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  1. Many pages of conjecture on the Hopkins romance, and I, for one, think he'd be great for us. Seriously, what defense could possibly cover all the speed and all-around weapons that we'd have? But what do we do if the Hopkins trade falls through? We really really should have a fallback plan/target. What are realistic options?
  2. I haven't found any pricing for the stand alone NFL service. I am interested because my housing area requires a TV subscription with Spectrum. I'd hate to pay that subscription, offering a couple hundred channels, then go with a full Youtube subscription. Any advice?
  3. We know that he is a very fine LB, but top five salary in our financial dilemma? IMO, maybe, but we have other needs which we won't get to if we pay him like $22M or so. Draft, or trade for a bruiser as a replacement; sure, you give up coverage over the middle, but you have to put a legitimate value on Edmunds vs significantly increased abilities on the OL, and then RB, S, DL (again) and plenty of legitimate backups.
  4. Chiefs beat the Bengals, Bengals beat the Bills, and Bills beat the Chiefs. Go figger!🤔
  5. Boy, do I ever disagree. IMHO Herbstreit is knowledgeable and adequate, but a bit boring in his delivery. OTOH Michaels has totally lost whatever he may have one had. It just seems to me that it's as if the producers told him not to put any emotion into good plays. He describes a 30 had run with the same emphasis as a 3 yarder. He has lost it!
  6. Once he got going he was something like 18-21 on his passing and we scored on 5 straight drives.
  7. He is a what? six year veteran pro bowler. If he can't get ready after being cleared to play 3 or 4 weeks ago, is just might be mental.
  8. Hey, I'm a homer and been loving and defending my team for many years. I'm usually always in a player's corner when he may be questioned for underperforming; but this thing with Tre has gone on too long. The latest reports now have him fully healthy but perhaps not too confident of his health/current abilities. He's getting paid a ton of money and it's time to earn it now when the team really need him. The pass defense is getting abused big time. It's time for Tre to show up and help out.
  9. I have no problem thinking that our #1 & #2 wideouts are fine, and the same goes for TE, but what in the world do we do about the slot? When we had Beasley it seemed that when needed Josh could look his way for 6 or 8 yards anyway. Not anymore. Now what? What is the problem? Who is the man? 🤥
  10. We need to get Tre and Poyer back ASAP. Maybe some here haven't noticed but our pass defense is FAILING. Isn't there a reasonable chance that Tre may perform better in a game than in practice?
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