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  1. It's counterproductive in this instance. If he says it's Frazier's defense than we should acknowledge that fact through the good times and the bad times. Coordinators can't just be blameless underlings. They get paid a lot of money to run their side of the ball. Frazier runs that defense.
  2. When the defense was looking phenomenal in the regular season, McD gave all credit to Frazier and said it's Frazier's defense. I don't think Frazier can take credit when things are going great and not take blame when things go badly.
  3. From defense (considering all are fully healthy) Von, Tre, Milano, Edmunds, Daquan, Hyde, and Taron I'm pairing with them JJ Watt, Chris Jones, Derwin James, Sauce Gardner From offense, Josh and Diggs I'm pairing with them Jamarr Chase, Tyreek Hill, Nick Chubb, Travis Kelce, Patrick Ricard Idk OL well enough, but they're all gonna be great run blockers
  4. I love how some people here were so sure Burrow was going to win it... Maybe if he had any running ability.
  5. Should've been a penalty for lowering his helmet to initiate contact. And it looked like he injured himself.
  6. These fools still think the Earth has a solid core...
  7. It doesn't matter what the Vikings did. That doesn't affect the grade. It doesn't make Diggs a lesser player. If you wanna degrade it because they also had to give up a 4th, then fine. You grade based on how it turned out for the Bills. Not how it turned out for the Bills + compared to other teams.
  8. Ugh... it's not an issue when the Bills beat up on teams, but suddenly is when they lose. Truth is that the posters who say "the Bills are soft" are simply soft themselves. You're projecting your self-reflected inadequacy onto the team. Glad you could give yourself this little pep talk.
  9. He's meant to be Milano's eventual replacement
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