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  1. We have plenty of players 30+ years old on 1 or 2 year deals. They'll all be gone by 2022, saving quite a bit of space. Both safeties, Addison, Hughes, Murphy, Star, Brown, Beasley...We'll be replacing many of these players with draft choices. Obviously Allen on offense in the cornerstone, Tre and maybe Edmunds on defense.
  2. Mahomes is worth whatever he can get. I think Dak is really good and is probably worth close to $35. Wouldn't surprise me to see him do better under McCarthy. Just wondering how the cap will be effected by the loss of revenue this season. Could have an impact on the QB's.
  3. A lot of players spend more than 1 year on a practice squad, it's not unusual. I would guess that when the Bills originally contacted him, they probably told him to expect to spend 2 years as the exempt 11th player. He signed on knowing that.
  4. It would be difficult to have a roster spot used just for a kickoff returner. We had 32 returns last season. 2 per game isn't enough for 1 roster spot. Roberts returns punts and can play WR, plus he's an pro bowl caliber returner throughout his career, so his spot can be justified.
  5. Maybe as a mentor. We like mentors here.
  6. There are 51 prime time games, excluding saturday games. That's 102 teams. 5 isn't unreasonable for a team that is one year removed from a championship and did win the division last season.
  7. Sucks that this season will probably be screwed up . Game atmosphere means a lot, lack of fans will blow. These great matchups in a normal season would be tremendous.
  8. This has nothing to do with team values. This is a collectively bargained agreement, than unless both parties agree to change, it's the deal.
  9. I hope our kickoff coverage is better in 2020.
  10. If there is no college football this season, how will that impact the 2021 draft. Will fewer players come out early?
  11. It was amazing to watch OJ play. Robert James would have been in the Hall of Fame if not for his knee injury. Those 2 were great.
  12. just saying, that's probably a reason for a C+ grade. There were likely safer picks , but it doesn't really matter what the grades are. Just someone's opinion without even seeing them practice with their new team.
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