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  1. Or he knows you need a franchise qb and has seen what finishing in the 6 to 7 win pergatory looks like close up in the afc east for 20 years and is the most calculated coach and gm in the league. Great contribution
  2. Would you be shocked if they actively tried to go 2-14?
  3. @Augie In all seriousness though...people do feel this way reading through the Diggs trade thread. It's odd given Allens huge improvement in the intermediate passing game, but people think that way for sure.
  4. Here's the thing, the quality receiving core needs a polished qb, and I watched a few games last season and Burrow seems super polished, and would be a great fit...go rewatch that GA Southern game, dude is a straight baller...5 tds! Think the Bengals would do Allen, Brown and Diggs for #1 overall and a rb? Oh and the first pick of the second round, because this is a super deep wr draft. The first pick of the second round is basically a first round pick after all.
  5. So I agree, but I don't necessarily think the Pats are going to be feeling the pain immediately...sure they might have a down year or two, but I'm talking the prolonged mediocre non-relevance both the Bills and Dolphins faced that really set in about 5 years following the departure of those coaches and players. The Bills up through the music city miracle were pretty good and very competitive. The dolphins had the Taylor and Ricky Williams era, which was really competitive. I think what happens is the culture that was around when you had the franchise qb sticks around for a bit. Then the front office flails around a bit, players leave and the culture goes downhill. Then they start taking bigger and bigger risks to get success again, and even if some succeed, enough fail and you go into a downspin that will take years to recover from and they get fired. Then you bring in a new front office regime and instead of doing what McBeane did and refusing to play the hand their dealt, folding and starting again, they try to take a hand of 2 and 7 unsuited in the small blind and bet aggressively. You can't fire a front office because they created a situation that you deem is too broken to fix quickly, and ask the next group to come in and fix it quickly. That might be the biggest quality of McBeane...the humility to not think they could fix something that everyone else failed to fix...just admit it isn't possible and start over. That's a very long way of me saying, the Pats are potentially about to go on a long downward spiral that might start out ok, but will continue to spiral down...or they are smart and blow it up before they start making bad decisions when things start going south and hit a two or three year restart button...good luck, because fan expectations are what drive so much of that, and owners are not necessarily open to being honest about a rebuild, because that would hurt attendance and such.
  6. Also, my wife owns a small business. The law that was just passed says she needs to pay up to 2 weeks of sick pay for every employee. Personally I think that having sick time for people is good, would make wages go down slightly, but you won't lose your job if your kid gets sick (sort of loke insurance). That said...a totally unplanned huge expense like that, where the government is saying don't worry, we got you covered, you can take out a 0 interest loan (that converts to 12% interest on any unpaid balance after the first year). This isn't going to just put her out of business (honestly I think it would anyway, and she is potentially going to pivot to something else), but this is going to take all the profit she was able to make over 3 years and put us into debt. Don't worry, they are going to help with social security payrol tax credits...will help all those companies that go out of business or need cash right when they start up again... Anyway, the pegulas might be trying to help people with the timing, but also heard if you did layoffs before the bill was signed you wouldn't have to pay...of course hopefully I'm wrong on above, I just know what is swirling around in the business groups she's in...she built it up to 25 employees with no start up money.
  7. No, we'll be missing the games taking care of all the people who haven't saved for retirement, plus the crazy number getting Alzheimer's, all while the infrastructure crumbles around us. In fort lauderdale, a sewer main has broken 7 times over the last 6 or so weeks, because the pipe is like 60 years old, made our of regular iron and the salt water, that is rising, is coroding an already super old pipe. Literal poop flowing into the rivers and the intercostal killing crazy amounts of fish and doing what the heck knows other kinds of environmental damage. Basically, so instead of everyone paying a bit over time and being respectful of future generations, many chose to give us a giant finger and spend their resources having a ton of fun going to games instead of paying anything forward...you call us selfish? I know it's not everyone, but you painted with a wide brush first op. If anyone wants to get mad at me for my wide brush, I encourage you to take it up with op
  8. I agree...the counter is if they can find one that they believe is likely to contribute year 1 at a high level, that is highly valuable.
  9. They adhere the principle of positional value and scarcity more though.
  10. Haha, yes you're right...they put themselves in position over a 16 game season to play the lowest top seed in the wildcard because of the 5 seed. Then were basically within a 3rd and 18 from winning a road playoff game, where a super raw linebacker who has a literal hall of fame ceiling made a mistake that not only will he likely never do again in his career, but will be the single moment that will fuel him to work so damn hard he has a chance to reach that ceiling. We're definitely on the same page...🤔
  11. Well, I got an update on how the screaming at the kid for his lack of self swinging skills as a 2.5 year old. Craziest thing...he just looks at me with this calm look in his eye and said "dam it daddy, you know I love you....but you have a hell of a lot to learn about rock and roll" 🦇
  12. Can two things not be true at the same time? Also, maybe you're right, maybe I shouldn't look at potential and where someone has grown from and what they are likely to grow into, I should judge them immediately, harshly and without perspective. Yes, the more I think of it I think you're right. So grateful you cleared that up for me! Alright, I need to go scream at my 2.5 year old for not being able to make himself go without me having to push him on the swing. Might be a bit harsh, seeing he couldn't even sit on a big kid swing a few months ago, but so grateful for your logic...the kid will pump his legs, and he will pump them now!
  13. Yeah, I saw it at the time...was sort of hoping it would get reviewed, but nope...damn nfl
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