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  1. I was reading the points to not sign him right away and was thinking they made some sense. Then I used my memory and put myself on my couch for the past 20 years remembering what it used to be like watching bills games without a quarterback and it scared the living crap outta me. Sign him! I'm sure he will agree to a team friendly deal.
  2. I agree with th fear no one stance. However I think the obvious answer would be to play the Steelers. We clearly matched up well against them. We lost to the titans already and clearly our weakness is stopping the run and being physical at the line.
  3. Did anyone else notice it seemed they were flat footed before the snaps. No pre snap movement , no trickery, just back on their heels. Listen they won the game and I'm in not position to complain but maybe that's an area we can work on?
  4. Random shout out to Jim Kelly. Guy deserves to see his team winning again. Heart and soul of Buffalo!
  5. We have pilon cams why not goal post cams? Just a thought.
  6. I get this , but are you saying AFCE is more important than a potential first round bye?
  7. Hoping the fins win. Its all about seeding for me at this point. Would be nice to surpass kc or pit. Unlikely but setting the bar high!
  8. This right down the field crap has been happening wayyyyy too often
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