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  1. yes you’re right and I’d argue that application of precedent is completely a**-backwards considering the relative harm involved.
  2. Agreed. There’s been a lot of comparisons to the Big Ben case, for example, but that was years ago. The gambling suspension recently handed down is much more instructive - it should at least be 2 seasons (and then inevitably adjusted) given the comparative harm to both people (Ridley didn’t hurt anyone physically or emotionally games that he wasn’t a participant in) and reputation (the NFL has already full-throatedly endorsed gambling on sports, putting gambling parlors in their actual places of business. Same can’t be said for Watson’s (alleged) conduct.)
  3. only reason I can think of for that process not having begun already is other owners are scared of Snyder going nuclear and airing out league secrets that he’s privy to. He is a vindictive little worm after all.
  4. yes agreed - not sure why they wouldn’t just do full helmet wraps either.
  5. AFAIK, they do use multiple wraps on the same helmet. They only use wraps for the logos though. So, for example, the same standard white helmet is used for the base Bills helmet as well as the throwback standing Buffalo logo helmet. They just can’t re-wrap an entire helmet in a entirely different color, hence that’s why the red helmet could not be used until this coming season (need two helmets.)
  6. feelin’ like you haven’t seen the whole schedule.
  7. Well no one was saying the Minkah deal would end up as a Poyer “dealbreaker,” and no one was saying he would get a similar term. It’s affects what Poyer and his people would ask for. That’s it.
  8. Whenever the top of the market gets reset it affects everything underneath. You do understand that, right?
  9. He’s certainly not an “all-timer” and I don’t think there’s many here saying that he is, as you claim. But he’s definitely at his peak value coming off his first all-pro selection. The only thing working against him is age.
  10. really gonna beat your poor attempt at being funny into the ground huh?
  11. Appreciate how on script he’s being I guess.
  12. well if he’s titling his videos like that without ever asserting anything close then I have even less respect for him or his opinions.
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