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  1. ^I really like Foster, but I hope he's a solid #4 on this team...I hope he plays like last year and is a number 4 receiver, amd I think there's a chance that happens.
  2. I dunno man, I appreciate what you're saying, but ultimately there really are a very few actual unique things/concepts in the world, and the variety is just the combination of those things in creative and analogous ways. I learned about football from my dad, who passed away from untreatable cancer when he was 49, two weeks after my 21st bday. Going to Webster park on the lake outside of Rochester, walking under the pine trees covered in fresh snow, and thick stillness of the silence, except for our feet in the snow (I can smell the smell of the scarf over my nose right now as I write this)...going home and having my mom make us hot chocolate as we put the Bills game on and we all watched it together with no distractions for 3 hours... My relationship with my dad wasn't built around the Bills and I never felt that his affection, admiration or love was based on my football knowledge (other things sure to an extent, but not football). Someone said it before, it's about moderation, and I would take it a step further, it's about generalization. Like I said, the world has certain universal underpinnings that are present everywhere. Things need to go in the right sequence in football for a play to even be able to be run, and that is the case in so many other things. Honestly, unless you're trying to do something incredibly applied, like be a mathemetician or being able to fix massive turbines, you don't need to specialize and would be better served generalizing. Life really requires looking at things more than just on their face and seeing that everything isn't just connected, but the same pattern is present over and over. You don't have to relearn things, you just need to apply what you already know to a different application. That is something I learned to do as I got older, because I started being able to see those connections. My suggestion, especially because you sound pretty thoughtful and introspective, is to look back on your football experience and see what similarities you can find in your everyday life, and other things you are more interested in now. Kindness comes from empathy, and empathy comes from connection, and connection comes from seeing the staggering sameness in everything when you remove the unimportant table dressings that seek to distract us from that universality...beneath all the different tablecloths, ultimately it's just a table, so might as well jump through it off the top of a van...
  3. So according to the guys at hashtag sports, Wade can be placed on the practice squad without having to go through waivers, and being eligible to be claimed by others. He would be an exempt 11th player on the practice squad who cannot be signed by anyone else. That has to be done before the season, and if that happens, he is unable to play the entire season. Otherwise, they can put him on the active roster, at which point he loses the exemption, would need to clear waivers if he gets cut to go on the practice squad, and any other team can claim him off the practice squad. I think he's on a ine year deal too, so just because they develop him this year on the practice squad, doesn't mean Wade signs here again next year. I think they should try him on kick returns during the preseason, but punt returns as I think I saw mentioned earlier is a little crazy, he'll get blown up.
  4. An inside run game with Singletary, two tight ends and a fullback is crazy exciting. If you have a back who can set up runs in space, with two unaccounted for blockers, you're taking potentialy 20 yards in chunks. Also, I've said it before, I'm big on Wade. I think he has the same set up ability as Singletary just with different angles, though tap the breaks a moment, having to only beat one guy on a very hard to defend angle, and a full field open after isn't really fair. Might be hard to sneak him on the practice squad, especially if he showing film he's quickly picking up the angles through the rest of preseason. Kroft, Knox and Sweeney, blocking and catching as an onfield unit, and hopefully Croom makes the team on special teams, because he was a solid target last year and has been developing as a TE, is exciting. You could totally put the four of those guys with any of the backs and this gets exciting. Holy crap, we have Shady. I think a more nuanced style would do better, because the three backfield blockers would have the time to reach the key blocks, but it's easy to forget Shady McCoy somehow! Of course we'll have to see how the the oline prefers to play, that will drive a lot. Very excited to see the run plays this year, if Ford is RG and good, it's the best oline the bills have had in a while.
  5. First preseason game...love the passion, but timings are going to be off, could lead to mistakes by players not at fault (have mor seen the game yet. Some of these guys are going to be determined by the 4th preseason game, not the first. Love the feedback on the negative plays...I'm not gonna have a chance to see the thread for a bit tomorrow..any chance you could quote this and give a few of the highlights? I literally saw two plays, and they were the Singletary run in short yardage (you know the one, unless there was another), and his catch on the next play. That run proved he's got plus nfl vision. Holy crap! If Singletary can translate his vision to the NFL right away...I'm not overreacting, he's not there yet even close, but his ceiling is Thurman right? Or maybe a Travis Henry, hit the hole type with better vision, patience and set up.
  6. So to recap, you dropped a non sequitor whataboutism, coupled with an unsupported ad hominem and then crickets when I didn't take the bait? Taking it you cannot show me peer reviewed, statistically significant research, where I can look at the method section and the statistical analysis applied on said research to back up your point of view then? In that case, care to share what you are actually basing your ideas on then? Actually forget all that, I don't have time for this the way I expect it to go (I'm open to a constructive conversation though). One last thing and you don't even need to answer this question, but what objective evidence/proof that you are wrong would it take for you to change your mind on this (what it would take for me is in the second paragraph)?
