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  1. The easier and more obvious solution would be to add one via FA.
  2. The value of a run stopping defensive tackle who really isn't all that good at it vs a dominant, game changing defensive lineman.... no, it's really not the same thing.
  3. Last year they needed mid level players just to refill the talent and depth on the roster because they had none of it.... this year will be a somewhat of a different approach. Beane mentioned they'll look to FA to find starters.... why replace current mid level starters by signing mid level starters in FA? The team is in a different place then it was last year at this time. I feel they add at least two of the better FAs.
  4. It’s essentially an excuse for when we don’t sign a good FA.
  5. And he’s more than twice the player Star is.....do you see how that works?
  6. Lmao. They already have overpaid. Take a look at Stars contract and tell me they didn't overpay for him.
  7. What is a process guy? Because every time a really good FA is mentioned as a possible signing someone chimes in “not part of the process”. I still don't get it.
  8. I won't be excited for a Super Bowl again until the Bills are in it.... the super bowl isn't about the game anymore. Too much other bull ***** that goes along with it. That said, I do expect a good game.
  9. Along with the fact that SF's defense is much better. I expect a SF win despite how good Mahomes has been/is.
  10. I knew he was in trouble when he dropped that pass over the middle that hit him right in the hands against Carolina because he was fearing the hit that came with it.... Zay was soft.
  11. Probably right.....guessing Carolina wasn’t scouting hard on any QB that year....
  12. I don't disagree. I'm sure that was appealing to McDermott and it makes sense given how frustratingly conservative he can be throughout games. Still, they could've drafted Mahomes and kept Tyrod. It didn't have to be one or the other. The blame lies with the Pegulas more so then McDermott. Their indecisiveness on what to do with Whaley cost them an opportunity to draft him.
  13. Sure. But you can see why teams like Tennessee, San Fran, San Diego, Carolina, and even Jacksonville at the time passed.... there isn't much of an excuse for Cleveland, NYJ, Cinci, and Buffalo though who were riding the backs of established mediocre or worse QBs..... it's no coincidence those teams have all been jokes for most of their existence. I also find it funny the same fans crying to shut up about not drafting Mahomes were the same fans running Tyrod out of town after the 2016 season.😂
  14. Well, I certainly wouldn't have benched him for Nathan Peterman.... and then started that same dumpster fire the next year.😅
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