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  1. Colts. Very likeable team. With a good QB they could've lost to the Bills in the AFCCG.
  2. Firmly in the 'no' column. Just being fast doesn't mean you can lock down one of the best receivers in the league.
  3. Cincy. I'd rather see Buffalo or Cincy in the SB.
  4. There's no "hopefully." That's what I'm saying. It's happening or it's not and the Bills are prepared this time.
  5. The refs/penalties narrative this week is as false as the cold weather narrative was last week. The Bills know what happened last year and have prepared. Remember how physical Bills CBs were being in training camp and preseason? Remember the first Chiefs game? Just another false narrative we'll have to hear all week from fans. Without a doubt there will be something new to complain about after Sunday.
  6. Nice sack by Miller, but didn't they used to call that a low hit on the QB? Glad they didn't, just sayin. It was forwards. They showed the replay.
  7. That's seriously still a question? Why don't they just ask "Hey Sean, is there any chance you can give us a controversial quote? It can be anything, please. Please god, just give us something saucy! P.S. Do you approve of the nickname 'Saucy Sean'?"
  8. I said "covering the draft"... He's already proven to be good at that.
  9. And he's wrong as always. The Tampa game was the difference. I give more credit to Brady for turning the Bills around.
  10. By all accounts I'm aware of, he's not. Really likeable guy.
  11. Hopefully this means he'll be back to covering the draft... he's one of the better ones.
  12. The Bills practiced being more physical with receivers this year, specifically because of the AFCCG. It's payback time for what the Chiefs got away with last year. I'm glad we get a ref who doesn't call PI much. They've prepared for THIS EXACT MOMENT and control their own destiny. Go Bills!
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