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  1. I have to turn my notifications off for ESPN , I thought I had a real bite ….
  2. I agree, if we go 2-4 before we start the playoffs we’re probably one and done!!!!
  3. For 35 years it’s been all about the bills for me , I don’t miss a game and watch every second, I no some fans just have the tv on , and when there team scores they look. That’s what I do after the bills games, unless it’s a big AFC match up on. I do watch Thursday. And Monday night.. GO BILLS
  4. Let’s hope it never comes to that.. rebuilding a new staff takes time and before you no it two seasons have rolled bye, and still no ring and Allen is older.. and if you miss.. oh boy wash and repeat
  5. Thank you!!! Something needs to be done to people that lie about something so serious. Not only destroying people’s careers, but also facing many years in prison. I don’t no man it just isn’t right….
  6. Agreed!!!! All this talk about KC downgrading and there going to take a step back , reminds me of the NE days , we’re bills fans said that every year, only too watch them hold up the Lombardi… I will wait to pass judgement lol…..
  7. Look up that hit from Jonathan Jones from NE. That’s what everyone is talking about. And there’s been plenty of those hits.
  8. It was pretty bad my man… buffalo defense didn’t even try to stop them , they were 15 yards down field and KC only needed a field goal with two timeouts. Oh and mahomes screamimg at kelce DO IT MAN!!! I’ve been watching football for 40 years and its a pretty nasty look.
  9. We got a chance to win it all !!!! That’s all that matters.
  10. If you want to say mahomes makes a few more plays then Allen ok. I can live with that, but you better believe having Andy Reid helps a lot. When you have two teams both with good talent, play calling and drawing up plays. Can definitely be the deciding factor.
  11. Same way I see it… Mahomes and Allen are pretty much equal in talent, ITS THE COACHES!!!! Mahomes has one of the best play designers , and always seems to call the right play at the right time… guys wide open for walk in T.D in the Super Bowl. And Allen has Dorsey a rookie play caller. Who doesn’t know how to design plays. Look at our running backs for that evidence, I just hope Dorsey learned a lot last year or it might be two years wasted, and us finding a new OC.
  12. I hope one day we’re talking about mahomes and Allen. Of course mahomes has been to 3 Super Bowls already. But it will be a crying shame if Allen doesn’t come close to the success Mahomes will have , at the end of there career… it just sucks Mahomes has Andy Reid , because I really believe talent wise Allen is right there with him. Sorry I turned this into a Allen thing , but I’m 48 and ready for some Super Bowl rings or ring. Lol GO BILLS
  13. Thank you… like you said it’s the same problem every year , could you imagine us playing the eagles last year in the Super Bowl. They would probably set the record for rushing attempts.
  14. Yea I wouldn’t do a #1-#2. Our number one at pick 27 is fear…
  15. Thank you. Some bills fans need to stop with the argument if we get Dhop , the money and draft pick are going to hurt to much down the road, and keep us from being a dynasty, and that’s what it’s all about, they think if we draft well don’t spend to much we can be in the Super Bowl every other year.. but that’s just not going to happen no matter what, the AFC is to stacked, and we got McDermott and Dorsey.. going up against one of the best OC in the game with Mahomes, let’s try to win one .. we will always be a sup playoff team just like we have been the last few years. If anything getting von was the wrong move , we need help on offense…
  16. Who the hell is that guy in the picture? Is that really cole. Lol
  17. I’m not saying your wrong, but I hope Allen doesn’t have 500-700 yards rushing this year… it’s time to build a better Oline .. so Allen can have time to use his talented arm. I’m tired of him being our Derrick henry…
  18. This used to be my problem, because I live in the woods.. but the power companies in Mississippi are digging and putting in fiber optic everywhere. So I got mine hooked up a few months ago and I’m so happy, 75$ 1G no matter how much internet I use it doesn’t slow down like that satellite I had. I was biting my nails they would get that internet to me before Sunday ticket went to streaming lol.. but I am happy I’m not paying DTV 175$ a month anymore.
  19. The OL was pretty bad last season..
  20. I hear you man.. but we’re is that help coming from ? Maybe get Wagner to replace Edmunds. Draft offense for Allen
  21. That’s what it looks like. And that’s fine our defense can get some stops.. load up on offense in the draft. Help Allen.
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