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  1. I know that a couple of you guys have some "inside" info on Cuse bball, curious about something...It really seems like once Jimmy B. left our recruiting gets/interest/buzz picked up big time. Was he holding recruiting back the last few years? Did getting him out of the equation really change that much for Red and the boys? Either way it is a great thing, but would love to know if there was a dynamic there towards the end.
  2. I agree with this! Hit Amazon for accessories. Also, season the hell out of the thing to get it to that cast iron level of crust on it. I think I did the seasoning process 4-5 times one Saturday and got it just right. It is much easier to clean once it has the seasoned layer on it.
  3. I like Tua, seems like a really good dude. Can’t F’ing stand their new coach and the b@ll waxing he is getting. It was 115 degrees on our bench when we played,
  4. I would be good with a draft of one DE and the rest OL...seriously
  5. Dude definitely went all out with "demon in his eyes" HAHA They are desperate, and they know it is going to be an a$$ kicking
  6. definitely needed more pressure against the Vikings
  7. At this point I check in on this for a daily chuckle.
  8. I believe he is the Panda Kung Fu guy in the Jack Black movie
  9. dude, it is week three of the preaseason. What exactly were you looking for from our 2-3rd stringers?
  10. Coach McD has strong character, those who are bitching and moaning about him and his presser have maybe/obviously never been in that kind of leadership position. To me, he is clearly distressed, hurting, and angry about it. I believe him when he says that the organization will do the right thing. He has always been that kind of leader. And IMO he is a man of his word.
  11. McBean is not going to like this, doesn't seem to be the kind of character they are looking for. If true, the dude is a Grade-A Dbag and I would not him anywhere near my team. We are not the Browns, and neither are our owners
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