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  1. Everyone seems to forget this.... the excuse is he was injured for most of the year.... the irony is he got injured on a terrible attempt at a tackle resulting in a 70 plus yard TD. 😅
  2. Eh... don't know much about him but don't feel great about using a first rounder on a slot corner/FS.
  3. Yea. TKO was a completely different player after that Achilles tear.... that 2005 season was basically the start of things going way down hill for the franchise.
  4. It would actually be smart, IMO. They can trade down pick up another 1st next year and If Tua isn't that guy but that still go .500 or so they have the ability to package some picks to move up and get a QB next season if they think one is there.... or trade for Deshaun assuming his legal issues are behind him by then.
  5. They built a good offensive line as well.... but I said it all season. Allen basically carried the team to a 13 win season. It's a solid but not spectacular roster surrounded by an elite QB. They need more elite players like him.
  6. If BPA at 30 is an offensive lineman I wouldn’t be shocked if they pull the trigger....especially if he can play LT. If I had to guess, as of right now I’d bet they take a corner at 30.
  7. They'd pass. As much as I'd love the pick I can't see them going WR in round 1. They'll go defense as they usually do.
  8. Regardless of my awful spelling if Rivers simply steps up into the pocket he will have PLENTY of time to make a good throw there. The DL didn't push any pocket. Rivers created his own pressure.😅 He drifts backwards, and then continues to do so making an easy path for the Bills edge rushers to get to him. He has a well built pocket infront of him but instead is backpedaling* until the bills rushers can easily get to him. One of a few Rivers miscues that cost the Colts the game.
  9. If we are talking 2001-2016 and players who were on the teams that made the playoffs in the late 90s being ineligible, It's def Mario Williams. This current Bills team needs a stud pass rusher in the worst way and Mario was VERY good in his prime here. Schobel was good, but Mario> Schobel.
  10. A 1tech in the 2nd round?? God no. Considering where they were drafting and who they passed on for an ok starting safety and a replaceable RB, they were absolutely blunders.
  11. 😅 The pressure "reached" Rivers because he back peddled into the pressure for no apparent reason when he had a clean pocket infront of him. It was a damn good play by Philip Rivers for the Bills defense. Your wrong again.
  12. The goal line stand was helped out immensely by Philip Rivers, who missed a wide open receiver in the back of the end zone as he back peddled backwards into pressure for no apparent reason and overthrew him off his back foot.
  13. Meh. They have a ton of resources invested in the defense.... Can't have enough good Pass rushers/CBs. Gotta add another WR in there some where, IMO.
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