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  1. Eagles Those other teams can go suck a *****.
  2. Just label it an "alternate" then and scrap the color rush. "Dear NFL - We're gonna make a blue alternate uniform with a red helmet and a throwback AFL uniform with a white standing bison helmet. Yours truly, The Buffalo Bills" All it takes is a little creativity. I'm the end, it's not a huge deal, the Bills are gonna look great, regardless. (P.S. - I'm aware it's an unpopular opinion, which is why I literally stated as such.)
  3. Exactly. Not sure why they didn't just make a 90s alternate. Personally, I'm of the unpopular opinion that they should redesign the logo entirely. While iconic and special for us, the two Bills logos are objectively bad; poorly designed.
  4. One of our current players.... Jordan Phillips. Had a great season and capitalized on it with the contract the Cards gave him. Now he's back.
  5. Pretty sure Bills have 60k and still have a relatively short waiting list... I could be wrong
  6. I don't get it. Doesn't Buffalo have a waiting list for season tickets, too? Last I read, the waiting list was about 3000 people.
  7. The NFL doesn't need to change anything. All the Bills had to do was make the 90s uni an alternate uniform. That's all the people want. The Bills want to keep the AFL era unis as the alternate. Not sure if there is a rule limiting the number of alternates they have. I'd much rather have an AFL era and 90s era alternate uniforms and get rid of the color rush stuff.
  8. "Nice YAC".... okay. He simply ran straight and out of bounds. Which is fine, I don't want him getting too crazy in a practice. In a game, number 6 needs to turn and block his man, so Cook can cut back inside and get some actual nice YAC.
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