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  1. They just pick and choose. They're controlling the games as much as possible in order to maximize profits. It'd be too easy to make officiating a streamlined, transparent, and fair process. But instead they're going the other direction. They make it as complicated and murky as possible. The USFL/XFL made it a point to show us how simple and non-intrusive the officiating process can be. People need to pay attention.
  2. Yeah, Vegas is ruining pro football like it did boxing. Just watch it for entertainment, but have low expectations regarding the season's outcome. Support the USFL/XFL to at least pressure the NFL's monopoly.
  3. It's very subjective, but you're giving some other coaches WAY too much credit. I've seen a lot of terrible coaching from the guys I listed and many of them have barely half the leadership qualities McDermott does. I'm not against replacing McDermott, but people are going over the top after this loss.
  4. Yeah, it needs to be another up-and-comer. Not a retread.
  5. You're giving a lot of other coaches WAY too much credit. Just off the top of my head, Staley, Rivera, Lafleur, Saleh, McDaniels (fired), Pierce, Dennis Allen, Arthur Smith, McCarthy....arguably Daboll, Reich, O'Connell.... all could easily be worse with this same team. That's way above bottom 5. If you don't think so, I don't think you're being honest and you're just emotional after a loss.
  6. I would flip it. Jauron was a poor man's McDermott. I think young people are misremembering what Jauron was actually like. Yes, I think still a little worse. He may have actually ruined Allen. We don't know.
  7. Not sure you remember the Dick Jauron days, then. You also don't know what the word "literally" means. Regardless, McD is much more intense, with a systematic approach to leadership and team building, and was able to create a winning culture without a franchise QB. We got none of that from Jauron. Sure, he was a respectable, polite guy and good D coordinator, but he wasn't the leader McD is.
  8. The Eagles made enough TERRIBLE plays to lose the game. When the commentators and guest officiating expert point out how bad it is during the broadcast, you really can't keep burying your head in the sand. The NFL has a problem. It's apparent in so many games every week. The refs need to change their approach to the game and the league needs to be more transparent with their process. If the USFL/XFL can do it, then the NFL should be able to do it. As a consumer, we should demand it.
  9. He would get a job in a heartbeat. You're insane. He's like a Tony Dungy.
  10. He broke the 17 year playoff drought without an elite QB. Just saying. I'm fine if the Bills decide to move on from him. Like the OP says, his team consistently folds in these crucial moments. I'm not sure if a McD team will ever have the right killer instinct at the end of a critical game. His style is just wrong. He has the wrong mindset. However, he's not a "bottom 5 coach." It's undeniable that the dude has a winning formula for team-building. He's just not shown that he can bring home the big ones. He's so much better than Dick Jauron.
  11. I used to think like that, but it's getting absurd. I'm not making excuses for this league and it's refs when the smaller leagues with significantly less money can do it right.
  12. The part I bolded, why say dumb stuff like that? It makes people complaining about the refs sound nuts. The rest of your post is spot on. I'm glad Romo and Nantz commented about how terrible that call was. The terrible part about it is that the NFL has a system in place with the headquarters in NY to easily overturn that call to the right one. They simply refuse to use it. The new football leagues, USFL/XFL, do refereeing correctly and it's making the NFL look even more like a clown show than it already is. Fans need to support those smaller leagues or the NFL/Vegas is just going to continue manipulating these games.
  13. And then it's a totally different game. But the NFL and Vegas know that.
  14. This ref crew should be fined and suspended.
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