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  1. And many others wanted Watson and couldn't believe that throwing a 50 mph ball on his pro day caused him to slide down the board. Neither pick would have been crazy had the Bills taken a QB at 10. As further evidenced by the fact that both guys were off the board in the next 2 picks. I like Josh too but we gave up a lot more resources to land him than the 10th pick in the draft.
  2. Its not at all like arguing the Bills FO should have known that a 5th round prospect would one day go on to be the most decorated QB in football history. The Bills were a QB needy team and had the option to select either the national championship winning QB and 2 time Heisman finalist Watson or intriguing prospect with loads of natural talent Mahomes. They traded the pick. Both Mahomes and Watson went on to immediate NFL success. Most fans were thinking we were coming away with a QB at the 10 spot.
  3. If he only ***** his pants in half of his scoring opportunities and doesn't look like an oversized man child who still eats chapstick, licks windows, and cuts his own hair he will be an immediate upgrade over ERod.
  4. If notched 10 goals paired with bums like Malkin his game will take off surrounded by real talent like Vesey and Lazar. The sky is the limit for the Big Kahuna! EDIT: Just saw that Big Kahuna was the 23rd runner up for the Lady Byng last year so we know hes not the biggest ***** in the league. I like this deal more and more!!!
  5. What are the lines going to look like with Simmonds in the mix? Does he join 3rd line in place of ERod/Frolik? Does he bump Vesey. I would love to see Skinner back on first line. Oloffson is basically a PP specialist and Skinner has been highly productive 5 on 5 before this year. Playing him with Lazar and Frolik seems punitive.
  6. Okposo has been playing good hockey lately and that 4th line appears to have found real chemistry. His vision has been on display. Repeatedly we have seen strong pressure from the 4th line and more often than not the little play or the pass that started it all was coming from Okposo. Hes just a step too slow from being a difference maker.
  7. League revenue goes up which drives the cap and size of contracts.
  8. He would have attacked Gronk with the fury of 1,000 stolen umbrellas.
  9. Tuesday. And yes, sadly its a regular occurrence. We have been spoiled by decades of excellent goalie play and watching Hutton play makes me regretful about criticizing Miller's post season record.
  10. I didn't misread anything. Ottawa did not dominate that game. Buffalo outplayed Ottawa and easily could have won that game. If you score 4 goals you should win the game. Unfortunately, when your starter gives up 4 in 5 minutes and completely melts down, no amount of offense is good enough.
  11. They were not dominated by a better team. Ottawa may, MAY have outplayed buffalo for about 10 minutes of the full 60. Hutton shat the bed giving up 4 goals in 5 minutes. Every matchup is "problematic" when you're starting goalie has a save percentage of 85% .
  12. Seems like she is by a mile. Although I couldn't help but chuckle when she suggested nominating a woman as the Dem candidate would curb sexism. Pretty sure they tried that 4 years ago..
  13. I like this idea. Trade our first round pick. No too many moving parts, not overly complicated. Its easy to understand and should be easy to execute given the loose parameters. All good plans should be flexible. The more rigid and complicated the plan the greater the chance of failure. This is the type of thoughtful analysis that I come here for.
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