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  1. These guys would've done the exact same thing the Jets did with Bridgewater had they signed him. They obviously took stock in Petermans preseason performance so I have no doubt they would've traded Bridgewater in a heartbeat for a similar return that the Jets got for him. Beane loves him some more mid round picks... even if it costs him his job.
  2. The rub around here is the Bills were in "cap hell". Its a made up fallacy in the name of the process. They were tight against the cap after the 2016 season. Didn't have much cash to sign many FAs but cap hell? No. 2017 they had more relief and would still have that relief if they didn't cut and trade the players they did. We are around $90 million under this offseason. They'd still be about 60 to 70 under this offseason had they not shed talent in the name of the process. Again, all self inflicted wounds. The excuse is "Whaley put us in this position!"
  3. ScottLaw

    What Does McBeane See In Peterman?

    And yet, he is god awful. Im shocked he hasn't been cut yet today.
  4. ScottLaw

    What Does McBeane See In Peterman?

    His strong faith in god.
  5. ScottLaw

    Allen =Jake Locker 2.0?

    Which is why he should be on the bench right now and a veteran like Tyrod or McCarron should be taking the lumps with this **** personnel around the QB. Dont blame the fans. Blame management.
  6. ScottLaw

    Draft another qb next year

    There is no one worthy. And if the season continues as is with Allen and the offense struggling I think you do everything possible to bring in a highly touted offensive coach who's willing to work with him. If it means firing McDermott than do it.
  7. ScottLaw

    Draft another qb next year

    Yea. He looks bad but this was to be expected. The **** situation management has put him in is where I have the issue. I don't think he should be playing, but he was forced to because they completely !@#$ed up the handling of the position.
  8. Bad luck my ass. He should've been gone after week 1.
  9. ScottLaw

    Biggest re-do of the offseason

    I had a feeling they didn't like him. Not enough Process DNA in him.
  10. ScottLaw

    Biggest re-do of the offseason

    Bridgewater and McCarron with a rookie QB would've been nice.
  11. Says the guys who started Peterman....
  12. There was a drive in the 2nd half where he'd bail the pocket and run where I couldn't even tell if he went to his first read.
  13. I didn't think it was bad. And I can't because Allen would often take off running if his first read wasn't there.