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  1. I see no problems with Roberts. As sure-handed a returner as you can find. Made several long returns this season. I think delusional duke syndrome affected a lot of the hate thrown his way. Roberts is well worth the money they paid him.
  2. i don’t think anyone’s denying that he’s running on empty now. But some people are hopping in this thread claiming that he was always overrated and never did anything. That’s just objectively false. And I hope Reid activates him too - Shady can’t be any worse than Darwin Thompson. He’s been horrendous (although he may be good down the road.) absolutely. Imagine rooting for Kyle Shanahan and Nick Bosa over McCoy, Mahomes and Andy Reid. No thanks. KC by 30.
  3. Nah i rather question the guy claiming he’s overrated simply because he “never really liked the guy.”
  4. really? By some metrics McCoy was the best running back of the last decade.
  5. very good point. And the OP seems to have completely ignored what happened earlier in the day with KC.
  6. lots of different ways to win. what SF did was just one way. That said, if the Bills were to go your route I wouldn’t mind, mainly because I don’t think Allen is very good (yet.)
  7. Put simply, their roles are completely different. Because they're asked to do different things, the skillsets and size requirements are completely different. There’s a few tweener guys that can play both. Neither of these guys are those.
  8. we’ll see. I’m getting a bit tired of kicking productive talent out the door simply because they excelled at their job and now want to get paid what they’re worth.
  9. sure. I think Star plays the 1 better than Jordan because that’s Star’s position, and it’s not Phillips’ position.
  10. harrison is a 1 tech, jordan a 3. So they can’t “swap.” Oliver is jordan’s replacement.
  11. Yikes. That’s not how it works at all. Believe it or not, there’s more to it than simply where the tackle lines up on the line.
  12. excellent. That’s what i figured but others said there was only a single flag thrown. The 3 second clip didn’t fool me.
  13. well yeah of course. As opposed to what though? I missed the comparison if you had one that’s all.
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