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  1. Now let's not act like Jimmy G is the second coming. But he is a very very good game manager who limits mistakes and is a winner.
  2. It ALL boils down to decision making. When a person with no criminal record who made it that far in life without totally derailing...suddenly changes course and starts making decision after decision that are both irrational and illogical, you have to consider it isn't "just happening." Even the bottom of the food chain low life's make smarter decisions. These guys were no dumb guys who had no common sense. Not every case is CTE, but because that's the case it's ignorant to act like no case is CTE. These extreme cases, in Hernandez's case PROVEN to be an EXTREME case of CTE, acknowledge it was a contributing factor. AB was always an arrogrant self entitled POS. But now he is CLEARLY a person with a mental issue that popped out of nowhere. IMO it was the hit from Burfict that did him in.
  3. I'm curious as to what you could have possible expected. It was very well laid out and they spoke to everyone close to the situation willing to speak. Sounds like leaving you satisfied was an impossibility. .
  4. Investigation Discovery is also doing a series on this. I almost didnt watch it thinking I already seen the full story on Netflix but NOPE! This goes into even MORE DETAIL. I suggest you and whoever else is interested in this to check it out. They have only released the first episode so far but here is the link: https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/aaron-hernandez-an-id-murder-mystery/
  5. Having the mental capacity to know the difference between right and wrong means EVERYTHING when determining culpability. Its easy for a person who hasn't dealt with these issues to sit back and assume you should still no right from wrong regardless of you mental issue.
  6. AB having issues is no new development. Him having issues ON THIS LEVEL....certainly is a new development. I think it is CTE. He makes sense only in his own head. He TRULY thinks he is doing nothing wrong and is the victim. CLEARLY a new development to do it at this extreme. He wouldnt have made it as far as he had if this was who he always was. If you truly analyze his actions, anyone with a lick of common sense can tell he has mental issues. That doesnt happen to normal people. I'd bet he has CTE. Lol...you have no idea what you are talking about.
  7. Excuse? Are you arguing against proven science? I can understand when its used anytime a player does any little thing but when its clear mental issues you can't just blow it off. That's very disrespectful to the very people who provide the entertainment playing this game you love to watch. Hernandez had the worst case of CTE the most recognized CTE researcher in the world ever saw. Hernadez murdered 2 people because a drink was spilled on him in the club. He was CLEARLY affected by the disease. I believe it was a combination of CTE, losing his dad in a freak surgical death, terrible relationship with his mom (who he felt betrayed by) and the fact that he felt he had to cover up that he was gay because the world wouldnt accept him for who he was, that ultimately drove him to kill. MANY people have messed up lives and dont kill. But what happens if you combined an extraordinarily messed up life, with a extraordinarily bad case of CTE? Point being, it could very well be the CTE that drove him over that edge. Consider the MILLIONS of people who are depressed and dont kill themselves. Then take Junior Seau who was extremely depressed combined with CTE. It drove him to kill. Yes it wasn't another person but if you take the CTE out the equation does Seau still go over that edge? While sitting up on your high horse, you should really think a little deeper about things that you have no experience with before you completely blow it off as a simple excuse.
  8. I would never try to argue I am more qualified, however if I was in charge of play calling from my couch I would have kept running the ball when our running back is averaging five yards a carry and QB is playing inconsistent. Daboll sometimes inexplicably starts calling the plays as if we are down multiple possessions when that isn't the case. I would definitely argue that there are plenty of fans who know this game well enough to have made better run / pass decisions than Daboll has in a number of games. Being qualified for a job has nothing to do with recognizing the obvious like stick with what's working in a close game.
  9. Are you a Daboll backer? He consistently abandoned the run when it was working, kept using Gore even when it became evident he hit a wall and Singletary should have gotten the lion's share, as well as other questionable play calling and personnel decisions. Yes he had great moments and showed he can get creative and make good decisions but overall very inconsistent. Did you not see these as serious issues or just hoping he changes next year? I see many people clamoring for continuity but continuity just for continuity's sake can be counterproductive. If he doesn't clean up his mistakes next year and is replaced, how does the extra year with him help Josh? You simply have ZERO chance to win a Superbowl with how Daboll ran the offense and we as Bills fans need to be aiming our sights towards that and no longer be simply satisfied with making the playoffs and being one and done or even two and done.
  10. I was happy with Greg Roman. We had a top 10 offense and Tyrod had his best season under him. He got the most out of Taylor. Wreks fired him for no reason when the defense was the clear issue. But besides Roman it's been a long while.
  11. You are aware this is a negative stat right?
  12. Sounds bogus to have that sort of damage from someone falling on you. However, if she is lying to get a payday then she may as well go to Hollywood and get it honestly cause she is putting on one heck of an acting job. In short, none of us can say if this is fact or fiction, but if true, its definitely some very rare, freak incident that would likely never happen again at a Bills game. Either way it looks like she will be a multi millionaire from this.
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