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  1. It’s called Wild Applause by Bills Mafia
  2. Bro that’s not true mafian behavior…either make em go with y’all or tell em download doordash and leave their asses!
  3. She accused him of running a stop sign that didn’t exist. Zero credibility!
  4. I will take two of them off your hands. Once you’re logged in and access the tickets there is a transfer button you’ll see
  5. Willing to pay for them. Didn’t know if I’d be in town or not but I am. Would like tix if available. Respond here or via DM. Maybe others are interested in getting tickets as well. Mods please allow this thread at least for a few hours.
  6. I don’t mean to jump the gun…but ***** it Ima jump the gun! Is it just me or does this draft class seem to be a total grand slam??? I can’t remember another class where just about ALL of the picks of made standout plays in camp with the vets….mind you, very good vets! This isn’t some bum team where rookies should be shining like in years past. Even down to Spector, our 7th round pick, I believe all have gotten reps with the ones. Sometimes cause injury but more often cause they earned the look. And even in the injury situations, it’s been mostly reported of them holding their own vs seeming overwhelmed. This is amazing! Beane is really shaping up to be the GOAT. I think this will end up being our overall best draft class yet. Gotta love BBB.
  7. Hey if the shoe fits 🤷🏾‍♂️
  8. I edited my post to get my points across. Hopefully I’m spared by the mid squad as I wasn’t using thee words in any offensive manner…just making a point about the filters themselves.
  9. I mean I’m pretty sure “Bout to show up these N*ggas at pong” was never rap lyrics…lol
  10. Slander? Do you know what slander means? Calling it slander turns the Karen into a victim….which is what they want to be viewed as in the first place. Don’t give them that “honor”
  11. Smh….how is Karen misogynistic at all?? Cause it specifically references a female who acts in a certain manner? In no way does the word absolve men who act similar, it’s just female and race specific. So are all terms that are female gender specific misogynistic or only ones that call out ignorant behavior? I’ve seen white men call a white woman a Karen. Only Karens or those who empathize with them get offended by the term. Karen is that you? Lol…couldn't resist 😂
  12. First of all, he definitely DID cite his age as the culprit. He also admitted it was dumb and took responsibility (didn’t try to make it out to be an ok thing to do or lie and say he was hacked or a friend did it). Also, not all of those were rap lyrics. Josh used the n word as if he were in regular conversation. Now imo Josh Allen is clearly not racist. I, for one, care mostly about the intent of a comment or quote rather than the comment or quote itself. Now with that said, simply saying somebody was “only” quoting a TV show or entertainer…as if that absolves them of any responsibility, doesn’t make it ok. What does make it ok is when there was zero malice behind it. Considering everything I’ve learned about Josh and his upbringing…he wasnt being racist with any of it. From how I read it, the “if it ain’t white it ain’t right” comment was in response to somebody asking Josh “why is he so white?” Now, especially if that question was asked by a black person, the clap back was perfect. A fitting quote from a tv show and we know how Josh likes to quote movies and tv shows. It’s basically smack talk and a retort to a question that was racially motivated but I’m sure not in a racist way. He used a tv show quote as a clap back and It doesn’t offend me at all. And let’s face it…almost all white kids, rural or urban, who like rap, quote the n word. Most only exclusively verbally or direct messaging, not publicly posting it…definitely a stupid move by a kid thinking only his twitter followers would ever see it. But there are PLENTY video of white kids calling each other the n word in general conversation …NOT CAUSE THEYRE RACIST….actually the opposite. They think it’s cool, they like black culture and are emulating it. It’s not coming from any place of hate. In conclusion, while I don’t condone white people using the n word, I don’t count is as automatically racist if they do. You have to consider who the person is and the context. Hip hop culture has had a huge influence on millions of white kids of different age groups…you can’t be influential and expect not to be emulated. The n word is part of the culture and we (my fellow black people) have created the culture and allowed that word to remain active so this is what comes along with it. So until we start getting offended by our own people using the words in music, we can’t be offended by the people who made it as big as it is (white people) quoting the lyrics and wanting to talk to each other how black people do in hip hop culture movies. Just my take.
  13. I’m sure to her reckless driving is same as DWB. You cant believe any claims made by a racist. They’ll look for anything we do wrong and exaggerate anything slightly close to being an offense. Probably totally overlooking her own kids issues as they plot the next mass shooting. TO has zero documented history (tiko) of being some reckless driver.
  14. Total salute to Josh's parents. I mean let's dig a little deeper here and give credit to where it may have been missed. I often think of the story that describes how Josh's dad would often do mock interviews with his son as if he were a pro athlete really in that situation. This started when Josh was single digits! His parents had this man TOTALLY prepared to handle this life he now lives. Josh actually grew up as if he KNEW this was coming. That's why now after the success he is an obvious natural at handling it all in stride. It has EVERYTHING to do with preparation which started with mom and dad. Big salute to them!
  15. IMO opinion he would have needed a great preseason to be considered poach worthy by any NFL team. To take what you’ve seen out of him so far and add him to your final 53 would be crazy. I give it a 0% chance. And aren’t we limited on how many returnable IRs we can do a year? If he is healthy before the season we should cut em, put him on PS WHEN (not if) he clears waivers, then he can practice right away and we don’t waste a designation.
  16. If he is healthy before the year starts why IR him like he wouldn’t clear waivers and come right back to our practice squad? No team is going to sign that guy.
  17. So he came out and did a Josh Allen like hurdle over Benford? I think I translated that right.
  18. Back to the practice squad you go…. Woulda been that way regardless…
  19. only that’s not splitting the difference. The NFL wanted 17 games and the judge gave him 6. That’s a difference of a whopping 11 games. Splitting that would be 11-12 games
  20. Dalvin entered the league 10 pounds heavier than James did. James is an inch taller and his combine time was faster. He can easily add weight next offseason if it’s determined that would make him more effective. James averaged the same 6.5 ypc as Dalvin did in college. However he had 1/3 as many carries so he is entering the league with much more tread on his tires. Both were 2nd round picks. I actually think he has a legit shot to be BETTER than Dalvin!
  21. Keyshawn Johnson is dedicated to being the last one off the hill
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