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  1. You quoted as I deleted it, as I read a further post which suggested the reference might be referring to positions rather than single players. Get a legit number two WR through the door and I’ll be much happier. The RB room is decent providing Harris stays fit.
  2. So the Bills signed Sheffield from the Dolphins and Harris from the Pats. Do you think the front office got muddled up, and meant to sign McGovern from Jets? 😆
  3. In soccer, Manchester United lost 7-0 to Liverpool recently. They haven't lost since, qualifying for the next round in two separate competitions. The defeat was an embarrassment where every player bottomed out, but it didn't and hasn't defined their season. It doesn't mean they don't have issues to sort out in the long term but they are one of the best teams in England. That's very much like the Bills post Bengals. The big difference is Manchester United only had to wait four days for the next game, rather than close to eight months of it eating away at the players, staff and fan base. (Sorry if someone else has made this point; I haven't read every page!)
  4. I'd be tempted to trade Josh for Mahomes, not that that offer would ever be on the table. He's the only one though.
  5. Perhaps they eloped and some of his family didn't know he'd got married?
  6. Am I right to feel that Harty is an attempt to upgrade on McKenzie at four, with Diggs, a newcomer and Davis above him? Cut McKenzie and there’s very little cap hit either. He has pace and he seems to be pretty reliable with his hands which is a plus. The Saints fans don’t seem overly upset with his departure because of his injury record. Him staying healthy will be key as we have been able to call on McKenzie, more often than not.
  7. Very happy about this as long as it’s a team friendly deal. One less hole to fill in free agency or the draft.
  8. I can understand Poyer leaving, but happily taking the Dolphins' dollar? Urgh.
  9. Very close friend who is akin to a brother and would never do that to him. But then, I know the mentality and the reaction if I did. So maybe I'm projecting that onto Josh and Diggs, who have a different mentality and coping mechanism to this kind of thing - if that makes sense.
  10. From the link, the biggest concern for me is the clean pocket accuracy rating - only 19th? Will an improved O Line, which would equal cleaner pockets, help as much as we think? As you say, Zone is very low compared to Man as well. Question is how that can be improved.
  11. To be fair to Big Turk, the post says Josh FEELS he needs to make the big play rather than HAS to make the big play. I think they're saying the same thing as you, but perhaps with a different reason behind it. Is it because Josh doesn't trust the O Line so thinks he has to go with his first read rather than read the field? Or is it because he has basic issues reading the field, no matter the protection, which impacts his game. One would be fixed with an improved O Line. The other will not, though eradicate that excuse.
  12. I mean, I think Josh could join Mahomes. I believe he has the physical ability to do so.
  13. I think the concerning thing is holds up his hands and admits errors, and does beat himself up over them, but there's very little in signs of change or improvement. Is the criticism of Josh this post season any different to what was said about him before the post season in 2021? In 2019? 2018? He had a breakthrough season in 2020, but hasn't hit the same heights since then. Still elite, but the 2020 regular season/2021 post season shows him at his peak. Understandably, he can't get there all the time but he should have the ability to raise his floor.
  14. Thanks. Took it from here; did they overlook Mahomes’ fumbles? 0 did look low! https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/nfl-qb-most-turnovers-2022
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