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  1. SDS - thanks for 14 years of Bills talk (at least for me). Appreciate you man!
  2. Brooklyn Pickle in the Cuse...amazing
  3. @Johnny Hammersticks any news on the multiple offers this week?? 2022 is looking like a banner recruit cycle if we can land a few of them
  4. My neighbor went down there to get steaks, they waited in line for two hours and then bailed. It was a great deal for prime steak
  5. Love it late in the 2nd. Most pundits had him going somewhere in the 1st. Nothing to complain about with this, it just fits and is weird because before McBeane we were conditioned to complain about everything in the draft
  6. BOB had no leverage in this, but man he loves doubling down on his mistakes
  7. I am so happy that I finally dropped DTV, I couldn't stand making any kind of phone call into their customer service. Always take minimum 45 minutes to accomplish the smallest little thing and so much waiting for them. Don't miss those days!
  8. I would go after Clowney on a 3-4 year deal, draft WR/RB in in rounds 2 and 3, and then BPA after that. Clowney is obviously the centerpiece of "All-in" for me. I would also consider trading next year's first if you could get an impact starter at EDGE or TE
  9. Shenault was often injured at CU. His running style is super physical
  10. JR, this is exactly what I have done. My DTV bill was getting so high. YouTube tv is great and super convenient to use. Paying a third of what I used to. also something to consider is that the NFL is potentially going to be renogotiating online and streaming games this off-season
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