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  1. Then, as controversial as it may be, I’d say withdraw all media commitments. The Euros are starting across Europe in due course yet the managers and players aren’t being consistently pestered about whether they’ve been vaccinated - the questions are sport based. Whether it’s Beane, McDermott, Allen, Beasley - they’re there to try and win a Super Bowl, not br a social conscience. I think vaccinations are important but McDermott is right - lecturing and nagging will get nowhere in convincing those who have understandable doubts about getting it. Nor will asking the same question at e
  2. This might be unpopular but my concern is our actions within free agency and the draft have, for this year, resulted in us seemingly standing still. Of course this is a projection and maybe Rousseau and Basham will perform HoFs from the off and give us an edge (pun intended), but it feels like we’re looking into the longer term rather than what happens this year which might bite us in the shorter term. The Browns and The Dolphins had better positions in the draft so should have the upper hand in that regard but the Chiefs? We’ll see what happens but am I as confident of making the
  3. No, I agree, not for that specific reason. Even with Josh being so good now that trade is still looking like a very silly move. I’d give the trade a C. Decent enough but I don’t like that we double dipped from the off and would have preferred JOK over Rousseau at 30 and Gowan over Wildgoose at 213. Have doubts over Doyle but love Basham, Brown, Hamlin and Stevenson. Anderson is a seventh pick so not invested at this stage. Hopefully they will all come good for us though; they have the potential to.
  4. To be fair, read the worst take thread - a lot of people loathed the Josh Allen pick at the time.
  5. 49ers contacted the Packers prior to the draft to query if they were willing to trade - due to the rumours probably number three, a punch of other picks and Garoppolo. They were an option but not now. The weaknesses of the Raiders and Broncos would be the huge risk of moving into the AFC; it’s the toughest conference between the two by far.
  6. Rodgers apparently previously stated he’d want a move to the 49ers, Broncos or the Raiders. I would suggest the first option would be off the table after the Lance pick but the latter two could be possibilities. The Broncos have a decent roster but lack of strength when it comes to the QB; it wouldn’t be easy but with a bit of luck I think they could make the Championship game. They would certainly be competitive and the Broncos would probably treat him the same way as the Bucs treated Brady - give him anything to help get the franchise over the line.
  7. The Packers could have drafted Winfield instead of Love at 26, which would have meant the Bucs would have been without him for both the season and the NFC Championship Game. How much of an impact would that switch have had on the outcome? No one knows, except more of an influence than Love had for sure. One gripe from Rodgers appears to be the lack of communication with him, though. On NFL Network tonight the hosts asked Bruce Arians whether Tom Brady had been made aware of the plan to pick Kyle Trask at 64 - Arians made it clear he had been. This wasn’t a even a first round pick,
  8. It looks like everyone's abandoned the draft room and left one person to choose the Browns pick.
  9. As said on the first page, I think we'll draft the BPA now - whether that's offense, defense or special teams.
  10. I think they're making a lot of the Davis Mills pick; it's not as though Houston took him at one. Would you really want to go into the season with Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Finley as Back Ups?
  11. Feel much better about our draft now than last night - maybe it's because I've had some sleep! Would be nice to trade up into the fourth but I'm not sure if it's really necessary.
  12. We would have done tonight had Basham not been at 61.
  13. Not so concerned about WR, more a RB. It's not so much missing Diggs but having a variation - our run game was very poor last year. Maybe we'll look to bring someone in in a trade with a bit more experience. I know it is early in terms of completing the roster.
  14. Just thought a Running Back would add some variation - I guess we were unfortunate in that Etienne was taken just before our first pick though I reckon we would have gone with Rousseau anyway.
  15. On paper it looks great but take Diggs out of the game and we look weak. Admittedly, Beasley was playing with an injury at the end of last year so hopefulluy he'll be returning fit and firing. Our running game can easily be exposed, though - think I would have preferred taking Carter or Gainwell in the third though, as I said, as an individual player I do like the idea of Brown.
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