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  1. 1. Her name can't still be James Bond. 2. Her number can't still be 007. So, it can't be a 007 film.
  2. Great... China's gonna own quantum internet.
  3. That clip was in the future. My theory: Hopper gets stuck in the upside down. He eventually finds his way out in Russia and a monster chases him through the portal. The Russians capture them both.
  4. We can only detect certain things, though. We're filtered.
  5. Never wear shorts to work unless it's part of your work uniform.
  6. You think that's funny? Check out this crazy song
  7. Thanks. Hard interview to listen to simply because of his condition and voice. Poor guy. Very interesting, though. So, Area 51/S4 conceded some information to Eisenhower after he threatened to invade. I assume Dolan and his superior were only one small part of Eisenhower's efforts to gain information. Area 51 would've been inclined to reveal false information to Dolan's party, just to keep them off track. Personally, I think they staged the alien interviews and all that. The saucers were probably just for show. The SR-71 was going to be put into service soon and didn't contain any super-advanced tech, so that didn't matter as much. A nice cover-up for the secret technology they were really working on. The most important piece of information they got was that the technology they were working on was a gravity engine, but that is such a vague piece of information. Any speculative civilian could've assumed that's what they were working on... Was Dolan given the correct "formula" or a fake? Most likely fake. Very cool story.
  8. I'd love to read more about this, but I'm not finding anything on it. If the President, especially one with Eisenhower's experience, wanted to invade the area, I think he could stage a successful operation. Besides the casualties to both sides, I think he would be just as concerned about the social/political fallout.
  9. "If we naruto run, we can go faster than their bullets." 😆😆 I'd love to see crazy people doing this through Area 51
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