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  1. Take a risk on AJ Green and draft one high.
  2. What? No. Pitt isn't going 11-5 or 10-6, IMO. 9-7 tops. Cleveland isn't winning out. Raiders could win 10 but could also lose any of their remaining games. Id be shocked if they went 11-5. Colts are probably the most complete team in competition for the WC, but have a tough stretch to close out the year. I'd guess they go 9-7. If Bills go 10-6 they will get in.
  3. My thoughts as well. Bulk up on offensive playmakers in the offseason and patch in some help defensively and cross your fingers Allen continues to develop and it shouldn’t matter who they play next year.
  4. It’s on you. What Bieber picture am I going with? And we never discussed for how long.
  5. Although playing on a very good defensive line, Yannick Ngakoue could be a guy they target assuming he makes it to FA.
  6. Thats the first time they got aggressive with the ball and a lead before halftime. It's about ***** time.
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