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  1. yeah it’s not a good look being that one dimensional but they’re a passing team now. i am way, way more concerned with their complete inability to cover tight ends. The Bills zone D has problems that good teams like KC can exploit all day long.
  2. Dude this moronic take of yours needs to stop. Wins and losses are not individual stats. And now you’re moving the goalposts as well. If you can’t put together a more coherent argument then stay out of the conversation. You’re embarrassing.
  3. i hope you’re not referring to Louis Riddick.
  4. Absolutely ridiculous. That failson owner is burning that franchise to the ground.
  5. eh i mean he’s been okay. Not sure he’s underrated. For a guy that averaged around 30% of defensive snaps this season (a depth guy) he’s been more than expected I suppose. Unsung hero? Lol no man what are you watching?
  6. i am baffled as to how they landed on this guy. They better hire some excellent coordinators under him or this could get ugly fast (even by Lions’ standards.)
  7. Blast from the (recent) past. Didn’t think he’d ever get another permanent GM post. He did win executive of the year or whatever the award is called. 10 years ago.
  8. same guy that ran that fake bills insider twitter account back in the day? 🤔 name is so familiar.
  9. texans may be on frazier. No worries, we play mcdermott’s defense anyways
  10. That’s pretty good news if the Bills want to keep the coaching staff together. Very nice
  11. ah i got you i apologize. I mean a cool brand would be better than a lame one.
  12. subway, buick, some random insurance company? Who cares?
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