  7. Interesting, so basically, people were drawn to newspapers because of the national news, which now they can get elsewhere, valid point there. Long form investigative local reporting, in the form of a monthly print and online magazine would work in some places. Shoot, I lived in Boston and they had several of those that I would read on the bus...actually I think the Boston Phoenix just went out of business when I left to move to fort lauderdale, but if I recall there was much more to it than readership. Yup, Boston Phoenix died because a lack of national advertising, not due to low readership or lack of local advertising. https://www.wbur.org/news/2013/03/14/boston-phoenix-closing I remember reading people saying it was too adversarial a press institution and it turned off national ad sources, but I could be misremembering...the readers were there though, I like I said, I think they were speaking truth to power with well sourced and with high journalistic standards and got dropped as a result.
  8. It's literally their last remaining readers footing the bill as they die. What I don't get is why they haven't spent the money on vibrant local social networks. Obviously easier said than done, and my guess there is a business there for someone to develop out their with some venture capital money, but my have a hunch facebook and google are buying those companies before they have a chance to compete.
  9. The real loss is all the local minutia, from high school sports, to the city council bond allocation meeting. That said, high school sports coverage is probably super interesting these days. I graduated high school (roc area) in 2002 and played soccer and lax, and we basically had the box scores in the D&C that coaches would call in, an article on your team and maybe over the course of the season you would you would get an article or two in there. Then you had your local town paper that covered all your high school's sports, so your team would get coverage that way more regularily, but a lot of it was just recaps, with some good quotes and observations for sure (biggest draw was the picture honestly, but I was pretty cool to get talked about in there). That was pretty much before social media, and definitely outside of basically anyone under 30 at the time. Now you have three generations of people well versed in the technology and have access to ubiquitous social networks where more people are on now than subscribed then to newspapers. I have to think you can get all your high school content on a facebook page, twitter, instagram, and through podcasts. It's just so different now. I missed the start of that phenomenon likely by seven years or so before all three generations were really at the right part of the adoption curve to have a true social media community to use for gaining information. Being in the Oregon Trail generation is so crazy sometimes, just things where on either side of me things are completely different, but I grew up in my formative years with it starkly both ways or in the middle or changing and blending. All that said, my real point is the biggest loss is going to be local municipal functions not being covered in an investigative manner. It's super important for the long term to keep people making long term decisions accountable at all levels to ensure they are keeping the people who will be paying for those decisions for the next 30 years firmly and primarily in their decision making. Not sure if you saw the water main break we had in fort lauderdale, but it came out that we need 20 billion dollars in infrastructure work over the next years, and we need it urgently. It should never have gotten to this point here, and I think a ton of it the lack of a powerful and objective local news system that everyone follows and acts upon the stories each election...a well informed electorate I suppose.
  10. Do you have actual evidence of this outside of a few potential anecdotal examples? Like actual data that shows a significant number of young journalists take their stories directly from cnn, and are trying to further their own "agenda?" You're smearing an entire generation of writers, so I'm assuming you have some actual evidence, or did you just hear this and repeat it from someone who might be you know, lying to promote their own agenda...
  11. I believe he's considered a freelance writer if you look at the staff...probably only has a contract to provide in season content based on the availability of the athletics nfl season budget.
  12. https://www.copyright.gov/fair-use/more-info.html Here is the definition of fair use from the copyright.gov website, and it doesn't seem like a grey area to me...granted you are right that I have not looked at how this gets applied in the case law (wouldn't really know what I was looking at if I did either), but again, I genuinely don't see where the nfl would have a case based on that definition. Of course the judicial system has been bought by corporations, so maybe somehow the nfl successfully argues that it would impact them long term if this was widespread, but if that argument is looked at objectively, I think it very clearly fails to block fair use. Reason is, the nba allows people to post any highlight they want for the most part, without requiring it be covered under fair use even. The interest in that league is growing insanely, and I've read articles where the data shows a causal link between the ability to repost highlights and the leagues growing popularity. Therefore, using a 30 second clip of a 1 hr video of an event that actually happened, where you use the clip as a canvas for your original work and commentary sounds like the very definition of fair use. I haven't watched this yet, so it totally could say I'm a dumbass and of course what cover1 does violates copyright law...we can find out together Question: does the creator of the content get view counts when a youtube link is embedded like this and any potential ad revenue if the video is monetized?
  13. You're right, it really doesn't my bad on the long tangent. I'm still clearly working through some residual feelings of a lack of control that I had in that entire situation, and it being hurricane season again brings some of those feelings up pretty strongly. Honestly, I felt it should have been stickied to the top of the main page. If there was an insane blizzard with 5 feet of snow forecasted to hit right after a crazy ice storm in Buffalo (knock on wood this never happens), I would damn well hope there was a thread stickied on the main page as well as a resource for people to get information. More people see it on the main page, and it is a lot easier to find. I understand we can't have a thread stickied for every incident, but 6m people were evacuating, and moral support within our community would have gone a long way.
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