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  1. I don’t understand how others don’t see this. Hopeful it gets better
  2. Boy that heat really got him. 🤪
  3. I could see that , just because I fill like the Bills might not have enough in the tank to play a hard fought game, plus the injuries. Those guys got to be still sore and tired I hope me and you are wrong about the score. Go figure the injuries out of all the years this one. GO BILLS
  4. No because we couldn’t even get in field goal range to win the game. So I don’t see us driving 50 yards to get a td. And that’s if he only punted 50 yards, that one punt he had in the early part of the game was about 65 yards I believe. What hurt on that last drive was diggs dropping that first pass that would of put us at the 40. With plenty of time left
  5. I hope we never see Ingram line up across from him I think he’s in browns head. Gives him the business every time
  6. Unbelievable!!!!!! What I came away with is josh Allen is a bad man , sure I wanted the W but it’s a great time to be a bills fan. Injuries and the heat were just to much add in a few crucial drops that rarely happens and we lost. I’m proud of the bills today!!! And can’t wait to get a few guys back and let’s see what happens. GO BILLS
  7. No one respects our running game, just crazy how we never can run consistently.
  8. And it sucks this team could be even more dangerous if we could run.
  9. Every year we can’t run the ball and the defense is just coming after Allen.
  10. I was thinking the same thing before they snapped it. I knew something was fixing to happen. BAD
  11. Can someone tell me why our run game gets blown up so much, year after year
  12. I know that dude never hits the hole and hits someone in the backfield. I’m getting to we’re I’ll be glad when he’s gone.
  13. That’s true but I would rather play two games in Buffalo then go back to arrowhead. Sorry didn’t read your message properly.
  14. I hope Lawson gets the start.
  15. The Titans will be ready to play no one wants to start 0-2 and we owe them a butt kicking. Should be fun I no I’m ready. GO Bills
  16. I’m with you I’m from Mississippi and get sick of hearing how the Titans got our number
  17. Think god for von, we’re is the other young edge rushers at. I would love to see Greg Rousseau come to life this season.
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