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  1. Yea… plus the Bills have underwhelmed the last month or so.
  2. Money coming in on Patriots… line -4 now.
  3. Nah. I’d guess that Dolphins game is Saturday at some point.
  4. Browns best block of the day was when he whiffed on the rushing end(don’t recall who) but just got enough of the guy who hurt his elbow in the process and lied on the ground right next to Josh’s legs almost looking dead which allowed Josh to complete a long pass to McKenzie. Blocking 101.
  5. I think most fans who criticize Beane realize he is a good GM who has his flaws(as does every GM)…. Some are very obvious flaws that many question how such a good GM can’t/won’t see/address those flaws. (Offensive line being a clear weakness for 3 years running now, and now WR has emerged as another position they have neglected). I also think his drafts that last few years have left a lot to be desired….specifically in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. For the noticeable flaws he has, the guy deserves a shrine in Buffalo for the the maneuvering and eventual drafting of Josh Allen.
  6. Plenty of “wannnabe” GMs were also very loud in the offseason about the need for better WRs and offensive linemen….. they were proven right despite the McBeane brown nosers trying to bring them down.
  7. 2019 was a ***** cake walk schedule… I think they played 5 back up/3rd string QBs that year and 7 or so middling QBs all year…. The legitimate QBs they faced that season were Brady, Dak, and Watson in the WC game. It was laughable.😅
  8. Josh is going to have to improvise for much of the game…. Quessenberry and Brown as the Tackles is cringe worthy….. good thing is Allen’s used to it and incredible at finding space to make something happen as his offensive line collapses in front of him.
  9. ***** Pickens… god I wish the Bills went up and got him.
  10. Bound to happen considering how the Bills have looked the past few weeks…
  11. Yea… agree with you unfortunately…. And I anticipate that WC round match up to be a tough one whether it’s the Bengals, Jets, or Chargers…. Hell could be Baltimore, Miami or Titans if Dolphins win division.
  12. A lot of people/media are high on the niners… They are stacked defensively and at the skills position but I just can’t get behind Jimmy G…. Not sure about easily, I expect a good game, but I am leaning towards Miami winning.
  13. Miami’s weapons impress me as well… and at this point I’d take Tua over Jimmy G all day. It should be for a good game. Wouldn’t be surprised by either outcome.
  14. Honestly wouldn’t shock me if the beat the Niners… Jimmy G doesn’t impress me.
  15. Yea.. can’t deny I was against a first round corner… but Jackson has been garbage the past few weeks and they really miss Tre…
  16. Yes he does in the run game, but my god he is awful in pass protection. Like has to be close to worst in the league awful.
  17. I don’t disagree at all… I also don’t think it’s realistic to have all those D pieces healthy…. And unfortunately the defense seems to revert back to average if even one prominent piece misses some time.
  18. Spencer Brown is god awful. I find myself laughing every game as he is on the ground after getting torched resulting in Allen forced to flush the pocket and subsequently making something happen with his legs or a ridiculous completion. 😅
  19. But defense in general is a group that they absolutely prefer. That is my point.
  20. Yea ignored is too strong a word, more like they put it on the back burner…they went quantity over quality on offense to focus on defense…. And as a result, yet again Josh has to carry the team on his back because he’s got Diggs and nothing else around him….He continues to take a beating because of it. I stand by my opinion it’s not a strategy for long term success to stack defense. The offseason should be offensive oriented….even if that means the defense takes a bit of a hit.
  21. Their tendencies suggest BPA at positions they prefer… one first round pick on offense since 2018(excluding the trade for Diggs). They prefer defense. That mindset needs to change because that strategy isn’t sustainable to winning IMO.
  22. Hard to not be skeptical they go this route…. They’ve proven they prefer defense time and time again…. Hell, McD and Beane told us multiple times how good Davis is and he is proof that you don’t need to take WRs early this past off season. You have a great Safety prospect sitting there at the end of round 1 vs a great WR prospect…. Going to have to keep McDermott out of the room to not take the safety. I’m with you. As you know I thought it was a bigger priority last off-season that was ignored….
  23. Yea… they’ve made huge investments defensively and as you mentioned those defensive pieces have been banged up all year… couple that with an offense that’s has had it’s share of problems due to lack luster personnel upfront and out wide and Allen struggling with TOs and this is what you get…. They are gutting out some wins, but if they want any shot in the playoffs they need to get everyone healthy defensively. Good news is it looks like Rousseau and Edmunds will be back this week, more snaps for Tre and a healthier Elam(although he’s had his struggles too).
  24. They are also 0-2 in the playoffs there the last 2 years… and McD is 0-4 on the road in the playoffs.
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