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  1. Tony Romo will not be caught. He is a borderline professional golfer. Would be sweet to see Kyle finish top 5 tho.
  2. Geez the man's life is in danger and so many of you are bringing up football related stuff as if he deserves an early death as a penalty. The man has a family including young children.
  3. Look it up where? How was he a cancer before being benched? Sounds like your own BS opinion to me and the first I heard of.
  4. All he did was make the Pro Bowl...and no not as an alternate like Tyrod. The lack of respect for Flutie from Bills fans always perplexes me. People got mad at Flutie for being pissed about being the FIRST (and still ONLY) starting QB to be benched for the playoffs in NFL HISTORY. Plenty of the players were also pissed about it and somehow Flutie got labeled a cancer cause the locker room naturally split after such a dumb decision.
  5. Not a big Steve Young fan? We all hate Brady and as much as I hate admitting this, it has become easier now that I know his retirement or sharp decline is imminent. But......Brady is the GOAT. Not only the greatest QB of all time but would have to be mentioned with the top overall players of all time. And that couple be considered for sports PERIOD. Not just the NFL.
  6. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001035041/article/top-25-quarterbacks-of-all-time-patriots-tom-brady-leads-list Only 1 QB (from the super bowl era) who never won a ring was ranked higher. Who else but Dan Marino (at #8). If wide right never happens, I think Kelly would be ranked much higher. So what do you all think? Should guys like Kurt Warner be ranked higher cause they won one?
  7. Yeah me too...oh well That is very true and TBD shows me that pretty often as so many articles in the News section are from The Blitz and Im forced to change IP Addresses to read the ones I want. I'll likely stop being cheap and just pay for it soon. The Athletic has been worth it so far and I'm sure I'll more than get my money's worth during the season.
  8. With that type of violent and bloody killing of two people by a knife...you dont find the lack of blood evidence a cause for concern? Im just going off my memory of the case. I was very young then, like around 10 years old so I may be forgetting key things but if I remember correctly they couldnt connect him to blood of either victim besides evidence proven to have been planted.
  9. Video evidence of Kareem Hunt farting in public would have been more damning than this...
  10. Or just share the direct link https://www.buffalobills.com/photos/91-faces-on-the-buffalo-bills-roster#6e43981f-5596-4501-9c1e-857f720c8de3
  11. Sounds like the little boy may have shot himself. I just heard a story earlier today if this happening to a freaking two year old. Hard way for a parent to learn a lesson on gun safety. Sorry but simply inexcusable for a child that small to be able to access a gun.
  12. Not exactly. The Rams signed him off the Eagles practice squad. He played there 4 seasons averaging almost 5 receptions and more than 40 yards a game. Not to mention he was a top kick returner in the league there and even led the whole NFL in all purpose yards in 2010.
  13. You are clearly saying this because he is white and while we all know Pats love their white skill position players (who didnt think they would go after Cole Beasley??) this one here is a stretch. If he looks good enough in camp he will be on our PS. To think the Pats would just give him a spot on their 53 because he is a white is silly. Pats like white receivers who they draft and shows prowess OR who have proven themselves on other 53 man rosters. They have no history of signing one off another teams PS. Bottom line is, if Sills shows them enough to be on their 53 then he would likely make our 53.
  14. Really??!?! Ever buy a thing called a book? Man what is this world coming to?!?!
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