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  1. Not to date myself, this reminds me of Ice Hockey for NES where you select between large/medium/small players for each position.
  2. No tears but nearly puked a few times
  3. I get your point, the games have to be played etc.. Your analogy would work better if the coin flip was replaced with something that has a 75% chance of happening.
  4. I don’t gamble, but I remember reading Tuesday Morning Quarterback. The author would always give the stat that the home team wins nearly 75% of the divisional round games. We’re now rooting for a complete sweep by the road teams (assuming we all want Brady bounced). I’d say the smart money is on the remaining home teams.
  5. Rather play the team that has lost
  6. Two interception games are rare, so why not, was my initial take.
  7. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear some boo-birds early then see the bills turn it on a little bit in the second half to cover. Seems like the pattern they follow this season.
  8. This team has peaked with its current roster/coaching/philosophy combo. There are some elite aspects to the team and they could still get hot and win some games (maybe even make a little run in the playoffs). Their flaws will need at least an off-season to correct if they want to go to the next level though.
  9. I will be shocked if the bills win. And that’s why I’ll watch
  10. What makes the bills a “soft” team is their philosophy (imo). They play a pass first offense combined with a zone defense. they essentially say we’re going to get a lead and you won’t be able to catch us. this has/can work but isn’t the same as a “we’re going to run the ball and you can’t stop us”philosophy. Teams that successfully operate this philosophy typically combine it with an aggressive defense. the bills style is dependent on their passing game being successful. Passing is, on its face, more dependent on other factors than running. E.g. precipitation, wind, timing, the day, specific matchups etc.
  11. The Pats’ current formula is what led to their first few Super Bowl wins. Brady wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire.
  12. Someone said he ran to the wrong side on the screen pass that lead to ineligible man down field penalty 🤷‍♂️
  13. I think my tolerance for a head coach that wears a visor would be razor thin. Like we better be winning 90% of the time.
  14. Lots of great places to eat but let me recommend 2 https://g.co/kgs/h2j9U8 https://laboulangerienola.com/ Bevi has the BEST crawdads and amazing po-boys (peacemaker) boulangerie is just amazing both places are special
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