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  1. Don’t really know what your point is…. Andy Reid runs circles around Dorsey and he’s a gigantic reason for the Chiefs creative and successful offense…. I mean we saw it in the divisional game against Cincy. Dorsey was taken to the woodshed by Anarumo…. A Hopkins can take the pressure off of everyone offensively but especially a less experienced Dorsey and Allen.
  2. I think it’s clear they still really like Gabe Davis. I also think they are wrong, have developed a blind spot for the position, and Gabe Davis is not a sufficient #2 WR.
  3. Different animal in the playoffs… and the Bills defense has shown it warts plenty once it’s gotten there…. Twice against KC.
  4. I don’t disagree at all. Read my post above… The Chiefs have Andy Reid and a hall of fame TE…. I think an addition like Hopkins makes Dorsey and Allen’s job a hell of a lot easier and the Bills a much more legitimate threat in the playoffs than a player like Floyd does.
  5. Offense is king… I’m not one of those that thinks defense doesn’t matter, because it obviously does, but I think this teams best bet on winning a SB is by stacking playmakers on offense for Allen and letting the defensive head coach coach up his defense with some good pieces in place… Yea I like Kincaid… but as I said, I’m skeptical a rookie TE(when their starting TE a year ago was no where to be found in some games) will be the difference… Davis is an inconsistent low end #2 and they’ve signed a couple of guys who’ve amounted to not much in the league in FA… Success of the offense is much more paramount to this teams overall success.
  6. Yea. Disagree. I think the glaring and more difference making hole on this team is at WR2… It seems McBeane disagree… they have been wrong before you know…. But maybe I’m wrong and they still have room to bring in Hopkins.
  7. “And we’d rather give that money to a pass rusher”
  8. Not worried about MLB. Agree WR and RT are the teams most significant holes. I figured… again the better play was Hopkins over another pass rusher, assuming the Bills could manage the contract for Hopkins with the added cap space from Oliver contract without signing Floyd. Just my opinion.
  9. The offense was clearly figured out down the stretch of the season and per the norm, relied way too much on Josh being Superman to extend drives/put up points…. It was def a slog the last 8-9 games IMO. Except they didn’t score at will… and I’d hope the defensive head coach can finally find a way to elevate the play of his defense without stud players everywhere.
  10. We’ll see. Def agree another pass rusher was a need… I figured they would be fine without another one assuming Von comes back healthy and some progression from AJE/Rousseau while adding Hopkins… but if they can get both then yea. Home run.
  11. The teams success rides a hell of a lot more on the offense than it does the defense. Bills offensive skill set doesn’t match up with the perceived top dogs of the conference IMO… and I like Kincaid… call me skeptical a rookie TE will be the difference maker for an offense that struggled to get the other TE involved last season. My point is I’d much rather take my chances with the defense without Floyd(who is a good player)while having an offense with Hopkins opposite Diggs…. But McBeane priorities don’t surprise me.
  12. Much rather Hopkins than Floyd. No question.
  13. I doubt it. Beane loves his picks and will give them as much time as possible to prove their worth.
  14. Boogie is a 2nd round pick from this regime entering his 3rd year. Given their propensity for patience and confidence in their draft picks, I’d be somewhat surprised if he is cut.
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