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  1. Wait what? 1 of those 4th down conversions was the first drive for a TD. Credit McD for having balls early(and then going back to his usual scared self later in the game) The other 3 they literally had no choice but to go for it… I give the coaches no credit at all for these 3. Coaches were sucking wind at times in that game, particularly in the 3rd/early 4th quarter when they went conservative with the offensive play calls.
  2. It is possible Hurts takes a step this year.
  3. Yes… the people thinking he’s untouchable are completely out of touch with how this league works.
  4. Like I said. It depends. If they have disappointing playoff outs the next couple years and follow that up with a losing season, your not being realistic if you don’t think McDs job may be in question. Things change in the NFL pretty damn quick… not sure why fans have a hard time grasping that.
  5. Cross your fingers Kromer is as good as he was here last go around. They have no problems aggressively attacking their defensive line issues, but when it comes to the offensive line it’s patchwork… confusing approach.
  6. A little different circumstances now though… And yea, I wouldn’t trust the Pegulas one bit to get it right with the next hire, but Josh Allen would attract many coaches/GMs… and would make many of them look good.
  7. His feel for the game at times has me scratching my head as well…. Guy punted on 4th and 1 with Josh Allen when his defense couldn’t stop a lick.
  8. I think fans want a SB and if the Bills lose another playoff game in similar fashion to how they did last year many fans will be calling for his head… That’s because your standards are low…. There is no reason to suggest either should be replaced right now. No reason at all… but suggesting they should retire as Bills is also ridiculously premature.
  9. I didn’t say he can’t… in this league and the given example that I gave above, it would be easy to see the Bills move on from him.
  10. It really all depends, but he needs a SB victory within the next few years IMO. For example, If for the next two years they continue to makes the playoffs but fail to achieve the SB victory and then have a disappointing losing season the next season, I could easily see him gone.
  11. So he just gets an automatic pass if the team continues to fail and/or choke in the playoffs with the SB victory? He’s a great leader, good Monday through Saturday coach but leaves a lot to be desired on some Sundays and for the most part goes back to his conservative roots when the game gets tight… that being said at this point he’s a top 6-7 coach in the league, but letting him go will certainly be on the table if the Bills don’t win a SB within the next 3 years IMO.
  12. Agreed… I do really like what the Jets have at wide out…. Thought the same thing last season, but Wilson was mostly bad through the majority of the year. Also agree on Dorsey…. Will be interesting to see the new tweaks to this offense through the first 5-6 games of the season with that seemingly tough schedule.
  13. He also completely ran over Brown on that 4th and 4 against the Chiefs.
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