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  1. The Mandalorian on Disney+ had a great debut. Hopefully it keeps the Star Wars magic going.
  2. Looks like junk. Even if it was an alien spacecraft, that guy's voice makes me want to disregard everything he says.
  3. I don't hate the start. The wins provide a great buffer for the mid-season slide, so they can still end up 10-6
  4. Is this like that internet illusion where some see a blue dress while others see gold? The ball clearly went forward The ball clearly went straight down We may never know....
  5. You're really reaching here
  6. Yeah, this is really odd. Doesn't make sense. Going into this game Singletary looked like the answer.
  7. Did anything weird happen, though? I think I heard that the Browns not scoring on 6+ consecutive goal-to-go tries was some kind of record
  8. Some free agent kicker I don't necessarily condone it, but this is a scenario we see played out every season around the league.
  9. Yeah, he's the easy out. He makes those standard FGs and the Bills are 7-2 after doing just enough to win the game, once again. The narrative would be similar to previous weeks. I wonder if he gets canned this week.
  10. Where was Singletary? I thought he would be a bigger part of the offense going forward.... Gonna be a rough week for Haushka, if he survives it.
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