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  1. I care about how much of a doofus other people look like, so this thread is a gold mine. That's just me.
  2. Would be doing us all a favor At least Beane can tell time, Jerry
  3. Turns out it's $9.99 for the rest of the offseason. It's gonna charge you the $79 in August unless you cancel.
  4. Holy cow, Memorial Day sale or something?
  5. With the NFL+ you get to watch all the games after the fact. I love being able to do that, but I hate their user interface. It's like they put the least amount of money possible into the app and user experience. It really blows. But you get all the games to watch whenever you want. And it's much cheaper than buying a YouTube subscription + add on. So, I'll continue with the NFL+
  6. Ironic that Hawkeye is super accurate and she's now saying the most inaccurate QB in world history.
  7. What a catch. Josh hits the big time. Brittany gonna be so jealous....
  8. Yep, but then again Knox and Cook will barely get any attention in the passing game.
  9. The OP's link doesn't work. The full list is here.
  10. Indeed, the fact that he started overthe likes of Dodson, Kline, Bernard, etc. is a mystery that to this day confounds the brightest minds.
  11. Yep, Edmunds was extremely valuable to this D. What they do with this LB corps is the only huge question mark this offseason. Under McDermott the LB group has always had a consistent identity. I get that offensive line is still a significant question, but that group has never had a consistent identity, so I'm just used to it. The center and tackles are locked in and there are two new guards, but no real mystery there. Every other position group is locked in.
  12. Hard to judge without the specifics. What's the cost vs return? If the Bills already have a good international fan base, like you say, then why would they need this?
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