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  1. Funny. I assumed the opposite based on his comments about the nature/severity of his injury. He seems to be minimizing it. Just a hunch, but I think he wants to play sooner than his coach/training staff are recommending. I’m going to reach out to my dude on the hill and see if he knows anything. 🤔
  2. It still is awful curious that he left the school, and the HC doesn’t even know if he’s coming back. Shrug it off all you want...something is fishy here. Was there a disagreement between he and his coach about his injury and how long he would/should be sidelined? This may not be a “nothing to see here” type thing, ya know?
  3. Thx for sharing. Hopefully he keeps his academics in order with all these school changes and his transcripts are in order. Just sayin. I thought the move to Oak Hill would be really good for him. Perhaps he will return 🤷🏾‍♂️
  4. Dior Johnson has left Oak Hill. His coach doesn’t know if he’s coming back. Pets’ heads can commence falling off in Syracuse.
  5. Huh. Johnny Hammersticks NE IPA. Never tried it, but I’m sure that whoever is brewing this stuff named it after me 🤷🏾‍♂️
  6. I’ve watched Sticks and Stones probably 9 or 10 times. Can’t get enough. Chappelle is the GOAT, IMO. Love the “alphabet people” bit.
  7. Raiders are riddled with injuries right now. Offensive line is patchwork, and young rookie WR’s Ruggs and Bryan Edwards are not looking good to play on Sunday.
  8. Is he even in “football shape” right now? Can’t just jump out of the golf cart and onto the football field 🤷🏾‍♂️
  9. When the Bills beat the Raiders 51-3 in the ‘91 AFC championship...the final score was misleading. Save for a few FB screens, it was 99% Thurman up the gut.
  10. If y’all don’t think Poyer and Tre are emotional leaders on this defense, I think you need to re-examine your opinion.
  11. That screen play to Knox in the MIA game (sans fumble) was a good example of this. What a magnificent play design that was!
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