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  1. The answer is absolutely Josh Allen, in my opinion. They run the plays that he likes to run and he now has more command of the offense than ever. He's not inclined to dink and dunk. The best players on the offense are the WRs and he wants to give them the ball.
  2. That's where they said the PI was initiated as both of them were running towards the EZ. The play ended in the EZ, but it's not where first contact was being made. That's how I remember understanding it at the time.
  3. You're talking to a bunch of board members who can't read a single post correctly and you expect them to read a whole room?
  4. Josh can go ahead and have all the ladies-only parties he wants. He'll get no judgement from me.
  5. There's truth to that. However, Dawkins and Feliciano were at a huge disadvantage from the snap. Their assignments already had a head start being lined up in their gaps. It's clear on the film that Josh should've followed the double team from Morse and Williams or ran outside towards Knox. It makes me wonder if he thought the double team was occurring on the left side with Morse and Feliciano.
  6. You don't want them to have public input?? Personally, I'm glad they've already incorporated MY idea for a Zubaz pattern on the stadium facade.
  7. It's just weird to make that comparison, in my opinion. The experience in that Buffalo location is going to be nothing like the experience in downtown Nashville. Isn't the Titans stadium in walking distance from downtown?
  8. Start a fan petition. I hear those work.
  9. I looked at the Google Street view, which is relatively recent. The projects in Candyman look the same. What does "recover the neighborhood" mean? There wouldn't be a neighborhood if the plopped a stadium on top of it.
  10. Take Joe B analysis with a handful of salt. I make it my responsibility to remind my fellow board members of this every week. 😁
  11. Where do you get this impression from? They seemed to have instant chemistry.
  12. That area they're proposing to build looks like the projects in the Candyman movie.
  13. It's not about racing cars....
  14. The deadline is Nov 2 and they probably don't care. He'll be exempt or suspended.
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