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  1. Your choice...

    Roquon would be an amazing fit for this defense.
  2. The Wunderlich test for quarterbacks

    Do you really need a test to weed out the window lickers?
  3. Osweiler visiting Fish today

    They sure do love sucky QB's in Miami!!
  4. Only post if you want to wish zay the best. Get well.

    Thank you for this thread, Mead. God (or whatever being in the sky that you pray to) bless Zay Jones. I hope that he gets the help he needs, and that this is an acute setback for him. He seems like a great kid.
  5. What if the Jets are pulling a Rope-a-Dope and draft Barkley

    Can you further define rope-a-dope?
  6. What if the Jets are pulling a Rope-a-Dope and draft Barkley

    Possible, but not likely. As a previous poster suggested, why would they give up so much for anything other than a QB?
  7. SDS and Community please HELP!!!!

    To the pit of misery!!
  8. Nick Foles Could Be in Your Future

    Could they even afford his contract at this point? This doesn’t make sense.
  9. Do you think our GM & HC are CRAZY!!!

  10. QB Faults and why to not trade up

    Rosen doesn’t have a howitzer by any means, but I believe he has more than adequate arm strength to make any throw. The concussions are definitely a concern though. Still, I’d love Rosen if we were able to swing a deal and move up.
  11. I think we should trade down. Imagine 4 second round picks!

    Trade the bengals #12 for #21 and Tyrod Taylor. Turns out we might need him.
  12. Is Rudolph their guy?

    Care to elaborate? This is the type of lazy post that makes this board unreadable at times. If you don’t like a particular QB he’s automatically EJ Manuel.... why?
  13. Is Rudolph their guy?

    Roquon Smith
  14. WR - Beane says we are done in FA so what is the plan?

    DJ Chark would be a nice addition.
  15. Whats the plan at LB?

    This is what I was thinking. By the looks of things....probably have to burn a 2nd rounder on him. Seems to be rising.