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  1. I think they can easily get pieces. If you want to talk about legit stars, they need one at receiver and one at edge defender This hasn't changed
  2. This chick was the real star in the crowd... https://itsgame7.com/blonde-fan-goes-viral-at-ufc-246-mcgregor-vs-cerrone/
  3. I'm just rooting against the Titans I always root against the Titans
  4. https://www.thewrap.com/no-the-star-wars-disney-series-about-obi-wan-kenobi-has-not-been-canceled/
  5. One good thing about the Kenobi series is that McGregor is still in the role, for continuity's sake anyway. I'm not sure what story they're telling, since so much has already been covered by the animated series. I'm guessing it covers the timeframe of Luke's pre-Kenobi life and there will be cameos of boy Luke. I think an Old Kenobi story is easier to make and receive than a Young Kenobi or Young Han story.
  6. McMahon is the reason I think this will last at least one season. After that point, they'll need to make some big deals in order to stay alive.
  7. The AAF at least had a system that closely resembled a minor league, with each team having former players from certain NFL teams/regions. They had former NFL front office people. If that didn't hold up for even one season, I don't see how the XFL is gonna last. I'm definitely gonna watch games, but there is not enough marketing and support to get the general population into this.
  8. Is this a poor man's Man of the Year award? Are they putting emphasis on humor or something?
  9. seeing all these properly-executed end zone touchbacks is really weighing on me
  10. Second favorite team? The Titans?? It only took one post to make me hate you.
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