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  1. The defense as a whole did not play bad at all given the circumstances. hill was held in check. Waddle was too except for one big play. Line needed to get to Tua more, but they still got some pressure on him. Miscues on offense/special teams (kicking) cost them far more than the defense.
  2. All the teams, ALL THE TEAMS…with passing over expected yards are good teams, with good records. That includes buffalo (obviously), KC, MIA, LAC, and BAL. this run the ball more **** is stupid it needs to go. Learn what year it is
  3. Agreed. At least it’s good for the rivalry.
  4. i mean Baltimore lost to MIA too. Also, I heard a betting expert on the radio mention that the sportsbooks today don’t really follow that “classic” home advantage rule of Home -3 anymore when it comes to lines. It’s now closer to -1.5.
  5. excuses. some guy named “oldschoolfootball” complaining about the heat. Can’t make it up. Love it here after a loss
  6. i mean, seems like a lot of people around here want to wrap Allen in bubble wrap and keep the designed runs out of the playbook.
  7. passing is more efficient and effective. With the QB the Bills have the running game should be a compliment to the passing game, nothing more.
  8. no comment on the topic just came to 👍👍 freddie coleman is awesome
  9. Why would you even consider being wrong? Of course we want them to lose
  10. He’s all fire all the time. Excellent breakdowns
  11. unless he times a dive perfectly, very difficult to stop past the 1st down marker and short of the goalline. Chubb wasn’t the reason they blew that
  12. He has played well. The spear on Dane is unfortunate but it happens. Nothing he’s done has convinced me on a extension though.
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