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  1. What was more of a disaster? Trading up for a WR who hasn't performed to his potential consistently but has had a pretty decent NFL career to this point or passing on two of the better QBs in the league?
  2. I'll be somewhat annoyed if this team passes on a dynamic playmaker at RB or WR for a CB at 54.
  3. I really have a hard time understanding why people would be against giving a player like Clowney a short term deal? It really makes 0 sense to be against it.
  4. Is there some gradual incline to getting to the Super Bowl that every team has to follow?
  5. We have to maintain our status as salary cap champs next offseason. Signing Clowney would seriously jeopardize that.
  6. Again, wouldn't shock me. There is no point in delaying the season in April.
  7. Maybe when Rex showed up and ruined the defense, but before that what made you think Gilmore didn’t want to be here?
  8. Well it’s the same logic used here all the time with FAs that went else where. “The team sucked with him here”. As if that means the player sucks. I don’t think them winning the super bowl makes them great players. Their performance on the field does. More so in Gilmores case. Watkins has had flashes just inconsistent, but you can argue Chiefs don’t win Super bowl without him.
  9. I always thought Watkins and Gilmore would good players. Dude was a difference maker for the offense when he was on the field. That I was confident in. Hated the Watkins trade and thought Rex was the biggest reason for Gilmore and the defenses struggles in both 2015/2016. Rex was the culprit for that awesome 2014 defense being a mess the next two years.
  10. The entire defense took a hit when Rex arrived. Not one defensive player showed the promise they showed in 2014, again, in large part to Rex Ryan. If Jerry Hughes was a FA in 2017 and signed with the Patriots we’d be having the same discussion. Fans would be shitting on him right now. And Gilmore didn’t get beat by Brandon Marshall twice a year. You are just making things up now.
  11. 😂 The entire Bills defense was doing that in 2015/2016. That defense was a confused cluster ***** thanks to Rex.... only reason the fan base feels the way they do is because he’s on the Patriots now.
  12. Some Bills fans have to convince themselves letting those two go were good moves.... I guess you could argue that. Watkins has been inconsistent and only flashed what he can do from time to time, but was an intricate reason for why the Chiefs won the SB. Gilmore had a so so final year here and then got a nice contract from the best run franchise in sports and has been one of the best corners in the NFL but some Bills fans think he isn’t all that good. It’s hilarious. Watkins wanted out of Buffalo? Interesting.... Completely false, but interesting.😅
  13. There should be nation wide travel restrictions. Unfortunately the States who haven’t been hit hard with this are going with the reactive approach instead of being proactive. As you said, it’s going to just prolong this thing even longer.....
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