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  1. Wow thats awesome!!! Thanks Yolo! Brandon Beane knows how to command a room. We are in excellent hands with him. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. Is it time for kickoff yet?
  2. LT - Dawkins LG - Spain C - Morse RG - Ford RT - Nsehke Final answer.
  3. Has anyone tried rubbing it yet?
  4. Always so nervous to open links like this ever since the Peter Pan links started 🤣
  5. Great discussions here, really expected to see everyone agree on Barry here but cases can be made for a couple. For me I would have to say Barry Sanders. The NFL probably won’t see another talent like him at RB. Walter gets a nod from me as well. Either of those two I can’t argue with. Anyone who says Emmitt should be kicked off the board 🤣
  6. Yeah his hands have always been iffy but he worked on that part of his game a lot to fit Nagys offense Is this the last year of his rookie deal? I think the Bears still could have used him especially since they have a legit sb contender instead of getting a 6th, possibly a 5th back.
  7. Fantastic trade for the Eagles. Howard is still only 24 years old and they desperately needed a RB. The Bears however got fleeced, it feels like they just basically gave him away. Never heard of him being a bother in the locker room so it makes me wonder why?
  8. Yeah I looked up the rest of his sack totals after that and you’re right. Wonder what happened because clearly the potential is there
  9. Didn’t Robert Quinn have 20 sacks one year? Nice piece to that defense. Glad to see him outta Miami
  10. Dont we go through this every year? “They lost so and so no way they are as good as they were last year” Then one more SB title later we repeat the process
  11. Not gonna lie, its pretty funny. But AB can slurp me dry. AB=DB
  12. Me too brotha, I would be fine with giving up later picks to nab these two
  13. I’m throwing my money on TE. I think Hockenson is the pick. Would love Burns though
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