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  1. Oline has to be fixed next year. It happens way to often give the rb the ball and immediately he’s met in the backfield by more then one guy. it sad this has been going on for years now.
  2. I got to ask showcase for what. Because I doubt we could get anything for him. Maybe a devin singletary auto mini helmet.
  3. I hope they learn from last year Jacksonville.
  4. Not even close with injuries on defense I was really impressed today. And Matt Milano just wow.
  5. KC just spanking that butt, I hope we’re healthy when we play them.
  6. I think with the concussion talk going around you will see more flags over hitting QB
  7. Lol because no one respects the run there rushing Allen and dropping everyone in coverage. It’s just too easy for the defense.
  8. They are just covering all the wr not worried about the run at all. Same thing every year.
  9. I mean I’ve never seen anyone get blown up so much
  10. Boy if Jackson would have just took off he might score middle of field wide open
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