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  1. Ok, if you are coming home from a concert and the police officer asks you where are you coming from and you say a concert, you've just given them probable cause. Obviously I'm not talking about any situation, but if you are the subject of an investigation, talking to police without a lawyer present is a really bad idea. If you were representing a client in court, would you prefer they said absolutely nothing or said things that potentially implicated themselves unintentionally while trying to be respectful?
  2. Right, except every lawyer will tell you you should never talk to police. It's none of their business where you are going, where you are coming from, etc. The only thing that can happen is you give them evidence to charge you with something, either what they are directly investigating, or some other thing because you don't know the law and could accidently implicate yourself either now, or later. The 4th and 5th amendments are there for a reason. The police aren't your friends. I'm not saying to be a jerk, but you have every right to ask if you are being detained and if not ask to leave...if they say yes, then you have every right to ask what you are being detained on and ask for a lawyer without saying another word. You really think Ed Oliver would get the same treatment if he did that as say Josh Allen? Come on, it really all boils down to black people are required to show respect to authority, where white people are already on equal standing. The idea avoiding the perception of disrespecting authority (oh the pearl clutching) at the expense of your constitutional rights...hilarious. And spare me the, "well don't call them if someone is robbing you if that is how you feel crap." That is their job, as is respecting and defending my constitutional rights, especially when it is inconvenient.
  3. Yeah, I'm having a hard time computing living in fort lauderdale.
  4. That's how mlb does it basically. A lot of those players are getting screwed over too for what it's worth, but in different ways: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2062307-an-inside-look-into-the-harsh-conditions-of-minor-league-baseball https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2018/4/20/17259846/minor-league-baseball-anti-labor-ronald-acuna-scott-kingery
  5. Not sure if it's because nobody is really going to shows because of covid, or because it'll be 25 years since Jerry died, but this is the most I've seen people posting really heartfelt stuff during Days Between (his bday Aug 1st and his death Aug 9th). Not why I posted that lyric, just felt right to reference a song about a gambler whose been at it for ten years and is looking for their last shot...coulda gone with Loser too for sure, but wanted to go with the optimistic version to match the vibe of the thread I always think of the guy in Loser to be the same guy as in Deal, just a few years later, perhaps on his way to going down to the docks of the city, where his about to meet August West...
  6. I've been gamblin' hereabouts for ten good solid years, if I told you all that went down it would burn off both of your ears. Goes to show, you don't ever know. Watch each card you play and play it slow, wait until that deal come round, don't you let that deal go down, no, no.
  7. This is to important to mince words (and I'm still not saying near what I really want to say). There is a whole lot of ignorant up in here. This isn't about politics, other than a hell of a lot of people are parroting word for word what people in power are saying, and those people, to quote George Carlin "do not give a f*** about you." There legit might not be such a thing as asymptomatic cases...it's only asymptomatic if you're not searching for the right symptoms. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/07/brain-fog-heart-damage-covid-19-s-lingering-problems-alarm-scientists https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/prevention-cures/506752-mild-cases-of-coronavirus-may-not-be-as-mild-as
  8. This virus seems to magnify and cause inflammation too, you know kind of like what happens when you run into someone running full speed into you over and over. Also, the pain medicines (especially toridal (sp?), people are taking to play impact the liver and kidneys, which covid-19 attacks. I really hope the league has done their due diligence here, because this could end the league if they didn't (we followed the cdc guidelines isn't going to cut imo if this goes sideways with a bunch of lineman having significant impacts. Good one, now try something original
  9. You think the MRI they did was the most definitive and final test before surgery (genuine question, I'm totally speculating here and looking to be taught)? Just the way I think of it is they would do a test with a low false negative rate, but high false positive and then refer to a specialist and the actual surgeon that would operate for the final really highly accurate (though expensive) test...guessing that would be a biopsy or something.
  10. I don't see it like that. I am reading it like they did a preliminary scan saw something suspicious and told him to go get it checked out by his own doctor/specialist with a referral. As part of that they would have prepared him for it being anything from a benign cyst to untreatable cancer. It would be really weird if they used an MRI by an nfl medical team as the basis to cur someone open, especially their brain.
  11. And that's where I think relegation and more so promotion would help. You're suddenly talking about small, but extremely dedicated fan bases entering the main league, and getting a huge influx of cash to bring in new players and upgrade facilities and all that. It would help with organic growth. The problem is the the premier league was built up organically, where the mls owners started the league and aren't about to watch the value of their franchise cut by some huge %. I live less than 10 minutes away from where the new Miami team was going to play in fort lauderdale while their real stadium is being built...such a bummer with covid (I mean it's not important ultimately, but still a bummer). Was gonna go to so many games, but now we're moving to Raleigh next month (getting the heck out of here with the mix of hurricanes, covid, two real young kids and a five hour drive off the peninsula when 6 million people aren't trying to evacuate)...looks like we are gonna get at least one more close call at best with Isaias before we go, and likely a few more the way this hurricane season has gone so far.
  12. I went to a bunch of new england revolution games, they definitely have a great live fan base and they play out in Foxboro which is 40 min or whatever from Boston. Also, the lack of relegation I think hurts in the long run (though it's not possible for them to stay solvent as a league with relegation apparently). Imagine when Rochester won the gold cup that they got to get into the mls, and that would happen to a smaller team or two every season...you would super quickly see the enthusiasm in the league surge I think.
  13. Nice, to each their own for sure. I do think you're likely in the minority watching lower quality football. Look at soccer...Americans eat up the english premier league, but the same level of interest isn't there with the mls...but as the quality of the mls has improved, so have the number of viewers. That said, the rochester rhinos crushed it back in the day, but I think Rochester is a sneaky underrated sports town (we had a pro nba team for crying out loud and an nba championship I believe). All that said, I might not be the best person to gauge sports interest these days...since I moved down to south florida, from boston (originally Rochester) I cut the cord and stopped watching pretty much all sports except the Bills and I will be die hard Sabres as soon as they get back to be decent (watched 20 games straight or so the last two seasons before the wheels fell off each time and it became depressing. I could tell you a lot of what was happening on each team in each of the main four sports before I moved down here. We're moving to Raleigh in a month or so, so maybe I'll get more into sports again, but now I have to little kids, so thinking prob not.
  14. Why not just do a world cup like tournament? Even if they don't do the re-draw. Round robin against your division, top two teams go to elimination round. Have two games a night, like Sunday, Monday Thursday...then everyone gets abye week to start the knock out stages. Could be over and done with in a month or two and the tv revenue would be insane.
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