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  1. Well, I wasn’t taking salary, structure and bonus into consideration when I used the word “cost”. I should've been clearer. Cost in terms of trade assets and risk to the program was my intended use of the word. You are correct. He’ll be paid.
  2. Spectacular for NE. There is only upside. AB will thrive, or be shown the door without having cost the Pats a penny or jeopardized their culture. The Pats are bigger than AB. The Pats have all the leverage. He’ll walk into the locker room as just another interchangeable part in terms of value to the team. “We won with Chris Hogan. Shut up, work, or go home”. There will be no Gruden pandering. There will be no series of escalating fines. If he gets in the face of Bilichick, 52 guys will kick his a**. He needs them. They don’t need him. Whether he recognizes that or not, I have no idea. He’ll star, or go home without leaving a trace. The Pats are the best organization in four sports. Whether it’s circumstance or genius, we can debate. That they are, we cannot.
  3. What a pandering weenie Gruden is. AB’s problem is not that he’s misunderstood. AB’s problem is that he is understood.
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