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  1. Another way to look at SOS

    Yeah, this has to be reiterated every off-season. Regardless, we still generally know who the tough teams are...
  2. Sorry, but I am starting to not even trust you guys

    Miami wants a new QB and the Bills want Tannehill. Get ready.
  3. Rosen or Darnold? Who's your pick?

    Rosen. Best pure passer and cerebral QB.
  4. The Book Recommendations/Reviews Thread::

    I'm currently reading The Terror. Have the show saved on DVR for after I finish. It's a looonnng book, but very good.
  5. Bills the worst team in the NFL this season?

    Nah. If they land just 2 starters from this draft, he Bills are still 9-7 caliber. Who knows what kinda magic or misfortune will play out during the season...
  6. IMO, this is better than trading up for Allen, but worse than not trading up for Rosen or Mayfield. It's a wash with trading up for Darnold.
  7. Community Reputation?

    Don't go negative. You don't want to know what happens if you go negative.
  8. Hand size

    Yep. Grip strength. It's definitely measurable, so I'm sure they'll eventually start doing it. Grip strength is why rock climbers always seem to win America Ninja Warrior. Not just the big "strong" athletes.
  9. On paper, the Bills have 9 solid staters.

    We still have to be worried about the Defense. The best unit last year was the DBs. They might be the ONLY good unit. But, life is going to be hard on them if we don't solidify the front seven, particularly the LBs.
  10. Why all the hate for Josh Allen?

    Because he misses stationary target nets.
  11. The Dolphins and Jaguars Unveil New Uniforms Today

    Slow clap for the Jags. !@#$ those stupid two-tone helmets.
  12. What is your #1 QB performance metric?

    Eye speed. Closely followed by eye discipline.
  13. Hand size. It's all about grip strength and they need start testing that at the combine. QBs can wear a glove to help with grip, anyway.
  14. Why I would be worried if the Bills drafted Allen

    Yeah. He can. He also can't. Remember him missing the stationary target net during senior bowl week. He'll be hitting the medical tent in camp, too.
  15. Why I would be worried if the Bills drafted Allen

    4. Pick a QB who can hit stationary targets.