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  1. But at least he has a huge contract that makes it nearly impossible for the Falcons to improve their team through free agency
  2. We kick field goals and don’t create turnovers, this is buffalo bills football
  3. We score more when the defense creates turnovers. This is is purely observational, it seems like we are constantly on the wrong side of the turnover/field position battle(s). I will add that when we get on the edge of field goal range we tend to go backwards via sack/penalties
  4. Haskins played vs the giants (I think 🤔)
  5. When certain guys catch the ball they do so in a way that you feel the ball is secure. The Duke is one of those guys. As one poster in this thread wrote, “vice grip hands”
  6. I’m guessing there is some long-term strategy at play here. Work on the passing game now (weather/young Qb/new receivers) so that it’s better when we need it.
  7. Josh isn’t a game manager, he’s a gun slinger. We’re going to live and die by his streakiness.
  8. 1. The team is probably too young to play the type of game that’s required to beat the pats. Only shot we have is to get lucky. Play them 10 times under these exact circumstances and we MIGHT win 1.
  9. Good points; I will add it’s a promotional event so someone probably put that in front of him, be weirder if he didn’t eat some...I could be wrong. It’s a picture so who knows.
  10. I think the pats will try to frustrate Allen by taking away brown and force him to take underneath plays. If Allen can play small ball and not become impatient we will have a chance.
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