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  1. Gurley has two arthritic knees, that’s maybe one (or two?) reasons the Bills (or any other team) isn’t bringing him in. yeah, a running game. Like that stellar running game they had last year when they were one game from the super bowl. 🤔
  2. That I’m not sure, definitely gotta watch the replays a bunch more. It was close.
  3. Posted it above. Since it was not recovered by Allen (it went out of bounds) it is not advanced.
  4. So yeah the immaculate deception rule: Chargers fans have referred to the play as the Immaculate Deception ever since, and after the 1978 season, the NFL instituted the current rule that a forward fumble in the last two minutes of play (or on fourth down) can only be advanced, if recovered by the fumbling team, by the player who originally fumbled.
  5. Honestly, there looked to be open receivers all over the field that josh missed tonight. Granted, not solely his fault, he had some pressure consistently. But yeah, he missed a bunch.
  6. I think the rules are different in the last two minutes of the game on balls fumbled forward and out of bounds. Not sure gonna have to look it up…I think that’s the case though.
  7. Honestly, and this is mean to say, but I think many of the these color commentators especially are kinda dumb. They’re given talking points before the game by producers or behind the camera analysis (“Derrick Henry=good”) and just sort of hammer those. ESPN is especially bad.
  8. That’s asking a whole lot from the ESPN crew…not like that’s their job or anything Think I said it last year…never trust a man named Clete.
  9. Think the long term plan at OL is already in motion drafting guys like Spencer Brown. Dawkins is here, despite tonight, he’s pretty good. Seems like they’re going to have to build around those two
  10. MAJOR issue? Snap judgments by paper thin fans like you. You could go away…one less issue.
  11. Just going by your thread title bud. I mean, you’re wrong. You’re right a lot. An awful lot. Wrong on this one. Sorry
  12. allen is still playing elite but there is no way, no how he is an MVP favorite. He’s still in the convo for sure. Murray’s better. Lamar is hotter over the past two weeks. Brady is still being Brady, unfortunately. Allen’s somewhere around 4th or 5th (forgot about Rodgers.)
  13. No. Would not have made a difference. This isn’t the right hill to die on. He was short. honestly, delete the thread.
  14. Definitely a tough loss because it would’ve been a relative glide to the one seed (depending on what baltimore does.) but yeah there’s a lot more to it now
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