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  1. 2014? Unless a “generation” is only 5 years to you.
  2. Always liked Walker, but it seems that his injuries are now chronic - I don’t see any upside in signing him at this point of his career. That said, If Beane wants to bring him in for a comprehensive workout (whenever that’s allowed again) I’m okay with it. I highly doubt Beane and McD will find a reason to sign him though.
  3. He would have to stay out of trouble for longer than 10 whole months for me to be on board with that.
  4. it doesn’t appear so. I believe the deal is contingent on that reinstatement.
  5. Was it a typo, or did he really think it was spelled that way 🤔🤔🤔
  6. Knox did a lot of good things you’d want to see out of a top tight end. But as far as “love” goes, he’ll get the love when he cuts his drop rate in half. Not gonna rep for this guy like he’s the second coming of tony gonzales yet.
  7. That’s cool, even if a little rote. Pretty much the same as his pressers so i say 👍 i suppose.
  8. This is worse than the threads forcing nicknames. Just let it be. Not everything has to be a “trend” let them play a little together first.
  9. Yeah speed, power and one (possibly two) arthritic knees. Guess you left that part out. Maybe you forgot.
  10. See all those pinned threads on the front page announcing all these FA signings? Bills aren’t getting any comp picks.
  11. That account cited here is a borderline troll account. Not reliable in the slightest. Not criticizing the OP, just a FYI.
  12. Nah unless you’re talking about claypool and converting him to TE (which, granted, he is already doing) I still think it’s DE and RB. A RT would not be bad either
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