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  1. People are acting the same way they always have. It's nothing new, especially in the competitive world of sports You're simply seeing what you want to see. Creating your own narrative to describe your surroundings in a way that makes sense to you. You're getting old and the world's passing you by. No, it can't be. You can keep up. You're fine. Everyone else is wrong. They don't fit. Why don't they straighten up. Punks.
  2. LeGOATski

    For Those Calling For Mahomes, Check This Out.

    We're not savages. We just feel sorry for you. Not enough to be your friend.
  3. LeGOATski

    Bills Sign WR Deonte Thompson to a 1-Year Deal

    Awesome. Barkley has great chemistry with the speedy WRs. Oh, wait....
  4. LeGOATski

    Zay Jones and pass interference

    It's time to go to full-time paid refs and get away from this good ol' boys club.
  5. Dustin Hopkins on the list, too. I believe the Bills actually drafted him. I thought it was weird when they got rid of him.
  6. Peterman's regular season performance made it the wrong move. I'm no advocate for McCarron and don't blame the FO for being fooled. Peterman definitely won the preseason and fooled everyone. Right move at the time. Wrong move in hindsight. McCarron showed he's a stable, if unspectacular QB in his past real game action.
  7. LeGOATski

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    Well, they do try to discredit the defense....and it's Mike Rodak.
  8. LeGOATski

    Bills have #27th ranked Defense according to ESPN

    My interpretation is that those are overall power rankings with a sub-focus on notable defensive stats. Not defensive rankings.
  9. LeGOATski

    Some notable Bills' player stats with 10 games gone

    Well, what's the problem? I've seen him make great catches, great runs after the catch, great blocks. Considering the state of our WR corps lately, you'd think Clay would be featured more. Does he not get open enough? Even if he's not open, isn't he a size mismatch? I want to rewatch some games and see what he does.
  10. If they go 9-7 again, they don't deserve the playoffs... This is why we can't have nice things.
  11. One game at a time. Just win. Don't worry about draft position. If you draft well, it works itself out. Just draft good football players.
  12. Not surprised. They showed the Estadia Azteca last night during a game break to preview the match-up and I thought to myself "wow, what a shithole."
  13. LeGOATski

    Some notable Bills' player stats with 10 games gone

    It's amazing how invisible Charles Clay is. He's a huge mismatch just waiting to be taken advantage of. What's the problem?
  14. LeGOATski

    So we beat the Jets. Our Team still sucks

    You're right. The defense is #1.... .....#1 at SUCKING!!!
  15. It's so Billsy that they would finally find a QB who can competently run the offense and then immediately bench him. Whatever happened to playing the guy who gives you the best chance to win? That's not Josh Allen at this time, unless something's drastically changed behind the scenes. They're operating under the philosophy that this is Josh Allen's team for better or worse. I understand that to some degree, but I believe this could be managed in a way that they wouldn't damage Allen's ego by starting Barkley again.