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  1. This is amazing! Watch video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVGKS4_jich
  2. So nobody is gonna mention how he called Josh, Dad when giving him the mic'd up warning? These guys are interesting and entertaining all the way around.
  3. Ive tried a few but imo MyBookie is the best! https://mybookie.ag/signup/?reff=MB1329276 Get 250% deposit bonus when you use my referral link. I'll also send you some parlay advice if you use my link. My record is solid and documented. Ive had 3 winning seasons in a row.. I don't charge for my picks when you're my referral. I love seeing people win.
  4. Dukes not playing he is on their injured list still.

  5. Seen him here at a Hornets game one time. Know he's not from too far from here and not surprised he wants to be in the Charlotte area at this point in his career. Oh and their defense is solid as well.
  6. Or in Tampa Bay. I'm sure he misses playing with Tom.
  7. Well this is clearly the most impressive name on the list. Still getting it done at 42. Amazing.
  8. I'm sorry but from a selfish standpoint this is good news for me. I was very worried since season tickets sold out that I may be on the outside looking in for years to come. Instead it's sounding like I get a fresh shot at it and can even swing my weight around and secure some great seats. But I know where I came from and definitely feel for those who now can't afford to keep their seats. It sucks but it's evolution and even tho I wouldn't like it if it cost me my seats, I'd understand it. If everyone stadium built since 2009 has done this, why the hell would anyone here reasonable expect the Bills not to. We have been spoiled with THE cheapest tickets in the league for years. We can't want a great team and expect to keep that going. Greatness comes with a price...for the players, coaches and the fans alike.
  9. Mod Edit: Now announced: https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/eagles-great-lesean-mccoy-officially-announces-his-retirement?cid=Yahoo&partner=ya4nbcs As some may already know Im sort of an NFL insider, however, can rarely speak on things I know because of NDAs and all that. I will never be anyone's anonymous source. Anyway, LeSean is retiring and will be honored next week at the Chiefs @ Eagles game. I got the honor to be invited to the party and will post pics in this thread when the time comes. I thought this was already reported and was looking for a link to add in this thread before I realized it hasnt been announced yet. Probably because LeSean wants to remain "available" until the last minute in case the right situation crops up within the next few days. Whatever the case is, I got approval to speak on this as its not considered a big deal and the public announcement is imminent. I will also be attending the Eagles/Chiefs game 🤮 but sporting my Bills McCoy jersey as he will always be a Bill in my heart ♥️
  10. You can’t expect him to provide evidence on such a forum. Saying what he did on live television was already doing the max. Now that the claims were made…;he will probably address in a book or some highly marketed interview.
  11. But Brissett ended up the QB and he has more experience than Josh. Still worked fine.
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