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  1. Yeah. That would have been an embarrassment. What a disappointing season, had much higher hopes. I hope that Carey grows up a ton this offseason. We really need someone that can run the show and not turn the ball over
  2. He’s just not that smart. Great way to end your career Frank I came on here to specifically see your response to what it is, nice to have our Cuse insider tell us what’s going on!
  3. Be nice to get a serviceable center that can catch the ball, and is at least a minimal threat on the pick and roll. Defenses completely ignore Chukwu when he rolls
  4. Bummer on Stewart, would have been awesome for the orange next year and would have been on a much bigger stage in the acc
  5. I sure hope you are right, he would put that class right up there with the melo, gmac, Hak class
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