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  1. The bogus claim rate is actually only 0.24 bogus per claim (bpc), but that does jump up to 1.3 bpc in the five hours after a loss. I was surprised, but the advanced metric bSpc supports this too.
  2. Well he's #25 in rush yds this season...and his 3.2 yd avg isn't even close to top 50...wow! Crazy and that's really rough for that % of cap!
  3. Lol, well I was trying to go for a top 10 mental gymnastic post of 2019, so glad I was at least in the ballpark.
  4. Well...I would imagine he didn't have the flu when he was bowling...those things go 0-60 in a matter of hours. Also, if he has a bunch of people who came in for the game from all around the country, is it really that crazy he would hang out with them the night before (assuming he wasn't hanging out with people he could see every day). 1am is a bit late the night before a game for sure, but if it comes out that he can never sleep before games (no clue this is true), is there any real difference if he was sitting awake in his hotel room by himself or sitting in a bowling alley with friends (assuming he wasn't drinking alcohol so close to a game)? Not apologising for him at all, just think there is some missing info. Oh and how about the rumors about the Bills players partying with serious substances way later the night before the giants super bowl? Glass houses...
  5. Because you don't let a top 50 rb go in the middle of the season. Likely wouldn't make it that far through waivers, but can you imagine if the Pats got him right now.
  6. There was more going on with RG3 than being a running qb and getting hit. Honestly I'm shocked he was taken so high. Not sure if you've seen this (I hadn't until recently), but it's pretty crazy. Zion Williamson has similar mechanical issues in his form (though different) and already had to get part of his meniscus removed, which could lead to bad things long term.
  7. Yeah, this weather is absolutely amazing right now. I'm working from home today and am smoking an 8 lb pork picnic for some pulled pork on my Akorn Jr. Sitting outside right now waiting for the temp to settle in somewhere between 225-250 and it's so nice out, I really just want to say f it, get a beer and sit by the smoker all day...alas too much to do...plus it's 9:30 am lol
  8. Lol and we get Dolphins vs Jets down here in South Florida...don't feel too bad for us though...it's 75, not at all humid and sunny with a light breeze, dropping into the upper 50s at night recently...we'll be ok
  9. If the ravens were an nfc team I'd be on board, but this is just nuts
  10. A bit of a scheduling bummer to have both non-predetermined games scheduled back to back for the pats I guess...might be one of the few times I've seen it really matter where a team finishes...hou and kc are tough back to back.
  11. Pretty sure it's just lose to hou or kc, not both...that gets the pats to two loses, losing to the bills would be three, and with the season series split, I read the next tie breaker is conference record, which if the bills win out, the bills would own that tie breaker. The Bills win next week, and it's legit on for the top seed. That said, Bills also could lose against Bal and the Pats lose to the chiefs, and the division is still up for grabs (I'm assuming the hou game doesn't get crazy).
  12. Didn't he not play the 4th quarter of a bunch of games though recently? I think you might be using total yards per game, but there is a lot that goes into that (running out clocks once you get a huge lead for example, which if the falcons did, they would have a super bowl, or not playing entire 4th quarters is another)...maybe only look at number of yards in the first half, or as others have suggested yards per attempt.
  13. Here's the problem...Jackson is ranked super high in yards per attempt, and below avg in yards after catch. You are basing your opinion on him saying he only completes short passes. Well, that is completely impossible given those two stats. Your opinion, or at least part of it, is factually wrong (like if I said tomorrow the sun will come up green). You can admit you based a part of your opinion on false info/facts (try it sometime it's liberating to admit you were wrong...perfection is the enemy of progress and all), but regardless of that piece, it doesn't matter because you still think he is going to get hurt running, which is the most important thing for your opinion by far, and you are saying that because of that he will not maintain this level for his career...that's a solid opinion. That said, the come back there is Donavan McNabb, who was able to change his game and become a pocket passer. Jackson has shown the potential to do that already if you look at the stats. The comeback to that is, well that's because defenses have to play the run, so those passing lanes are open, and if he loses the run, then he gets complex coverages and will not be able to maintain those passing stats. You get to that point you can say well, we're just going to have to agree to disagree, but these are the facts I am basing my opinion on. You seem to have stalled in the process of the full process and melted a bit when someone provided solid facts to challenge your opinion. Let me guess, you hate snowflakes? The irony...
  14. I do think you can extend the window though, both through keeping draft capital to maintain the flexibility to get players with the flexibilty to play in the system, but even more by carrying over cap space. The cap space carry over is really the key in my opinion. Reason is that let's say JA's cap hit is $50m/yr with the new deal over the 3 years before they restructure (making up the numbers). However, you carried over $120m in cap that was built up during the time when you had qb savings. That cap hit, if you spend all the savings over that three years suddenly goes down to $10m per year. You are still technically paying your qb rookie deal money. (Sorry my reply isn't better written or ackowledges more of your points, I only had a few minutes to write on my phone before heading out to do some stuff with the family. Let's keep this convo going though because I'm super curious to see how it plays out, because I think it's pretty clear that Beane has a plan (not saying it has to be the right one necessarily) and really excited to see what that ends up being).
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