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  1. I would be concerned if that Band's drum solo for their biggest hit required the drummer to repeatedly smash himself in the face with a foldable chair. The drugs and booze may have inspired the songs, but they aren't a requisite of the performance itself. I want the Bills to win. Bad. But on some level, we understand these guys are risking their mental health for our entertainment. The thing that is hurting them is the very same thing that we cheer them on to do. I think this is where your analogy falls short
  2. A headache won' turn you into old-age Muhammad Ali in 30 years, or worse
  3. I never said Fitz is a better runner, I just described what I see in Tannehill. Again, you are using statistics in a misleading way, as Fitzpatrick has been on some terrible teams. Dak Prescott has a higher winning % than Aaron Rodgers, does that mean he is a better qb? The point I was trying to make is Tannehill cannot put on a team on his back; there may be some advanced metrics that quantify this, but conventional stats won't show it.
  4. I've been following this debate and felt compelled to chime in. IMO, Fitzpatrick is far more dangerous a qb to face, without question. Citing statistics is a misleading way to assess a qb's value; sure, the big ones such as TDs and INTs matter, but completion percentage and yards are not necessarily indicative of a qb's ability to pull out a win. For years, Tannehill's bread and butter was dumping off the ball to Jarvis Landry and relying on his YAC. When it's third and long and a qb dumps off the ball off for a 5 yard gain, it helps his completion percentage and yards, but doesn't get the team any closer to winning the game ( remember Tyrod or post concussion Trent?). I haven't followed Tannehill much beyond Bills games, but I think we all know what we saw out there: a QB with no mobility, and no killer instinct to go for the big play when their team needs one. And without that a QB doesn't stand a chance of sustaining a winning record in the league. Fitz, for all of his flaws, does have that instinct to go for it; sometimes it works out, often it doesn't, but at least you gotta chance with him. As a Bills fan, I will sincerely miss seeing Tannehill on the schedule twice a year
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