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  1. Dude it was his first in college. You are clearly one of those "must be fun at parties" type of guys.
  2. Ummm...because I know how to read between lines. Dont feel like explaining it but I'd be willing to place a very large wager that what I said will hold true
  3. Preseason starts next month. Not sure what magic potion you think will clear things up by then where allowing a stadium of people to sit, stand and jump around yelling and screaming around each other for hours would be responsible decision making.
  4. Welp, its the LAW now. No fans allowed. https://www.wkbw.com/news/coronavirus/new-york-state-says-no-fans-allowed-for-professional-sports
  5. Yep, it's now OFFICIAL. No fans at New Era this year. Which means the NFL must ban fans at ALL stadiums. Would be unfair if teams in certain states could have their fans attend home games.
  6. All you people thinking Cam is done are wildly mistaken. A healthy Cam is much better than Brady was last year. How did the Pats do with Brady last year? Don't underestimate this signing. It clearly makes Pats the favorites again. With that said, we can still win the division but it just go at least 10X harder.
  7. We are discussing race here. Its racist because I pointed out his race of because I said he was intelligent?
  8. Hard to embrace the truth when it doesnt comfort you or goes against false beliefs that have been ingrained in your soul. I know.
  9. Many claim it but for those willing to learn based on INDISPUTABLE FACTS and not OPINION. Broken down perfectly by an intelligent white man.
  10. Where do the Bills fall? Does it matter? No! But it kinda does. Gives us something to pick apart as the longest offseasons in NFL history continues. https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/29323823/2020-nfl-roster-rankings-all-32-teams-ravens-first-jaguars-last Ok, now someone with an Insider account work your magic below 👇😉😁
  11. When did this happen? I remember we put in a waiver claim for the kicker we cut in preseason but when did we bring another kicker in for a tryout? But yes after that waiver claim attempt he was on fire. Was pretty obvious had we won the claim who was gonna be cut to open up a roster spot. I loved how he responded. I thought Haus was signed Beanes first year. Pretty sure he wasnt a Bill before that season. I see most people are rooting for the rookie. Me? I wanna see Haus have a great year. Rookies are just too unpredictable when that pressure hits. As a playoff team, would you rather have a vet or a rookie taking that kick in January down by 2 with a minute left on the clock???
  12. Some TERRIBLE takes on Dak in here. Do you guys actually watch him play? He is better than any QB the bills had the past 20 years INCLUDING Josh Allen (hopefully Josh passes him this year) But no way do you let a QB that good walk nor do you trade him. They could EASILY go a decade before getting another QB ass good or better...
  13. Please let me know after watching if anything shocked you. I would love an honest take. 1. It's perfectly fine in my book if you make an impact by simply not adding to the problem. I understand what you mean about not being vocal or overtly involved because that's probably not your personality. What I do ask is that you dont look the other way if you witness a racist situation. Silence is compliance. If you are against racism, let it be known when racists get too comfortable around you and feel it's ok to express their hateful and damaging views. If you can muster it, call them out on their very knowledge of racial history in America and let them now that racism is ignorant. I seldomly hear any black person express negative views about white people outside of communicating their anger towards oppression. It almost always stems from that...feeling like we dont get treated equally. But in the rare cases I hear true racist remarks I always say something. There are plenty of good white folks in this country and many are simply miseducated by design so they can feel ok with accepting the racism that gets passed down from generation to generation. Nobody comes out the womb a horrible person. They are taught that. I can understand the position of a young racist who was raised by ignorant parents. The same system that is the primary culprit to black people feeling like we dont get the same fair shake because of the color of our skin, is the same culprit system that feeds into the white supremacist mindsets that racists have. But once you become a full blown adult its WAKE UP TIME. No more excuses for being however you were raised. Eventually you have to think for yourself and not like your parents and make the needed adjustments. It's hard for me to watch the absolutely horrific way your race treated mine for hundreds of years and accept the idea that white people are just a naturally evil and hateful race. Its not even human to be able to commit the acts that were committed, many times in mob settings by groups of whites who would murder blacks for the pettiest of offenses, and go home and sleep well at night. That's taught! 2. These are the labels created by your people and is what simply has become the official way we describe each other. I'm not too fond of it either but it is what it is. I dont see that ever changing. Bottom line here is problems dont fix themselves. They also dont dissapear by being ignored. There has never been a time in history where the US government collectively shown interest in truly ending systemic oppression. That documentary breaks it down beautifully. But just know...we dont have to wait around for the government to do anything. WE THE PEOPLE force the change!!!
  14. Trump is one of the most self absorbed, narcissistic, pompous #######s Ive ever observed for any real length of time. What's worse is his sheep who blindly follow. Im not saying ALL Trump supporters blindly follow. Some actually see him for what he is but feel like the pros outweigh the cons mostly stemming from economical reasons. And whats crazy is that Trump KNEW he would have millions of blind followers. The man said "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters" which translates to he could do ANYTHING he wants, even if its out in the open and everyone knows, and his followers aren't going anywhere. I remember when I first head he'd said that I laughed and said wow that guy is a true arrogant asshat but for him to be RIGHT about that assertion has me looking at a lot of people sideways. Oh yeah **EDIT** so I can add: "No cue all the Trump supporters to come in and defend him, talk about how bad Hilary/Biden/Obama/Dems etc are and mostly deflect while having zero sensible defense about this mans behavior. EASILY the worst president in US History. What good is a great economy when he will leave with this country the most divided its been in 50 years?!?! Im praying that in this season of us having a President who clearly seeks to divide, most Americans will come to their sense and not allow evil to prevail. By the way....it'll be a LANDSLIDE come November
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