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  1. Speaking for myself I love Josh and remember what life was like before our savior. Josh is a dog
  2. Josh is a dog. He’s playing hurt and still wills us to wins. Tough RZ pick today, thats an easy 6 if that ball doesn’t get batted.
  3. Welcome to the club, i’m an idiot too apparently
  4. 7 I believe, maybe a few more but it wasn’t much
  5. Either that or maybe he’s in his own head over it? I’ve been rooting for Dane but these last two weeks have made it tough lol
  6. He’s been really really really bad the last few weeks…once Tres snap count goes up hopefully he sees the field less
  7. Resulting to insults instead of making valid arguments with proper English. “You not so bright” either. Get bent 8====> head
  8. Yes I agree, we’re winning despite play calling. That’s what supreme talent does
  9. Fraizer and Dorsey are hot garbage. Dane Jackson should not see the field. Ever again. Especially if Elam Tre and Benford are healthy. Dorsey just calls the game so conservatively until it gets down to crunch time. The last two drives the play calling was phenomenal, all others prior were abysmal. Take the kid gloves off and let this offense roll
  10. Offense had just got rolling and two puts us up 14 as opposed to 13. Thought it was the right call judging by the flow of the game
  11. Dane Jackson is a problem. He’s been getting absolutely torched
  12. Slants and crossers have been killing us on 3rd down. If I can see it where are the adjustments from coaches? 😡
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