks them away to another place in time.
  12. Which stats do you like? You've already stated you don't have the time to dissect the "ingredients". Which stats do you trust?
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