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  1. I agree with this, they have spent #1 picks on all of their defensive line positions and it should reflect that. I think we have a better scheme behind them. They are close though, and in different ways
  2. Moved from the Cuse to Portland 18 years ago. Love PDX and Oregon
  3. I was just going to ask you if you had any info?? It would be a real bummer to miss out on both. We all know how this ends though, another recruit lost to UK and whatever they are going to pay him to go there
  4. LeviShika is always injured. I would take either of the starting Clemson WR in the first round. Total studs
  5. I am hoping that this will be the case next season. DTV is losing hundreds of thousands of customers by the quarter. They have removed CBS, NFL Network from my programming and the only reason I am keeping it for the next 4 months is the Sunday Ticket. If/When they lose the Ticket they are bound to implode. At the moment they don't seem to interested in retaining their customers, as many have indicated in the other thread about DTV. Can't wait to be able to order single games a la carte
  6. I'm going to have to call back this year again. The first time around I spent 45 minutes on the phone with some woman in India that I could not for the life of me understand (the connection was so bad). I ended up with paying $17 a month for the Max ST for 6 months, no other offers though. at the end of the football season I am going to cancel Directv for good and hope the NFL works out an alternate streaming option on another platform
  7. This thread will not die! There doesn’t seem to be any fire to this smoke
  8. the 2016 draft was awful for the Bills, just went back over their selections...terrible. I don't think that anyone is even on the team three years later other than Shaq
  9. I know that this is kind of stating the obvious, but JG3 is going to be absolutely adored by Cuse Fans. I mean we are talking rolling Buddy and Gmac all in one. I hope that he can ball out and get a great groove going from 3 point line this year. More than anything for the Frosh, I just want to see them be fearless and aggressive. I feel like the last few years our Frosh have played timid, too afraid to make mistakes and get the wrath of Jimmy.
  10. I think that this Italy trip is going to be so important for this young team. To get some level of cohesiveness and experience before the season is crucial. We really need one or two of the Freshmen to become high level scorers or we are going to get dominated in some of our ACC games. I also predict that losing Brissett will be addition by subtraction, didn't play well last year IMO.
  11. These haven't been as good this year as in the past. I remember gut wrenching laughter in the past...this year not so much. However the user comment about JA's arm being slightly less accurate than a North Korean ballistic missile was pretty funny
  12. What is IPTV? Does that get you Bills games?
  13. So true, drop the mic on that
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