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  1. Sorry….as a black man living in America and having faced real racism in my life…I hate seeing petty stuff like this get blown up like that. YES…he was indeed comparing him being treated very differently as the minority in this case as black people…HOWEVER one can make a comparison even if it’s different extremes and still be accurate in their analogy. Nobody on the team will view his tweet as racist cause they know he isn’t racist. How hard is it to understand you must have racist intent to be racist…if anything call the tweet ignorant…but not racist
  2. Bro…please stop it. Cole is probably one of the least racist players in the league. Obviously what he said may be offensive to some but racism must have intent behind it. He didn’t mean it like that.
  3. Yup I was in Philly a few weeks back and told my buddy Ima show him what a real cheese steak taste like when he comes to Buffalo....he was pissed 🤣
  4. To me the whole idea of it being the 3rd game was to give the starters 2 weeks "off" before the season opener. They still accomplish that here with the 3rd game. Play the starters the first half...then backups 3rd quarter and bubble guys in the 4th. To me that makes the most sense.
  5. He averaged 4.6 ypc in his KC season before going to Tampa and only getting 10 carries all year. It's not like it's for certain he couldn't contribute a bit on the field as well bring that superbowl winning swag into the locker room. I would approve this move. With that said. I don't see it happening.
  6. Smh... What Sherman did...anyone with no prior record would get a slap on the wrist. It was a bad drunken night. He didn't hurt anyone. A cop hurt himself in pursuit but not like he attacked officers or anyone else. Not cooperating or struggling with police by not allowing them to cuff you is not the same as assault on an officer. Again you just show you're clueless on the legal system. And that's fine...stop getting offended and becoming offensive...
  7. Plus he'll be practicing against the same defense he caught 20% of his receptions last season. I think he'll look pretty good in camp with his old teammate throwing em balls 👀
  8. If it were you or me you think we would get jail time for the same offenses? You clearly are clueless about the legals system.
  9. This is clearly not what it was made out to be... He got drunk...hit a concrete barrier...abandoned his car....tried to force his way in a family members home...struck nobody...really a non story
  10. What a way to be the 2nd player in history to come out...
  11. Willing to go put on a limb and say these poll numbers will mirror The Athletics
  12. Yep ya see @Hapless Bills Fan he must read this board and wanted to prove to the fans football stays on his mind
  13. Isaiah just posted this a few minutes ago 🤣 https://www.instagram.com/reel/CQ6k02WDCFw/
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