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  1. Cook looks lost out there. Dude has the yips. Feel like he’s dropped an easy reception every game so far in few snaps he has gotten.
  2. The problem is Davis is unreliable. He’s either hurt, inconsistent or both. It’s an overrated group by Bills fans IMO and as we’ve seen the last few games the offense is basically the Josh Allen show…. They are void of one more playmaker to take the load off Allen. I think OBJ will very much be in play later in the season.
  3. The Davis injury is about as predictable as it gets… Dude hurts his ankle every year…. Same goes for Crowder injury. Agree that Kumerow can fill in in a pinch. Long term? No way.
  4. We were? Outside WR over 3rd down back any ***** day of the week.
  5. I would’ve happily traded the 3rd rounder to move up and grab Pickens… Him paired with Diggs would’ve been a tremendous duo…. The Cook pick was a waste. Can’t afford those going forward.
  6. Thou mustn’t criticize the almighty Beane…
  7. Both are fringe NFL players… Bills offense remains Allen, Diggs, an often hurt Davis and a bunch of JAGs.
  8. The offense is the Josh Allen show. His supporting cast is not great and is severely overrated by fans here…. The offensive line is also not great and they have little run game. Interested to see if their defensive heavy approach can do enough to hold the Chiefs while their offense puts up enough points, but yes, wish they did more for Allen and less for the defense.
  9. The Giants? No way. Def could see Tampa or LA… but man, he’s the one missing piece for this offense assuming he’s healthy IMO.
  10. Yup… we prioritize an 8 man d line rotation at the expense of the offense, but still hoping they can add OBJ later in the year…. interested to see these two teams match up in a couple weeks and how the new additions contribute to slowing down Mahomes.
  11. They have a much better offensive line.
  12. Eh. Not like the Bills or their opponents have been lighting up the scoreboard the past couple weeks.
  13. Dobbins/Taylor before we drafted Moss in the 3rd and now another early round back in Cook…. Maybe trade a 3rd for Barkley and keep it going?
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