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  1. Its a hunch! All based on this thread alone. You're playing the card hard right now. And you're raising more card playing shopping cart abandoners. The future is bleak.
  2. You're being overdramatic. I guess you can try to play the "good parent" card here, but it doesn't come off as genuine. Your kids are in the car maybe 20 secs at most? You have the keys. Keep a window cracked open? These are just excuses for lazy cart abandoners.
  3. you secure the kids in the car first every time, even in perfect weather. That's the safest place for them. Lock the doors when you return the cart. But T&C doesn't even have kids. He's just an old, lazy dude.
  4. The Super Bowl is as close to a national holiday as a sporting event can get. Realistically, everyone knows what they're paying for, but I guess it's good to have that bargaining chip.
  5. Yep. Only a matter of time before "Indians" got changed. I think pretty much everyone has self-corrected by now to calling them Native Americans.
  6. The Redskins and Indians are the two that need change, IMO. The Indians got even more silly over the years with the cartoony logo. I don't think the Redskins logo offends anyone. that's not an elf, thats Baker Mayfield
  7. you're just referring to the vocalization of viewpoints, I guess. Most rational people don't want to insert themselves into the chaos of social media and all that. But the fact is we are seeing it from plenty of people. The truth comes out in the voting, where everyone has a voice but doesn't need to spray it at everyone else.
  8. I do see that. Someone in this thread already mentioned Marcellus Wiley's comments yesterday. Just gotta widen your view, I guess.
  9. yeah, I'm just trying to be extra present and aware during these times (pandemic, culture issues, election, etc) because I know my young kids/their kids aren't going to remember any of it and I want to be able to answer their future questions and reflect on it accurately.
  10. It's not all about the specific BLM organization, though. This is more general. So, I think some people are making it political when its only a common social gesture.
  11. ***** 2020 in a nutshell no schitz given It's pretty weak if you abandon the team over this stuff
  12. Do you have a problem with the existence of Black History Month? Playing the "Black Anthem" seems to be a gesture of the same kind. I'm fine if other minority groups want a shout-out too. Blacks are just the most populous and have made greater strides towards recognition.
  13. Sounds like we're in the same boat. I can't imagine the NFL or any other pro sports organization saying anything in their broadcast that would deeply upset me enough to stop watching. I'm more concerned about the systemic cheating in the NFL. How are they going to fix their officiating....
  14. I just can't relate. The only way the NFL affects me is through the actual game play. I want to watch football and see the Bills win. I also support other football leagues like the AAF and XFL because I want to watch football. I couldn't care less if they're propping up some social causes in their broadcast. At the very most, it might start a discussion with my family or friends watching with me, which I'm happy to have.
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