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  1. Amazingly, misinformed inbreds from southern Ohio can still recognize the beatdown coming.
  2. Dude we’ve been OVER THIS. Like a million times. Close your thread u dingbat
  3. I mean, I think the non-homer answer has to be Mahomes. But I understand picking Allen. Heck, I think Kyler is pretty exciting already, if for no other reason than the sheer peril he is in every play. Guy his size may get knocked into the phantom zone if a DE gets a head of steam and a clean shot on him
  4. same deal as his Oakland contract. These clauses are likely standard across the league.
  5. that’s why he’s one of the best. Drew’s got that lizard-brained singleminded relentlessness to pimp his clients at all costs and in the face of all realities.
  6. Unfortunate. But hey she can buy $9 water inside!
  7. Right? And this confirmation that it was AB who sent those texts (of course it was him, but Klemko confirms it) has to be all the proof the league needs to shelve this guy on the exempt list, at the very least. I don’t trust the Patriots to do the right thing, of course, but the league has to.
  8. There better be a real good reason why the NFL is dragging its feet on this. After the texts last night he should be on that exempt list immediately.
  9. Dude looks like a weenie. You hate to see it.
  10. He’s just shilling at this point because he wants to be proven right. It’s fine, just be honest about it. Pimping a catch from a guy on the scout team is pretty desperate though.
  11. I thought you were reasonable based on earlier posts but this is just rah-rah bs. Come on man. YOU have your favorites and obviously your favorite whipping boys and I thank christ every day you’re not in charge. For ***** sake man.
  12. It’s really the only thing that matters. He’s good enough to win, and win convincingly. We’ll see if he can win against good teams in a couple of weeks. The rest of these clowns move their goalposts so frequently it’s impossible to keep track
  13. Holy hell way to generalize. Unbelievable. Some people think it’s an indicator or accuracy, and you fought them tooth and nail. Now it’s all good? Like MDH said, you can’t have it both ways. And allen doesn’t need someone toting his jock 24/7. He overthrew brown by 6 yards when he had 6 yards of separation on the nearest defender. Sorry, 6 points
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