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  1. We have all seen some legendary Bills tattoos in our time. Some that will undoubtedly pop up in this thread. But a new one was just unveiled yesterday and I thought I'd share to see who all agrees it should go down in the books. Maybe even first ballot caliber... Here is the caption from tattoo artist Jamar Anthony: "My client asked me to make it look like he is psychotically obsessed with the Bills Roster of those years and he carved the logo and names into his arm so ALL IS ON PURPOSE. “Don Beebe” is cut off so it’s “EEBE”. Thanks for the love on my work. " So without further ado...
  2. However if they were preparing for both, they have a head start. Would be terrible to have to walk in Thursday and start studying a whole different QB. Im sure our guys will be ready. Fitz has proven he will pick apart an unprepared team.
  3. ALL flags should be reviewable in the final 4-5 minutes
  4. Amazing the number of responses saying "We don't have to prepare" for such and such. You guys are crazy. I'm glad the coaches are not. They will have the defense ready for both QBs and their different tendencies. You can't go into an NFL game underestimating your opponent and thinking you don't need to study the QB(s) you will be facing and game plan accordingly. If you fail to prepare you better be prepared to fail. With that said, we saw what we did to Brady and feel confident we will dominate whoever is behind center. Not because we are just that good...but because we are that good and will be prepared.
  5. As we all know Rosen was benched to start the 4th quarter Sunday with the Fins being down 17-3. Fitz came in and started moving the ball in a way they couldn't all game and almost won it in the end. Rosen wasn't permanently benched though and will start against our Bills on Sunday. HOWEVER, here is what Dolphins head coach Flores had to say: “I think Josh has done a good job,” Flores said. “I think today he wasn’t having a good day, and I think we’re always going to do what we feel is best for the team and today that was ‘Fitz’ going in in the fourth quarter." “Josh will continue to be the starter,” Flores said. “If we feel like we need a spark and Fitz has to go in, we’ll continue to do that.” With that said, Frazier will need to get the D ready for both QBs as the chances are GREAT Rosen will look terrible and again be benched at some point for Fitz. I'm predicting the change comes at the half. While I have ZERO worries that Fitz can do to our D what he did to the skins, it would be irresponsible for the coaches not to be prepared for the switch. I don't wanna go through yet another nail biter this Sunday, not against the garbage Fins. I love Fitz and root for him to do well whenever it's not against us or could hurt our standings, so this Sunday I would love nothing more to see FitzTragic over FitzMagic. I won't be satisfied with anything less than a 17+ point victory coming off a bye against one of the worst teams in recent memory.
  6. I havent seen anything from Daboll I would credit him for inventing, thats a tall order for ANY coordinator to do at this point in NFL history, however he is very creative in certain aspects of the playbook and knows how to play to the strengths of roster.
  7. The craziest thing to me is the point differentials. Look at the AFC Compared to the NFC:
  8. Force him as a divisive issue? I'm talking to specific people. If you fit in that category than your opinion on my post is meaningless to me. I was disgusted by how many fellow fans seemed to resent the attention my boy Pancho got. People can have their own opinions but this is a message board and Im sharing mine. Just like they can tell me they disagree with my opinion, I can say I disagree with theirs. To say it's "embarrassing" makes you come off as the "I got a stick up my butt" type of person but hey to each his own.
  9. . BTW Miami will be set up VERY nice to turn things around big time IF (a very BIG IF) they can hit on most these draft picks. Its actually well worth the tanking if it equals years and years of being a perennial contender. I almost fell to the point where I hoped the Bills would tank after so many years of middling and missing out on top picks. Im glad we finally have a competent GM who seems to know how to build a contender without doing that. Time will tell.
  10. What does he have to gain??????? The #1 overall pick! He was told when hired that they wouldn't hold this year against him *wink wink You are delusional if you think tanking in sports isnt a real thing. This isnt some conspiracy theory.
  11. But but but...Pancho was just a regular fan. Nothing special about him. He doesnt represent Bills Mafia Sip a swig of this you Pancho minimizers!!
  12. Turning the sound off completely would suck tho. I like to hear the crowd, the hits, the QB pre snap, etc.
  13. They had a chance toe tie the game and force OT. Ok they went for the win. Fine. THAT PLAY CALL? Clearly wasnt one you call in that situation. Im not gonna say Drake dropped it on purpose but even had he caught it there was no chance he scored. Say what you want but that play call was a clear "set up for failure" call
  14. That 2 point conversion play to end the game today was proof they are going for the #1 pick. They no the Redskins are competition and wasn't about to gift wrap them another loss.
  15. I like the idea of previewing the next week's opponent. And if that team is on a bye then a Pat's game thread. They are our only divisional competition and after watching their performance against the Giants, a team I now believe we can catch (Longshot but realistic possibility)
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