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  1. I'm a Dodger fan. It sucks. I would have loved to have celebrated one or both of these championships with my dad - who saw them play at Ebbets Field. The good news is that my dad is super healthy and the Dodgers are still really good. Let's hope they put it all together this year!
  2. No no. I remember the 90s well. Re-read my post. I don't look at 2004-05 as the "good ol days". I look at it as a time when this team was being failed by its owner. They were not paying their coaches well. They were not keeping up with other teams in terms of facilities or modern training methods. I don't look at Mularkey as a quitter. I look at him as a guy who realized he could make just as much money in more stable organizations elsewhere with fewer headaches. He jumped off an erratic sinking ship - the last vestiges of were finally jettisoned once Russ Brandon was fired. Our two--decade-long nightmare is finally over. Mike Mularkey was another victim of it, just like us.
  3. Looking back, it's completely nuts. That episode was a big reason why we became NFL Siberia for so long. Nobody wanted to coach here.
  4. 2004 wasn't a great year for Bledsoe, and I remember wishing they'd run the ball more, but he was a steady presence at QB and that counted a lot with they guys in the locker room ( OL Ross Tucker has some great takes on this ) The big problem is, who do you replace him with? Unfortunately, he was replaced by a combination of JP Losman and Kelly Holcomb.
  5. I'm surprised by all of the negativity towards him on this board. Was he a great coach? No, but they had a good thing going in his first year - then they got rid of Bledsoe. I don't blame him for quitting either. I love Marv, but he messed up his opening press conference as GM so badly. "Maybe I'll coach too" he says - while Mularkey is still the coach! That, and Ralph was paying him less than any other HC in the league. There were coordinators making more. I bet some of the people criticizing him for leaving have also uttered the words, "Ralph is cheap". You can't have it both ways.
  6. I think I've figured it out. This is why he's in such high demand: He earned a Master's in Educational Psychology from the University at Buffalo in 2003
  7. MI TEE TAH CO MI TEE TAH CO ( I should add that I haven't seen the Bills play in Orchard Park since 1999)
  8. We stole it. We are not giving it back. We're going to hide it and never take it back out.
  9. Renegade is ours now. We stole it. We're not giving it back.
  10. I'm surprised that so many people don't like Dan Fouts. I think he's insightful and funny. Seriously.
  11. I mean, we already forgave him. In 1991. I think we're all set here. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/niagara-square-bills-rally-january-28-1991-12536514
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