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  1. Betcha Fitz could finish the whole thing 😏
  2. Ewwww. Yeah, a few days ago my wife asked me if I wanted to go see the Lumineers with her down in Saratoga. I suggested that she go with her friends, and to my surprise, she seemed pumped! I think she wanted me to say no thanks 😂😏
  3. I like bush.... Edit: Actually, Nickleback wasn’t terrible. Saw them in 2007 down in Charlotte. They played a few tunes that I somewhat enjoyed. Blink 182 this summer, however, was brutal.
  4. You’re obviously not married. Wives want to do stuff with their husbands. I get out of some concerts, but she wants me around for others. What can I say? I’m fun to be around.
  5. I don’t drink Mexican beer frequently, but when I do it’s Dos Equis Amber. And yes to lime in Corona for me. Only because it tastes like ass without it.
  6. Because the chick I was trying to plow liked Nickleback, and I was trying to get in her pants. Why else do men pay to go see sucky bands? I’d rather have testicle surgery than see Blink 182, but my wife likes them and I like sex 🤷‍♂️
  7. Anyone with half a brain understood what you were trying to convey.
  8. Me too. But DiMarco had a sweet block on the Shady TD though. Thing of beauty. My stance on FBs in the modern day NFL....unless they’re legit pass catchers, I really don’t see the need.
  9. Knox is making the 53 dude. They traded up into the 3rd round to get him. No way he doesn’t make the team. I could see Lee Smith being the odd man out.
  10. Duke just doesn’t seem to fit in with what they’re doing on offense. If the idea is to keep Duke on the roster to be that red zone “go up and get it” guy, I think we have other players that can fit that need. Duke fits into the WR room like a turd in a punch bowl. He seems to have good hands, but ultimately he’s slow, not a great route runner, and isn’t great at creating separation. JMO I think they keep McKenzie over DJ and Ray Ray. So, in other words. Let’s get excited, but not too excited, eh? I already had Knox and Sweeney going to the HOF. Bummer 😂
  11. Having Sweeney and Knox makes the Duke Williams vs McKenzie/McCloud decision easier, IMO. We do have big guys other than Duke who can make contested catches in the red zone. If there wasn’t rampant speculation and unrealistic expectations to discuss, what the hell would we do around here in the offseason?
  12. Doesn’t everyone start driving Buicks after they retire?
  13. Yeah he played. I suppose I should have said “some” and not “most” in my initial post. I see no point in guys like Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger, or Rodgers playing in the preseason.
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