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  1. It’s really the only thing that matters. He’s good enough to win, and win convincingly. We’ll see if he can win against good teams in a couple of weeks. The rest of these clowns move their goalposts so frequently it’s impossible to keep track
  2. Holy hell way to generalize. Unbelievable. Some people think it’s an indicator or accuracy, and you fought them tooth and nail. Now it’s all good? Like MDH said, you can’t have it both ways. And allen doesn’t need someone toting his jock 24/7. He overthrew brown by 6 yards when he had 6 yards of separation on the nearest defender. Sorry, 6 points
  3. Uh let’s be honest, 1,000 “hey dummies Josh Allen is better than player X” threads are equally stupid.
  4. Cmon dude. You’re here all the time. This was covered AD NAUSEAM. How on earth....
  5. You shusssh with your facts.
  6. Wish you would’ve, you know, put some thought into this thread but sure, he may turn out better than Wentz. Glad you’re here.
  7. I get it, but i just wouldn’t want them tied to a giant RB contract.
  8. Yup. You’re missing something. You might be missing a lot of things actually. let me guess - you looked at the box score and didn't see him with 3 sacks so you decided to post.
  9. I mean this is exactly right but we shouldn’t gloss over the performance. Allen played great; he also cost his team 7 points. Give and take, he’s getting better.
  10. Hyde was railing guys when he got in in green bay. He was my favorite non-bills player for two years.
  11. Murphy got smoked on contain several times. No. That narrative needs to end.
  12. Wasn’t a drop thank YOU. Let them have their witch hunt.
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