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  1. They were historically bad to start the year and improved a bunch by seasons end thanks to Allen and other coming alive but were still a bottom of the league offense the last 6 games or so. Got to hope the improvements continue, the new lineman gel quickly, and they made enough additions at the skill positions with everyone staying healthy. If they could be a middle of the league offense I like their chances for the playoffs.
  2. Nah. That game was basically Edmunds looking completely lost.
  3. Oh boy. Another prediction of yours that is wrong. I'm not surprised.👍🏻
  4. Just because he's on the field a lot doesn't mean he's good.
  5. Simms and Boomer Esiason really like Allen. Hoping they are right about him.
  6. You didn't even address my point dude. I said offensive FA's, not defensive, even though Star is an average at best DT. Guy had one tackle for loss and is essentially non existent game in and game out. But grunt work as you say.😅 I just gave you 3 FAs. They signed more, if you paid attention you'd know. They did sign more offensive FAs this year. Hopefully they pan out a lot better than the FAs Beane brought in last year because they all struggled. Check the tape on that, not the box score.
  7. Agreed. Just would've liked some decent insurance in case he did get injured again.... and I don't mean Lee Smith or Jason Croom. Hopefully one of the other young guys surprises early.
  8. Or they don't want to give up compensation and cap space for Rudolph and would rather take the risk with what they have. At some point parting ways with future draft picks for established veterans isn't a bad idea, IMO..... especially when you need to see results on the field.
  9. Jury's out on this years FA's. Not a good start with Kroft and essentially every offensive FA they signed last year was trash. They had plenty of cap hence the signing of guys like Star, Murphy, and Davis. Why make excuses? It is what it is. To this point they've done a poor job evaluating offensive FA's. Hopefully the ones they signed this year change that trend.👍🏻
  10. Beanes been striking out big time with offensive FA's.
  11. Yea. It would be nice to see them be proactive here and bring in an established productive veteran..... not a guy who's a coveted tackle.
  12. Good thing we got Croom and Lee Smith to fill in....
  13. I mean you want to see growth. For the most part the Bills consistently got their asses handed to them against the better teams of the league the past couple years. Just mauled due to lack of talent compared to the teams they were playing.Competitive games game in and game out with no blow out losses would indicate things are headed in the right direction. 8-8 would be disappointing, but I'm not sure it's a fireable offense.
  14. Yep. Best way to make Brady uncomfortable is pressure up the middle.....at his knees👍🏻
  15. I think it depends. If they are .500 and more blow outs and domination by the Patriots over them then I can see them strongly considering making a change. If they are competitive in just about every game and lose a few close games on their way to a .500 record then yes I agree he is safe.
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