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  1. Really wish they added someone who’s better than both Levi and Jackson.... actually a bit surprised they continue to have Levi opposite White.
  2. Well, the 4th and goal play in the 2nd quarter was a gigantic ***** up from Rivers, who back-peddled into pressure and then overthrew his open receiver in the end zone…. The Colts moved the ball all game, the difference between the Chiefs and Colts game was Mahomes and the Chiefs could actually punch it in the EZ…. But you could say the bend but don’t break defense worked against the Colts.
  3. The D had a great showing in the AFC divisional round(the ridiculous wind gusts and the Ravens being completely one dimensional helped) but I don’t recall any other “epic” defensive games over the course of last season. Maybe the Steelers game? Either way, Bills lose the Colts game without Josh Allen(and help from Philip Rivers)putting the entire team on his back and carrying them to victory.
  4. The TD throw to Diggs against NE was ridiculous.
  5. Yes… Moss is the better all around back without question. He was coming on at the end of the year before the injury.
  6. Bills add a decent starting CB to the mix at some point realizing Dane/Levi isn’t good enough opposite Tre.
  7. I’d rather Allen continue to sling it up and down the field again…. More carries for the RBs means less big plays for Josh Allen.👍🏻
  8. They didn’t… could’ve sworn plenty of fans were suggesting this wasn’t the case. Glad Diggs realizes the deep ball game needs improvement.👌🏻
  9. Yea… Bills are no where near the championship game without Allen’s ridiculous year.
  10. The Browns are a potential really bad match up for the Bills, much like the Chiefs they have weapons all over the field…. Again, if Mayfield continues to improve wouldn’t surprise me to see the Browns with a 13-14 win season.
  11. Well he didn’t sign with the Bills so he’s definitely overrated.
  12. I said they’ve done a great job…. And it’s a message board guy, we come here to talk about the team, not praise the team up and down. I didn’t say their only good move was QB… I gave my reasons for why I don’t think they’ve done enough to overtake the Chiefs, that’s all….. that can change with some players stepping up or with injury.
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