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  1. klos63

    Draft Metcalf as a CB

    Giving a serious , thought out answer to a ridiculous question will just encourage more people like him. Please don't. or we could just draft a CB if we really want one. Sounds crazy, i know.
  2. klos63

    Draft Metcalf as a CB

    how about an eject button? Not quite the same thing. One guy trying to salvage a career another about to start one as a top ranked WR. Come on.
  3. klos63

    Bills sign DE Eli Harold

    was waiting on that one too.
  4. klos63

    Bills sign DE Eli Harold

    it's a quiet time before the draft, might as well liven things up a bit.
  5. klos63

    Bills sign DE Eli Harold

    someone had to be the first
  6. klos63

    Your All-Time Fav/Memorable Bills Plays

    It was a nice effort by Beebe, hardly the greatest play in team history.
  7. A few differences , both drafted in the same year, Walsh was in the supplemental draft. Walsh started the season because Aikman had a broken finger, as soon as he was healthy, he started. I think this situation is unique, because of a new head coach and a GM on the hot seat. If you draft Murray and he's not good enough to start, especially after Rosen's difficulties last season, Keim is gone.
  8. If you take a QB #1 overall, you basically have to give him the job.
  9. Agreed. They want Murray to be their franchise QB, why would they not take him?
  10. klos63

    Josh Allen spending time with Jim Kelly

    Where's the rest of that Buffalo? He must have really hated that Buffalo.
  11. No, it was just a typical 'buffalo, nobody respects us' whining. You don't think anyone knows who Cole Beasley is? John Brown? Frank Gore? Mitch Morse? I've read articles stating the Bills had a great free agency period, but according to you the national media doesn't pay attention.
  12. How else will they learn of them? How did you learn about these players or other teams signings? You looked them up and studied.
  13. klos63

    Ty Dunne: What Happened in Green Bay

    So the 49'ers hired McCarthy as OC of the worst team in the league and gave him the choice of who to pick 1st overall? The GM didn't make that decision? This seems to be something that should be verified. Sounds odd if true.
  14. Not saying we should change or not change, but regardless of where we are ranked, we do not have anything close to a championship defense, so we need to keep all options open. But I wouldn't personally recommend changing.
  15. It's really inexplicable to you that some people would actually comment on a post written here? Really? Just because you told us how to deal with your post doesn't mean we must do it that way, we have free will. Sorry