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  1. Most of it was very dumb, yes. The shootout thing was brutal. I was waiting for the Nickelodeon slime to start spraying everywhere.
  2. Ted McGinley’s character is friggin hilarious! 😂 I have Dear Edward on my list. Has great reviews, and the story looks intriguing. The wife and I watched E1 of Poker Face on Peacock last night and it was pretty interesting. It’s hard to keep up with all these shows!
  3. My wife’s a millennial. Born in June 1981. I remind her of this regularly and it pisses her off so much. 😆 I’m pure Gen-X, 1979, the real greatest generation…
  4. Yeah, he’s playing very well. Amazing how far he’s come. The NBA draft will be calling 🤷🏾‍♂️
  5. Watched the first 4 episodes of Shrinking on Apple TV this week, and I’ve enjoyed it. I guess it’s a drama/comedy about a psychiatrist (Jason Segel) whose wife has passed and he starts to resort to “unorthodox” methods with his clients. Harrison Ford also co-stars and plays and interesting role as colleague/mentor. Good stuff so far.
  6. We got 4 tickets 2 rows up in 308 for ~$220 for the 2/11 Calgary game. Those same seats at TD Garden would be around $525-550 easy for a Saturday night game. Sabres tix are still a very good deal.
  7. Part of the reason I retired from coaching varsity lacrosse is because of the parents. There were times that my team actually lost games due to “bench misconduct” penalties assessed to my team due to parents screaming incessantly at the officials. There was one pre-season tournament where I walked my team right off the field and to the bus without playing a single game because our parents were being so ridiculous in the stands toward the referees and the other fans. The only ones who suffer are the kids. I just can’t understand why grown adults feel that they can behave this way. I certainly understand why there is such a referee shortage. You couldn’t pay me enough to take that abuse.
  8. The incident referenced in the OP is a public middle school basketball game. I think this fan misbehavior is across the board.
  9. As a sports parent here in Vermont, as well as a hockey/lacrosse coach, this type of behavior from parents has become quite common. My son is a 14U (bantam) hockey player, and I’ve witnessed 3 fights in the stands already this season. He also plays on a “select” travel team which plays in tournaments all over New England and Quebec. Same thing everywhere we go. It’s absolutely disgusting. After I saw this on the news yesterday, I was thinking back to my youth/HS/college playing career and I don’t remember this type of stuff happening ever. I graduated HS in 1997 for reference. Was this type of behavior always a thing?
  10. And to think of all those years we bitched about World Wide Wes and PayCal 😂
  11. Tage Thompson is 25 and Alex Tuch is 26. I’m not sure Owen Power is old enough to legally purchase a lottery ticket yet. 😆
  12. If he keeps up this scoring pace and the Sabres keep winning, I could totally see Dahlin winning the Norris this year. What is he 22 years old? Crazy…
  13. I don’t know much about gaming, but I used to love to play Goldeneye in college. We absolutely wore that game out. My son has a PS4 and we also have a Wii. Anyway I can play on either of those?
  14. He has been a complete bust as a 5 star recruit and just had his starting spot taken. I’d guess he’s headed toward the transfer portal. My guess is that he and JB had a heated convo prior to the UVA game. He’ll “play nice” the rest of the season and then transfer. No inside info…
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