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  1. Cue the video of the dummy table jumping and turning his leg into a right triangle.
  2. I think I’d rather do an ass shot 😆
  3. It was Sean McDermott’s son, Conner. Cold move by McCoachdad.
  4. IIRC, we released Conor McDermott before Duke was promoted. He was promptly picked up off waiver by the Jets.
  5. Her facial features are too small for her face, and she better tuck in that Adam’s apple or she’s gonna trip over it. Yeah, I would.
  6. They’re not that hard to find if you know where to look 😉
  7. Except Sony doesn’t get the goalline carries, and thus is utterly useless at present. Last week they consistently brought in Brandon Bolden for all goalline personnel groupings that I saw. They either ran Bolden (1TD) or ran a QB sneak with Marsha (2TDs). They’re also more apt to use White in the red zone. I would start Singletary over Michel in any format, but especially PPR.
  8. Oooooooh! Now that’s an idea. Grilled watermelon!!!?? Yowza. That sounds delish....
  9. Balsamic bro. Give it a try. I must be honest...the watermelon and balsamic wasn’t my own creation. I had it as an accompaniment to a cocktail created by a mixologist at a really fancy restaurant in DC. I do serve it as an appetizer at my BBQ’s in the summer and people rave about it.
  10. Chilled watermelon with a sprinkle of kosher salt and a few drops of balsamic. Soooooo tasty!
  11. Heard of Treehouse. I think I tried one variety when I was in Boston last winter. Never heard of Grimm’s. I’ll have to keep my eye out at the beer store.
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