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  1. Who is selling these tickets? Who has tickets before the conference championship games are even finished? How do they get the tickets?
  2. I think these guys need a job and will take almost any one that's available. Only so many jobs in the NFL to be had, have to be careful about turning one down.
  3. Doubt he's being groomed, but I'm sure he's observing and probably gaining an understanding of how the OC operates. Actual QB's are much more likely to be good OC's than fake QB's.
  4. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say with better personnel and Allen improving next season that we'll be happier with play calling. i don't know about fans making better game day decisions. I would have not made any of those calls on the opening drive last week, probably not called the pass to Singletary late in the game, even the power sweep to Allen that should have worked. He made some great calls. Just not all of them.
  5. Yeah, I really wasn't thinking of him as a WR, but would like to see him back.
  6. Why is anyone concerned about the cap for next season? We have no reason to release a player unless someone better is found.
  7. Haven't the Patriots listed about 20 players on the injury report at times? I thought they often overdid it.
  8. I think the Broncos won in spite of Manning. He couldn't throw the ball 20 yards downfield.
  9. In his PC today Beane said he didn't like the idea of Allen being 'checkdown charlie'.
  10. I don't think it's necessarily racism, actually don't think that at all. It's just that the comfort level with retreads or just coaches with more experience which naturally excludes minorities and the thinking is , if you just give them a chance, you'll probably find who you are looking for. The Rooney rule is not about hiring unqualified minorities, it's about not giving a chance to the qualified ones. Do you think the Baylor coach hired by Carolina is more qualified than someone like Leslie Frazier? Eric Bienemy? He got $60 million- first time NFL head coach.
  11. They don't need to be check down options. These are players that can get downfield. We don't like check downs.
  12. We; ran that play a fair amount this season and it always seemed to work well. It was well designed again, just like they wrote it up, poor execution, just like the 3rd and 18, right call, poor execution. Damn I can't imagine fans around the league give any more of a crap about Houston than they do Buffalo.
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