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  1. Agreed, as great as he is, I don’t think Josh would have progressed to his current level in Cleveland and Baker would have probably looked better than he currently is showing if he had come here.
  2. It doesn’t help being held before the Super Bowl. And, dare I say it, some of the dubious selections mean the best aren’t always awarded anyway - Jackson ahead of Josh being the one which stands out from this year.
  3. A Happy belated birthday to Josh. Let's hope he has a Superbowl ring before his next one.
  4. Every single player and coach. Wow. Just proves the mindset of this team which goes beyond the field.
  5. The Browns do not want to play Mayfield; Mayfield does not want to play for the Browns. Neither will back down and therefore I cannot see him suiting up. The Browns see him as toxic whilst Mayfield understandably feels affronted that they apparently believe an alleged sexual abuser is more mature than him. Brissett will take the field and the Browns will write off the season or, if they can somehow offload Mayfield, maybe make a bid for Fitzpatrick to cover their backsides. Mayfield will either be paid to stay away, be a make or break signing by play off hunting franchise who lose their starting QB to injury or take a cut to move on. It feels like a game of attrition between him and the Browns right now.
  6. Teams do want his but not at the price that the Browns want. Part of that is because he isn't a top tier QB (he's decent, but not top tier) and partly it's down to the other franchises looking dimly on the Watson deal so not wanting to get the Brown's out of a tight spot. I read an article yesterday which said the Browns may try and cut Mayfield on behavioural grounds so they don't have to pay him off. Unfortunately I can see him playing into their hands on that one.
  7. It feels like an underdog siege mentality they’re trying to build up. If we disrespect anyone on the pitch in the NFL we’ll be beaten.
  8. Though if, for whatever reason, they don’t want to show The Bills on opening night they still have the 49ers in reserve, in a repeat of the Championship game from last season. I just can’t see them not scheduling the Rams to kick off the season.
  9. Just to highlight what the video says compared to the schedule posted under it as there are differences: Week One - at Chiefs (TNF) Week Two - vs Patriots Week Three - vs Packers (MNF) Week Four - at Jets Week Five - at Dolphins Week Six - vs Titans Week Seven - vs Steelers Week Eight - at Rams (TNF) Week Nine - Bye Week Ten - at Bears Week Eleven - at Bengals (SNF) Week Twelve - vs Vikings Week Thirteen - vs Dolphins Week Fourteen - at Ravens Week Fifteen - vs Browns (MNF) Week Sixteen - at Patriots Week Seventeen - at Cowboys Week Eighteen - vs Jets Firstly I cannot see why the NFL wouldn’t kick off the season with the Rams, especially with the Bills there as a tasty match up due to being one of the SB favourites/Von Miller links. Secondly three away games around the bye? O…K…
  10. I’d love to see what happened in the second round and the decision making to continually trade down but I have the feeling that won’t make the cut. That’s the most intriguing part of trade night from a Bills perspective for me. Love that video though. Getting Shakir in the fifth has offset the loss of the fourth and reaching for Bernard - and I can fully see why we traded up for him.
  11. Depends, if we fall, how far we go. Make it to the SuperBowl and lose, Championship Game, possibly even the Divisional round and he’ll be fine. Out at the Wildcard round and I think his seat will be getting hot. Anything earlier than that… Of course extenuating circumstances will come into play with any decisions being made. This isn’t just McDermott either; can imagine things heating up for LaFleur in a similar way to this at the Packers, for example. Anyway, back to the original topic - Matt Rhule is a definite and I do wonder about Mike Vrabel’s as I agree he is not happy over the AJ Brown trade. Kevin Stefanski won’t last wrong if he’s given a fair crack with Watson and basically proves Baker Mayfield right.
  12. Regressed last year too on the field which wouldn’t have helped.
  13. A possible seven primetime games? Heck, that’s going to eat into my holiday if I decide to not try and sleep through them…
  14. He’s already had the surgery, before the 2021 season.
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