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  1. What are only the broadcast partners and the gambling companies allowed to use the logos? Not a good look NFL.
  2. 💯 love all the CMC stans still bitter that Beane isn’t as dumb as they are today think a 4-4 team is guaranteed super bowl bound.
  3. nothing is going on from the criminal side - DA still looking at it.
  4. bet on hockey and basketball and made some money, which will be burnt on Bills’ player parlays tomorrow.
  5. Makes perfect sense. Guy was a machine at Alabama and he gets open in Denver; QB is just washed. Yes acquiring him takes game reps from young guys like Shakir which isn’t ideal but if you’re trying to win it all this year yes do it.
  6. Hunt might be the ideal move but Cleveland would probably take less to trade him out of the conference. So Buffalo might have to offer more.
  7. he does believe aliens walk among us so that tracks.
  8. Interesting. Hard to compare the two 1:1 given their respective locations though. TEN’s stadium looks the part as a downtown destination. The roof is obviously so they can bid for a super bowl. New Bills’ stadium is out in a outer ring suburb. Doesn’t make much sense to put up some sort of brick facade thing out there.
  9. Really would like to see detail of the entire exterior, concourses and such. These 2 pictures don’t do much for me.
  10. there’s food trucks there bro right in front of the gate by the bills store.
  11. I think everyone needs to chill and enjoy the ride. Let go of that history - we know about the drought and we know about the 4 SB losses before that. The Bills are good. Possibly the best in the league. I can’t ever get this constant framing the current team against the team’s collective history.
  12. no serious fans are doing this and White is obviously making a forced, bad joke. Which is understandable from his point of view since he’s in the position of taking calls from Bills “fans” that call in at 7:00am drunk and spewing this nonsense.
  13. got it. Well hopefully someone will ask them about it after practice.
  14. What are you getting at here? Is he hurt? Vet rest day? Or something else? What makes it a surprise?
  15. No one wants Moss, least of all Cleveland. He does not sweeten the deal. They would not be considering trading Hunt in the first place if they were interested in a RB in return. The Browns are bad, and just traded away the farm for Watson. They want picks.
  16. Nothing really, except he appears to be in the clear on any criminal statutory rape charge as the statute of limitations is one year (incident allegedly took place Oct. 17 or thereabouts last year.)
  17. good QBs aging out, not enough good young QBs to replace them. Simple as.
  18. I’m guessing something like “Josh Allen and Mac Jones - surprisingly similar” is right around the bend.
  19. Ah yes, we’re all sheeple, oh wise one.
  20. you are not. So what’s the problem then? No one said don’t run it at all. Obviously take what the defense is giving you if they’re being that transparent about it.
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