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  1. We got out coached and out played in all 4 Super Bowls. We should’ve been able to beat the Gmen easily there offense wasn’t nothing to write home about and they had a back up QB.
  2. You hit the nail on the head that running game is scary
  3. Well that’s what is happening and if you put stock in the pro bowl that’s dump the pro bowl is a joke. And I’ve never miss a bills game in 30 years so I’ve watched Edmunds since he came into the league. His instincts are terrible he waits for the play to come to him his not a attacker. Can he be that guy maybe but I just don’t see it right now. And as far as the money goes look no closer to our D line we’ve paid plenty of average guys good money. There just hoping he does turn the corner because he does have great potential and they draft him so hi. And I didn’t say he sucked just not great an
  4. Kelce says hello and edmunds is average at best. They picked up his fifth year hoping he blows up next year.
  5. I don’t care how he gets the QB on the ground. I will take shoelace tackles on Mahomes all day long rather then sitting there chilling picking us apart
  6. I agree and I no everyone wants to win the super bowl next year. But Allen is young and we need help bad at DE for the future I like it. There’s going to be a lot of bills and KC games in the future we’ve got to be able to get after Mahomes
  7. Exactly if you hit on your guy like Allen I wouldn’t care if it cost 4 first round picks. We’ve seen what years of drafting RB. DE DT in the first round none of it matters without a QB. But I guess QB like Andrew luck don’t come out of the draft every year so there’s no sure thing.
  8. I wonder who KC DL would say 🤔
  9. This is so true everything they do is hand & hand. They work as a unit if one fails they both do that’s what I love about them. And think other teams want what we have how many times do we hear a GM and coach not getting along. Or if there doing all the cooking they want to have a say in the groceries.
  10. I think dareus could of been a Arron Donald type but was to lazy after getting that fat contract.
  11. I don’t think so at that price. But boy when you look at Hughes numbers and Addison there play was down and not getting better. I guess there banking on A.J and Oliver breaking out and star return. But when you rewatch the AFCC game it really showed up how bad we are on the edge. And you can’t give a team like KC that much time heck Philp rivers was scoring on us at will and I can’t lie when the colts got the ball back I thought it was game over. Because they had two scoring drives less then 2 minutes and looked really easy.
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