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  1. CDogg20

    Adrian Clayborn a Bill

    Me too brotha, I would be fine with giving up later picks to nab these two
  2. CDogg20

    Adrian Clayborn a Bill

    I’m throwing my money on TE. I think Hockenson is the pick. Would love Burns though
  3. CDogg20

    Pass on Metcalf and give me this WR!

    So was Anquan Boldin
  4. CDogg20

    OT Ty Nsekhe (Redskins) to the Bills

    Wow he man handles Clowney. I love it
  5. CDogg20

    Is Earl Thomas a fit?

    Yes he is totally a fit. No way we should pay for him though
  6. We have money, why not? He may start this year until whoever is ready to roll
  7. I think we take a TE. I don’t think they roll with Kroft as the #1
  8. CDogg20

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    Better to have 4 3’s than barely a #4 guy I guess. Hope it pans out but im skeptical
  9. CDogg20

    Barr back to the Vikings

    I want him back in Balt solely based on the fact we dont play them two times a year. With a LB like that behind the talent on that dline in NY. They could wreak havok on us
  10. CDogg20

    Barr back to the Vikings

    We can only hope!!
  11. CDogg20

    Barr back to the Vikings

    Hopefully Mosely goes back to Balt now too. Mosely is an animal
  12. CDogg20

    C. Hyde or D. Johnson...Please

    Id like to get a Chubb 😉
  13. Same thing was said about Shady. I’m sure Shady is on the horn with him right now giving Buffalo some love
  14. I wouldn’t touch any of them. Go after Justin Houston