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  1. Everyone take a chill pill. Anyone who’s played sports in these conditions knows it wont be a typical game. The ball is wet i’m sure. Not downplaying that they came out a little flat
  2. I literally just read an article that said he hates showers and sometimes goes days without showering
  3. Anyone know much much this potentially can contribute to franchise revenue? With ticket prices so high and all the recent success, the organization has to be bringing in some nice cash flow.
  4. I tend to think last years Chiefs were better. Now we stole Von.
  5. I’m over it, I think it actually motivates everyone to win it all this year though. We are coming out swinging. I can tell by watching preseason that I have never seen a group of guys who were more motivated and ready to win. I’m so pumped. I really felt like KC was the only team im our way and I think the loss of hill is a game changer. Just stay healthy and play our game. If the 13 secs still bothers you, take it out by yelling louder in the stadium this year 👌
  6. Guys he’s basically a high schooler just give him time
  7. Sitting all of preseason is my definition of “getting cute” . From my time playing various sports, I have learned that even the most talented players need proper warm up and need to be in rhythm. We want the #1 seed and the first game is very important. He can sit when we clinch #1. That being said, he needs to be put out there on a very limited basis with play designs to keep him out of trouble. Shotgun get it out quick type plays.
  8. Would anyone be against going CB first two picks? Load up? I don’t know if this has been considered yet. Thoughts?
  9. I read their forums and a lot of them are happy for stafford.
  10. Barkley would be awesome. I think there is a difference between injury prone and unlucky. I would call his injuries very unlucky. But man was he amazing when healthy, I bet they would ask for a second rounder at the least.
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