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  1. Cobb has had a very good career, 600 receptions, over 50 TD's, Kumerow really hasn't done anything as a WR. He's a special teams player.
  2. OK, you're ugly too. >>>>Rodney Dangerfield, before anyone gets upset with me.
  3. very balanced critique - let's not talk anything negative about Buffalo.
  4. Which you decided to ignore to help make your point. It's not how things work.
  5. My fault, I thought listing the definition of retread would end it, but if some people refuse to accept the definition, therein comes the lengthy discussion. Alternative facts first, now alternative definitions.
  6. you're leaving out part of the definition that says 'unimaginative and uninspiring'. ' Lack of new ideas'. I don't think giving a 2nd opportunity is necessarily 'unimaginative'.... , so in saying that to someone, I would say it's offensive.
  7. Because retread has a connotation of a reworking in an unimaginative, uninspiring way. It's by no means a compliment. From the Cambridge dictionary : to do something that has been done before, without adding any new ideas: Clearly they have run out of ideas and are retreading old ground.
  8. I wish people would stop referring to these coaches as 'retreads' , it's a very insulting term. Getting a 2nd opportunity as a job shouldn't have a negative connotation with it.
  9. So McDermott is pulling all the strings, but it's Frazier you blame for soft shell zone, zero agression... almost every good QB has all day to throw....conservative play calling. So what strings are McDermott pulling?
  10. It wasn't my intent to get into a big thing , but yeah, Norwood would be the hero if we won, along with Thurman.
  11. Norwood missing the FG was the main reason.
  12. You should listen to Bills fans, we didn't even make it to the championship game, but if you listen to them, we are better than KC, Cinci and the Rams. We lost 7 games last season, finished 1 game ahead of the Pats and 2 ahead of the Dolphins, but all off season, you could swear we are the defending champs the way the fans have acted.
  13. OC - never called plays before. Has a lot of talent to work with. I hope he knows how to use it.
  14. Cornerback. Might have a rookie starting and Tre unavailable or not near 100%.
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