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  1. Yea. I said should be. My guess is the Pegulas wouldn't pull the trigger on it though. They would give them another year even with a very disappointing season.
  2. The core wasn't successful because the coach was a lazy POS who did a terrible job with the talent available. I wasn't the biggest Whaley guy but I don't really agree with this logic. Trading/dumping good players because the team didn't win with them. They didn't lose BECAUSE of them.
  3. Overall talent? Nah. I compare this team to say the 2014, 2015 or even 2016 Bills and the only positions I'd say we are better at is maybe offensive line, secondary, and MAYBE QB..... those teams were stacked at a lot of position groups... didn't matter because Rex sucked and the QB wasn't consistent enough. The difference is Allen. The QB position is the most important and influential position in sports. If Allen is good chances are high the Bills are good.
  4. It's similar to how the Jets have assembled their FO. They got ripped for it by the NY media the way it all went down but have since hired some pretty highly thought of personnel guys.
  5. Was never a big fan of any of those guys(Outside of Sammy). Hey, it's still early in the process, we could very well be yearning for the good old days of Whaley if this SI prediction holds true. 😉
  6. Well the OP posted an SI article that predicts 6-10. If that's what actually happens they should be fired. Why do they deserve that?
  7. If the Bills go 6-10 McBeane should be goners.
  8. I'm not the biggest Gase fan, but his winning % is about the same as McDermotts as a head coach and he's actually had some success against BB and the Patriots. I like the Jets potential with Darnold and all the playmakers around him and if your offense is among the better ones in the league chances are you are winning a lot of football games.
  9. Need your linebackers to be able to do both as we saw in that week 16 game against the Pats who took advantage of our LBs issues in stopping the run(particularly Edmunds)
  10. Things looked better because they finally fired Fisher and hired a great offensive mind in McVay. The Rams were a mess before McVay came. Much worse than the Bills. They obviously had pieces in place before he got there(as did the Bills before McDermott arrived) and he took advantage of that along with adding some pieces in the offseason including the Bills Sammy Watkins. McDermott and the Bills took the opposite approach and fans are still waiting for the results.
  11. Not sure about this. Peterman was starting the game as Tyrod was hurt.... he could've very easily put the game on his back and gave the Colts an easy victory had the snow not got in the way.
  12. Gase was the hottest HC prospect just 3 years ago before being hired with Miami. He did have some success there with a group of very mediocre QBs. I think the Jets have a chance to have a very good offense. I'm not the biggest Greggo fan either but I expect their defense to be respectable at the very least. They have talent.
  13. They are trending in a great direction? Little premature don't you think? They went 6-10 last season. Are the Bears an anomaly as well? How bout the Eagles in 2017?
  14. Yes John, teams never turn things around in one season. 😅
  15. I like Darnold and the offensive pieces around him. They have a good group of recievers and Bell is game breaker. They actually hired some highly thought of personnel guys over the last two months... They have what looks to be a real solid foundation in place in the front office.
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