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  1. I agree with this and don’t understand why other don’t how many years did the bills have a defense and running game and end up 7.9 if you no his your qb I would give up 3 first rounds in a heart beat because 5 years from now win your playing for the playoffs every year who cares. Qb is everything us bills fans should no that by now
  2. And it takes a WR a few years to get acclimated to the nfl. We need help now
  3. If last year was our best chance were in trouble
  4. He deserves 15 mil a year for one good year of play. I hope Miami thinks that and wants him back 15 mil a year for 4 years 60 mil 26 guaranteed lol 😂
  5. This. If he wants to get paid for one year of performance why don’t we pay him year by year. I no this will never happened but think how great the game would be if everyone was in year contract
  6. I think OL needs to be really hi on that list Love this
  7. And I second this there kids out there no older then my son. People that do that aren’t fans there sick punks. I wish we could go back in time when I grow up if someone did something like that to me my dad would drive me to there house and talk to his dad and me and him would go in the backyard and handle it. Ps I have some of my best friends over 25 years I meet like that. Weak people hide behind text
  8. Just watch saints and Vikings today those are routine catches all day
  9. I was thinking that too. We need a true number one duke had a few shots and didn’t come up for us. A Mike evens or Diggs make those catches in big games
  10. Right on brother. People forget quick our season has been over by week 10 the last 20 years. Now we got something to build on and maybe go further in play offs next year. This wasn’t a super bowl team this year. Be proud bills fans I no I am and this years draft we can talk about how it helps us make deep play off run not 6/10 go bills. Ps I hate NE
  11. It really showed on that 4 and a mile how many times do you see a team get that much pressure on a hail marry. It’s been like that all year teams getting heat on Allen with only rushing 4
  12. Nothing else to say. Right on here
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