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  1. Well, I'll stand up and be the thread's (potential) archetype d**k. JJW obviously has a marketing team, and he approves everything bearing his image. So, one of two things id happening (a) he's blown them off for the past two weeks and he's sending tweets on his own (b) marketing involved and these quasi-easter eggs are purposeful. If former, innocuous messages, and I give him a pass. If latter...a big FU, I don't want him near this team. Preying on fan bases, just for his Twitter ego. Simply propagates the culture of narcissism we stand athwart.
  2. So, I didn't play football, but I shot (at) alot of "footballers" overseas. Does that count? Chuckle. Actually, I did play thru JV, and I was a damn good scat back/WR. Still suck a** at the Xs and Os. Thing is: I started martial arts at 8 yo and, when the time came to move to varsity, I had to make a commitment choice. I chose the dojo--Shoto-kan and jui jitsu-- over the gridiron, and it ultimately served me well. But, I honestly missed the team camaraderie...that is, until I got to shoot (uhhh, again, I will say "at") all those socce
  3. Fair point DocDawk, but allow additional perspective: I'm "old" but I ain't that old. I have a 13-yr old daughter who listens to K-pop for chrisakes, so I "listen" to it as well. Bottom line: very open to all music. But, dude, Weeknd just plain sucked. At least in live performance, the most unforgiving venue of all. The music and performance simply lacked a center...a soul. Plus, I missed the part where he slides across the stage and throws his junk into the camera lens. All in good fun bro...musical opinions are just that. Now, get the hell off
  4. Turns out "a Karen", spelled backwards, and in Malay (neraka), carries the meaning of "hell, destruction underworld". [what can I say? I come up with weird s**t sometimes] Proposed closure to this insipid matter: Ms Silversmith moves to Indonesia, lives a life appropriate to her namesake, and we all go on with the world turning gracefully.
  5. I've changed my mind in last 24hr: I do like JJW...in the role you describe. Football idea being obvious: 2 symbiotic edge rushers; vets who still have 1-2 yrs of high-ish level in the tank. Further, he would seem to be a great cultural fit. But, and there's always a but, financials: I honestly don't think it's possible, esp as role player. But, keeping open mind...
  6. Per espn advanced stats offered other thread by @DCOrange, he was 8th in Edge win rate this year (JH was 2nd). So there's that, agree or not re metric. As aside, I am not a huge JJ fan at this point in career. [Sorry if this stat noted already; normally don't comment until I read all pages, but doing cross-thread reading today to catch up]
  7. This is hilarious, inside of truth, wrapped in clever. Ya see, TB12 is an anti-nightshader, so he'd never.... Ahh, forget it. If you have to explain how good a joke is... anyway, well done Yolo.
  8. Rog, copy all. Thanks for clarification. Sometimes I'm slow on the up-tick.
  9. Hmmm... Not being a d**k, but trying to understand what you mean by this very loaded term "privilege". If you generally mean, "I'm associated w a pro athlete, so I can be a Twit-hole" then I'm with you brother. Otherwise, if you mean specific to race or gender.... well, I ain't so sure. There's enough of this crap--across the spectrum--to be extremely skeptical re the latter. Anyway, just checking in for clarification.
  10. Aside from the funny videos....TB12 diet is based on interesting (but scientifially unproven) concepts suggested by Dr Gundy. I cannot find--and I've tried--a scientifically valid study re Gundy's anti-lectin theory of nutrition. Maybe it just makes you weak, weak, weak vis a vis alcohol. Speaking of which, we should push BillFan Diet™, which combines hearty doses of alcohol with preternatural levels of angst. Character building.
  11. How doing? Well, gone thru 5 stages of grief, and now at acceptance. Meanwhile, changed profile photo to my then 1-yr old taking an (unsanctioned) bite of her birthday cake. Symbolic of the delicious, likely surprising NFL bites in our future. My (literal) war pics shall return, once the season begins anew.
  12. As I can only leave one button response, further explanation: Awesome re your wife's clean scan, but very Sad to hear of your dad's condition. There's something about a son losing his father...isn't there? Ever it shall be, and it's just particularly tough: like losing your life's Lodestar. All the best to you and family @Draconator.
  13. Well, I got nothing at the moment. So just to be a smart ass: I'll say turning point came when both organizations learned of the weed shortage in Jamaica, per AP. They figured to close out the game as quickly as possible, thereby getting to work on this important problem toot sweet. Admittedly, it's just a working theory. https://apnews.com/article/world-news-jamaica-kingston-coronavirus-pandemic-marijuana-2d9e9c6dbc4d311e7b7085708eca0571
  14. Yessss! Weeknd bts footage available. Psyched!! Now, where's my f-in Pepsi?
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