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  1. They were without Aiyuk and Williams then IIRC. Take them out, plus McCaffrey, and they are pretty average at best.
  2. 49ers. But that's it. Perhaps Ravens vs 49ers was the plan until Kelce hooked up with Swift (though the Chiefs are hardly making it easy on themselves).
  3. This team is good enough to win out. Whether it will is another question entirely. They've beaten themselves far too often this season.
  4. If the Bills make the Play Offs, you'd think no one will want to face them as it means they would have driven the Eagles close and overcame at least two of the Chiefs, Cowboys and Dolphins, if not all three, in the final weeks - two of them away. But it also feels like this franchise can mess up things like no other, so perhaps they'll be preferred opponents. Just wait for Wide Right, Miracle in Music City, 13 Seconds, 12 Men...
  5. And, as much as I love what Kincaid might become, at this stage they're better at TE too.
  6. Including fumbles, I think Mahomes is only one turnover behind Josh now. Pretty sure there was a gap of two heading into this week.
  7. How much time does Hurts need? And he's still sacked.
  8. Has there ever been a 0-0 after OT before?
  9. Watching what the Eagles defense is doing to the 49ers just puts in perspective what the Bills did last week. (As we've been calling the Bills out for bad results across most of the day)
  10. Neither did Stroud in the second half versus the Broncos.
  11. Waiting on the Steelers and Titans to finish. Texans beating the Broncos is a minor positive.
  12. Whoever wins the OT toss between the Colts and Titans should probably hand over possession.
  13. Yes - Stonehouse was injured on a punt so Tannehill held.
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