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  1. I would not be upset if Granato gets a shot at head coach next year. Let me make my case for Donny as HC: 1. His years in USA Hockey Development and Wisconsin and the current play of our young guys suggests he can actually develop young talent. As it looks like we are facing another rebuild so this is valuable experience. 2. He has no affiliation with the International Monetary Fund, the UN, or the World Economic Forum 3. He comes from a big hockey family. He played, he has coached at all levels, his brother and sister were accomplished players, his brother in law was k
  2. I got my second pfizer shot this morning and my ass is sooooo sore. The first dose wasn't so bad, just mild tenderness, but this one I can barely sit down LOL.
  3. To be fair, OP is one of the other people I named when I said I would avoid anyone you guys recommend and here he is advocating that we draft someone from one of the nation's largest producers of poultry. I suppose, great minds think alike? I forget how the rest of that goes.
  4. Dude, your friends are soft. Half of my crew is on death row. Word to your mother.
  5. Or we could remember the last 47 Aldon Smith situations and just assume this isn't the sole case of mistaken identity.
  6. https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/what-is-the-madden-curse/
  7. I enjoyed This Is A Robbery on netflix. Docuseries about an art heist. The Q Anon docuseries on HBOMax is also fascinating. I feel like its really bringing me a lot closer to understanding many of my fellow TBDers.
  8. You think a self-proclaimed elite white is going to be caught dead in a WalMart?
  9. Casey Mittelstadt looks like an NHL player. I had written him off entirely but he is impressing me. Asplund, and Ruotsalainen have been highly productive in their limited opportunities. Tage is contributing. Cozens is playing with a lot of confidence. Its a lot more fun watching the young guys play. I do not miss watching Staal move refrigerators up and down the ice while Hall ran around like a headless chicken.
  10. I would expect team motivation to be higher any time a coaching change is made. With an interim coach, another reshuffling of the FO, and a yet another rebuild looming everyone is playing for their job or auditioning for new teams. A lot of young guys are getting their chance to log serious minutes. Its fun to watch. I am not sure Granato is some master motivator but it looks like the players are having a lot more fun in the current system.
  11. There is similar nonsense in fan theories about the Simpsons. https://www.cbr.com/the-simpsons-homer-coma-theory-debunked/ Clearly, these people need to find hobbies or stick to erotic fan fiction. Dream sequences in movies and TV just suck. All our favorite shows will end and there is no way to do it without disappointing a lot of people. But that GoT final season was so bad that the biggest show in TV history that captivated the world for a decade was basically forgotten two weeks after it wrapped up.
  12. there are some theories he died after his uncle shot him and everything that comes after is some comatose dream sequence until he finally succumbs from his wounds in the last episode or some crap.
  13. Wins look low for most of the good teams. Which 5 games is KC losing? I don't see where 4 more losses are coming from for us.
  14. Hopefully someone more secure with the size of their genitalia.
  15. https://larrybrownsports.com/football/trey-adams-answer-leaked-nfl-combine-video-interview/540512 Your ignorance on player genitalia of a football team you claim to love is just appalling.
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