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  1. Man Demario Davis is a beast
  2. They should’ve ran the ball and if they didn’t get close to FG range no harm. That int. Was huge so stupid
  3. Yep last night he said that hurdle didn’t fill good.
  4. Oliver will dang sure get paid being a Dtackle. That can get sacks. He’s probably gone. Well dang I just looked he only has 1.5 sacks this year, I guess Ed was right there not counting his sacks. 🤣
  5. Yea because the ball never hit the ground , I thought for sure that was a pick.
  6. It’s the secondary and a new OC that had me worried at the beginning, and with only a few games left I’m really worried. Please win at NE. Go Bills
  7. It seems like teams have figured that out and are ready for that. If I’m not mistaken he threw a few int. Rolling to the right,
  8. 29-23 bills. This dose all depend on if our oline plays better then it did against Detroit. NE can get after the qb. And Spencer brown doesn’t get destroyed for 3 quarters.
  9. You would think so, but this is buffalo we’re talking about
  10. I know that, but over all I don’t think there’s to much difference. But that’s just me. I think it has a lot to do with Andy Reid play calling as well.
  11. There yac is crazy, Reid gets it done!!! And I agree with talent I don’t think it’s to different.
  12. Is kelce Really that unstoppable, it’s just crazy dudes like not just the best TE but WR.
  13. I was telling my wife same thing, and if you do squid kick it try to put it at the 10 or 15 not the 30 lol
  14. That’s my main concern there pass rush , and everyone knows BB is pissed about that butt kicking we gave them last year, he will have them ready to play and the crowd will be pumped. Buffalo has to match that intensity.
  15. All so true , and I watched that last big play to diggs and thankfully he got open. Because no one else was even close to being open.
  16. I just read somewhere obj is visiting buffalo, so who knows
  17. Your absolutely right. And there’s no doubt in my mind if they were down 4 we lose. On that 4and one they would of ran a bootleg and someone would have been wide open for a easy big play. Then it’s probably first and goal with a few seconds left.
  18. And that’s two bad picks. AJ is in his 3 year and basham his 2. And we’re not getting nothing from them
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