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  1. It's a "close" game, by definition, with the stat's purpose being to dispell that notion that they can't win close games.
  2. Thanks. I got clarification on the Bills PR team's stat: it's 33-23 in games that are within 1 score in the 4th quarter. So that obviously includes a majority of those games the Bills were already leading.
  3. Trial by fire Iron sharpens iron All diamonds are found in the rough (Insert whatever other cliche saying you got)
  4. He just had a 6th sense he'd start for that team eventually.... Will be rooting for him. Just curious, were you born in the early 70s?
  5. Is it crazy? They have a winning record, but didn't start blowing out teams until recently.
  6. Reread his post and then think about it a little longer, I guess. There's not much else to say. Maybe you're just that person.
  7. Idk, could just be a made up stat, but I'm pretty sure the Bills PR team posted something about it
  8. It's not true. Since McDermott got there in 2017, the Bills are something like 33-23 when trailing to start the 4th quarter. It's just last season's misfortune that got everyone up in arms about it.
  9. I watched it live. I missed the Miami game last week and they lost because of it.
  10. So, being inconsiderate to those around you is a "Bills" thing. Got it. Bills Mafia!!!
  11. After Sean pickled The Beast, his reputation spread all over town. From then on, he was known as Sean "The Jet" McDermott. And the nickname stuck with him for the rest of his life.
  12. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/tremaine-edmunds-25111/
  13. Edmunds certainly seems to be answering Beane's call from this offseason. I think a lot of it has to do with the improved D line. We're seeing a part of Edmunds' game that has always been there, but he's playing with more freedom now.
  14. I feel like it's always been where the ball is when the player steps out of bounds. I thought Jackson had the first down clearly. When Gene explained the rule on the broadcast, it sounded new to me. Seemed to be the opposite of how they've always ruled it, which was consistent with the other rules you mention. The NFL just sucks. Put a damn chip in the ball. It's too easy.
  15. The lack of depth has been exposed. Antonio Brown is available.
  16. And they just lost to the Jets. Hope the Bills are even healthier and dominate them.
  17. Yep. And Bills defense shut out the Ravens from the 2nd quarter on. Amazing job.
  18. 20 unanswered points to win the game. Close game monkey off their back. Well done, Bills! Lame, whiny "Bills fans" hanging their heads in shame everywhere. So much fun!
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