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  1. Then sounds like his girlfriend is doing a good job so far...
  2. Ha! No just someone who is a diehard Bills fan I witnessed start out with a camera and a dream. Would spend his last dollar to make it out to a road game and spend hours to get in position for the ***** he needed. Fast forward a couple years, he is now a team insider and go to photographer for even many Bills players personal engagements. Just an awesome story and wonderful thing to witness happen for a guy who truly deserves it.
  3. Joe Croom (no relation to Jason Croom) who gets all this exclusive access and is an awesome photographer and soon videographer is my boy and I'm so proud to see him get his shine. He has put in YEARS of dedicated work to get to this point. He is living his dream.
  4. I would take Clowney on this defense for sure! Give him $15 million on a 1 year deal. If he truly believes in himself he would know he could come here and SHINE then command what he really wants next year. To me, this would be a perfect storm for him. Top rated defense, great D line already, playoff team who just upgraded their roster. A no brainer. I think adding Clowney would push us over the top. Fresh legs ALL game attacking the passer. We would give nightmares to every O Coordinator we face!
  5. Really? This is news to me. Can you provide a few examples cause most hold outs Im aware of are between players and the team who drafted them.
  6. Actually the Bill's fanbase doesn't look bad at all. We are highly respected and considered a top fanbase and the name Bills Mafia looks bad to who? Old "get off my lawn!" guys who nobody wants to hear the opinion of.
  7. It's such a mental job. You never know how these guys will handle the NFL stage especially when the game is on the line. And even vets like Hauschka have mental slumps so yeah...the bad feeling I have is probably cause I trust no unproven kicker.
  8. Josh pretty much outshined the other 2 in all ways possible. I loved the line where he said playing video games is the only thing Darnold is better than him at. His charisma was on point as always and he had the better answers to Romos questions. Jish is an easy guy to fall in love with. . SIDEBAR I didnt realize how much of a punchable face Romo has. That smirk he was doing almost the whole show got really annoying by the halfway mark.
  9. Kyle Orton was no Pro Bowler but was actually one of the better QBs we had during the drought era. Top 5 for sure...which aint saying much I know...
  10. For some reason I have a bad feeling about this guy. Not sure what it is...just pure gut feeling that he isnt gonna be very good.
  11. So because he has shown consistent improvement his first 2 years means he can have any kind of year 3 (with the most talented roster the Bills have had in a long time) and he is still the unquestioned starter?? No! He has to still show continuous improvement to keep that title as UNQUESTIONED starter. If he were to regress (guess what?? This happens sometimes in the NFL) then his future would be in question and McBeane would have to start considering other options where as this year that was nowhere in their mental. Btw...3 is no arbitrary number. Year 3 is generally accepted as the year the baby needs to be produced whether it be a coaching staff or QB. With all that said....I have big faith in Josh and feel 95% sure in my mind he will keep improving and may even "arrive" this year. But that doesn't take away my viewpoint that this is a make or break year when it comes to his role as unquestioned starter
  12. Awesome...2 examples out of possible hundreds...thanks for proving my point. Nothing is gonna be 100%. So because I say a statement like "you are who you are after 3 seasons" I guess for the technical guy like you I should say "98% of the time" first.
  13. Coaching is HUGE in the NFL, moreso than probably any other sport. That doesnt worry me at all about this team. WRONG...Im a huge Josh fan and would bet good money he solidifies himself as our franchise QB. Just playing devil's advocate to defend my statement. I do consider opposing views and can see why some would disagree with it being a make it or break it year (mainly cause of how you define it) but in the same vain, how can you look at my opposing view and consider it absurd. This is not the 80's or 90's it's the 20's and in this modern day microwave and age you should know that with all the upgrades coupled with it being year 3 as a starter, THIS IS A HUGE YEAR FOR JOSH. I expect he will be close to his ceiling this year with only room left for marginal improvements.
