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  1. I agree, but also need to keep in mind that our safeties are hitting their 30's, players usually don't get better as they get older. Except for 1 QB
  2. I still can't believe so many 'experts' picked KC to win. Such disrespect to our team.
  3. Need some major improvements on the Dline. Have to generate a pass rush with 4 rushers. It all starts there on defense.
  4. Honestly, do what I do, don't watch or listen to them. I pretty much follow Joe B , his pre game articles are very detailed and informative. I feel more knowledgeable about matchups and strategy after reading him.
  5. So everyone should pick against Kansas City? I totally expect the Bills to win, but the offense taken by so many when people don't pick us is laughable.
  6. I hear ya, but I can also say the Bills are a poor pass from Rivers to Pittman away from watching on the couch. I guess since I don't pay attention to who people are picking, I don't get upset about it. Why is this such a big deal, I've never understood why anyone feels like it's a new story when anyone makes a prediction. Who cares? They're just guessing. I used to laugh back in the day when all the Buffalo News sports reporters made their picks each week, like it was a big deal. It's a dumb thing and it's even more of a dumb thing to get upset when they don't pick the team you w
  7. ok , now you have a case. right, I forgot the game they lost when they didn't try to win.
  8. It's not really an outrageous thing to pick the 16-1 defending champions playing at home to win the game. edit - 15-2 , still not outrageous to pick KC to win.
  9. Still don't understand how partying on a thursday night would effect a players performance on Sunday.
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