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  1. News came out hours ago… but I agree it’s own thread is warranted…this firing sets a precedent and will change how potential concussions are handled. Hopefully disciplinary actions for the Dolphins are next.
  2. my point is we need the help NOW. No way we sign somebody who can’t contribute right away.
  3. Exactly….we needed it to come down in the end zone and not two yards out the back of the end zone
  4. He actually fell short of the record by this 🤏🏾 much. But what a valiant effort!
  5. You can’t be serious. We can’t afford to waste a spot on a guy who needs a month before he can contribute. Are you paying attention to what’s going on???
  6. That’s from running in the middle of the pack so many years. We rarely drafted high enough to catch an OL with a solid fi st round grade at our pick. It’s the same reason we drafted so few QBs in the first.
  7. Really didn’t see much whining at all 🤷🏾‍♂️
  8. We simply couldn’t afford Jerry. Didn’t make sense after signing Von. While I wish he had that Linda production here…I’m happy for em and hope he has the best statistical season of his career this year.
  9. The punt falling into the end zone instead of going out the back of the end zone would have been the best case scenario
  10. He wanted to see if those balls were as gigantic as he heard they were
  11. The fans who talk the most won’t go anywhere near those channels for days
  12. Down however many starters....WONT MATTER! WE GOT josh baby!
  13. Looks like Big G is sh!tting out a dolphin there. 😂 How’s that for foreshadowing? I think he’s gonna EAT this Sunday!! 💪🏾😛🐬🤤😲🚽💩
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