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  1. That’s what scares me the most not the oline not Allen but daboll watching the game and not changing nothing. Then McDermott not saying nothing at half time. It’s like this team comes out with one game plan oh it didn’t work well we tried. We will never beat KC like that you have to be able to see something not working and stop.
  2. We might have to be a run heavy team for a few weeks because you better believe every team now is going to play us like this. I would even bet teams are willing to let us run a little until we show we can stick with it and score.
  3. That may be true but to get to the super bowl we have to beat those 2 or 3 teams.
  4. I haven’t missed a game in 30years that’s how I know huges and Addison are washed up. Now are they our best DE maybe but that’s really scary
  5. That’s what scares me did you notice how much A.J played on the edge. I was hoping for big things with him. Huges and Addison are washed up
  6. Say it again brother this is spot on. And it was the case last year I thought McDermott said they knew what they had to fix in the off season so I didn’t worry about lt plus we haven’t had a year like last year in a while. But now I’m concern I’m seeing the same problems. And I’m watching the rams and good lord I wouldn’t want to play them passing the ball 50 times.
  7. Man I’ve probably done commented 20 post about this. Your 💯 right and I don’t understand it either it’s scary our OC and coach want put more on the running game. Both the chiefs and browns have great WR but both run the ball. We will never win a super bowl with no running game. And I hope our pass rush gets better because when we needed it in the 4 quarter our guys couldn’t get there.
  8. Those teams have a great running game plain and simple it’s all on the running game. And it’s scary our OC don’t see that. Same thing happens to Rogers when they don’t run the ball it’s just to easy to tee off on the QB and drop 7 or 8
  9. He just want you got to let them get going. He will run the ball for 3 yards and say well we tried lol I’ve been watching the bills for 30 years and never saw nothing like it. So frustrating
  10. Boy Cleveland’s running game is looking great. Buffalo better get it together on running the ball that’s our biggest problem. And I can’t believe McDermott don’t no better being a defensive guy. Allen’s going to get hurt with all that stupid running up the middle. Sometimes you have to play power football even if it starts off slow. It will break open then they will have to move more players in the box then the big plays in the air will open up. Right now this is the blueprint to beat Buffalo don’t worry about the run and get after Allen. Good defense will do it we’ve seen it to many times now
  11. I think everyone knows what we’re doing now. It doesn’t even look like they practice the run game. It’s too easy for a defense drop everyone and get after Allen
  12. But we got so many great WR. We better learn how to run the ball
  13. It’s hard to get open when you no a team is going to throw it every down. Plus they were getting pressure with only rushing 4 that 7 guys in the backfield. Same thing the Kansas did to us last year and everyone else will now. Until we’re more balanced with the run game
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