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  1. I remember.... he’s never been much of a receiver in the league. He got some playing time last season against Cleveland as well and dropped a couple really well thrown balls from Josh. They’d go to Stills or Kumerow if Davis is out, IMO.
  2. Ugh. Roberts at WR is a scary thought. Dudes an all pro returner....and not much else.
  3. I love when people actually talk ***** back to this guy.😅 His posts are pure gold.
  4. Didn’t he interim HC for the Dolphins in 2015?
  5. Pretty sure even Josh himself admitted as much... something to the effect of I like playing in good weather conditions.
  6. I think you can cut Morse and find a reasonably priced guard not named Brian Winters to compete with Ford..... I do agree though. Ford is probably riding the bench next season.
  7. Actually Yeldon has shown something when he plays.... he must’ve pissed someone off because he never does play.... They’ve shown the ability to put together some solid runs....unfortunately there are just way too many negative plays on the ground. I’d bet there are at least two running plays a game that get blown up for no gain or a big loss of yardage..... specifically on 2nd or 3rd and short..... and that says a lot because as we all know we don’t run the ball a whole lot.
  8. I'd love a QB in the 3rd round or so..... if there's a good one that some how fell pull the trigger.... having a really good back up to Josh could save the season god forbid he gets hurt and is out for a significant amount of time.
  9. Not buying this... how many 2nd or 3rd and short runs have we seen get blown up/been stopped at or behind the LOS throughout the year? Feels like it happens at least twice a game. They rip off a few solid runs every now and then but the run game is a struggle.
  10. Daboll* I wonder if he actually watched a Bills game this year.... what a dumb comment.
  11. I feel like fans say this every week and then the Bills proceed to throw it up and down the field(as they should). McD saying run games a focus this week means absolutely nothing. Bills are going to chuck the ball all day Sunday(again as they should)..... it’s what got them this far. Put the ball in Allen’s hands on just about every offensive play, IMO.
  12. It's hard to say how much of an impact the wind had on Josh's deep ball because it's the one part of his game that is still so inconsistent. Def better than what we saw last season, but not where it needs to be yet, IMO.
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