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  1. I felt the same way when Marlin Briscoe retired.
  2. Paternity tests for $200, Alex ..
  3. I am! Don’t just lurk ...
  4. I “met” Bart Starr as a boy reading “Instant Replay” by Jerry Kramer. Imagine those titans to a nine year old. Starr was a Brooks Brothers navy blue blazer on that checkered plaid team of all stars and hall of famers. Flustered, one day, in the huddle and with all eyes on him, he told a teammate what he thought of him. He finished with “... and stick THAT in your diddy bag!”. Starr couldn’t curse, yet he never lost the room with the biggest and baddest. It was a different time, and I’m grateful it formed me. Rest In Peace, Mr. Starr.
  5. Best wishes ... truly. Wasn’t EJ one of the initial “buy NFL futures” guys as a rookie? You made a purchase and the value increased or decreased as the player’s career unfolded?
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