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  1. He is significantly better than replacement level, and he's still constantly improving so you are likely going to be getting him at value because as his skill continues to improve he's going to continue being more valuable after you sign him. Punter and kicker are positions where if you have something that works, you pay a bit more so you don't need to worry about it for a decade...knock on wood, but those positions deal with far fewer injury risks, so you're more likely to have consistency and stats based on skill within random variance (bojo did get hurt in 2019 iirc, and that im
  2. Yup (edit: aw man, I bolded the high in high drama, but it collapsed the part I bolded, so looks like I'm just agreeing)
  3. Will watch the video later, but Lawrence's pocket awareness concerned me a lot in the national championship game.
  4. Isn't he still going to be super capable of being a sexual preditor when he gets out? Doesn't that type of behavior generally escalate or is there a solid chance he is able to work past it? Also, how many grams of crack equal 14 years exactly? Don't know, but at least until recently it was exactly 100 times less than the same number of years for cocaine. Think we might have some of our priorities mixed up somehow...and I'm usually very much on the rehabilitate over incarcerate side, but dude is attacking weak old ladies and raping them...aside from feeling the need for
  5. I don't know that it could though. If you guys can get the list of just very good hofers to 20 players, you're still looking at only around 5% of the hall of fame. Also, some of those aren't recent inductees right (I understand recent is relative, and much respect if you are talking about the first 20 years or so of hall of fame and it changing after that)?
  6. Was the hall of fame around from the very beginning? My guess is there was a backlog of only the best of the best to get through for a bit. Also, do you have some examples of more than a handful of players that aren't the best of the best recently who have gotten in?
  7. Well, in that case that should be reviewable and reversed.
  8. Yes it is...he absolutely impacted his momentum out of the break. It didn't look like much maybe, but he both slowed down his shoulder turn and grabbed the inside of his hip as he was trying to accelerate. Playing soccer, if I could get my wrist on someone's hip running side by side I could win everytime. You super rarely get called for it, but you have so much control over someone if you know where to apply very not obvious amounts of force. When you've been flat beat and you very obviously reach out for those spots like the chiefs player did there it's a foul. Basical
  9. I dunno, Allen's stated goal is to get paid like Mahommes. You don't get paid like that by playing like Dilfer. Now, Allen being an mvp candidate surely helps the team, these aren't mutually exclusive, but Allen wants to be the best qb ever and a hall of famer period, no different from Rodgers. Would Allen trade some individual stats for championships, yes, I believe he is a very team driven player, but he wants to win while playing in a way that most helps the team win. If the coaches stopped using him in a way that he feels that is happening, especially if they take t
  10. Haha, that's true, the contents left a bit to be desired for sure. I know it's a balancing act, and it's not me wanting quick twitter like threads. I like long form articles and will read through pages of a thread to get caught up, it's just that a really long general thread isn't something I'm going to click on and do that with...also my threshold seems to be about four pages to get into a thread, unless it's a thread where it's more of an informational thread and I can jump to the end to get caught up on latest news. Again, I get it's a balancing act and I think we la
  11. Except I'm not looking through any of those super general long threads that I haven't been engaged with from the start...I'm looking in a smaller very specific thread that caught my attention...guessing I'm not alone.
  12. The current version of madden is not close to simulation football.
  13. This was the biggest factor in the game imo, at least for the bills offense. At least with 70k fans it's loud a bit for both teams, but this impacted the bills more, which is fine, home field advantage, but the lack of practice in a game setting ultimately was the issue.
  14. Uh, I think you're missing the part where he has never played in an afc champ game, which is why the "finally" is the wrong term...
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if Daboll pulled out himself. Basically, the reports that he was the front runner came out, that made it much more real, he slept on it and decided it didn't feel right. Hopefully Dorsey can be patient and they give him a big raise and keep grooming him, because him leaving this year would almost be worse than Daboll leaving for the long term. I think he's seen close up what an involved, but not meddling owner open to a rebuild, a gm who is exactly on the same page and a perfect fit personality type wise and a really solid fanbase can do (yeah we
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