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  1. I've posted this in another thread. I really don't follow politics, who is this guy?
  2. My thing is, Id rather pick the guy who actually understands whats going on
  3. Im curious about something. You said you don't like politics or politicians. But yet I don't see you saying a single bad thing about Biden.
  4. I'm not really into politics. My views are pretty centered. But Im curious do you not like Trump or do you not like his policies? Do you honestly think Biden is doing a good job furthermore, do you honestly think Biden is 100% and better fit for the job? As a guy who sits pretty center, I'm still confused by all of the Biden support
  5. Kenny O'Brien, Jim Kelly, Elway, Marino all from that 83 draft. That has to be one of the best QB draft years ever.
  6. Jets are gonna be nasty this year. We might not even make the playoffs
  7. Anyone have a good smoker? I own a Weber I kind of ghetto to make into a smoker, it works fine.
  8. Is that area more fun/lively/safer than Allentown?
  9. Is the Hampton Inn in a better spot than the Marriott Residence Inn on Delaware ?
  10. Is Allentown really nice? Ill add it, any suggestions for must be places or "chill"/old looking bars Im in
  11. Is Allentown the place? We wanted to go to Anchor and Duffs, someone said Snyder Bar is cool and allen venture burger?
  12. Hey all! Going to a Bills game this fall and want to make a little vacation out of it and plan to eat our way thru and explore a bit of Buffalo for 3 to 4 days after the game. Whats the best area/hotel to stay at? Thanks all
  13. What do the Yanks do with their pitching when Cole comes back?
  14. Jets are going to be a tough team with a fairly easy schedule if AR is healthy
  15. I don't buy players jerseys...but I might have to make an exception
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