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  1. Not Saffold. Is Kromer coaching the type of players he needs to succeed? Doubtful. He didn't get bad overnight.
  2. Sounds like he was asked for his opinion and he gave it.
  3. I agree the play calling didn't help, but not sure how much you can hide an inferior line.
  4. I'm on the fire Dorsey train, but until the line is fixed, nothing good will happen.
  5. I think we need a change at both coordinators. Dorsey isn't good enough and with the defense, i think a change in philosophy is needed, similar to getting Wade after Corey.
  6. Home teams are usually the better team, they usually win because of that.
  7. Same with not being home on Christmas morning. There were 3 games on christmas, those players on road games weren't home either.
  8. To many fans it's McDermott when playing well and Frazier when not.
  9. I've always felt that Walt Corey held back our defense in the Super bowl years and the hiring of Phillips was a year or two late. I like Frazier, but we need something else. 3 poor playoff loses is enough. Great guy, great coach, great career, but it's not going to work.
  10. None of these players were Kromers guys. I'm guessing he has a list of players that he wants on his line. Or at least I hope that's the case. Can't have this bad of an Oline for Allen anymore.
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