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  1. Because I wouldn't have gone into a many page long thread most likely, and certainly wouldn't have posted in it. New threads make it more engaging for people who aren't posting all the time...what is a slight annoyance for you, makes it significantly more fun and engaging for a lot of other people. I understand there is a line of having a lot of threads clogging things up and being repetitive, however, a thread based on an interesting stat, with a solid point that can be debated with other interesting stats is not one of those threads...let some other people have some fun too. Of course you're probably trolling to get this response, so crap
  2. Thank you! Yeah if that's the rule I'm wrong. Definitely was hit in the head right in front of the ref, who very clearly saw it, and he was for sure a passer still.
  3. No, I said it was a bad call on Brady, but from the angle of the ref behind the play I can see how he would make that call, and he gets a pass...unless you put an official on every inch of the field, calls being missed because of line of sight issues are always going to be part of the game, just is the way it is, and it's not a conspiracy when it happens (assuming it is a genuine line of sight thing of course). I also said Allen was scrambling, so he becomes a runner in terms of hit to the head (I'm pretty sure that's the case). Now had he thrown the ball and then the guy hit his head, it would be a penalty, but he wasn't a passer anymore at the time of that, and the guy didn't grab the face mask, good no call imo. I was screaming at the tv when Zay was standing out of bounds touching the ball though, and was really annoyed Steratore didn't come on to give his input for almost a quarter after the play.
  4. Right, but you can see how the ref behind the play may genuinely see his head getting hit? Plus he's in the pocket. That would be a missed call, but 90% of the time a ref sees it from that angle and it looks like that, there is actual contact on the head, which is flat out illegal to tap a qb on the head. Allen was scrambling and the defensive player never actually grabbed onto his facemask. Completely different and the right call imo. Would Brady have gotten that call? Maybe, don't really know, but this example isn't analogous really at all. That said, I'm glad you posted it, it definitely furthers the convo, just not sure it proves what you are hoping it would.
  5. I agree with you, but the Premier League has a lot more games, and the sense of urgency is there. Granted they have relegation, split the season in half and have a bunch of side tournaments throughout the season. They don't have playoffs though, so regular season is super important.
  6. Was going to say exactly this. The EP offense requires receivers that know what they are doing, and their responsibilities are based on where they are in the formation. So the far left receiver runs a certain route, but the far left receiver changes as players go in motion. That is one reason they motion so much imo, it's basically an option play by Allen on when he starts the play. Depending on where the motion guy is at the snap changes what the other receivers do. It's structured improvisation on every play. The routes themselves are relatively basic, but can be combined in creative ways, and Allen can read the defense and can choose which receiver he wants to run which route based on mismatches he sees presnap. It's crazy exciting, especially having a qb as smart as Allen running it...very Pats like in a lot of ways.
  7. My favorite is we have Webb on our practice squad (I am assuming he's still there). My father in law is a Giants fan and wanted them desperately to play Webb at the end whenever his rookie season was when the year was lost to see how he could do, but they never did. Then they end up drafting Barkely and doing that without knowing really how Webb looked/if they had a legit second tier game manager plan for post Eli in hand, and then they drafted Jones and lost Webb. Small thing, probably not important other than speaking to a front office that is potentially closed minded (ya think), and I'm looking forward to having an extended conversation about it next time we get together in a few months. Seriously, I think I'm just going to have to say Davis Webb and that will start a glorious rant. Edit: wait Davis Webb was a third round pick in 2016 and they cut him sometime between 2017 and 2018 (I had to have know the this no question)?!?! Oof, did they miss on him or was it regime change? Obviously doesn't seem like he's ready for a backup role, but that's squandering a lot of draft capital on likely known developmental project early.
  8. Look at the pathetic tool over here looking for attention...lol, thinks he's edgy, but nope, just a dbag
  9. That hit looked exactly like every example video of what is not allowed, except he turned his head at the last second, so he hit him with the side of his head. It was a bad hit. Don't think it was dirty, because he did try and turn his head, but he launched forward with his head for sure. If someone hit Brown like that, we'd be going crazy.
  10. Did you actually see the catch yesterday? It was full extension, up and away from his body on a lazer across the middle that he caught with his hands. Go to 3:26 in this video:
  11. Zay had a real nice, tough catch over the middle today and a huge catch last week during the comeback...
  12. Noooo! That was going to be my joke! Well done! I think the Gase hate might be overblown, Ross was a really bad owner who refused to rebuild...I say was because it looks like he gave the green light on the rebuild finally. I personally think the Jets roster is really top heavy...we'll have to see how it plays out, but I think the Bills will go on a mid season run as depth comes into play, and the Jets might fade. This move should be encouraging to a Jets fan for the following reason in my opinion. If I'm right and the Jets are top heavy, and the season goes sideways if the top players get injured, or are ineffective, this move leads me to believe the new GM would not try and keep it together by mortgaging the future (sort of like what the Texans are doing). That said, I'm not sure what's possible based on their salary cap situation...ex gm might have set you guys back a few years if these moves don't work out...btw, I'm rooting for the Bills to beat the Jets because the Bills are good, not because the Jets messed up their cap potentially and have a prolonged, but delayed rebuild as a result.
  13. Or you let anyone create threads during games, which I know is a non starter What if as the game was going on, certain big topics would get threads created, and as soon as the discussions slow on them, they get sucked into the main thread...or stay as individual threads if they're a really big deal...would take mod involvement, but could be pretty cool engagement wise...you could have a game day thread builder who rotates week to week and only they would be allowed to create threads.
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