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  1. *****in' a. I'm glad I'll be able to look back on this time in history and tell my kids I did not vote for Trump.
  2. Some of the older players on the Buffalo Bills have opted for at-work colonoscopy services. A new perk offered by the organization.
  3. With the stick up his ass removed, Duke Johnson has discovered a burst of speed and agility.
  4. Kinda, but it could teach him how to get out of that choke hold. I always pump my gas with my back to the car
  5. Shannon makes a great point that Mayfield has had great talent around him. But the coaching carousel has sucked. Baker could be a great QB on a great team, but he’s no Josh Allen. You can't still be in denial about Josh Allen and expect anyone to take you seriously.
  6. Humans are the salt, my man. 8 billion grains of salt all over this cube and rising. The only thing we can do to help the Earth now is to leave it. That's why we're trying to find other habitable planets. Time to spread out again.
  7. There's another aspect that I know ties into the push for EVs: automation. Electric vehicles can be integrated so easily into their plans for a national, and eventually global, automated system. Automated vehicles can easily charge themselves with electricity and if there is a malfunction, then the consequences aren't as dangerous.
  8. This isn't that, bud. I know when a d-bag is a d-bag. It's pretty cut-and-dry. I don't need to be "open minded" for that. See Jauronimo's post above. Yeah, this is the age we live in. Just look at this forum with people constantly calling each other names like children.
  9. ☝🏻️ Straight out of the conspiracy theorist's playbook. Tell me some well-known fact about a completely transparent process and I'll flip it into some kind of deviant act to feed my fears.
  10. You have no idea what's in the report. And you have no desire to see any source material. That's what I'm getting at. The headline is good enough to serve the purpose of feeding your speculation. And that's exactly what the article does. It takes a quote which outlines a process that is common practice for a police department (which I also have some first hand knowledge of because I work for one) and which is a completely transparent practice (they're not hiding it from anyone; the policy is literally published on their public website) and it flips it with an attempt to portray it as some weird conspiracy. Then you contribute all this speculation to it as if it's some sort of smoking gun report. You understand this, right? Totally. America is in desperate need of a real leader.
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