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  1. Last week I made bacon wrapped scallops and chilled shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce, and my wife made chicken wing dip. While it helped me to kill some time, I was too anxious to eat. I think I had one scallop and that’s it. Vodka and grapefruits, on the other hand, go down pretty smooth and help to calm me down a lot 😆
  2. Pauly Walnuts!! Bobby Baccala was good role too. Well portrayed.
  3. Mix bleu cheese crumbles with mayo and sour cream. Maybe some salt and pepper. The more crumbles, the more crumbly. No need to add parsley or tarragon or anything green. This ain’t rocket surgery folks.
  4. I’ll say one thing other than Joe Girard is much better off ball. Kadary Richmond and Jesse Edwards (until Sidibe returns) should be getting significant minutes at PG @ C. If the plan is to ride Dolezaj at center for the rest (or most) of the season, we’re gonna get beat up embarrassingly.
  5. That’s around the range I was thinking. I saw some way up in the nosebleeds for $575. Enjoy, brotha! I’m sure it will be well worth every penny! My brother in law is trying to convince me. I have the money, no problem, but I just don’t feel like traveling from Vermont to KC is a good choice for me right now. I am definitely envious of everyone that can make the trip though.
  6. I believe it was just announced that there will not be a "traditional" draft combine this year either. I wonder about the Shrine game and the Senior Bowl. These scouts certainly have their work cut out for them this year!
  7. My life is complete again. Where have you been?? We were worried?! Your story just doesn’t jive. I bet you’ve never even been to a high-level business meeting 🤨
  8. What would you say if I told you I know a guy from Dunkirk who knows a guy....? Eh? Eh?
  9. Credit that DB for executing the quickest ever guillotine choke submission in NFL history 🏆 Mahomes was total Mr McGoo there after the play. Out on his feet. No way he didn’t sustain a concussion, IMO.
  10. After reading about this show on here I started to watch S1. Initially, the childhood nostalgia drew me in, but it just got too cheesy for my liking. Reminded me of some of the shows my daughter watches on Nickelodeon. Not my cup of tea, but I can see why many of you have enjoyed it. Wife and I are now watching the Night Stalker. Holy hell...😳
  11. My wife and I did it a few years ago just out of curiosity. My bride’s father was born in Australia, so she learned quite a bit about her lineage. Some things that her mother had shared with her about her ancestry turned out to be false according to the results. My father never met his father, as the guy ran off right before my dad was born. So learning about some of my ancestry was pretty interesting.
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