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  1. I'm w you 100%...though sadly. I freaking loved JZ--the "fat', short-legged guy--almost chasing down Hill. Alot of heart...plus wheels. I recall that Hill himself said he was shocked when he looked back and #61 was about to catch his a**. And I'm not even including the Cam punch. Yet, alas, JZ likely a victim of circumstance.
  2. Tried to DM, but somehow doesn't work. So I guess I have to pass along publicly: WEO: not to bother you during this hectic time, but sending my respect to you for recognizing the difference between a warrior and a.... "warrior". As mentioned in my posts I'm not insane-crazy about use of the metaphor/analogy. I kind of get it, and try not to criticize. Problem is athletes and commenters just throw it out there as almost an equivalency. But...what if Diggs had to go and fight (literally) the day after an injured oblique? And the day after that? A
  3. And: ...no trainers, except the medics and voodoo doctor shots (I'm talking SoF), w juice or painkiller ...no recognition ....no excuse, even though you're literally shitting your pants due to dysentery ...you make a mistake, you or your battle buddy are dead ... nobody gives a damn what happens to you, save a very few ...and no flags on the field. I guess I very generally understand the idea of the "warrior" metaphor. But no, no no. And not trying to be a d**k. I assure you, there is NO
  4. It ain't just Palmer. I've seen the vid before, kindly posted again by @ProcessAccepted, but according to Brenkus he has the strongest arm ever measured. I don't want to start a side debate about methodological concerns, stated in 2018, etc. But....that has to count for sumpin'.
  5. (As ref: I'm just outside boomer and inside Gen X, so I "get" millenials, I think). Article threads a fine line b/n "I really love football" but it "ain't everything". Not entirely sure what to read from this. Problem, as I see it, is the "best" qbs are driven WAY beyond the love to play. It is a willful anger, which may not be, per se, emotionally healthy. This is important, yet difficult to maintain. What happens when TL gets his a** kicked all over the field, which is sure to happen his rookie season? Does he maintain the "love" year over year?
  6. "Victim" eye looks exactly like he took a left (check?) hook, bare fisted from a man with big hands... knuckles in orbital socket, or quite possibly from a thumb in not fully closed fist (typical of non-professional). Thus rest of force directed at facial tissue prone to oblong cutting, as in a punch that came up and across vs landing square (which usually means night-night) Note: not saying as MD but from experience/training. Further, not making judgement on "guilt".
  7. Sorry to ask... but in what context was this brought up in AtH? Not a small thing in current media environment. I'm interested b/c I'm seeing the "JA brand" starting to emerge in bits and pieces. And, I believe, league fans will eat it up, as it is such a great, hard nose, frankly "American" story to tell. His management is to be praised on this: they are carefully feeding the fire with oxygen little by little, instead of having him walk on flaming coals from the start. Crazy prediction: He will be commercially bigger than PM and AR, simply bc hi
  8. I'd like to read the full study but don't have time: first I need to wet the water and fold the dishes. Call you back. (h/t Lil' Dirty)
  9. Who knows on any of this, but I'll make an educated guess: 1. Teams monitor their players, but kind of as a side gig. 2. The Shield has professional, dedicated staff, real-time e-monitoring all 2000+ active roster players. The techniques/technology widely known. Not hard... just use the Secret Service methodology (not kidding). Indeed, it would be interesting to know the number of FT investigators/security the NFL employs. Quite a gaggle, I imagine. Protect the Shield, etc.
  10. A couple of times I've read and not logged in. "Frustration" was zero. Just one add as I recall. But, oddly, ad was always for tasteful lingerie/swimwear. Not Vicky's Secret mind you, but more along the lines of "why has Martha Stewart been using my phone?" Nota bene: yes, I'm a dude; no I don't look at porn; no I don't buy lingerie. But I do read a lot of complex foreign policy articles (I swear) on my phone. The ad service algorithm remains a deep mystery....
  11. I actually liked Flutie...and hated Rob Johnson. Or did I hate Pretty Boy so much that it made me like Flutie...in some twisted way? I don't know. In my defense: I lived in CA at the time, so didn't have a feel for the true Flutie ambience.
  12. Not to carry this too far, so I will stop here, but..to LEs on the board: could you not tell w/n two min if a man was "under it"? (h/t, Rust Cohle, True Detective). Honestly, not trying to be a Swinging D**k, but DW--in my view/experience--breaks quickly. But,..I can see it in his eyes...JA would be spitting "FUs", regardless of even the harshest of technique.
  13. Absolutely a good point Hap. It is indeed the transformational aspect of the US justice system: innocent until proven guilty; right to confront one's accusers, etc. Unlike, for example, the French system. I suppose I was coming at this from two ways: (1) "real world" practical perspective...that is, my experience, how I would approach this (fr the accusers side) and the no-s**t path an investigator will take; (2) "empirical" perspective; that is, case results based on public data available, and the results I've seen over the years... though, I must admit, I didn't alway
  14. Totally agree, and we'll said. I don't want to extend this much further, but one other key point: If DW wants to go legal route, he is open to deposition (not certainty, but likely). I've spent--I don't know for sure--but likely well over 1,000 hours in the box. Some "legal"; but most "extra-legal" outside CONUS. To me, as an interrogator, Watson would be like fresh meat to a lion. (Aside: my 1st post to this forum ~Oct 2019 compared me theoretically interrogating Mayfield, Darnold, and Allen. I suggested that JA would be the ONLY guy
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