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  1. I mean we’re never safe if KC only has 10 seconds down 2 we lose. We just give them points, and the missed tackles
  2. Our defense is doing there job our offense didn’t show up.
  3. I no right it don’t seem like he’s getting many chances
  4. I agree 💯- and could you imagine him on this offense.
  5. Yea I don’t ever see LB commit to the run win Allen dose those RPO , he snaps the ball and everyone drops in coverage lol.
  6. Your right do whatever it takes to win in the playoffs but I still rather have a running game. I want Allen around for 15 more years and the older he gets those hits will hurt a lot more.
  7. Wow we’re winning the Super Bowl for sure now. 😉
  8. How did we score that last td, I’m blacked out
  9. Exactly what that was instead of just pounding it in they got to cute
  10. Right and his head bounced off the field, so stupid
  11. Oline has to be fixed next year. It happens way to often give the rb the ball and immediately he’s met in the backfield by more then one guy. it sad this has been going on for years now.
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