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  1. Did you just become a Bills fan this year? Holy ****. Did you forget about all the first round RBs(or basically every skill position player the Bllls have drafted the past 20 years) that got the Bills absolutely no where?
  2. Why I would be happy with Lamar Jackson

    There's an obsession with "pro style" QBs. And I believe it was Kirby who has some inside sources at OBD that said the Bills don't like Jackson. I'm guessing for the wrong reasons as you indicated above. Teams want a traditional pocket QB as opposed to guys like Russel Wilson/Deshaun Watson/Jackson and even Tyrod because of their style of play. Im all for a player like Jackson if the coaches utilize his skill set and build an offense around that instead of what we saw with Dennison and his disastrous plan with Tyrod and the offense.
  3. Sammy sucks and is a kitty. Jordan Matthews is better. Just read OBD.
  4. Not really. Saying he was awful isn't an exaggeration. He was the worst starting WR in the league. Im hopefully he can become a solid slot guy. But they need to add at least one and probably two solid receivers in FA/draft.
  5. Dude Zay sucked. He was awful and that is independent of Tyrod. Need to find another receiver opposite Benjamin.
  6. Vontae Davis on FA visit to Bills

    Gaines is incredibly injury prone. Highly doubt they are interested. Still find it amazing Sammy got so much flack for being a "kitty" with the foot injury, yet Gaines played about 12 snaps a game before getting hurt.
  7. Bears looking set to release Glennon

    Yikes John. Just an awful take. And what's the obsession with a "pro offense". Did you miss Deshauns Watson last season before he got hurt? That wasn't a pro style offense.
  8. Bills would be MUCH better served putting one of them at RT and having two bookend tackles. Mills has been their starter for far too long. He blows. If they can get the number two pick without having to ship Glenn out it would be more ideal. And trading from 7 to 2 will take more then Glenn and a 2019 2nd round pick. Your probably talking about Glenn and a 2019 first round pick, IMO.
  9. IMO, it would take more then that to get the 2nd pick in the draft. Glenn(still not a clue why they want him gone), the 21st and 22nd pick in the draft isn't enough. Probably need to throw in a 2nd in the 2019 NFL draft as well.
  10. Joe Buscaglias take on the QB situation

    I agree. I just find it ridiculous fans give Beane all the credit they give him for the trades. He gave away established NFL players for unknown draft picks. Any GM in the league could do that.
  11. That was pretty much the strategy all year. Get a lead, no matter how early in the game, and sit on it. It was extremely boring and frustrating to watch at times and led to many fans basically blaming Tyrod for all that was wrong with the offense. The offense was WAYYY too conservative. We will find out soon how much of that was on McDermott or if it was more so Dennison/them not trusting Tyrod.
  12. Joe Buscaglias take on the QB situation

    I'll take Tyrod over McCown. McCown had the better statistical year but coughed up a lot of Jets games with bad, Fitzpatrick esque turnovers at the absolute worst time. Still I agree with Joe. Do everything possible to secure a first round QB these guys like. Yep. Pretty much how I see it. Can't give Beane any credit yet. He traded away some pretty good players for unknown draft picks. Got to see how those draft picks pan out. If they use those picks to get a franchise QB then hats off to them.
  13. Bills' Free Agent Stay or Go List.

    😂 Matthews is an average, slow WR with questionable hands. Keep him why? If the plan is for Zay as a #2 going into the season then it's an awful plan.
  14. Different offense, different coaching staff, different team. The Eagles actually have receivers and a coaching staff that structures their offense to what Foles does well. Dennison/McDermott did the opposite with Taylor and stripped him of NFL receivers.(Up until the Benjamin trade)
  15. Goodwins issue was health here. He showed a lot of potential when he was actually on the field. Can't say the same for Zay. He's looked awful in all aspects.