  14. Ummm...seems like some folks get pretty sensitive when it comes to Josh. After 3 years of starting, you are who you are. Sure you can slightly improve in one area or another but please tell me what QB AFTER 3 YEARS OF STARTING wasn't who they were going to be? If Josh shows no improvement this season and is making the same mistakes all year that he made last year, still doesnt get his deep ball together, etc...You better believe all options would be on the table to bring in competition next year. Conversely, if he comes in this season and shows he is still improving and ups that completion percentage and hits deep balls t an acceptable rate, QB WILL NOT be considered for upgrade next offseason. Injuries and wins/losses dont matter. He can still be independently evaluated regardless. Right now he is the unquestioned starter. THAT IS ON THE LINE THIS YEAR. He can totally solidify this or tear it apart. This is the first year he faces this type situation. That is why I call it make it or break it! I understand you may not agree with that but don't attack my assessment as if its utterly ridiculous or as you called it "unusually bad take."
  15. This whole thing reminds me of the new Netflix move "The Wrong Missy" airplane scene when he wakes up from his dog tranquilizer. MUST SEE COMEDY for those who like to laugh...
  16. When I say make it or break it I mean as far as the job being locked in as his. If he has a great year and shows he is the real deal he could afford to have a bad year the season after and still remain the undisputed starter. If he has a bad season this year (btw I dont see that happening AT ALL) then his whole future would be questioned. To me that is make it or break it. I know to others that phrase is reserved to meaning in jeopardy of being fired or cut but I see it differently.
  17. This is a make it or break it year for Josh. If he cant start putting points on the board with the surrounding cast he has, they have to start considering bringing in competition, You really think their mind is made up? Sure they believe in him and are confident...but Mcbeane are not some homers who wear rose colored glasses...they know the jury is still out.
  18. Well not quite...but we did get ranked #6! The Bucs won the offseason according to this article. Each team gets ranked with summaries of what went right, what went wrong, what the team could have done better and what's left to do. Not a fan of how they hedged their bets on the Josh Norman signing, putting it under both what went right AND what went wrong sections. I also disagree with their take on Moss...but besides that, pretty cool stuff and I think #6 is fair. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29180831/ranking-2020-nfl-offseasons-worst-first-barnwell-all-32-teams#BUF Here is a snippet: 6. Buffalo Bills What went right: The Bills loaded up on defensive linemen and might have the NFL's deepest line. While Shaq Lawson and Jordan Phillips left in free agency, Buffalo signed former Panthers Mario Addison and Vernon Butler, added Quinton Jefferson and then used their top selection on AJ Epenesa. Another former Panthers player joined the organization when Buffalo signed cornerback Josh Norman to a one-year, $6 million deal. Given how frequently defenders have improved after joining the Bills, the Norman deal could turn out to be a valuable flier for Sean McDermott & Co. The headline move, of course, was trading four selections to the Vikings for star wideout Stefon Diggs. I saw it as a win for both sides, and I like the Bills taking a risk to add a guy who is one of the most talented receivers in football when healthy. In addition to making this team better in 2020, Diggs should make it easier for the organization to make up its mind about third-year quarterback Josh Allen by the end of the season. McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane also supplemented Allen's offensive line by bringing back Quinton Spain and signing Daryl Williams, another former Panthers player, to a one-year deal.
  19. I didn't realize this. Beane is a true Wizard! Of course there is no way to keep this going for much longer but wow, what a young, talented, cap-friendly team we have. We are set up to be contenders for years to come. I am hoping to see Patriot like dominance in this division and in the NFL for the next 2 decades. WE DESERVE IT!!!
  20. Insert Aaron Rodgers to this roster and we win a Superbowl (if we stay relatively healthy). I love Josh as much as the next guy but Dumb move not to make that trade. A proven top 5 all time QB with a few years left (had no help in GB...clearly still has it tho) VS a QB who most of us love but the jury is still out on? No brainer when you have this roster we have. If we were rebuilding then it would be a NO. Does any doubt that Brady in his prime doesnt take this team all the way???
  21. Cause he is country? 🤷🏾‍♂️
  22. It was clear to me he was happy (or at least looked to be happy) with where he was going...it was his family who didn't seem very enthused.
  23. Devin didn't get the ball as much as he should have...but when he did he was top 3 in the whole league in YPC. If Moss can come in and do even close to that...we will have the best duo in the league.
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