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  1. Lucky Day Whiskey Bar downtown and for late night cocktails, High Violet on Elmwood Ave.
  2. Best case scenario -- this could be the piece of a ridiculous puzzle. Motor has been good this year, Cook has flashed, but this back has the stats, intelligence, total yards capability, and experience to blow the top off this offense. I would guess we see 10 snaps and I imagine this kid has the grit in him to turn one of them into a jaw-dropper. Great players turn in memorable performances when given the opportunity. Hines strikes me as a player with greatness in his heart and gut who has been thrust into a situation in which he can unlock it.
  3. What a smart and likeable young man. He is showing his skills distinctly this year, which I would think is equal parts great front four, contract year, and experience in his fourth year. I'm sure he interviews well. I doubt we have the payroll room to re-sign him.
  4. I think we throw in some safety and LB blitzes this game to keep the edges honest, which sets up #40 to attack. I think we throw some wrinkles at Mahomes in serious disagreement with our tendencies.
  5. From 1988 through 1991, I was a field engineer and then producer at WGR 55 / 97 Rock. For most of that run, I would set up and monitor the remote transmission for a number of Bills shows. Weekly, I would go to Jim's house on Mondays and, if I recall correctly, Thursdays. He didn't engage with me, so no fun stories there. I would do the same in the evenings for the Marv Levy and Bill Polian shows. Marv was polite, but incredibly busy. Polian was very cool and would answer the couple questions I might have for him in talking before / after the show. Both Marv and Polian were very clearly high-wattage intellects. Randomly saw Bruce Smith at the movies. The height and mass were incredible. Was on a plane a few years ago and by weird coincidence, I had watched recently the 1990 Divisional round game vs the Browns. Still one of the all-time great games. I noticed Thurm a few rows behind and said hi and mentioned the above. He didn't have much of anything to say. Felt a bit like a stooge, but whatever. Everyone wants to connect with these guys, so it didn't bother me. Conrad Dobler lived up the street, on Elmwood Ave, in East Aurora. Around the neighborhood, he was seen as a cool / badass Dad. Played golf with Dan Kelly during the Super Bowl years. Was trying to win some business from Jim. Dan was fun to hang with. Didn't win the account.
  6. Darryl loves it if you come up to him and say "Aren't you Janine's husband?" Running joke on twitter, where she posts often and is really funny.
  7. He celebrated on the first TD of his career. Upon returning to the sideline, Marv Levy told him to "act like you've been there before." He never again celebrated a TD. Jim Brown used to do that to the opposing team. Make them think they had hurt him and then would get a huge play on the next down. He said it was demoralizing to opponents.
  8. Rush two DTs and drop two before the snap to knock down Kelce and Hill at the LOS.
  9. Grouping two games -- from 60:00 in the New England game through 00:13 in the Chiefs game.
  10. On the twitters today. Not if Josh has a say, sounds like.
  11. Last year's loss and this year's remind me of losing to Cincy in the AFCCG in 1988 and then the Ronnie Harmon heartbreaker in the Divisional round vs the Browns in 1989. You could tell in those two years we were developing a juggernaut of a team, but had to wait until the 1989/1990 season to get to the next step. With a good draft and deft management of personnel and the cap, the Bills can take that next step in 2022/2023.
  12. What an incredibly cocky fan base, at least on those boards. They are widely misinformed on the Bills' and Allen's stats, both in the aggregate and situationally. The collective mind of that board is also deep in the gutter. What a sewer of a message board.
  13. Huh. From Wikipedia: Emmanuel Niamiah Sanders[1] (born March 17, 1987) is an American football wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. He played college football at SMU, and was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Sanders won Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos over the Carolina Panthers.
  14. Touchdown Jesus will be resurrected in Buffalo, per sources.
  15. Touchdown Jesus was way cool. Everyone wanted to hang out with him.
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