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  1. You guys may be right. My memory of the Bills after their SB run was it just seemed like we could never seem to afford more than one marquee player at a time.
  2. It was a joke. I loved Ralph, but lets be real here. There probably wouldn't be any Von Miller signings or paying our QB highest contract in the league type deals if he were still around.
  3. Somewhere...Ralph Wilson is rolling over in his grave over amount of money being spent on this current team.
  4. Agreed. I remember when the game was played live I was slightly disappointed with Allen along with the rest of the team, but after re-watching the game just last week my opinion has changed. Allen played about as well as he could have. Both the OL and DL were complete dumpster fires and getting blown up the whole game. We definitely got out-schemed defensively as well. Some other notable players who actually showed up for that game were Matt Milano, Dane Jackson Khalil Shakir and Beasley.
  5. Randy moss had his most productive year of his career when he signed with the Patriots at age 30. He still played at an elite level until he retired at 34. Jerry Rice was having productive seasons up until he was 40.
  6. Truth. Josh Allen in the pocket with more than 1.5 seconds to get rid of the ball is a scary thought.
  7. Not gonna happen. Ralph is too cheap 😐
  8. Plot twist...the sonogram found at JA17s house was Britney's and featured a baby Diggs in the oven. Also it was Josh Allen himself that trashed the place which led to a domestic disturbance call the night before the Bengals playoff game.
  9. Madden '95 is still the best version ever and I'll fight anyone who disagrees with me 🥊
  10. Someone get Josh Rosen on the horn. He may be able to save us.
  11. Any signs of Diggs showing up to camp yet?
  12. It's amazing how NFL teams can put out better content than Network TV
  13. At least we wont be playing Miami in 168 degree heat.
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