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  1. I'm really not concerned with him getting less yards or less targets last 5 games or so. It's the frequent drops that have crept up this year. He caught literally anything in his vicinity last few seasons. This year he missed some easy ones, just so uncharacteristic for him.
  2. But then we abandoned that even though it was working and Josh was running for his life most of the rest of the game.
  3. True, but it's happening to other teams too. If the intent is to really expand the international market then each team playing 2 games seems fair. Also, I just hate the odd numbered game season of 17. We had 9 teams play international this year with Jags twice. So those teams effectively had 8 home games, 8 away and 1 neutral games. Of the remaining 23 teams, 11 had the advantage of an extra home game. No other sports league plays an odd number of games and honestly I'd be perfectly happy to have next season start a week earlier to get a fresh start after this letdown year.
  4. How did you come up with those odds? Also, I didn't even have the Jets beating Cleveland that game and they still get in. So there's clearly multiple scenarios.
  5. There is scenarios where we can get into the playoffs with only 9 wins. Basically if Pittsburgh loses the rest of their games which is kinda probable at this point...and... two of the other remaining contenders Colts, Browns, Bengals, Broncos to lose 3 of their last 4, and also for one of them to lose two of their last four. Also pretty probably since most of those remaining teams play each other still and have at least one "tougher" game on their schedule. In this case, the Bills could drop to both KC and Dallas but still get in with 9 wins.
  6. Drop a preseason game, make season 18 games and each team to play 2 International games. Sick of seeing teams like the Bills get shafted a home game to go play in London or elsewhere.
  7. I cant believe how bad its been this year
  8. Can we trade Von Miller for Josh Allen?
  9. Seems to be a common theme this season
  10. Wonder if it's starting to weigh on the players too... Go back to 2021 playoffs and imagine being Josh Allen or Stefon Diggs or even Gabe Davis at that point. You played to absolute perfection and it still wasn't good enough thanks to McD. Now the same mistakes happening all over again. It has to be eating away at those guys. Probably why Stef doesn't seem himself this year and why Gabe has regressed some.
  11. Pegula will change his tune if and when Josh Allen ever requests a trade or expresses any other dissatisfaction with how the organization is run. I really don't want #17 to end up being the Dan Marino of the modern era, all due to late game coaching blunders. Josh Allen is buffalo. He sells the tickets that make Pegula all that money. In the end, his sway should supersede that of McD or even Beane.
  12. It's more of an issue when it happens to a person in an organization that markets itself as high "culture".
  13. Bills aren't done yet. JA17 is back has shown he can compete with the best teams in the NFL so winning out doesn't seem as improbable anymore but they would have to do so despite McD and the NFL officiating. If they win their last 5 and the Dolphins drop their week 16 and 17 games against Dallas and Baltimore, the Bills take the Division and 4th seed. If the Bills drop one more game, they certainly need more help now but it's still possible. All eyes have to be on Pittsburgh and Cleveland. They do have softer schedules but they are not great teams right now so anything can happen. Cleveland's last 6 games are against the Rams, Jacksonville, Chicago, Houston, Jets and Bengals. Their backup QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson went out of the game with a concussion yesterday so who knows what kind of answer they have at QB going forward. It's quite possible they lose 4 of their last 6 games in which case the Bills get in. Pittsburgh played slightly better this week but they're still one of the worst offenses in the league this year. They do have a softer schedule to close things out as well but anything can happen when your O can't put up points. Next 6 games for them are Cardinals, Patriots, Colts, Bengals, Seahawks, Ravens. They would also need to lose 4 of those games for the Bills to get in.
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