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  1. Yes...hell of a game! When my dad wanted to show me who Joe Ferguson was, this was the game he showed me. I was born in 1983 and actually watched it live as a 5 month old 😁.
  2. Well they still test for it but no longer impose suspensions for positive tests. They still wanna know what players smoke and offer support if they wish to quit.
  3. This deserves a Machine Gun Kelly mic drop!
  4. Yes...I'm pretty sure Jordan has a waiting list at this point and can demand top dollar all cause of his success with Josh. Also people should appreciate Jordan, even tho it's impossible to measure how much credit he should get...its clear he has positively impacted Josh's game and we as Bills fans finally have a contender because of it. You can't be upset about him emphasizing his biggest success story when this is clearly what he is doing for a living right now. LONG LIVE JORDAN PALMER!
  5. Singletary showed enough his rookie year to get another chance. He was never taught the correct way to run and do a bunch if other stuff until now, according to that article at least. I think he is gonna surprise a bunch of folks this year.
  6. Gotta agree with Brady...the new rule seems completely unnecessary and unwarranted. They act like it's 20-30 years from now and too many numbers got retired.
  7. What site can I bet this o (sorry if already asked and answered...don't feel like searching through posts today) Thanks
  8. This is a benefit of his arm strength. I believe this will be a thing for years to come. His own receivers have to learn how to catch JA balls. No way for defenders to practice for it.
  9. I can confirm Josh has ALOT of fans that rpot for other teams. At the KC game so many people told me how they love To watch Josh play and feel he is the second most exciting to watch behind PM. He also has many fans of players from other teams. I see no lies in what you said.
  10. So he sleeps butt naked?!? I guess with that Bush to play in every night I would too 🤔
  11. Where did you see that? Millions were paid so I doubt they don't want the full name said on broadcasts...
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