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  1. Amber Heard in Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Otherwise, give me anything with Jack Nicholson or Natalie Portman.
  2. Are you saying you think the Bills have Settled... for lesser talent?
  3. Yeah, I think McD has read all the leadership books known to man.
  4. Wasn't it proven otherwise last season when the Bengals beat them for an appearance in the Super Bowl. Biggest obstacle is the Bengals until proven otherwise. They're a well-rounded team.
  5. It just goes to show that even at their best, NE isn't a threat to the Bills. At their best, Miami might actually be a threat. That's the difference.
  6. This guy is a total loser. I would hate to be a Browns fan. And I know the Browns are a "2nd team" for a lot of Bills fans. Maybe not anymore. It's so weird. Still wonder why such a high profile rich guy would visit such a place. Simple answer is that he was trying to keep it secret and off the books, but you wonder if there's something even more sinister to it.
  7. They schemed well when they had Brady or when the winds were 40 mph... In the last two games everything was on the line (division and playoffs) and the Bills blew them out. They didn't scheme well. Pains are the biggest threat, but are a bit of a wildcard with the new coach.
  8. Yeah... no thanks. I'll just wait for the memes.
  9. When he's at home he gets morning sex. It takes the edge off. Good for them, but she's a distraction. Plane and simple.
  10. Right. Haack is the only one really fighting for a spot. He can't keep the job by simply doing what he does.
  11. Cutting Andre Smith and the others will save just as much, wouldn't it? I think Matakevich is definitely blue for special teams play and decent depth.
  12. Yeah, that's what McD does with certain rookies. But do you agree that it's Araiza's job to lose, figuratively speaking?
  13. Will always be disappointed. Not angry. It's just a sport I watch and a team I root for. I'm not directly involved and the results are not a reflection of me.
  14. After this I read the rest of your post in the voice of Mr. Rogers. Agree with everything except Matt Araiza is blue.
  15. Fear, ignorance, self-righteousness, pride, dishonesty... aspects of the human psyche that cap our collective potential. ***** like these mass shootings will keep happening until we actually evolve as a species.
  16. If they somehow have a losing season with this roster, that would give me serious pause. But I think the chances of that happening with no injuries is like .0001. He's just too good of a coach with too good of a team.
  17. This guy almost annoys me more than Tom Brady. Almost.
  18. Yeah. These things aren't even a big deal anymore. The kid is just a straight up superstar.
  19. Take all the drinks he needs. I don't need the star rookie cramping up or pulling a hammy in the first game.
  20. They seem to be doing just fine Poyer clearly isn't happy about the contract situation and it's boiling over! He's becoming a distraction to the team and the great city of Buffalo itself!
  21. Yeah, there are a bunch out there to use. It's a crowded market. PFF has to market itself as different/better somehow...
  22. PFF tries to prop itself up with these extra products to put itself above all the other stat companies out there, and therefore make more money. I think it's a business plan that's rooted in dishonesty, since they're not trying to take the subjectivity out of the analysis, like an honest analyst/stat guru would. It's not like it's against the law, they're just capitalizing on the huge football market that's out there. But that makes me think they would also capitalize on any players/agents that want to pay to be a "priority PFF client." It's not a ridiculous notion, given their reputation.
  23. Raw, objective stats. I see football analysts use their stats all the time and that's fine. They have every stat under the sun, just like other stat companies. But I don't ever see a legit football analyst using their grades as any sort of valid measuring stick.
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