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  1. Edmunds best game as a pro… dude has only slightly improved from his rookie year.
  2. If you watch McDermott in that 13 second sequence it looked like the adrenaline had completely taken over….
  3. Except it does matter… More often than not the better player/better chance of selecting a difference maker is in the 1st round… this regime has clearly prioritized defense over offense in those rounds. And as I’ve said plenty of times, they are thin at outside WR and the offensive line is shaky…. So I don’t necessarily agree that they are good there. I do agree that pass rush was one of the biggest issues with the team and I’m glad they added a HOF talent like Von to address that…. Still think there will come several times this season where Josh will have to carry the offense and play Superman due to receiver and offensive line struggles.
  4. “You can take WRs later in the draft and develop them”…. But that same logic doesn’t apply to MLBs. 😅
  5. What do you mean? Star was an all pro here for years according to half this board.
  6. I mean they had plenty of time to think of the defense considering they used TOs to situate the defense before each of those two plays happened to get them in FG range….
  7. Not at all true to the extent McD and his defense do…. It’s a philosophy he’s stressed since his days in Carolina, for better or for worse…. They’ve been wildly spending on the defensive line since they’ve got here with mixed results at the expense of other positions…. You can easily make the argument they are unnecessarily making sacrifices at other positions to make sure they have what they need for their 8 man rotation… JMO, but I’d much rather they sacrifice depth at that rotation(or rely more on a starting 4)for better depth/starters at holes that more evidently cost them games last season(offensive line, lack of YAC receivers) and were minimally addressed this off-season due to the investment for the rotation. Yea… weird additions to the offensive line for a team that’s strength is passing the football.
  8. Imagine scraping the 8 man defensive line rotation and using those funds on better offensive linemen… but yes I know, roster building.😉 What decent veteran?
  9. Sure… but some better competition brought in for a dude that was as bad as he was last season would’ve been ideal.
  10. I recommend rewatching the Chiefs game. Spencer Brown was awful… Allen did a lot to mask his bad play throughout the game.
  11. Their love of a quality 8 man rotation on the defensive line results in them patching holes at other positions…. It’s what they “believe in” and are fine with sacrificing offense in that process… hope it doesn’t blow up in their face… McDermott might have to develop a “growth mindset” and move on from the 8 man rotation if it does.
  12. Allen, Diggs, White, Von Miller, maybe Hyde and Dawkins.
  13. He’s a MLB on a team that’s success is dictated by the QB and offense… he needs an elite, game changing type of season to justify a hefty contract extension, otherwise I don’t see why McBeane can’t find a 3rd/4th round pick to replace him next season.
  14. So they can use another 1st round pick on a defensive player.😈
  15. I understand plenty…. I know the TEAM wouldn’t miss a beat without Edmunds so long as Allen and the offense are healthy and putting up points just as they were down the stretch after they lost the best defensive player on the team in Tre White…
  16. As we saw to end the season… The Bills will go as far as the offense and Josh Allen take them.
  17. Bills are a SB contender with or without Edmunds… he’s a solid MLB, but he doesn’t move the needle in the W/L column what’s so ever…..compared to the pass rushers, wide outs and obviously QB who do…. Which is why I suggested my priority would be resigning Knox/Oliver before Edmunds.
  18. I don’t think Edmunds moves the needle for this team one bit… at least not right now…. Case in point when Klein filled in for him in 2020… the team is hurting more without Knox/Oliver/Davis in the lineup than it is Edmunds IMO.
  19. The answer to the question, for me at least, is an emphatic no… prioritize paying the dynamic pass catchers and pass rushers over a MLB. No doubt.
  20. I’m pretty sure Frazier said this just a few weeks ago….
  21. I wasn’t talking about both Diggs and Davis getting hurt… I was suggesting if EITHER one of Davis/Diggs gets hurt or Davis doesn’t live up to the hype the Bills will have issues outside as the author of the OPs article also suggested …. and not all 32 NFL teams are equal in depth.
  22. My original response was in response to your last paragraph where you asked examples of top of the league skill player assembly… I gave you teams I think are better assembled than the Bills.
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