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  1. I can't wait until she writes a breakup song about this meathead. With any luck it drops 6 days before we play them in the AFC Championship Game.
  2. That does not excite me. Zegras has highlight reel handling but I don't think hes a complete player from the limited games of his I've seen. Ducks fans insist he cant take contact and hes a defensive zone liability. I think he'd be our 3rd line C.
  3. And I believe I told you, one more lame excuse as to why you can't get to work on time and you're fired.
  4. Whenever I come back up to WNY (a handful of times a year) it is noticeable how much more standoffish people are relative to the south. In Texas people are over the top "nice" to strangers and regularly strike up conversation, even when I'm trying my hardest to look like a miserable ####### (not very hard for me). It strikes me as saccharine and artificial but that is the outward presentation to the world. They may not be very nice people at all if I got to know them. WNY is a smaller community so people stay in their circles or cliques and generally leave strangers alone in most contexts. They may be the most generous or kindest people on earth but that is not the first impression you get.
  5. Same. ESPN+ has nearly every game. The only exceptions are NHLNet broadcasts and the occasional Stars game because some ####### thinks Houston is in the Dallas market.
  6. If Dorsey and McD suck then explain how we beat a team that we were heavily favored to beat?
  7. Betting against Keyshawn all day everyday is a winning strategy.
  8. Who is proposing or even thinking of anything other than football as Norwood is attempting a game winning kick? She probably left him because he has the attention span of a gnat.
  9. What about a ferry that connected Toronto to Orchard Park? Not a regular ferry. A really speedy ferry. A Fast Ferry! I'm trademarking that idea so don't try and steal it you sonsabiches!
  10. Laugh if you want but Hackett is a premier OC and QB whisperer. Don't be surprised when Zach Wilson starts looking like EJ and Russ Wilson.
  11. Mostly by scent, casual crotch and butt sniffing. It helps that we mainly resemble our avatars.
  12. Is that a real quote? We could have punted our way to victory. Instead Josh willed them back into the game going for the kill shot.
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