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  1. I mean you're just flat out wrong on that. You also sound like you think that if someone was arrested then they are obviously guilty. If I want to prove you are wearing socks under your sneakers in a court of law, I need to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I can be positive you're wearing socks based on all the evidence I have leading me to make that reasonable assumption, but I can't prove it. That doesn't mean me thinking you have socks on is full of crap, it just means i do not have the evidence required to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.
  2. Well that analogy stinks. First off, fighting is illegal, having sex is not. Secondly, consent for sex can be withdrawn at any point, and if the other person(s) keep going, that is rape/sexual assault. You can't start a fight and then suddenly say, actually I'm not into this anymore and the other person throws a punch and suddenly they are in more trouble.
  3. So someone looking for sex from someone at some point can't be raped? Adding one more to the body count to me also says she's had plenty of sex (no judgment)...has she raised rape allegations before? If anything, this helps support her case imo. Why was this time different? Also, can you even give consent if you're hammered?
  4. That's not what I took from that quote at all. Sounds like the only people who can say what happened were in the room. One of them was passed and the others aren't talking.
  5. Oh wow, hadn't realized that thanks! Andrew Luck
  6. On that run against the Lions (not the last one setting up the field goal attempt at the end, but the long run earlier in the game) the hit he took was completely unnecessary. I don't care how skilled you are doing something dangerous, you might be the best free rock climber in the world, but there is still a risk every time you climb. He broke off like a 30 yard run, had three defenders in boxing him in, it was over. Slide or dive forward a tiny bit and end the play. Instead he cut back, tried to take on 3 defenders and got hit really hard. Just totally unnecessary. That play was over, he crushed that rep, but it was over. Kind of like when you're out with friends (thinking back sentimentality to my 20s and early 30s) and you had a great night, but instead of going home, you decide to go to one more bar trying to keep the magic going while making plans to workout in the morning. Fast forward to you waking up super hung over at like 11am and feeling super guilty even though there's nothing to feel guilty about... the night was over, just go home. Or this hyper specific but definitely hypothetical situation where you go to one more place before going home and really want to play guitar. But you live in a pretty small house in South Florida at the time and you know she has to work in the morning and would wake her up. So being the super kind person you are you decide to go outside on your backyard deck and play some quiet acoustic guitar while recording yourself playing with your handy field recorder. Suddenly you wake up not knowing where you are to your dog barking and you're wife telling your dog to chill out while she opens the slider to let the dog out in the morning. Suddenly you hear a little genuine scream, followed by laughter when she realizes that the seemingly homeless person who squatted on your deck the night before is actually your idiot husband who passed out with a guitar in his hands. And you have it all recorded because your recorder was recording for the last five hours...hypothetically. Moral of the story? Do what Costanza did and go out on a high note. Don't care how good he is at running and taking/giving out hits...literally zero valid reasons for a qb that has superbowl mvp aspirations to take that hit after a 30 yard game changing run to try and get an extra five yards at the 50 yard line. Slide!
  7. Thanks To me it sounded like they sent him to a sports psychologist when he said on the post game show that the goal is to always make sure the possession ends with a kick. On the surface it sounds like coach speak football cliche, but really it's a goal setting thing and reframing that seems really advanced. It's not don't throw interceptions and if you do you failed...it's even if you punt you've succeeded. That reframing feels different coming from Allen, after he hasn't been talking like that really ever (he has a lot of negative self talk). What makes Allen so special is his ability to manipulate defenses. I don't think it's pass up the long ball, but on Dorsey to set up plays where the long ball threat sets up the short stuff. Again, it's refraiming. He loves tricking people and winning by messing with people's heads. Mix in plays where they let Allen trick defenses by making them think he's going deep, and then hit the checkdown. Move the safeties and the linebackers deep and then hit Cook, Hines or Singletary and let them break off a 20 yard YAC. If the defense blows the coverage, heck ya chuck it, but they need to give him plays where he can use his brain to trick people and get chunks of yards without having to hold it for five seconds. I wouldn't be shocked if they had Allen and Dorsey sit with a sports psychologist and figure out what Allen needed from a play calling perspective to get 90% of what was looking for when going hero ball from a behavioral perspective, while decreasing the risk of negative plays, but most importantly the hits he was exposing himself to.
