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  1. Doug Marrone with Jim Schwartz at DC would've had a great team and broken the drought.
  2. The NFL should hold a softball tournament to decide the next champion.
  3. Wrong. The answer has been right under our noses all along....just stick to the troughs!!
  4. Kincaid is the closest thing to a number 1 with the way he gets used. They work him around inside and out and he's a potential mismatch anywhere. He should get a ton of targets.
  5. So if you go to Macy's website, and then the section for men's outerwear, you'll see the sale on them jackets. They got every color!
  6. Choosing a convenient time for anguish goes against all of our natural masochist instincts
  7. Don't care. I've seen Moneyball and Draft Day, so I know scouts are just a bunch of kooky dolts.
  8. The fact that he died so young, or am I missing a detail?
  9. What if Josh Allen quits the NFL and moves to Hollywood????
  10. What if AD and Troy Franklin totally suck? Then our WR corps still sucks AND our defense sucks. You just wasted picks. At the end of the day, just trust your draft board and all the work you put into it.
  11. Definitely. I'm super optimistic. He had an awesome rookie year and should be the Bills' number 1 receiver.
  12. They look good. Much better than the Packers or Steelers, for example.
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