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  1. Ayy I found something: https://www.distractify.com/p/why-is-tom-brady-wearing-a-glove
  2. oh damn never noticed it stick out visually that much. Just looks weirdly shiny tonight, maybe it’s just a side effect of this broadcast.
  3. the Mannings called it too, which is almost poetic. i was also wondering wtf that thing was, this is the 1st game I’ve noticed it. It’s gigantic and goes up to his elbow. Looks like it’s made of that tacky material they use for receiver gloves. No idea.
  4. I really don’t think this is a big of an issue as some in here are making it out to be. It is an issue with in very limited cases, where defenders stack up a runner, stop his forward momentum, and then pushes come in from savvy linemen. But the issue is with officials not during their jobs, not with the pushers. Defense did their jobs standing a ball carrier up and stopping him even if he doesn’t go down. Should be whistled dead at that point.
  5. yes. I’ve no problem with the pushing assistance. It’s not like it’s become rampant - it’s used in limited situations. If officials did their jobs better and enforced progress stoppage, this wouldn’t be an issue. But we all know improving officiating isn’t a priority for Roger or the league.
  6. gotta remember that defensive formation is not just dictated by system and optimal personnel but also contingent on what the opposing offense is presenting. So you don’t just get away from your base formation (nickel for the Bills) to “try things out.” The Bills run defense has been fine the last few weeks. Chubb was invisible. Both Lions’ backs (both very good) were under 4 ypc. Stevenson, who has destroyed defenses at times this year, had one good chunk run on like 10 total carries. I think you’re creating problems in promotion of your idea.
  7. Houston? Doesn’t seem too likely. They aren’t trying to win either. It’s why they put Kyle Allen in. It’s why they rein in their best player (Pearce) at key points and don’t use him.
  8. what’s going on with your title? Come on man.
  9. just a guess, but probably today around 4:00pm. There’s no point in waiting until the deadline for this one; it’s obvious.
  10. Uh huh. “To you.” So what? If you know the call was right what are you even proposing here then? The rule be changed? So you want to change the rule to add even more subjectivity to its enforcement. If you had your way, then the ref crews are now obligated to determine whether or not the guy would have fallen into the endzone, regardless of when and where he released the pass. think about that for a second.
  11. He also claimed Rudolph called him a racial slur, even though no one else around them heard anything of the sort. I think he’s FOS.
  12. the difference is a runner has indisputable possession of the ball prior to falling to the ground. On a pass, the theory goes the pass catcher cannot use the ground to help “trap” or secure complete possession. I don’t agree with the nuances of the rule or how it’s enforced or interpreted either, but that’s the difference.
  13. it’s not even Allen’s first national spot. He has a deal with Frito-Lay as well.
  14. Doesn’t seem like you’re playing with much of a brain either.
  15. “let’s create a cadre of imaginary villains so I can feel better about myself” There isn’t a wave of people turning on Allen. He hasn’t had his A+ game in a few weeks. People pointed that out. No big deal.
  16. well this wasn’t McD saying it, this was Brown on the radio defending him. But yes if McD was also delving into excuse-making I would agree that’s not a good look. But again, they won both games. Not sure what he’d be making excuses for.
  17. i suppose this is fair. I will certainly be a little disappointed if Allen is 30 and hasn’t made it to a Super Bowl yet, for instance. As far as the roster construction goes, if your theory is correct, Beane has to push back at some point - they do need some urgent young help on the O line, for instance.
  18. I think Chris Brown said it today - through travel, weather disruptions, and team illness issues, the Bills had maybe 1 or 2 days of full practice in the last 10 days. And McD got this team up to play and win both games. And yet, more complaints.
  19. How about just 18 games with no preseason games. Preseason is a waste of time, bad TV, and offers nothing that scrimmages/joint practices cannot provide. It exists solely due to owner greed.
  20. Once again, the run defense held up, holding the Lions’ backs to under 4 yards/carry. Yes, the pass defense is struggling at times, especially against opponents’ no. 1 receivers. Injuries, especially to Hyde, Tre and Edmunds, are at least partially to blame there. in other words, a “fire Frazier” thread is wholly unwarranted.
  21. fair enough - not sure how a spate of injuries and bad officiating in week 12 has anything to do with adding a 17th game though.
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