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  1. Lee Smith had 2 blocking assignments on the Josh Allen intentional grounding. Whose fault was that? Also... Spain should have been credited for giving up a sack on that 4th down play. It was Dawkins’ man and there was a line stunt. Spain blew it there.
  2. Mercilus didn’t cause that fumble. Allen just dropped it. That throw to Duke on 3rd was low and terrible. Would have been a 1st down.
  3. You don’t really believe that because I know you as a poster here and you’re not that dumb. I’m done with you.
  4. Our “exchange” in time order. I only used Tom Brady as an example because, like Jarrett, he played sparingly behind an established QB and did not put up “encouraging” statistics. Both were/are relatively unknown commodities at those respective points in their careers. Does that make sense to you now? Do you breathe through your mouth a lot?
  5. I never once stated that Jarrett Stidham is or was ever going to be as good as Tom Brady, dude!!!!!!! I’m merely posted that I suspect that the Patriots are content going into the season with Stedham, Hoyer and a draft pick. Go back and read all of my posts in this thread again, do some drawings or a story map to aid your comprehension, and then go kick rocks.
  6. I’m sorry. You knew Brady was going to be a HOF’er after his rookie season?? That’s amazing man! Seriously! I suspect you’re in the wrong line of work if you predicted his career trajectory after his rookie season where he was 1/3 for 6 yards.
  7. The Patriots currently have approximately 2.1 million in salary cap space. Unless there are some major re-structures/releases/trades, I doubt Newton or Winston are realistic options for the patsies.
  8. And Tom Brady was 1/3 for 6 yards during his entire rookie season. What’s your point? Unknown commodity. It has been reported that the Patriots have been encouraged about what they have seen from Stidham in practice. I don’t know man...
  9. I actually think they are content with Jarrett Stidham as their starter and Hoyer as the backup. I also think they’ll draft a QB to develop/compete.
  10. I like the standing buffalo helmet. The blue jersey and white pants looks dumb, IMO. I’d like to see them go back to the old school alternative unis. White standing Buffalo helmet with either white on white or blue on blue uniforms.
  11. Watched Flight of the Navigator tonight. My 10 year old seemed to enjoy it...the 6 year old lost interest quickly. It’s really tough to find movies that they both are into.
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