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  1. yes exactly. It’s all just wishful thinking and pining for them good ol’ days. There is no real argument there, he just wants to complain, especially since “muh tax dollars” and they didn’t get exactly what they wanted. “But we have SO much fresh water here!” now it’s mid-2023. I’d be surprised if there were any shovels in the ground before August.
  2. depends on what your definition of “mid-2023” is. I would say March is the very early end of that window.
  3. I was curious to see how long it took before the 🤡 takes started rolling in.
  4. I live in Buffalo too. I’ve also lived in Boston. No one complained about the stadium in Foxborough, beyond the obvious complaints about traffic. Especially when they were winning all the time, everything was cool.
  5. exactly what it would do if it was downtown. Keep the team in Buffalo. That’s ALL it does I have no more words for you people that don’t understand it. Christ.
  6. More hypotheticals. And no, it wouldn’t.
  7. Yes, it is. They don’t drive development either way, so it doesn’t matter where they put it. Sorry you don’t like it.
  8. again, that’s your speculation, which is not backed up by economic studies. So believe what you want I suppose. A Bills stadium downtown would not impact the redevelopment going on down there right now or in the future.
  9. And a football stadium that’s used a dozen times a year down there is that much more additive to these current developments? No, it’s not. And hordes of suburbanites are not going to trek into downtown to eat on a random Thursday just because they can see the stadium from the window.
  10. apparently so. Makes no sense to me. Atlanta as a city didn’t improve because they got rid of the Georgia Dome and built a new stadium that looks like a giant metal anus from the sky. And since that was built, still no one cares about the Falcons. And Atlanta is still Atlanta, which Buffalo will never be. It made zero impact on the team popularity or the city as a whole.
  11. yeah I have to agree. If I look at the recent outliers to this, Hockenson was a 1 and has already been traded. Pitts could be very good but we don’t know yet because he doesn’t have a QB and they won’t use him correctly.
  12. I don’t really know what the question here is. No, the new stadium is just going to be a football stadium that will host some high school championships and a few concerts a year. So what. if they built a covered stadium in downtown Buffalo for $2B+, plus got another $2B+ for necessary infrastructure improvements to put it down there, it would still be a football stadium that hosts some high school championships and a few concerts a year.
  13. I absolutely am a rap fan and yeah his stuff is bad.
  14. don’t sell him short - he’s put out several bad rap albums.
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