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  1. If BB thinks he can sacrifice one season to get another stud qb and potentially another ring within the next 5 years then yes I can see him doing so...if they don’t draft a qb this year that is. Personally I don’t see BB going anywhere anytime soon.
  2. I totally agree with you. Troy Vincent, Lawyer Milloy, Aaron Schobel, Antione Winfield, Fred Jackson, London Fletcher, Daryl Talley
  3. Why are people so high on Quartarman? I’m not knocking him, I just don’t know a lot about him
  4. I met Ralph once while he was walking into his box on gameday. One of the nicest men i’ve ever met. He stopped and took photos with my family. I will never have a bad word to say about the man. May he rest in peace ❤️
  5. I am so sorry for your loss!
  6. Call me old fashioned but a good ol #2 joke still makes me giggle like a child 🤣
  7. When millions of people start mocking you and calling you crazy it has to take a toll on his mindset which can easily drive someone over the edge. I mean he was starting to get a little out there but that push is all he needed to go full blown insane. I hope this is him coming back to reality and getting over himself. If he gets another shot, I hope he knocks it outta the park!
  8. Absolutely agree. He’s going to want to get paid good money and we’re not going to pay it to him. He’s a good player but he doesn’t play enough to warrant that contract. Our defense is built on a good rotation and paying him would hurt us overall
  9. Does Mahomes bring his ring here? Cause I love me some Tre and Josh but id sell my soul for a superbowl
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