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  1. Watson had 5 incompletions in 5 quarters of football against our vaunted defense....
  2. You fall asleep during the playoff game?
  3. They had it pretty easy last year. Watson was probably the toughest QB they faced outside of a fading Brady(who still had a very good game against the Bills in NE). They held Watson in check until late in the 3rd when he then started carrying defenders into the end zone. The defense isn’t facing the likes of Duck Hodges or Brandon Allen or Marcus Mariotta this year.
  4. They signed Daryl Williams, Butler, Addison, Josh Norman, and heavily pursued Greg Olsen this offseason.... They love their ex Carolina panther players. Huh? You realize Knox lead the NFL with a ridiculously bad drop rate.
  5. They've had interest in just about EVERY FA Carolina Panther.
  6. My guess is Bills aren't interested.... because they are all in in Kroft and Knox.....and Njoku didn't play for Carolina. They are too loyal to "good guys"... or guys that played for Carolina when they were there.... as I've heard McDermott say numerous times that Kroft is a really good person. That's great and I respect that, but the guy has shown little to nothing on the field the last few years and they really have an opportunity to upgrade the position.
  7. Everyone seems to be skeptical of Josh Allen as a QB.... except Bills fans.
  8. That’s kindve what they did against Houston... and he was all over the place. I certainly do. I’m saying it’s not a predictor of sustained success for a QB. Hell Tim Tebow led the league in “4th quarter comebacks” in one season.
  9. What agenda? I like Allen but it’s a bogus stat that doesn’t even scratch the surface of measuring consistent success for a QB in the league. Prime example being Mark Sanchez. I recall Byron Leftwhich being up there in “4th quarter comebacks”. He struggled the rest of the game though... and rest of his career.
  10. Pretty sure Tyrod had 5 in 3 years starting here.... two years of which his defenses were below average to trash. Much like Mark Sanchez’s days with the Jets, Josh had the luxury of having a very good defense last season that kept the team in games despite the poor offense performances... thus more opportunities for “4th quarter comebacks”. Context matters. Again, very overrated when evaluating overall play of a QB. Doesn’t mean a whole lot. Allen is better than Sanchez at this point, but he’s got a little ways to go to cement his status as a quality starter in this league.
  11. Of course I’d prefer it, but let’s not sit here and act like Tyrod never had “4th quarter comebacks”.... despite years when the defense was complete trash.
  12. Don't disagree. I hated the conservative playcalling and have said as much. There was nothing conservative offensively about the Houston game though.
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