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  1. Butter and some seasoning.... that's all you need to transform that boring outer crust into a pizza meal's happy ending.
  2. I don't mind it, either. They'll probably shed more light on it in the prequel, though.
  3. Idk about you, but I'd rather look at some cute Asian chicks.... Maybe the new Godzilla will feature a K-pop montage??
  4. My point is that the article is saying we're "finally" gonna know, like it's a mystery. It's not, though. We even got a flashback to the Night King being created. It will be interesting to see the finer details, sure, but it's not like we're waiting to "finally" find out. Star Wars gave us a brief origin story of Darth Vader, but we didn't even get a flashback for that. And Vader going to the Dark Side was much more of a process than just getting stabbed in the heart. There was a lot more "mystery" in that regard. For the Night King, we know: How he was made How he gets White Walkers (sons of the north/freefolk) How he raises the dead What his motivations are The Lord of Light is the big mystery. We have much less details and saw no physical representation of him that we know of.
  5. .... Why would anyone be so interested in that? The origin of the Night King and White Walkers was already explained in the show. It'll be fun to see more details, but there's no big mystery to unravel. I'm much more interested in the stories of the past rulers/knights/heroes, the Targs/Starks, origin of the dragons, and the real mystery is the Lord of Light.
  6. Wick movies have a totally different tone than those. They're much more entertaining, being that they're shoot-em-up films. Keanu Reeves' training for Wick was intense. Does most of the stunts himself. At least all the fighting stuff.
  7. Bran was telling everyone anyway... It needed to happen in order for Bran to be king. Everyone else are just Bran's pawns. Not according to the council. Their plan is to decide on a ruler at that spot whenever a new one is needed...
  8. Right. It'll work initially because Bran is a great leader and has magical powers. After he's gone, it all falls apart again. If not through true democracy, the line of succession should run through the three eyed ravens.
  9. Drogon.... "If Dany's not sitting on the Iron Throne, then no one is." ***** you, ***** you, ***** you, ***** you.. you're cool.. ***** you, ***** you, ***** you.... I'm out. Who knew Bran was playing the game this entire time? He had all the cheat codes. Just skipped his way to the end. Not really fair... Tyrion was right, though. Bran is the best candidate for ruler. The new throne is a wheel chair. I love that Arya is the kingdom's chief explorer now. That's perfect for her. What does Bran have planned for Drogon? He said he'll find him. Will he use Drogon and any additional dragons to unite the entire world beyond Westeros? It seems like the wheel is a bit cracked, but still turning. Not entirely broken.
  10. Couldn't they start Rivers, but just be more run-oriented early in the year? Idk...sitting your HoF QB for a backup is an interesting strategy, though....
  11. He could play the millionaire playboy and the gritty lone wolf. If directed right, I bet he can be a decent Batman.
  12. As far as sales go, they're still on top of the world. Toyota too. Both companies have renewed their interest in performance recently, so we've seen the return of the NSX and Supra. Things are looking up for the regular consumer, but I agree that their styling leaves much to be desired. Amazingly, the new Supra is lighter than the early 90s legend. That's quite a feat, considering what you've described. Much of the weight loss is owed to them getting rid of the back seat, I guess. The car is not as long, but wider and shorter, I believe.
  13. Rewatching the episode, everything Dany says reveals her underlying commitment to burning all of King's Landing. She never agrees to Tyrion's plea to wait for the bells. She answers by telling Greyworm to wait for her signal and he'll know it's time. Dany spent two days alone grieving and contemplating. By the end, she was committed. She sat atop the wall with Drogon, just hoping for posterity's sake that the bells would not ring. Disappointed when the did, but it was virtually meaningless none-the-less.
  14. Bran knows Varys would end up poisoning Dany, so he keeps her from eating for that reason
  15. Or he warged into Dany... The two days she sat in her room without eating was them battling for control of Dany's body. He's in total control now and got revenge for his family.
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