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  1. Bro you know nothing of what JW’s job requires or entails. @GunnerBill tried to explain it before Wawrow hopped into the thread but I guess you still don’t get it. Not my job to explain it any further. JW wasn’t being petty he was trying to educate shaw in how stupid he sounded in this thread. That’s it. And again, as I’ve said to @Shaw66 already, I love his stuff especially the recaps. I can tell he actually watches the games and understands football, unlike @Virgil
  2. I am not trying to argue either like I said your posts are excellent. This take not so much.
  3. i completely understand your point of view on the reporting even if I disagree. I replied to the “lalala” post that doesn’t express any POV except pettiness.
  4. wow all that legal lecturing and then you throw an “endite” in there 🤡.
  5. well no you miss an pretty important fact - JW said that because Allen and others said it was buttoned up and handled “inside the team” back in OTAs or whenever he addressed it. Between then and now? Multiple Beasley meltdowns on twitter. So what Allen said didn’t really hold for Beasley did it (or Hughes, or Feliciano, for that matter.) I do think you are right that once camp starts they’ll be saying less about this, but the whole point was why are reporters being shut down trying to ask questions when some players just turn around and go on the offensive about Covid stuff?
  6. Pretty much exactly that - laborers in the Carolinas produced a lot of tar and pitch for the shipping industry back in the day.
  7. She is being hired by The Buffalo News, not ESPN (or so I thought.) edit: nevermind I see what you meant now. Yeah MLJ is awesome not sure what that poster is on about. Still has nightmares about Rodak apparently. Time to move on.
  8. it’s pretty close though, isn’t it? And your 2nd paragraph is pure racism. But at least you got that dumb hat! Do you think wahoo s*** isn’t still being sold all over the place just because the team disowned it a couple years ago? No. The team had to make this change.
  9. Well there’s the hornets, yellow jackets, bees…and I think there is a college somewhere with the spiders. Edit: yeah U of Richmond are the spiders. also yes. There’s boll weevils(!) too apparently.
  10. That’s fine - plenty of Clevelanders aren’t particularly hot on the new name either. As for the “of traffic” part - it makes more sense if you remember these things are carved into a bridge. Lol. Why stop there? Why not use that big galaxy brain of yours and conjure up an entire alternate reality to live in. You’d never have to worry about concepts like “change” and “facts” ever again.
  11. defense isn’t played in baseball? Good god man. And the connection to the city is clear. Read the thread.
  12. The name is clearly a nod to the giant guardian statues everyone sees flanking the highway as you enter Cleveland. Here’s a picture if you’re interested at all in learning something. These art deco statues on the Hope Memorial Bridge are the inspiration for the name and logo.
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