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  1. Johnny Hammersticks

    Do kids play outside where you live?

    Same here. I remember waking up as early as my parents let me (probably around 7) and heading out to meet up with friends. We either had plans to go fishing, build a fort in the woods, or play some kind of sport. Come home to choke down lunch and dinner, and make sure to be home when the street lights turned on. Those were fun times. My son is 9 and he plays sports year round so he is plenty active. He has a PS4 and enjoys it, but he only gets it for a couple hours on the weekend. If he didn’t have sports, however, there aren’t really a lot of kids in the neighborhood out playing unstructured games like I did as a kid. I was born in ‘79 BTW.
  2. Johnny Hammersticks

    College lacrosse player not allowed to play - his head is too big

    Impossible. My assistant coach has a head the size of a beach ball, and we found a helmet that fits him.
  3. Johnny Hammersticks

    Allen: “Hey Ramsey...am I still trash?” Hahaha

    Sadly for Jalen Ramsey, yes, he’s probably still sticking to his guns on all of those claims. That is funny though.
  4. Johnny Hammersticks

    The Bills fanbase

  5. Johnny Hammersticks

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    Who doesn’t know how to drive a car with a manual transmission. Freaking hippie, liberal, millennial, snowflake, tree hugger, everybody gets a trophy, aholes!
  6. Johnny Hammersticks

    Rookie Grades series at NFL.com

    When you start a thread referencing an article, it is just common courtesy to include a link to the article so that folks can formulate their own opinion. Everybody knows that.
  7. Johnny Hammersticks

    Who would win in a fight? Ninja or Unicorn

    My daughter likes unicorns. They poop sparkles and dance around on rainbows. My money is on the ninja. Especially if the ninja has those cool throwing stars.
  8. Johnny Hammersticks

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    Hell yeah. I still churn my own butter too dammit!
  9. Johnny Hammersticks

    Hot for school nurse-- Maryland edition

    Hard pass.
  10. Johnny Hammersticks

    Social Anxiety Disorder

    Couldn’t tell you, as I wasn’t there. I’m assuming the Husky had his way with the Corgi doggy style.
  11. Johnny Hammersticks

    Social Anxiety Disorder

  12. Johnny Hammersticks

    Most Heartbreaking Losses of Players

    Ted Washington
  13. Johnny Hammersticks

    Syracuse Basketball 2018-2019

  14. Johnny Hammersticks

    latest craziness

    She’s spare parts. Figure it out...
  15. Johnny Hammersticks

    Syracuse Basketball 2018-2019

    HUGE! Gotta get those ACC wins on the road.