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  1. Every team gets at least one nationally televised game. They've been doing this at least 5 years now. With thats said, it's their 3rd of the year and mostly cause the free agency they had (expected to be good by many) and the large market they are in.
  2. Can we win the AFC East at least once more before they do away with divisions?? I hate this AFC East champ drought we have been on for 2 decades now. I'd like to get that off our backs before we no longer have the chance to...
  3. He has come a long way since his early season Devin SingleCarry games but still isn't getting enough touches. Should have had at least 25 carries vs Ravens. Would have like to see Josh in high 20's - low 30's range. BTW for those who don't know Singletary is currently ranker #3 among RBs in YPC.
  4. I don't really HATE any players but I dislike Baker Mayfield the most. Its fine to talk how he does and be cocky if you can back it up on the field but for a guy who plays sub par ball game after game, I can't take it anymore. Progressive going all in on him before the season and making 100 commercials doesn't help his case either.
  5. What are you talking about? Are you confusing run blocking with pass blocking? The Bills are a top 5 rushing team and Singlatary is top 3 YPC. Baltimore leads the league in rushing BY A LONG SHOT and we held Ingram to 3.3 ypc and Jackson to 3.6. SINGLETARY HAD 5.2 YPC! THEY COULD NOT STOP HIM. I don't care if you run the same 2-3 plays over and over, until they can show they can stop it KEEP RUNNING! 39 Passes in a close game where you are averaging over 5 ypc is inexcusable.
  6. Lamar now leads the NFL in TD Passes. Has 28 with only 6 INTs and as much as he runs...only 1 lost fumble on the year. Over 1000 yards rushing BUT GUESS WHAT?!?! Josh Allen has him beat in passing yards by 60. So there's that.
  7. Im sorry but I can't read or listen to any praise about our defense right now. I HATE when a great defensive effort is wasted. It really boils my blood. Was it Tyrod in the playoffs bad? No but its too damn close to the playoffs for this offensive futility crap. I could accept it if it were some great defensive effort by the Ravens but we BEAT OURSELVES. Singletary was getting over 5 yards a carry (and is #3 in the league in YPC btw) SO WHY THE HELL IS JOSH PASSING 39 TIMES WHEN HE IS CLEARLY HAVING AN OFF DAY. Geez I gotta sign back off....I havent calmed down enough for this. Cant even watch sports shows for the next 2-3 days...smh
  8. Do you not know how this forum works? Im from BBMB too and took awhile to get used to but I actually like it this way better.
  9. Hard point to argue after a game where Allen routinely threw uncatchable balls. This was one of his worst games of the season from that standpoint. Daboll refusing to keep running the ball down their throats when their throats were wide open is beyond me. Allen threw WAY TO MANY TIMES in this game. Running between the tackles was working. It was almost like Daboll wanted to get too cute and out thunk himself. So what if they know it a run. They couldnt stop it! TOO MANY PASSES ON 1ST DOWNS!!!
  10. And how about it being a much less stressful situation for your team? Having to get a 2 point conversion with a minute left in the game is definitely not a more ideal situation to be in.
  11. You have any evidence pointing to this or just some unsubstantiated opinion of yours?
  12. JA-17 AKA January Allen. The Anti-Drought! Welcome to 17 straight years of Playoffs and January football guys!!
  13. I never knew Ron could go in like this!! Maybe we do have a spot for em to finish up the year. The linebackers have been underachieving at spots this year
  14. Would LOVE to see him pull a Beasley!
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