  8. The best example there is, I don't think it's close is Andrew Luck. Philip Rivers is maybe a really good alternate example in terms of taking tons of hits, getting hurt, but never really getting injured. With Luck a ton of it was the isolation of rehabbing injuries. You're right Newton took a lot of cheap shots.
  9. I mean sure, Chad Pennington was a viable qb after he hurt his shoulder because he had the skills Allen has in terms of anticipation and pre snap reads, but was a shadow of himself before his shoulder injury. Peyton Manning with the Broncos, he lost his arm strength because of nerve damage, but was able to remain effective for a time. Both of those qbs were clinically accurate though and more relevantly their injuries did not impact their accuracy, just arm strength. It's less the leg injuries with Allen that worry me, unless it's real bad it would likely "only" derail a season. Shoulder injuries though, those are career killers. Newton got hit a ton out of the pocket, but a ton in the pocket extending plays. Ben Roethlisberger took a ton of hits extending plays. Allen needs to take the check down, stop extending random plays in random early quarters of random regular season games. He needs to let his teammates be involved.
  10. No, he is trying to force things to happen instead of being chill and letting them happen naturally. Take the check down instead of trying for the deep play when it's not there. Pinning a team inside their 10 leads to you scoring next like 80%+ of the time. Let the other people on your team help you. They have good amd dangerous players if given the ball in space, let them do stuff. I don't buy the lack of YAC is because of accuracy. I think it's cause he's not taking easy throws and instead is fitting balls into windows that are tiny and defenders are swarming right away. It's amazing and he shouldn't stop doing that, but a 5 yard check down with 15 yards YAC is way less risk and the same outcome as a 20 yard laser between 3 defenders with no YAC. Situational awareness and playing as a point guard to ensure all players are engaged. Then in the fourth quarter, if needed go wild. Look at how Chris Paul plays point guard in the NBA.
  11. I think people hear meniscus and immediately feel much better. First there are still a bunch of bench marks to hit before he can even think of getting back on the field, and those aren't necessarily linear. Also, if they do need to trim away a part of his meniscus, that doesn't grow back. The meniscus is the padding between the top of the knee and the bottom. That goes away you have bone on bone... it's what people get micro fracture surgery for in an attempt to avoid knee replacements. You don't need to be a doctor to know this stuff or to share facts that can be found on webmd, granted I would love to hear someone with more understanding than me share the potential issues of the injury. Stop minimizing a potentially serious injury. Also, really wild how people are so into other people risking life long debilitating pain so they can say their team finally won a sports ball trophy. I know I'm a hypocrite because I'm watching, and it's going to get to a point where I stop (probably after they win that damn sports ball trophy that I somehow wrapped way too much of my identity around). He's a person though, doesn't matter at all how much he makes. Would you let your kid rush back from a meniscus injury?
  12. I know, that's even more crazy!
  13. Gotcha and I wasn’t saying you were crazy for saying it. He would probably lose his State Farm endorsement if he started growing stuff.
  14. Kinda wild you'd lose a national sponsorship for growing a plant.
  15. I mean I do think not having the ability to truly chill out during the bye week had some impact. It's not like he was sitting in a beach relaxing, he was arguably doing something that took more mental energy than preparing during the week. Not because it's harder (nfl qb is the most mentally intensive position in sports), but because it was something new to him. Have to imagine shooting a commercial, meeting all the new people, doing take after take, etc left him more tired/mentally drained at the end of the day than a random Wednesday preparing for a Sunday game. No, I don't think it is causing him to throw interceptions. Yes, I think the overall mental stress, that he didn't decompress from over the bye week could be leading to him losing his ability to control his impulses and is leading him to try and take on three defenders to gain 5 more yards after he's already gained 30 (talking about the run against the lions in the first half).
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