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  1. I enjoyed the NBA playoffs, and I’m not really a huge fan of pro basketball. The Celtics were obviously in a different league all together, but I really enjoyed watching the Knicks improbable run. Also OKC and the Timberwolves both play really up-tempo, exciting styles. Love Anthony Edwards. I can’t stand Luka Doncic. Incredible talent, but one of the biggest cry babies in the game. He should have played soccer. Hate Kyrie too. I was happy to watch the Mavs get their teeth kicked in.
  2. I chose the NYJ because I think Miami’s defense is appreciably worse than last season. That said, I don’t think Rogers is close to 100% and likely won’t make it through the season. On paper, the Jets look like the more complete team right now.
  3. I don’t know about all that. Diggs was an elite WR during his entire time in Buffalo. That said, I feel strongly that if a player doesn’t want to be in Buffalo, they should not be in Buffalo. Buh bye. Good luck.
  4. Pretty sure he was hoping for an extension or a trade.
  5. Louden Swain would kick this guys ass! 😆
  6. For the Pats game last season we stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Hamburg. Wasn’t super nice, but was just fine if you’re not too fussy. Reasonable price, clean room, free breakfast buffet, and a very easy trip to the stadium. I would stay there again.
  7. 4 ⭐️ transfer. Originally a Wake Forest commit. Averaged 14.5 points last season. 6’5” 200. Good get 👍
  8. I’m hearing that our chances are very good.
  9. Who’s up for a 5 ⭐️ 2025 commit today? Sadiq White anybody?
  10. Kickers, much like goalies, are a strange bunch of people.
  11. Pollen, ragweed and mold. The pollen is really kicking my butt right now. Woke up yesterday morning with my throat and right eye swollen after mowing the lawn and doing some other yard work on Thursday. Allegra is what I take. I’ve been thinking about starting to get allergy shots.
  12. It’s about friggin time! The entire series of Northern Exposure is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.
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