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  1. Obvious yes. I mean, you guys were all over the testicle squeezer, and she wasn’t close to as hot as this one. Common!!
  2. I just learned that fireworks are illegal in Vermont. Weird considering that there are at least 3 firework stands within 5 miles of my house 🤔
  3. Yeah, I love lighting off fireworks. If you’re not a ###### about doing it, you’ll be fine.
  4. Are you attracted to “oddities” such as gross deformities and prosthetic limbs just like @Gugny?
  5. For every beautiful, supermodel looking girlfriend out there, there is a guy who is sick of her *****. That said...I would be happy to have her make me “miserable” for a few weeks. I could handle it.
  6. I would smash that...especially after she and her pals go on a meth bender. Spice it up a bit.
  7. Carhartt pants/shorts, a “Don’t New Jersey Vermont” or “Keep Vermont Weird” t-shirt, shoes made of free-range fibers, and a Patagonia trucker hat. Get it right...
  8. I was doing fruit and herb. This time it was strawberry and basil or grapefruit and mint. Muddle the fruit and herb together lightly and then shake up with Tito’s and a whisper of vermouth.
  9. We had a little get together last night for my wife’s birthday. I was on the grill and making summer martinis, and she was making appetizers. She did these watermelon wedges topped with a few crumbles of Roquefort, a few drops of good balsamic, and a sprinkle of sea salt. They were a hit! Never thought watermelon and blue cheese would go together.
  10. My first thought....maybe lube he used to wax his carrot?
  11. There was a lot going through his head at the time.
  12. She’s either looking to get laid, or she’s looking for some horny schmuck to provide her with some free landscaping.
  13. Clearly you missed the “Toronto is a horrible city” thread. If you fall down and get hurt there, they don’t ask you if you’re alright, they just point and laugh 😂
  14. That list is just plain dumb. You can get Sip o Sunshine basically anywhere now. Instead of a 518 lunch this summer, we should do a 518-802 Beer tour. That would be a lot of fun. https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/20681/237200/ Had a few of these ^^^ last night at the advice of the bartender. Great beer to have with dinner. Outstanding depth of taste for an American style Ale.
  15. When Turbo is wrong, he is actually right. He’s like a pale, bald Yoda.
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