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  1. This year's team is effin' awful. Throwaway year. McDermott will be fired anyway when the team goes 0-4, 1-5. Something like that.
  2. Buffalo Ballin

    Predict Josh Allen's stats vs LA.

    Seeing as Josh Allen as the Savior QB for the Buffalo Bills, 500 yards, 5 TDs, 2 TD rushing. League MVP trophy presentation at halftime.
  3. Buffalo Ballin

    9-12: Sean McDermott & Shady-Allen Pressers Live

    My bad. We're the third worst defense in the NFL. Definitely the worst team overall at this point though.
  4. Buffalo Ballin

    We are getting killed on espn

    Yup. Don't know why some of you in here are sensitive snowflakes.
  5. Buffalo Ballin

    9-12: Sean McDermott & Shady-Allen Pressers Live

    Wow. the hell? There were 2 other teams that gave up more than 47 points on last Sunday? No. I'm not talking about "All Time NFL History" stuff here. I'm talking about last Sunday. We're the only ones last Sunday. I'm talking about right now present day 2018 stuff. Worst defense in the NFL.
  6. Buffalo Ballin

    9-12: Sean McDermott & Shady-Allen Pressers Live

    Blown out. 47 points. We gave up 47 points. You didn't see that? I did. Nearly 50 points. That's the only stat I need to know. Ravens got those points super easy. Walk in the park. No other team on Opening Day gave up those points. Yep, we're THE worst now. Embarrassing.
  7. Buffalo Ballin

    9-12: Sean McDermott & Shady-Allen Pressers Live

    Josh Allen is the Bills superstar Franchise QB for what I've been gathering from the Josh Allen fans. I hope so for us. He's starting all 15 games. Nate is not seeing the field again. Next game I hope he gets 200+ yards, 1 TD. That's a low goal to meet. We will lose though because, again, our defense is the worst in the NFL.
  8. Buffalo Ballin

    9-12: Sean McDermott & Shady-Allen Pressers Live

    Obviously you didn't read the rest of my post. You can read, correct? You just jumped on Nate immediately. I congratulated on Josh Allen starting.. Calm down. Nate is not responsible for the 47 points that the Ravens put up. That's the defense. Our defense is trash; absolute garbage. The season is over regardless of Josh Allen starting. If Cam Newton was our starting QB, the Bills still wouldn't make the playoffs. The team is in stupid bad shape right now. The QB position is not my number one concern. I don't know why we got rid of Schwartz. I wanted him to stay. What he did with our defense was effin' amazing.
  9. Buffalo Ballin

    9-12: Sean McDermott & Shady-Allen Pressers Live

    Congrats to Josh Allen starting. I wanted Nate to start another game just to see, but I'm not getting that. If I was Nate, stay quiet. Keep watching game film. Work on my game and be a good teammate. Nate is NOT the major reason why we suck right now. It's the defense. It's trash. Worst in the NFL. Kelvin Benjamin and Shady need to step up their games. They had 3-4 catches they should have made on Opening Day, but they dropped it. There was one play where Kelvin gave up and got out hustled on his route leading to a Nate Peterman interception. I don't expect much out of Josh Allen. I hope he shows that he can get some first downs at least. I know we're not making the playoffs. It's another development year. Man, the defense is the worst in the NFL. LOL OMG.
  10. LOL time for the pitchforks and severed mannequin heads calling for McDermott to be fired? I think it's time. I'll root for you.
  11. Buffalo Ballin

    McBeane's Gambit

  12. Buffalo Ballin

    Is it time for Kaepernick?

    YEP. Hell Yeah. Peterman plays one more game like he did last Sunday then I want Kaep here.
  13. Buffalo Ballin

    2018 Nathan Peterman = 2013 Jeff Tuel

    Me, too. I was 100 percent correct about all the QBs we had since Doug Flutie left. And I pull the plug on those guys very early. But I don't do it after one game. It's somewhere around the 4-6th week is where I pull it if I don't see improvements; just to be absolutely sure in my mind. I'm not the coach. I don't see the stuff in practice and behind closed doors. You were already dead set on Peterman sucking even before he stepped on the field. There is NO convincing you otherwise. The Josh Allen fans here were just waiting. I give people chances just like I did with the other QBs. With me, I need suitable game samples before I make my final decisions. When Josh Allen gets his chance, I'll give him my support just like all the QBs before him. I hope I'm wrong about Allen. I didn't want him here because we have to trade 2 second rounders for him. I would have used the picks for more quality defensive players. Which to me, is the number one reason why we got handed 47 points up our arses.
  14. Buffalo Ballin

    2018 Nathan Peterman = 2013 Jeff Tuel

    Nice. I didn't see that. You saw that. Congrats. I don't wanna be the coach of the Bills. Sounds like you want to be. Go ahead. Go get that plane ticket and head out to Buffalo. Show us what you're made of instead typing on a message board.
  15. Buffalo Ballin

    2018 Nathan Peterman = 2013 Jeff Tuel

    Whoa. Slow your roll. Nate was drafted. Yes, drafted. He is talented to play in the NFL. To be a franchise superstar QB though? No. To be a starter? No. Looks like I'm wrong about that, too. It's up to Nate though. Not to me. I'm not the QB of the Buffalo Bills.