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  1. Yeah The idea of the southern ocean has been taught for a while. When I read it, I didn't understand what the big deal was, but was kinda surprised to find out it wasn't officially recognized.
  2. Head Hands is normal, but if you're moving your head too much then there's something deeply amiss.
  3. She looks like she probably cleans up well. It'd be a Pretty Woman scenario.
  4. That's cool. I had no idea it was going on. Maybe this is a good time to start marketing heavily in order to reach the masses.
  5. Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott evaluates his players as they run drills on the last day of week 2 of OTAs.
  6. I wonder which location the players like better... Based on Poyer's last interview, camaraderie is great at SJF with them all rooming together, but facilities are much better at OBD. Camaraderie doesn't seem to be an issue with this team, either way.
  7. Oh golly gee whiz! Who knew it was that simple? Keep it simple for the stupid players, I guess.
  8. He wasn't making a play on the puck, so he actually already quit on the play.
  9. If you're watching the Bruins/Islanders game Coyle just did the exact same thing. Just in a more "normal" situation.
  10. The result is the point... lol Players headhunt for a specific type of result and we just witnessed it. Whether they're successful or not is irrelevant.
  11. Why'd he take so long? Lazy... Bust! We took Trent Murphy for granted.
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