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  1. He would have to actually be hurt. You can’t get away with IR’ing a guy for disciplinary reasons
  2. I would take em back in a heartbeat at this point!
  3. It’s reminding me of Pats fans but we have zero hardware to even start acting this way. Very disappointed in us as a whole.
  4. Ok so you expected them to right the ship with an injury and limited practice time? And “struggling” has equated to a top NFL offense over this last stretch with the injury and lack of practices. So the whole point is….what does that tell you???
  5. No way you watched that whole pod and came away with this take. And no Joe isn’t just an average fan. He is an insider who is neck deep in football for a living. If you heard the pod you’d know this. Jordan Palmer doesn’t have conversations with average fans. He has a ton of interviews with coaches and players. The man knows what he’s talking about….you on the other hand…
  6. This subject This very subject was discussed on the Locked On Bills podcast. The video below will play right when this very situation is being discussed. He agreed with the OP.
  7. Ok but we can assume had he started his rookie season while being coached up he likely would have at least matched Josh’s rookie season he got coached up. Especially considering he’d have 50 TD passes the next season, his first as a starter. Look, Josh just being on the list is a huge accomplishment but the start to his career is not better than Mahomes…and not even considering the accolades. Pure stat wise. Allen overcame an up and down rookie year in an amazing way to be on this list. I’d just like to celebrate the actual accomplishment and not the exaggerated version.
  8. Wrong. Mahomes has 179 TDs with 7 games left in his 5th season as a starter. Everyone on that list except Mahomes became starters their rookie season. It’s a BS comparison…let’s be real.
  9. You discussing the offense shows you should watch the pod. We’ve had the #2 productive offense over the last 3 games so far. The defense is the issue and you simply can’t expect the Bills to be dominant with all that he makes clear. We are a resilient bunch who has dominated games or been in them til the last drive. All while dealing with major things to overcome. So many Bills fans are behaving like spoiled Pats fans who feel they should dominate every week despite the reality of the circumstances.
  10. There is a difference between excuses and legitimate reasons for things. Nobody is saying what other NFL teams care about. It’s rational explanations for why we look how we do and why most gloom and doom posters are overreacting.
  11. 100% the coaches decision. Mahomes didn’t magically become who he is sitting behind Alex Smith, getting no game experience nor first team reps. If he was thrown in game 1 he’d have that record. That’s why it’s hard for me to feel good appreciating it. You and everyone else can feel however you want about the specific record but to me, actual games started is what this type of record should be measured by.
  12. Joe Marino posts a ton of content but his postgame pod for the Bills Lions Thanksgiving game deserves it’s own thread. So many members of the Mafia are upset, confused, and discouraged right now. The way he breaks down exactly what’s going on is masterful and he hits the nail on the head on point after point. One of his firsts points is simply the fact that Josh has had only a few practices for these last 3 games starting with just one limited practice before the Vikings game. How the lack of practice sessions have stunted the ability to get Hines installed in the offense properly. How, despite how none of us are in love with the way the Bills offense or Josh is playing right now, we still rank #2 in the league in average points and yards per game over these last 3 ugly games. He touches on so much more including a lot dealing with the defense and most key players individually. I love his perspective and feel most Bills fans would appreciate this content.
  13. Everyone in the record books had different levels of teammate talent. My point is that FIRST X AMOUNT OF GAMES STARTED is the better measuring stick for a record like this. Or else you can say things like Zach Wilson ranked waaaay higher than Aaron Rodgers on most TDs in first 2 seasons. Allen has plenty of legit records but to me this isn’t one. Just my imo.
  14. How many did Mahomes have in his first 5 years as a starter 🤔 I’m a huge Josh fan but don’t like stats that are misleading. Josh will end up with the record but if it was changed to first 5 seasons as a full time starter, without looking, I’m sure it’s Mahomes by a landslide
  15. Maybe he was drunk 🤷🏾‍♂️ He definitely was rambling more than usual but I always felt he rambles more than he should. That Dane Jackson quote was terrible tho!
  16. Great news! If he could be back in time for the playoff run that would be amazing. Won’t get my hopes up tho…
  17. Didn’t they make extra millions off unexpected ticket sales and concession stands?
  18. Things can change and he end up playing some in the first pats game but he for sure is out for Thursday.
  19. Unfortunately, my sources are telling me Tre will miss the next two games and return during one of the two games after that.
  20. Bates on the wrong side is probably the problem.
  21. So Josh just wasn’t on this week or the podcast didn’t happen? I tried to find but wasn’t successful.
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