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  1. Tannehill sounding off about NFL Covid policy https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/titans/2021/07/28/tennessee-titans-ryan-tannehill-vaccine-nfl-protocols-covid-19/5403269001/
  2. Did you wear a mask from the second you entered the airport until you left the airport at your destination prior to Covid? You will at least recognize busy planes and terminals these days unless people are once again staying put due to rising daily cases. A year ago airports were empty and few businesses were open in the terminals. And you can forget about your in flight magazine! The only reading material you get is the back of that wet nap they give you to sterilize your seat.
  3. Try to fly Spirit or Frontier if you can. Its basically ring side seats at the WWF.
  4. I have no problem with that. Its unfair to other participants who worked hard to get there to roll the dice on whether or not she will be in the right "head space" to compete individually. Would hate to see an open space where there could have been another competitor.
  5. This just underscores how badly we were outcoached in at least 2 of the 4 trips to the Super Bowl.
  6. I might gain a pound. I am not nearly as worried about weight gain as I am about shitting my pants at the game.
  7. Hopefully hanging in Hammer's. Likely bouncing between various lots catching up with family and weird internet friends.
  8. My tentative plans for the home opener: First stop Bar Bill after the plane lands. Maybe Gene McCarthy's for a fish fry and more wings Friday night. Saturday, a trip out to Hamburg for 9-11 or Mammosers and Gabriel's Gate for a midnight snack.
  9. Its time that we invent some new sports that only we play so we can be world champs again and have Dream Teams.
  10. You and Turk should rub tips together to see who is the bigger man.
  11. I've never seen anyone so eager to get catfished.
  12. If that was how things worked Adam Gase would have been racking up Lombardi trophies in Miami and New York.
  13. I think its just a bland sandwich. I am still waiting to be blown away by a cheesesteak. I hear Dinic's Roast Pork is the real sandwich to get in Philly.
  14. This thread is over 24 hours old. I think we waited too long. Perhaps we could get some comp picks if we release him soon.
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