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  1. More antigravity machines... The tech is here.
  2. Idk, actually... they're definitely one of the worst. Buck doesn't know when to shut up and Aikman sounds like a guy they just pulled off the street.
  3. I think it's worse that you two are trying to derail the thread, if that's your intention... Gotta wait until the story comes out for more details, but this initially reminds me of Seau.
  4. If they wanted to swap last year, sure. Josh became The Guy this year, though. No one swaps The Guy.... ....except the Texans.
  5. That's how she births them... Bends over and hurls them 20 yards at the doctor.
  6. Maybe... In the meantime, you should rent out that beautiful outdoor space for high-level business retreats.
  7. John showing up to the first meeting...
  8. I would watch @Jauronimo's reaction video on Youtube.
  9. Midwesterners doin their darndest to ruin food.
  10. Their mentality was basically to throw the team into the deep end and let them flail around. You end up with messy results, but you can easily see which guys buy in and which guys give up.
  11. The smart people on the board are just trying to save you from wasting your time. Just lookin out.... We all love each other. Like... LOVE love.
  12. This. Not sure why anyone would think he's versatile. He simply excelled at one role. If the Bills think they could use him on the edge, then fine, but it doesn't seem to be a scheme fit.
  13. For me, yes. The Bills not only got over the playoff win hump, they won a 2nd playoff game. My expectations for the season were met. There's nothing about this loss that I regret, as a fan. They had a great year and just lost to the defending champs playing at their best. This is now the next hump to get over: win a championship.
  14. Is that the only reason you know of? I've been trying to understand the Rodgers hate for a while...
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