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  1. That's a frequently used proverb
  2. LeGOATski

    The AAF Thread

    They'd get drafted/the big NFL contract after playing in the D league a few years, just like they would coming out of college. Get paid, then drafted or play for free, then drafted. We all know most 4 or 5 star recruits will want to get paid sooner than later. What if they don't pan out in college or get a bad injury and don't even get drafted?... It would be an easy decision if the league could actually offer this. I've been talking hypotheticals this whole time. You're just your typical argumentative self.
  3. LeGOATski

    The AAF Thread

    I'm saying I hope they would plan on becoming a D league. If a player could go into a developmental league for a 6 figure contract and be eligible for the NFL draft or a pro contract after a few years, so many would opt to go that route instead of going to college. So many. The staying potential of this league would skyrocket, if that could happen. If it's just going to be a minor league for NFL wash-outs, then there's little potential. If they could somehow get backups/practice squad players in there, then there'd be some potential. That seems unlikely to me. You seem to be in agreement, but just in the typical WEO tone.
  4. LeGOATski

    The AAF Thread

    I think high school players could be developed in this league and get paid for it, rather than go to the NCAA and get exploited for 2-4 years. If that could happen, we'd see a lot of top high school recruits foregoing college. I'd be disappointed if it wasn't in their plans to try that out.
  5. LeGOATski

    The AAF Thread

    The hope is that players can forego the NCAA and start getting paid right away in these leagues. If that can't happen, then there's not much potential. I don't know what the blockers are. Seems to work for the MLB and NBA.
  6. LeGOATski

    UFO Found on Ocean Floor?

    Are we sure the aliens aren't firing warning shots at Russia?
  7. I want N'Keal Harry with a trade back in the first Bennie Snell in the 4th
  8. LeGOATski

    Smokey and Beasley show!

    Listening to Beasley's album now.... .... I'm hoping there's at least one downloadable song on here...
  9. LaAdrian Waddle's best PFF seasons were back in 2013 and 2014 (75.7, 70.1), when he played under the Bills' current OL coach Johnson.
  10. Two more AA starters. Looks good to me. Where's Teller? Teller was 56.1 - Average
  11. LeGOATski

    The AAF Thread

    Color me surprised. I thought Johnny Football would take a bigger pay day with the XFL next year. I guess it's possible he still could ... If he wants to get serious about taking another crack at the NFL, the AAF is the spot.
  12. Apparently, Beane doesn't know we use the term "Captain Checkdown" around here.... SMH
  13. LeGOATski

    Commercial Women I Find Attractive Part ???

    Baby got back stop
  14. LeGOATski

    AJ McCarron cut by Raiders

    3 years ago.
  15. LeGOATski

    Jordan Phillips Buffalove

    Some AZ Cardinals fans are the same way. "Another sold out game!" Then you look at the stands filled with away team jerseys. A high amount of Phoenix-dwellers are from other parts of the country. It's a great city to play sports in, that's for sure.