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  1. Hodgins played 8 ST snaps Saturday and credited with one assist. Not too shabby. Seems to me they just might be grooming him.
  2. I think what you're missing is WHY did they sign him. If his return average stinks and he is just plain embarrassing as a WR, then just why did the Bills bring him in? Bills hierachy just plain stupid? Or maybe they see very high possibilities, like what he's showing in the workouts now.
  3. Uh, they didn't have a 3rd LB on the team; not a "starting" one, anyway. I'm thinking our "undersized LB" fills am important spot just fine.
  4. Badly handled, huh? With 3 picks we got a potentially great CB, a speedy and super fast and athletic pass receiving RB, and a small, but highly productive LB (does 20 tackles, 2 sacks in a bowl game ring a bell). I think that we have done just fine thus far.
  5. Davis is now in his 3rd season. How many seasons does it take to "progress and grow"? Methinks 2 years is plenty for a WR!
  6. There is a lot to be said for that idea. If you get an "unstoppable" offense, well hell, that will win most games.
  7. I'm originally from Buffalo, been a Bills fan since '59 (when they were admitted into the AFL as an original team), now live in Melbourne and I have the NFL package and watch every Sunday with my 2 sons. We are BIG Bills fans!!
  8. 11 TDs counting the postseason, and please keep in mind all the other high class receivers on the team. Not enough footballs to go around to keep everybody in synch with high class production. But be assurred that he is, in fact, high class.
  9. My 2 cents. First of all most are saying 4.45 isn't fast; well, it is. But really, it seems apparent he's faster than that with 4.3s galore in college. Then, yeah, he fumbled, but lots of rookies get nervous their first couple of times out. IMO he needs a BIG look in training camp this year because he IS fast and has big potential.
  10. After the splash that Miami just made with Tyreek Hill............ gimme Jameson Williams!! Look, put it this way, it's only a wait of a few weeks before he'll become available to play, and when he does nobody, but Nobody, will be able to cover our wideouts. And with Josh throwing the ball, well, the Offense will literally be unstoppable.
  11. That's bull crap! Fans pay the players and coaches; if anyone deserves an explanation, we do!!
  12. The halftime entertainment? Welp, I did get to spend a half hour watching Fox and Newsmax. Gotta be kidding! Seems to me that most NFL fans just might prefer something else! 🤢
  13. Yes, going for 2 and not making it would have SEEMED terrible, but think about it for a second. Let's say that we were 2 pts ahead in the last 13 seconds, doesn't it seem logical that we would have played tighter at the end, thinking that by allowing that yardage would result in a LOSS rather than a tie. Sure, a tie is a bummer but better than an immediate loss!
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