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  1. It definitely stemmed from his performance for some people.
  2. I generally like most Allen runs, called or scramble. They all present an opportunity to be demoralizing for the defense. I'd rather see him scramble because it usually works out better due to the situation. But I don't knock Daboll for calling designed runs. You have to use all weapons at your disposal. It's just another thing for the defense to prepare for. We hear it every week when the opposing coach talks about Allen being a tough load to handle.
  3. Any excuse to post the Peterman hype video...
  4. Ah yeah, this makes much more sense. I can only see this happening if they're confident they can get a similar coverage LB in the draft.
  5. Top 10 defense and top 15 running game is exactly where we hoped to be. Things are looking good!
  6. What kind of hit are they taking if they release him?
  7. I wonder how this compares to other QBs current numbers. He'd be up there in MVP votes again, for sure.
  8. Clicking into this thread is like walking into the Black Lodge...
  9. I may be wrong. Edmunds is #36 on the list, but #69 (😉) if you click on his name. I don't have an account, so someone else may be able to clarify.
  10. Thought I would bump this now that week 3 is done. Milano at #2 after another great game. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is #1 now. Edmunds up to #36. https://www.pff.com/nfl/grades/position/lb
  11. I hope he'll at least be better in the booth... "Backpedaling into no man's land" is how you keep Heinicke from throwing it to Logan Thomas down the middle.... It's not a glorious role, I know
  12. I feel like he's the same. I've watched some of 2019 on Gamepass. He's clearly not the disappointment that so many fans wanted to label him as. I forgot Beasley used to wear number 10...
  13. Next I'll be told that Motor is a "net negative"
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