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  1. People can’t help but to compare the old with the new. I think its human nature. But clearly the 90’s team has ZERO bearing on this team or it’s potential or anything else EXCEPT…the fans (which includes the old players). With that said, all this ridiculous talk about making changes at the top needs to cease. We just tied for the most wins in franchise history. Talk of firing Beane or McDermott is some of the most foolish gibberish I’ve heard in a long while. People talking about us “wasting” our opportunities or anything of that nature when Josh is only 26 (historically the best QBs play their best football years older than 26) and locked up for the next 6 years is asinine conversation. How about being happy this regime has made us perennial contenders and are always seeking to improve? Do any of you complainers realize we already have one of the longest playoff streaks in the league? Stop the foolish talk already!
  2. a lot of people suffering from recency bias i see
  3. Left Rodgers off??? Dan Marino was not better than Aaron Rodgers…smh
  4. Lol…is this sarcasm? Seems very selective on who gets this so called “innocent until proven guilty” benefit of the doubt you speak of.
  5. He’s definitely slightly above average. An average back doesn’t finish top 5, top 10 and top 15 in yards per carry amongst running backs in the first 4 years of their careers. He also has proven to be more effective when he gets more touches. Unfortunately he’s been out of the top 30 in carries per game twice out of his for years and not in the top 20 the other two years. Considering that plus the bottom tier run blocking Olines he’s had to deal with and pass heavy offensive schemes (that rarely include RB dump offs), you can’t really say he’s not good enough. Again, he’s a top 15 yards per carry back since he’s been in the league. Not an easy feat in a league where almost all 32 teams use two backs consistently now.
  6. Without looking I’m pretty sure he has been a top 10-15 rb in terms of YPC since he’s been in the league. Hard to get your “motor” going when you only average 6-7 touches a game.
  7. Amazing how tame these comments are about a man accused of rape and kidnapping. So much sarcasm and jokes…not outrage or even scumbag talk. I wonder why 🤔
  8. So are we supposed to show quality QBs the door after their rookie contracts like RBs?
  9. Plenty players make such claims. I’ll believe after he tests free agency and willingly comes back for less.
  10. Does he even want to resign? How do we know he likes the role he has in Buffalo? I think if he tests free agency and is told he would be used different to allow him to make more plays he may wanna bolt. That’s when the franchise tag may have to come in.
  11. anyone remember TheBlackBear from the old board? A few guys here remind me of him. WyoBillzFan I think her name was definitely legend but can’t remember if it carried over to hear before she disappeared. I think shew went into pure journalism and quit on the whole posting on message boards thing. I’m def wordering what @HOUSEname was on the old board. Someon like him I know FOR SURE had an account on the old board.
  12. Yep. Many kept their same usernames and migrated over. I first became a member of that board in 2012 and came over to here once it shut down.
  13. You think anything was learned from the 9 minutes of the game we did play? And I mean on the Bills side. Seems like the Bengals took notes seeing they had us go 3 and out on our first two drives for the first time I can remember in years. Frasier seems stubborn and unwilling to change. I remember him being asked about switching things up in a presser and his answer was along the lines of “we will stick with what got us this far” Smdh. Time for him to retire.
  14. I believe only an idiot would think it has nothing to do with Hamlin. Look at all his other wise crack remarks. He knew exactly what he was doing. Are you his lawyer?
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