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  1. Got one as a teenager in a pickup football game with my brother and his friends. My bro who is 6yrs older and had a good 70lbs me for whatever reason decided to give me a body slam tackle head first into frozen turf. Got an instant migraine and blurred vision. I was afraid to tell anyone so I kept playing. Blurred vision lasted 12-24hrs migraine lasted 2-3 days.
  2. Why do you think our D is so bad in RZ when they are statistically pretty good in most other categories?
  3. Will this weeks injury report be released on audio cassette? Might be a bit too much heavy reading for me.
  4. Home field advantage should mostly come down to crowd noise. Having one team being more adept at playing under certain conditions is fine. But yesterday these teams were not playing under the same conditions. a zero degree game in buffalo in December is not the same. Both teams are out there in it and there's not any temperature difference from one sideline to the other. Yesterday there's reports of temperature readings in excess of 20 degrees difference from Miami to Buffalo Sideline.
  5. Had the Bills not passed 63 times, there likely woulda been a lot more 3 and outs and a much wider margin of victory for the Fins.
  6. Wow I had no idea Gabe was out there 97% of snaps. The cumulative toll the heat took on this team was pretty wild. All the receivers were visibly slower than normal which is probably why Josh had so many contested throws. Literally nobody could create any separation. But then again the heat had to be also getting to Josh Allen who was out there for 100% of offensive snaps probably more than anyone so I could see why some of his throws would be off.
  7. I thought they should have taken another look at the JA fumble TBH
  8. He impressed me today only in that RB was the only position where I didn't feel like we were gonna run out of bodies to put on the field.
  9. Please tell me Mitch Morse is playing. Van Rotten snapping the ball last week was quite and adventure.
  10. Pickens has Randy Moss vibes
  11. Was really hoping the Bills nabbed him in the draft
  12. Benford and Elam have already proven enough to be bonafide starters. Damar hamlin looked decent in camp. Poyer is most likely starting. Only question marks to me are Siran Neal and or Cam Lewis stepping in as slot corner. But we turned an undrafted FA in Levi Wallace into a decent starter in this league so I trust our coaching staff to get our backups up to speed.
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