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  1. all that was asked of you was to provide some examples of Hyde’s deteriorating play, since you’re being so critical of it and claiming Poyer is constantly bailing him out. If you can’t do that (and the Baltimore play sure didn’t look like his fault, so you’re 0/1 great job) then I suppose you deserve “jerky” replies. Personally I think you don’t know what you’re looking at.
  2. no you’re spot on actually. The coaches and front office brought these guys on it is partially on them for being pretty terrible out there.
  3. Thread should be titled “don’t pay QBs...except in the case of W, X, Y or Z” really. Pretty big hedging going on for such a spicy take of a title.
  4. Not too excited about the signing but hey maybe it keeps Klein off the field on defense. He’s...not been good.
  5. Bills fans lead the league in persecution and inferiority complexes, and it’s not even a close race. The cringeworthy crap that gets posted here almost daily is evidence enough to that fact.
  6. Just saw this news here 8 hours ago. Check the board before you post and if you post news provide a link
  7. I’ll take Poe but Worley is more likely to hurt than help.
  8. So dwell on it now and make excuses. That’ll certainly prevent the league from doing it again in the future. 🙄
  9. I mean, that’s nice I am not a fan of murphy but I doubt they get anything of immediate value for him.
  10. I wouldn’t rush to judgment against the jets without crowder. He’s earned a shot to keep the job though.
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