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  1. Eh. We run on 1st and 2nd down anyway because Josh Allen prefers to run.
  2. Buffalo Ballin

    Bills: Playoffs or Bust 2019. What must happen?

    Playoffs. The only choice. Josh Allen is the new Elway? Ok then. Bring us there. Prove it.
  3. Buffalo Ballin

    Anyone else feeling a bit depressed?

    Me, too. Well said. QB Trevor Lawrence or Alabama's Tua would be great in a Buffalo Bills uniform. Man, those 2 are the real deals. Lawrence's current passing efficiency is 153.5, which is number one in the ACC. His current pass completion percentage is 64.8, which is number 2 in the ACC. Tua's passing efficiency is 202.3, which is number one in the SEC. His pass completion percentage is 67.7, which is number 2 in the SEC. WOW. I draft one of these kids regardless of Josh Allen and Matt Barkley.
  4. Buffalo Ballin

    EJ Manuel: What went wrong after year 1?

    So is Josh Allen. Things right now are still as bad as back then; we're not in the playoffs.
  5. Hell yeah, Josh Allen is part of the reason why we lost the game. 20 - 41 completions. Dude, if Tom Brady/Russell Wilson/Cam Newton completed 20/41 completions in a game and lost that game, I would be criticizing them, too. Even when we get better receivers and RB, Josh Allen will not hit the accuracy level of Russell Wilson and Tom Brady. Josh didn't show this at Wyoming AND he's not showing that right now. He's a rookie. No kidding. Duh. But most of you guys anointed Josh Allen as the next Jim Kelly, Marino, and Elway. That's sad. You guys praise him like that then he will get criticized. No problem. On Josh Allen's best days (which I haven't seen yet), that's really Jim Kelly's bad games. And I have given Josh Allen his props, but I know he's not the next Jim Kelly. Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold are way better right now than Josh Allen.
  6. Buffalo Ballin

    Week 16 Bills at Pats Postgame Postmortum

    Josh Allen stunk it up. Still not accurate. 20/41 completions. Awful. Our run defense was bad, too. It's the Pats though. This was an expected loss. 50 percent accurate QB is bad to have. The other 50 percent is Josh trying to make up for that inaccuracy with pure running.
  7. Buffalo Ballin

    Week 15: Bills vs. Lions Postgame

    Happy we got the win. Josh Allen did ok. Still don't like the 50 percent "accuracy" though.
  8. Buffalo Ballin

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    I hate QBs who run a lot. That's what I hated in Tyrod's game. Josh Allen better reduce this. And Allen is still not accurate.
  9. Buffalo Ballin

    Dolphins 21 Bills 17 Postgame Thread

    Josh Allen was ok, but didn't win the game.
  10. Buffalo Ballin

    Postgame thread: Bills 24 Jags 21

    Happy for the win. Josh Allen actually looked ok.
  11. I made my mistake and owned up to it twice. But lemme guess, you're the type who is never going to let it go. Hey, what if Josh Allen is a BUST? Can you own up to that? He looks like it RIGHT NOW. In one game, Barkley out played Josh Allen, Nate Peterman, AND Derek Anderson. Barkley should start again. I wanna see if it was a fluke.
  12. No Josh Allen. Start Barkley for the rest of the season. If Barkley keeps leading the offense like this and consistently converts 3rd downs to first downs then we found our guy. That's better than getting the first pick in the draft.
  13. Holy crap, they're benching Matt Barkley? Why? That's stupid. Just roll with Barkley for the rest of the year. Barkley's game against the Jets is better than anything Josh Allen has done at this point.
  14. Buffalo Ballin

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    There is nothing wrong with their rankings. We're 3-7, dude. Overreaction here.
  15. Buffalo Ballin

    Bills Release Peterman

    I'm fine with this. Nate had to go. I was wrong about Matt Barkley though. I happily eat crow. He is our guy at QB. He's that dude. He should start for the rest of the year. Sit Josh Allen.