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  1. Some questionable players are being exposed/haven't improved early to start the season. Namely Edmunds a guy who needs to be solid for this unit to be good. He's been a train wreck for most of this season.
  2. Yea... pretty incredible how fast the Rams erased that 28-3 deficit. The defense looked completely lost in all aspects.
  3. And then they scored 4TDS in a row at will... it's not fine....
  4. Understood, but isn't that up to our supposed to be great defensive mind if a HC to adjust their game plan defensively when the other team alters theirs? This was exactly what happened againat Houston in the WC game. A bit concerning the lack of ability to make adjustments when the opposition does.
  5. It's mostly their MLB who continues to have games where he looks completely lost.... honestly his length is the only thing he offers. Dude is soft in every other aspect of his game.
  6. I can't believe I had to argue with a few during the week that our defense is not elite.... it's far from it. They had had absolutely no answer in the 2nd half.
  7. Snacks Harrison would be a good pick up assuming he wants to play.
  8. I’ve gotten flamed for my takes on Edmunds.... the guy has been exposed in several games in his career to this point. He is what he is. Occasionally a good MLB and at times god awful.
  9. I was actually more confident in Atlanta than Pitt this morning. Good thing I didn’t change my bet.
  10. Think they turn the ball over on downs once.
  11. I don’t really buy the excuses. Just think they sucked today and have been average at best to start the year for whatever reason. There’s no reason that game should’ve came down to the last play. What are we saying if they don’t make the PI call on 4th down? But the offense is firing on all cylinders so it’s all good for now.
  12. Didn’t they score 3 points in that Super Bowl? I think they’ll get it together too, but was concerning to see the Rams score on Essentially every offensive possession in the 2nd half with ease needing a PI call to bail them out from what would’ve be an epic disaster of a loss.
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