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  1. Holy crap, they're benching Matt Barkley? Why? That's stupid. Just roll with Barkley for the rest of the year. Barkley's game against the Jets is better than anything Josh Allen has done at this point.
  2. Buffalo Ballin

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    There is nothing wrong with their rankings. We're 3-7, dude. Overreaction here.
  3. Buffalo Ballin

    Bills Release Peterman

    I'm fine with this. Nate had to go. I was wrong about Matt Barkley though. I happily eat crow. He is our guy at QB. He's that dude. He should start for the rest of the year. Sit Josh Allen.
  4. Buffalo Ballin

    Bills' Fan Creates a GoFundMe Page for Peterman to Retire

    I hope Nate Peterman starts every game now. Punks.
  5. Buffalo Ballin

    Kelly/Reich = Allen/Peterman

  6. Buffalo Ballin

    Finally the end for peterman???

    I'm part of this, too. Derek Anderson should just be released. He came here just to get injured. LOL Wow. that sucks.
  7. Buffalo Ballin

    Critical must lose game next Sunday

    We're 2-7 right now. Some of you want to play Allen just to win meaningless games? He just got injured bad. Now, he's rushing back to get injured again. Sounds stupid. Mathematically speaking, playoff chances are near zero now. Barkley is not going to do anything here. Philly and Chicago passed on him. To me, that says a lot.
  8. Buffalo Ballin

    Matt Barkley should start next week.

    No. Start Peterman.
  9. Buffalo Ballin

    Matt Barkley Coming to town

    Just like Derek Anderson, Matt Barkley will amount to crap here. Might as well call Charles Barkley.
  10. Buffalo Ballin

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    Cheer on. No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!
  11. Derek Anderson was a big mistake. I don't see the problem with Nate. I don't care if he throws 20 interceptions. Leave him out there until this organization get some senses and sign Kaepernick who is still available.
  12. Buffalo Ballin

    For the sake of the potential #1 overall pick, start Peterman

    Start Peterman. Tank the season. And we're not even purposely tanking. We really are legit bad.
  13. Buffalo Ballin

    Raiders now Shopping Derek Carr (?)

    I do it. Josh Allen, Nate Peterman, and Derek Anderson will not work out here. Our defense is the only thing exciting. They need a pay off. I'll send Raiders a third rounder and Shady McCoy.
  14. Derek Anderson isn't going to do much here. He doesn't change anything.
  15. Oh hell yes. But our offense should be in Shawshank with Brooks, Red, and Andy Dufresne.