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  1. Plenty of people don't understand this sort of thing. For me, growing up on the eastside, it was normal for families not to have a vehicle. Simply couldn't afford it. Some people will never understand the difference of how they grew up and what was normal to them compared to others.
  2. Agree with all but I would put Dodson in blue.
  3. What makes him a loser? How is he a THUG? You make claims about peoples character but show little yourself. How about you support these defamations with your reasonings. I feel like you won’t cause you can’t. Jeudy is a good guy and you pre judged his character of a bogus arrest. Admit it.
  4. I often wonder why threads like these aren’t created with polls. I get you want a pecking order…but a poll asking which team is our strongest division foe would show the overall consensus based on first, second and third poll placings, but in a much more quantitative form.
  5. Facts! He definitely underperformed in the low pressure game against the Jags. I remember thinking he would have played much better against a much better team. I really feel he has learned from that and it won’t be an issue moving forward. Random: Not only did we FINALLY find a true franchise QB after our unprecedented wait…we really have a guy at the helm whose ceiling is realistically 🐐! I get how the OP could feel this way. His theory wasn’t some unfounded tin foil hat situation. But end of the day we know Josh can perform great in ANY arena when necessary and he is still a work in progress which is both exciting and scary at the same time!
  6. How well is this ridiculous pre-judging comment aging champ?
  7. How would he deserve a bout like that when he is 0-1 in celeb boxing?
  8. They seem to be doing just fine Yes much better than the prior
  9. Lol…was never calling him elite. Not even good. Just slightly above average and not “such a bad passer” as originally proclaimed. He is TOP 50 of all NFL QBs to ever play the game, including active players who may drop below him in their later years. How can a top 50 all time QB in passer rating ever be considered a bad passer? Honestly that’s an argument to even consider him a “good” passer which I wasn’t even arguing. @Doc
  10. Guess I’m in the minority but why should you care? Isn’t it better if you have your tix on multiple sites??? As long as you end up with what you’re supposed to why does it matter? This type of reselling is done all the time in business. what if they bought it from you on TM first then sold for more on Stub Hub? Is it a problem then??? There are much more serious things to be concerned with in todays world.
  11. Wrong....check 2009. So he had two seasons that beat Josh's season last year yet you agree he was a bad passer? He wasn't great but to sum up his career as a bad passer with two seasons better than Josh's campaign last year makes no sense. He was an above average passer...maybe not considered "good" but not bad...slightly above average overall. *Edit* ok so 2009 he didn't play much...had the Lamar Jackson in his rookie season role. But still in 2010 he finished 4th in passer rating. A bad passer will never crack the top 5 in a season. So I maintain stats prove he was slightly above average.
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