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  1. If @Jauronimo was a Care Bear, he’d have a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. eating a slice of pizza on his belly. His special power would be to succinctly describe the intricate characteristics of many different types of pizza, but then finish with an explanation of why these differences are beautiful and make ALL types of pizza wonderful and delicious regardless of the color and consistency of their crust 🐻 🍕 ♥️
  2. Yeah, like I said. Neapolitan pizza. Typically simple ingredients such as crushed tomatoes, basil, mozz w drizzle of good olive oil. Key is heat of oven (coal or wood) and uniformity of crust “doneness.” Crust should be charred slightly, yet chewy. That’s my understanding of “Italian Style” pizza.
  3. What is “authentic Italian style?” You referring to New York style? Neapolitan?
  4. They should change their name to the Washington Fighting Irish.
  5. The crust on the bottom is equally as important as the outer crust. If the bottom crust is not crisp and chewy, the pizza is *****. I don’t care how good the sauce/cheese/outer crust is. Everybody knows that. Get it together people. I’m guessing most of us grew up in the northeast and not in Arkansas where Dominos is 5*. Common!
  6. What if you’re unloading your groceries and al of a sudden you get mauled by a gorilla? I’m jumping in the car and taking off, bruh 🤷🏾‍♂️
  7. Just started watching “Hunters” on Amazon Prime. Very interesting first episode. Give it a try.
  8. Gugny says in a sultry manner, “I hear you are a lunch pail type player.” Augie relies, “B&@&h please.....I have a quicker first step than Aaron Maybin!” Then tender embraces...
  9. Yeah, those two need to ***** and get it over with.
  10. Not sure, but she looks like she wants to speak to a manager.
  11. Dog men are real. I hear them howling in my backyard at night. Be careful out there folks.
  12. Ahhh, yes the ice wall. So do they think the earth is flat like a coin? Say for example we decided to drill straight through the earth to the other side. How long would it take us? Half a day?
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