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  1. well if you’re going to blame someone for allowing it that would be the Supreme Court. The NFL can’t just ban something that’s been determined to be legal by our courts. And why would they even if they could? Look at all the new money flowing into the league’s pockets since it has been legalized. It’s ALWAYS about the money. Look at what happened to golf today.
  2. found something new to gripe about huh? This time it’s the scoreboard? guess that screen name change was just an idle threat and not a promise. Disappointing.
  3. 10 years? Lol. There is basically no dividing line right now. Every league and basically every major media outlet is already in bed with the various casinos and online sportsbooks. Guess you’re not paying that close attention.
  4. I think with McDermott it is largely philosophical. With other teams/coaches/personnel it can lean the other way towards necessity.
  5. Ha! You guys should research what the ‘86 Mets were up to sometime.
  6. Because gambling is: 1. Fun 2. Addictive 3. Now legal and promoted literally everywhere. Next question.
  7. I said it in the deleted thread but yeah he’s certainly a very polished speaker and appears to know his stuff inside and out.
  8. no woman is as reliable as your own hand right NUT? you’re a complete joke and I hope, sincerely hope these opinions of yours are just for giggles on the internet. Because if you really say out loud to actual people some of the horse s**t you say here I’m surprised you’re not institutionalized at this point.
  9. Also isn’t that madden curse thing long gone? Mahomes was on the cover he won it all. either way, curses aren’t real. Neither are hexes or wizards or goblins or god. Proud of our cover boy!
  10. Ho boy…my 1st question is though: who did they “receive information” from?
  11. I agree with all of what you said regarding the Chiefs offensive plans, but the fact remains KC was (is?) after him, if you choose to believe all the rumors.
  12. Diggs is not a prima donna.
  13. “he has done nothing” - that’s demonstrably false. He has signed numerous free agents. I guess he hasn’t landed one up to your standards yet. Off-season ain’t over yet. But hopefully you are. Does naming your avatar after a university make you smarter? Evidence suggests no…
  14. Lol. Guess not in your book. It’s not a weird question it’s an actual question with actual consequences - they trade for him and give up draft capital. They wait and he gets cut and now you sign him for nothing. You do lose the opportunity to get him on his previous deal, but that was a bad contract anyways.you sign him now (if you can) and you give up nothing. Get the player and give up picks or, Get the player. where’s your calculus at?
  15. yeah okay. So let’s play this game - disregarding the fact that you’re constantly negative on the team and anything associated with the team - Beane did not pull the trigger and give up assets to trade for Hopkins, correctly guessing that no one else would either prior to him being cut, which he was. So does Beane get some credit for that?
  16. “I won’t hold my breath” isn’t a criticism. And it appears, since everything you say here is negative whining, that the sad one is in fact you.
  17. oh you don’t approve of Beane literally doing his job. What a surprise. Get a new hobby man being a clown on the internet must be exhausting.
  18. some people never left high school and still love gossip.
  19. you’re not that funny new guy.
  20. Yeah he should be here after OTAs running wind sprints in Cazenovia Park until he pukes. Jesus what planet do some of you live on.
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