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  1. Remember bankruptcy does not mean you’re broke. It simply means you can’t afford your debts, ie. your mortgage. He could downsize and still be filthy rich. I also obviously don’t know his situation, just stating a possibility.
  2. You say Hopkins won’t be available, but what if they have an agreement set for the June 1st date beforehand? Do you think that’s a possibility? Hopkins would still be my choice.
  3. You can have our drones, but good luck stopping our Bildos
  4. this just reminds me of Josh Gordon. Hopefully different outcome.
  5. I mean even if Brenden Rice has an injury, why not take a flyer on him here?
  6. Or maybe he still sees a bunch of guys he likes and can get later? Beane professional dumpster diver lol
  7. Strong, lots of experience, great school, 1 sack allowed, position of need - I mean what more can you ask for honestly.
  8. I'm ready to tell my grandchildren about this upcoming 5th round.
  9. Maybe I am wrong but I would guess the reality is no one wants to trade down at this point or trade for our 5th rounders.
  10. What do we do with all these late round picks?
  11. I have to admit, the more I research this guy and the more I learn about him, the more comfortable I am feeling. Also knowing that guys like anquan boldin, larry fitzgerald, jerry rice all ran similar 40s makes me feel better. But this guy clearly has the physical tools and I love the fact that he excels at other sports and can be used in the kick return game. This guy can catch the damn ball though that's for sure.
  12. I honestly don’t know what’s going on or what to do at this point. I would have taken worthy or legette.
  13. you can't teach speed. speed kills. He can gain muscle mass.
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