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  1. Did White think they were going to hang 40 on everyone every week? God I hate him so much. Anyways I think the 2 contributors holding the offense back have been weather and the offensive line. We all knew the line’s run blocking was suspect, but the pass blocking seems to have regressed some too.
  2. Boger and his crew are one of the worst in the game. Just completely inconsistent every game they crew. Should’ve been fired years ago.
  3. multiple tips, and multiple drops. But I don’t think it’s a trend. 3-1? No not concerned.
  4. he’s been playing out of his mind the last couple weeks. But yes, he’s a stud thank god they extended him.
  5. there’s a reason they play defense. Nit-pick all you want the balance of his play so far far outweighs that drop. Clown take.
  6. You know it’s just an alt account of an existing troll. I have guesses.
  7. I swear when I listen to the morning show I always hear a couple that sound half in the bag. At 7:30am. On a Tuesday.
  8. shocking how many people did not get your sarcasm here.
  9. if people just gave to good causes they care about quietly with some dignity then there’d be nothing to criticize would there be? No we need to tell everybody we donated to join in on the fun. Post our receipt from the website to virtue signal.
  10. man throwing out some bad vibes my Italian friend.
  11. Yep. And like clockwork: reply after reply of people posting their donation confirmation in here. Exactly what I was saying earlier in the thread. It’s crass, insincere and embarrassing. And this account is probably the biggest promoter of these stunts.
  12. you’re not missing anything. You’re just cherry picking and exhibiting a false sense of superiority. You’re just as bad as them.
  13. there’s a contingent of bills fans that would act exactly the same way if it was Allen. Exactly.
  14. Misplaced trust also allows fraudsters to operate. And the non-profit sector is riddled with them. Again, do whatever you want with your money. But putting a little more effort into research and a little less faith in trust can help ensure your money is actually helping someone else.
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