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  1. Are those the five being flexed either way? If so, Dolphins at Bills stands out as the big game, so surely it'll be given the prime slot - Sunday night?
  2. That he showed signs of adapting but then regressed - basically three games in a row, from memory, where he threw very similar interceptions.
  3. Jackson would help himself by going down the usual “apologise for any offence caused“ route rather than whining about defamation of character.
  4. No, mid afternoon UK time which works well for the NFL. I guess they didn't want the final to finish at nearly or gone midnight Qatari time.
  5. The World Cup final is at 3pm UK time. Even with extra time and penalties, it should be just about done by 6pm.
  6. Nice of Watson to sit with the fans, before playing next week.
  7. Mahomes does stupid things and the opposition immediately bail him out. Josh does stupid things and we get punished.
  8. Mitchell and McCaffrey are both mild injury concerns for the 49ers. Burford is now down. Jimmy G took a heavy hit earlier as well. Remind me who they have next?
  9. Not sure how it works in the NFL, but I know in soccer if a player reacted like that towards a fan, no matter the provocation, he'd be in a lot of trouble from the coaches.
  10. Kelce is the key scoring component on their offence. Knox isn't on ours.
  11. That was going to happen the moment the majority on here said they'd prefer a Titans win.
  12. I don't see Tua as a HOF QB yet. A good QB no doubt, but not a HOF. Stick him behind our O Line with our play designs and see how he gets on - I highly doubt it'll be as well as Josh. I'd take the rest of their offense over ours in a heartbeat. But, for all the criticism, I think our defense (particularly when fully available) is better than theirs.
  13. Reading this thread, it's such a shame our season is over. We're really not good enough and heads have to roll. What's our current record? 3-8?
  14. It's more about improving THAN playing best football this time of year. The offense got it spot on last year - yes, hit and miss in the regular season but clicked into place for the play offs.
  15. Unofrtunately they made the most of their picks. They don't always turn out well.
  16. The Jets. Last year 4-13, year before 2-14, year before that 7-9, 4-12 in 2018... they've improved massively on that.
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