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  1. Well, that would be a quarter of the season... She's the one with the knowledge to lead them to the Yoda race. I guess it would be kinda sketchy to bring in a new character with that kind of knowledge. It would need to be an established Jedi. Ahsoka is also linked to the Mandalorians, so she's a good splicer for the different story arcs.
  2. Wendy's annoying. I can definitely see her becoming the new Helen while alienating Marty. Ruthie is my favorite character.
  3. I assume that's true about pretty much every endangered species.
  4. So, with Dawson playing Ahsoka Tano, I guess the stance on having all new characters is gone... Biehn could play Dengar or Bossk. Boba Fett cameo?
  5. They should be powder blue full time. This makes sense.
  6. I'm actually liking it better now than the original picture of that hat... But ASU's didn't use the Fibonacci sequence, okay?? What if the person who designed ASU's logo got a job with the design team who did the Rams' logo... ...or what if it was the same design team...
  7. No way. "Covidiots" is reserved for the crazy people we have to deal with CURRENTLY
  8. The participation trophies basically facilitate that. When we hand them out we say something about the player and their improvements. I wouldn't pay for participation trophies, either. School gym? They wouldn't pay for the banner?
  9. Not allowing PTO is a big red flag here. Yikes. Also, wasn't employee pay already in the budget for the season? Come on. Technically don't have to pay them, but it's the right thing to do. Scroogin
  10. If he's their BPA at 22, they'll take him. Beane essentially said he wants to get game changers for the offense. Does he think Taylor is a game changer?
  11. Would suck to miss out on prospects because of a virus scare. What the Saints and Eagles are doing seems a little excessive.
  12. You literally showed us the rule that says they need to down it if they catch it, lol. Don't want to kneel? Don't catch the ball. Maybe the Texans returner was just confused about the NFL's new kneeling policy...
  13. Show the rule. You can choose to believe the earth is flat. Doesn't make it correct.
  14. If it was a common thing to do, the ref would've not been surprised by it, lol. On a side note, I love the transparency of the XFL. No turning the mic off when discussing a ruling. No need to.
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