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  1. Tens years from Now Allen will still be playing for a championship Lamar will be out of the league
  2. I’m not taking him lightly lol you just said all the things I said about him that’s all. I just don’t think his a guy 4 years down the road you will have to worry about. Give me a guy that can play from the pocket
  3. I no lol I’m at work sorry if my text was hard to understand. I hope our defense shut that run down can’t wait
  4. I don’t get it I’m not saying we can’t lose the game but if Lamar is a 2 string QB in 3 years I wouldn’t be surprised. When those legs slow down his done. We’ve seen this before and I think Vick was a better passer look what the 49ers did with kap but as soon as there defense wasn’t dominant and his legs wasn’t cutting it no more it got bad and I know harbaugh saw this coming
  5. And if we go into this game thinking like a lot of post I’ve been reading the bills have already lost. This has been a great year we’re 14-3 I say bring on the ravens it’s not like we’re facing Tom Brady 10 years ago. And I said Lamar was not a great passing QB if there running game isn’t on fire he can’t drop back 35 times and pick you a part he does make plays throwing the ball because players are wide open because there playing the run
  6. If we can’t beat a team with a running QB we don’t deserve to go to the next game I’m sorry I’m so sick of hearing about Lamar dude is a terrible nfl QB but a great running back. If our boys can’t man up one game to stop the run then so be it.
  7. Everyone knows he can’t do that even more so his on coaches that’s why he said I got to listen to my feet more. The problem is no one has stopped him lately there playing good defense and running the ball that’s it and there not hiding it. There saying if you want to beat us stop the run we all saw what happens when he try’s to be something he ant it goes bad quick. And the coach’s know it there trying everything to win a ring now because I think Lamar has about 3 more years playing like he does it’s not something you can play for ten years. A running QB has a short window at least I think. No
  8. If they get heat like that on Allen with only rushing 4 it could be a long day. I will be so glad when this team gets some play makers on defense that brings that dog especially at home even with just a few fans this defense needs to feed off them and let the ravens no this is our house
  9. I am hoping for this too I think we can still throw the ball short and on crossing routs if it being slippery slows Jackson down some it will help. 👍🏼
  10. I just got on here to see what the weather was doing that is a big concern of mine man if it’s snowing and a nasty field that helps the ravens 1000% and since I only had to go down 3 post it’s everyone else concern too. GO BILLS
  11. I hate to say it but there’s nothing to figure out we’ve been playing like this must of the year defense is shady at best and no run game until we get new players to fix it will be the same results. This team goes as far as Allen goes if he haves one bad day it’s over who else is going to pick up the slack. But I will say this Allen is a bad man he wouldn’t be denied that game he said I will just do it. Fun times in Buffalo for a long time
  12. Yep that’s why what Allen is doing is so special everyone knows we’re throwing it and we’re still winning think what we could do with a running game. But in the same breath that probably will be our down fall Allen can’t keep doing it all
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