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  1. We have a loveable team with an even more loveable fan base that most other fan bases envy and hate to love. We go HARD for our team and gang donate for good causes. I can see why most the country wants to see us win the Whole. Damn. Thing!
  2. And some people really have the nerve to question the role BD played in Josh's breakout season. Imagine if Adam Gase left Miami and became our OC. Does Josh still become anywhere close to what he has become this year?
  3. How? It can't possibly be no seeing that, as of right now, we passed on a guy that ended up NFL MVP his first season starting then went and won a superbowl the next season. How can one possibly say, based on the CURRENT SITUATION, that passing on a guy who is universally recognized as having GOAT potential and already has HOF accolades a few seasons into his career, was indeed NOT a mistake???? So back to the concept of this thread. Can you not agree that for it to TRULY not have been a mistake, we would need to have ended up with a QB that could produce similar results
  4. Ahhh yes... The Black Bear...hard to believe if he is still amongst the living that he isn't at least lurking around here...
  5. How can that question have been answered already unless the answer is yes?
  6. What exact question are you referring to?
  7. Yeah which sucks for me cause I bought within an hour of them being made available on Seat Geeks. I was hoping to be able to sell for enough to cover the cost of my trip but not happening. At this point I'd be happy to walk away $1500 each for the things.
  8. Section 120!!! I bought 6 tickets but only need 2 so going to resell 4 of em. Anyone have insight on best timing to put them up for sale? I was thinking Friday. Maybe sooner the better? I obviously want to get the most I can.
  9. Nick Wright plays the part well so he deserves the clicks. He became a guy many of us live to hate...its all entertainment imo. I enjoy laughing at him 🤷🏾‍♂️
  10. Brandt is a writer and a damn good one at that. He was the perfect choice if leaving it in the personality's hand to not only nail the delivery but more importantly nail the script. I think it made Michael Robinson jealous tho 🤔.
  11. Very very weird! Made me decide not to order...
  12. I love the comparison but don't crap on the Fitz Stevie connection like that. Allen & Diggs I would say is about 10x better tho 🤣 I did enjoy seeing Stevie embarrass an in his prime Revis a couple times a year. Was great stuff. But yeah the Allen Diggs connection is better ten times over... . Oan...Simms Josh Allen jingle is so stupid and corny it's actually hilarious. Hearing him sing his other jingles took the cake. What a weird ass thing Simms got himself to actually put on the airwaves but kudos to him for staying himself...at least semi unapologetically...
  13. Oooooohhhhh sheeeeeeet. You took it there 😲😆😬🙄
  14. Can't wait til Josh and the gang shuts all these people up Saturday night! So much of the media turned on us since a week ago...watch how we go right back to media darlings Sunday morning.
  15. I wouldn't want Stills taking reps from anyone on the team currently getting them. If he has to fill McKenzie's role while McKenzie fills in for Beasley (assuming Beas is still on a snap count) then fine. But besides filling in due to injury, he shouldn't get any snaps at all. People who think he should just inserted as our #3 or #4 receiver are trippin. No, not even the #5 receiver role. McKenzie is GREAT in that spot for us.
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