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  1. ain’t reading all that if you can’t be bothered to use paragraphs but I think they’re taking Fields.
  2. constant clownshow with you. You’re not fooling anyone anymore but I guess you just gotta keep at it huh?
  3. i assume you got the numbers to back that up? We’ll wait.
  4. Agree 100%. I was more disappointed that the question was asked than with Allen’s answer for sure.
  5. Donald’s probably the last person on earth any sane individual would want to get in a fight with. I know the other guy was also pretty big, but you’re definitely taking an L regardless.
  6. Only “new” news I heard earlier today was that the dismissed suit was not a result of any kind of settlement with that plaintiff. EDIT: It seems clear now the one plaintiff that withdrew her suit did so because she did not want her name released, as now all 21 of 22 plaintiffs will after judges’ decisions.
  7. OTAs are such a non-issue. I’m glad these players are taking this stand but to pretend this is a safety thing is a bit disingenuous on the players’ part for the reasons you highlighted about. players don’t like OTAs. Using covid safety is just this year’s convenient (and valid) excuse.
  8. it’s both, from different points of view. There’s no inconsistency there.
  9. it’s part of my job to know that law front to back chief. You can’t even get the acronym right. Trust me, you’re out of your depth.
  10. usually those kinds of high risk things are banned in player contracts. Guess that doesn’t apply for Diggs, or he doesn’t care. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. you’re definitely right and even if Watson settles all these cases like tomorrow he could still be looking at suspension. His visibility as an elite QB actually makes it more likely that he will face some sort of league discipline, even if he somehow makes 2 dozen claims go away quickly with a settlement.
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