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  1. They do realise they cannot make up for missed calls on Monday by throwing a load of flags tonight?
  2. I didn't expect the Rams to be competitive against the 49ers.
  3. Oh, so NOW they spot roughing the passer penalties against the Jets. Except I think this one was slightly harsh IMO. The one's against Josh were more obvious.
  4. I really hope Josh isn't watching Vaughn of the Cowboys. He'll might be tempted to try a sommersault.
  5. If Josh played the Jets as he did today, the Bills would have won. Yes, their defense is better than the Raiders but the difference isn't that great.
  6. Last week was more down to the Bills offense than the Jets defense.
  7. They did this last year too. From the outside looking in, still think they're a threat.
  8. Wait - you CAN call penalties against the Jets defense???
  9. Will have to check but it feels like every game but Raiders-Bills is a one score. Got two going into overtime as it stands too.
  10. Most of the crowd were annoyed because they could see what happened today was possible - it just relied on Josh using his head as well as his body. One weird hurdle aside, he did just that.
  11. Dorsey in his ear mid play: "Don't you dare... don't you dare..."
  12. Not that I want to rehash old ground, but Monday wasn't really down to their defense. Hence the talking heads losing it during the week.
  13. Have loved the offense so far today; to me it's been a good mix and has had rhythm.
  14. I do wonder whether he had second thoughts about just running into him for that reason, so tried the leap instead. But he could have slid. For the first time in NFL Redzone history (15 years) - every team on offense at the minute mark has scored points.
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