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  1. Lol. It seems a little more serious than that. I don’t think a plane ticket out of Vegas is going to cure all that’s ailing him.
  2. Kincaid certainly has the talent - it’s on Dorsey and, to a lesser extent, Allen to design opportunities for him and get him the ball.
  3. Spoiler alert - They aren’t going to score 50 every week. The offense has been plenty good
  4. Certainly not you! Hasn’t stopped you from polluting this place with wrong takes along with an irrational impulse to defend them at all costs.
  5. they yanked Tua too with 14 min left. They also were running the ball a lot. Denver was inept in all phases.
  6. Regular season game record I believe - which is 72 as you stated.
  7. Guess the new owners haven’t revised Snyder‘s pricing models yet.
  8. Not sure walking into a great situation is on him. He may be average by any number of metrics, but he came in and didn’t immediately screw up.
  9. Absolute bomb by the giant’s punter
  10. The ol’ bend don’t break.
  11. if we ran Shanahan’s offense we probably would
  12. semantics. You know as well as anyone Kincaid’s strengths and what he’s being asked to do at this point in the offense. He’s a pass catcher.
  13. I understand and agree with that. Gonna be tough sledding tonight though.
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