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  1. don’t be so sure - my little cousin was working there (until yesterday) and she wasn’t making jack. She’s young, entry level whatever but she was working downtown.
  2. Eh, I can’t really fault a company making these types of moves, even if they are extremely unpopular. The personal stories I’ve heard about working at New Era, however, almost make me want to side with the county executive in this case.
  3. Don’t need him and don’t want him.
  4. Not that it matters too much in this case, but he did not actually quote Hitler (although I’m sure he probably thought he was.) The quote is actually from an imagined conversation between “Hitler” and an author who is part of the ‘black israelite’ movement. It’s a fabrication by this author. I won’t go into the black israelite stuff here; it’s pretty out there. Feel free to check it out yourselves though.
  5. Sure it is but I think he made up his mind days ago. The name is changing. Only thing to wait for now is the official announcement.
  6. Why wouldn’t they? The name is obsolete, or soon to be. They don’t sell Buffalo Braves gear either.
  7. Yeah I have trouble interpreting the ravings of scared, sad little regressives. I’m trying to learn though.
  8. well if your doomsday scenario of this runaway slippery slope of wokeness actually occurs then I’ll be sure to give you full credit for predicting it. and you’re the karen in this thread, not sure how you misused that term so completely.
  9. lol. Never seen more effort put into such a flimsy strawman. A. No one does the bolded, except perhaps the fellow seniles in your inner circle. B. How about just calling them Washington when referring to their past? Are there two Washington football teams? Who’s the other one?
  10. Excellent over-exaggeration. The other CHUDs in this thread would be proud.
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