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  1. Gets some drugs and hookers instead....
  2. Watched the replay. I will say that Washington looks more “ready” than Goodine right now. I still say, in terms of bringing the rock up the court under pressure, JG3 is our guy.
  3. Oh, so all we needed to do was make shots? lol. I see that Hughes spent some time at SG 🤔
  4. I missed the game and forgot to record. What the hell happened other than Hughes going off. Is Ga Tech that bad? Jeebus...
  5. Read an article on Twitter today about a way to “fix” the Orange line-up. PG: JG3 SG: Hughes SF: Dolezaj PF: Guerrier C- Sidibe Buddy would be first off the bench and could play SG or SF. Thoughts?
  6. She’s busted. Kinda looks like the Grinch. Pass.
  7. You’ve heard stories about my bachelor years?
  8. Phyllis Diller. Knee jerk response...
  9. Keep it going man! I don’t really understand the intent of his thread, but this is kind of fun 😂
  10. Brett Kavanaugh? But where’s Tobin and Squee?
  11. What is particularly vexing to me is how poorly JG3 has been shooting since the Okla St game. No way we have a chance if he is shooting 23% from the field. Also, Joe badly needs to work on his defense. I expected a learning curve with the defense, but I didn’t expect the poor shooting.
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