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  1. they probably were... Probably not, but they are mixing in plenty of practical effects. I saw an IG post commending the show on how Moff Gideon's ship looked like a miniature model. I'm like "yeah...because it is a miniature model."
  2. You have to watch Home Alone! Classic John Candy. He did a cameo in that movie as a favor. Wasn't even paid.
  3. Kids are resilient. I left one at a funeral parlor once. The wife was distraught and we left the little tyke there in the funeral parlor all day. All day. We went back at night and apparently he had been alone all day with the corpse. He was okay though, after two, three weeks he came around and started talking again...
  4. I think Daboll should utilize McDermott as a mentor for a few more years. Houston seems like an awesome opportunity for any wannabe HC, though. Stay far away from Detroit.
  5. I'm still worried, but this is looking more and more like a great match-up for the Bills.
  6. It's a struggle to say... Like 'Greggo'... They said they played around with CGI for her "montrals" but I guess it wasn't working.
  7. I always make time to watch: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Christmas Vacation Home Alone At the very least
  8. Here in the desert people have to be rescued every summer (and sometimes even in "winter") due to dehydration. I'm pretty sure they have to foot the bill. Maybe just for the fuel...
  9. If the pandemic ended Black Friday shopping, we could consider that a small win...
  10. That bill has to suck. An Arizona news channel found it on Google maps and gave out the exact location 🤦‍♂️. Video is in the UFO thread.
  11. Sometimes I appreciate your veil of humor, but underneath it seems you're taking this too seriously.
  12. The Lions have NEVER been good. Its less about tradition and more about the deals.
  13. Amazing year and his last full one. He never really recovered from the knee injury.
  14. McDermott doesn't seem like the type to overlook a game...and he's so far undefeated after the bye. I think it's more about just letting the guys be with family on Thanksgiving. They don't need to be adjusting their body clocks like the Chargers.
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