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  1. I don’t know why you think our defense is going to be so terrible....😂
  2. Yes. Just as long as you don’t throw up all over my shower. Otherwise we’re good. Great skiing, hiking, and beer tours here too. I might have to look into Airbnb.
  3. Absolutely, brotha! No one knows what Beane is really thinking. I wouldn’t be surprised if we traded up for a Q Williams or a Josh Allen, I wouldn’t be shocked if we traded back, and I wouldn’t be shocked if we took Hock, Metcalf, Oliver or Jonas Williams at 9.
  4. I’m more comfortable with our DT group (Star, Harrison, Jordan Phillips) than I am with our DE group (Hughes, Murphy, Lawson, Yarborough). Both position groups need bolstering regardless. I’m going with 4-3 DE if it’s BOA at 9 unless somehow Williams or Oliver are there.
  5. Fair point. I will counter with what is the drop off from Ed Oliver to Jeff Tillery as opposed to the drop off from Hock to Irv Smith?
  6. It feels somewhat deflating, although I know what my bride is thinking. Now we can have both sets of grandparents stay with us for holidays/events. I still want a room where I can lock the door, put my headphones on to some Zepplin, and smoke a bowl. Is that too much to ask? Maybe I should remind my wife that I make over 25K more than her per year. Then maybe she will understand that I have needs too. That should go well, right?
  7. Or you could just, like, ignore the thread and move on. Why does this make you so mad? Now quit being a little female dog...
  8. We have a playroom that my kids never, ever use. I asked my wife if we could turn it into my man-cave and she said we need another guest bedroom. Apparently we’re opening a bed & breakfast.
  9. Darnold showed flashes of very good QB play on a very bad team, and Eli proved that his arm is dead AND he’s playing on a very bad team. As silly as the notion of a “hindsight re-draft” might be, I think the Giants would reconsider their choice if given the opportunity. Hell, they might even take Allen over Barkley if allowed a do-over.
  10. Because they need a QB, and Darnold was one of the best in a pretty darn strong QB class. I’m not a big fan of taking RB’s early. Especially in the first 15-20 picks of the first round. JMO.
  11. Exciting prospect and fun to watch. Serious question for those who want him at 9....do you really see this kid as a 4-3 DE in McD’s system? Doesn’t seem to have the prototypical size, and he beefed up to his combine weight. Personally, I see him as a SOLB in this defense.
  12. No. Too much for a 4-3 DE who can’t get after the QB.
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