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  1. funny how you clearly explained that you were looking at the past 2 seasons and this replyguy claims it’s been a 4 year excuse.
  2. he’s been inconsistent game to game yes but overall is trending up.
  3. probably sign one and draft at least two.
  4. At least I’m not permanently aggrieved and constantly whining.
  5. boo hoo. You could bail on all of it ya know. Just watch the games. Newsflash: the Chiefs are the standard bearers right now - they’ve won back to back titles. All NFL teams, especially AFC contending teams like the Bills, will be compared to them. If you just can’t handle that without whinging about it maybe football’s not for you. if in-depth Bills-only coverage attracted enough eyeballs to make money for national NFL media outlets, guess what? You’d be seeing it. Seriously what are we even doing here anymore. Just manbaby central.
  6. man, how many threads in the last 2 weeks have been dedicated to this now? I lost count.
  7. can’t even get the guy’s name right when posting a dupe thread. What a treasure you are here. Post more
  8. So McGovern played an entire season at C in college correct? But none since then?
  9. still a decent chance of that happening. That’s a much longer process and negotiation than just doing this simple restructure. Beane can just do it on his own.
  10. The “responsible” pit owners in this thread and around the country really won’t be persuaded by the mountains of evidence that these dogs are dangerous and potentially deadly. And that’s due to two things - ignorance and arrogance. The fact that some owners believe that any amount of correct training and acclimation can drive out all instincts that have been bred into certain breeds of dogs over generations and generations is frankly laughable and childishly naive.
  11. well put. And of course nothing here was going to approach SoFi - it ended up costing almost $6B.
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