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  1. I’d love this…. Just can’t see any more being made at the trade deadline considering their current cap situation and seems they are big on not screwing with locker room chemistry(even though I agree, Feliciano is awful and should’ve never been resigned)….. plus I think Allen and him are tight. Wouldnt be surprised to see Ike start in Felicianos place after the bye.
  2. This was said a zillion times the past year and a half on this message board… the Bills clearly disagree and put their trust in the 8-9 man rotation of marginal pass rushers.
  3. While I don’t hate the idea of drafting for potential, especially for a primer position like pass rusher, nothing about Boogie Basham screams high ceiling… and with all the investment in the defensive line(thanks to the McD obsession with a rotation)it made a lot of sense to go else where in the 2nd this past draft.
  4. Not sure how you can say that… Moss is a solid player, Davis is no where to be found to this point last year after a solid rookie year and Epenesa has been inconsistent at best… I think the jury is out on both players.
  5. I think every QB misses “easy” throws from time to time… Lamar is just so efficient, so if he misses a throw on one play he makes up for it on the next one.
  6. His 2nd round picks look pretty meh or bad at the moment…. No excuse for having two 2nd round picks inactive in a big conference match up…. Ford is a bust, Epenesea has flashed but really hasn’t don’t much, Singletary is ok, Moss is slightly better but neither are really good players. Oliver is a good player despite the inconsistency, Knox looks to have improved into a solid player, I think Rousseau will end up being a great player…. I was critical of his picks prior to the season but overall he’s been above average with the draft outside of Allen and also had a few whiffs….. unfortunately it looks like Cody Ford was a big whiff as they passed on a great WR and traded away an all pro Guard in favor of him.
  7. Doesn’t really seem to matter who they lose… Lamar is locked in.
  8. Which is weird because they’ve probably invested more than any other team in the league to the defensive line….
  9. Yes very bizarre…. Maybe Allen was supposed to sneak to the left side of Dawkins and the slip ***** that from the start? Either way, I agree strange blocking design.
  10. When they couldn’t score a TD after the Poyer INT and opted for the FG to go up 6-0….. I had a bad feeling about the game after that….
  11. Actually Diggs dropped that ball, should’ve been caught even though as you said it wouldn’t have counted….but that was also outside of the red zone…
  12. Eh maybe… the Titans could easily lose two of their next three…. They are inconsistent on a week to week basis. It’s their MO. They can beat any team in the league and also lose to any team in the league…. I think the Ravens will drop at least two in the division and two outside the division. I think a 13-4 record gets you the #1 seed, IMO…. I think the Bills will drop one to the Patriots and one to the Bucs….can also see them losing another random game, but 12-5 won’t be good enough for the one seed, IMO. KC can really only afford one more loss to have any shot…. Not impossible considering their team but I don’t see it.
  13. Too much faith in Cody Ford who blows chunks…. They did sign Lamp(and then released him)… not sure if he’s available or not.
  14. I wouldn’t…. I’d expect Baltimore to get revenge from last years championship game… Ravens should’ve lost to the Lions three weeks ago…. They are going to drop a couple soon, IMO… especially in that division…. I think they win 11-12 when it’s all said and done.
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