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  1. We've found out @GunnerBill's secret identity.
  2. Well I know I won't be able to sleep tonight through excitement.
  3. But if they want to replace Diggs surely it would be with a veteran rather than a draft player? Unless they were somehow able to draft up for one of the big three.
  4. I feel he spent much of the day trying to trade up in the fourth but the cost was too rich.
  5. Stayed put bar 144 - traded down with Chicago for a 2025 4th.
  6. My assumption would be the 49ers are more prepared to trade Samuel than Aiyuk.
  7. In Beane's defence the only chance the Bills had to draft #1 was to trade up, and that would have cost a lot, for one of the big three.
  8. Could the Bills be prepping for a trade for a wide receiver? Collecting picks for 2025 so it can be done after June 1st?
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