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  1. Never got why people hate Booger so much (besides the terrible nickname). He is one of the he more knowledgeable guys on broadcasting and articulates it well imo. I think all he needs is polish. Would love to hear the reasons you want Booger out of the job. I always see people bad talk him but rarely hear any reasons of substance
  2. Cam's health is a huge question mark. People who actually pay attention would know that when he was healthy he was still top 10-15 QB material EASILY. With that said, Beane wouldnt look to add any QB who isnt ok with being a backup. This is such a non story because no team who believes on their current starter would consider Cam. ALL other teams would if they knew he was 100%. His asking price will be a huge factor for most teams willing to roll the dice. It most certainly will end up being a 1 or 2 year deal mid starter price range with incentives to make him a top 5 paid QB if he balls out and hits on all his performance bonuses.
  3. Epic fail on the announcers behalf to mention their relationship in college but not the pros.
  4. Of course he is bummed. Defenses can now key in on him more. I think this quote from Thielen is more of the story here: "I have so much respect for him of how hard he works, how he approaches the game of football,'' Thielen said. "I've learned so much from him as far as a receiver, how to run routes, different things like that. ... We've talked since he got traded. ... He is one of my good friends and will be for the rest of our lives.'' He can improve or WR corp by not only forcing double teams but also refining their individual games. Im PISSED their is no offseason for the boys to get together but looking forward to this year and beyond for the Diggs effect to to fully bloom. Just need Josh to play to his full potential and we are def going to be contenders for years to come.
  5. Top 3 players on new teams...thats all that is. Always huge money in jersey sales when a top player changes teams.
  6. You quoted my response in defense of the person I was replying to. If you don't feel how he does then why defend it? Manning up in this context means to stop pussyfooting around your real reason you have a stance on something and get to the real reason. The person I originally replied to, as well as a slew of others support the blackballing of players for protesting, in a way that broke no company rules (dont play that BS "on the employers time" card when no rules were broken). They (and YOU if you agree with them) are the epitome of anti-american values but masquerade around as patriots. Ohhh the hypocrisy of it all...smh.
  7. So he shouldnt play in the league again because of what? Try to be honest. Thats all i ask from your type. Be proud of what you believe in and stop masking it. Man up.
  8. You a blackball supporter huh? Clearly has the talent to start on many rosters. Not a criminal. What's your deal? Oh yeah I think I know.
  9. That was pretty well done! I audibly laughed at the end. Not easy to get that from me .
  10. It's also possible he is alot more productive in his second opportunity. Don't discount a guy who's main issue is being gun shy. That's actually correctable.
  11. A first year WR who spent most the season getting scout team reps with practice squad QBs then almost zero reps with Josh in over a month leading into the last few weeks of the season, was supposed to come into a playoff game and not make mistakes. What I don't get is how short of a leash we put on players who show high potential but weren't drafted high so are considered throw away players. Duke, by far, imo showed enough to warrant the opportunity he will have to make the team this year AND CONTRIBUTE. Anyone with good football eyes can see he has the ability. To judge his performance in his 4th or 5th NFL game of his life and say that's why he is fighting for a spot is quite absurd.
  12. Alot of misinformed folks in here. BTW...playing without fans present would never happen.
  13. Half second may be pushing it but I agree it gives them a fraction of a second more time which can be the difference. Other than that I love your analysis. Thanks for the summary.
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