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  1. They won the Super Bowl in spite of Manning. He couldn't throw the ball , the defense was dominate.
  2. Get over yourself . What a stupid comment.
  3. I'm not sure how to handle his situation. I'm saying what the league/fans find to be serious enough to have a players league status tested makes no sense to me. And I do think Kaep has been shafted. I understand the concerns of a 'circus' atmosphere, but to me it's sad that a possible rapist(or abuser or whatever crime of the day) doesn't raise the level of concern like Kaeps protest does.
  4. I'm not missing the point. My point is, there isn't enough outrage at rape/sexual assault... as there should be in my opinion and the Kaep thing is way overblown. He should have been forced out or at least had some punishment. He was an impact player so his crimes didn't matter.
  5. In an unsolved murder case. I think it was in SI, but an amazing story about the case. If you're interested you should look it up. Might give you a different view of Lewis. It's quite likely Lewis knows who committed the crime. But to your point, you think Lewis shouldn't be, for lack of a better word, blackballed, because of this incident, while many feel Kaep is being blackballed for a much lesser one. He'll be forgiven for raping/assaulting women, Kaep won't for kneeling/protesting.
  6. who reported it? His agent, just last week ,said he is not asking for starter money. Brown will be playing again. I'm sure of that. Rape notwithstanding.
  7. So why do so many other useless QB's still have a job? And Kaeps final season was statistically, very good, on a crappy team. Do you honestly believe that if Kaep did well in the XFL , he would get a shot in the NFL?
  8. No, they were excused in the NFL, in broadcasting as he was hired after his career and in the minds of fans that still celebrate him and ignore his crime.
  9. They spent over a billion dollars on the Bills, but their main interest is hockey? How about they have interest in many ventures.
  10. Such and tired and lazy argument. Since Lewis, or any other player, is great at their job, it should excuse their crimes and make them credible? Jesus I don't know why he would lie, maybe he is just mistaken. Has the Raven's owner ever confirmed the story, i haven't found anything. I don't know the answer about Seattle either. They obviously feel he's an or was at the time and quality NFL QB, maybe they didn't want to deal with the whole situation.
  11. You're taking the word of a person guilty of obstruction of justice in a still unsolved murder, a person who disposed of the suit he was wearing the night of the murder and nobody knows what happened to it. He likely knows who the murderer is, yet somehow, he has credibility. The Ray Lewis story is to me, the most bizarre one in the NFL in years. How people ignored his actions in this murder is shocking.
  12. Wow, Lewis likely was involved in a murder, he got rid of the outfit he was wearing that night, blood on his clothing? so he's done well since covering up a murder, great! Kaep has helped a lot of people since his great sin of kneeling, donated a lot of money to causes he believes in. I don't know why Seattle didn't give him a tryout. Didn't Carroll say that Kaep should be in the league and was good enough to play? 'slight' obstacles? Criminally obstructing a murder investigation, to this day, unsolved. So the Ravens pulled an offer, not because of Kaep, but his girlfriend? That's a first. Not sure I believe that story. I've heard it before, but Lewis is a convicted criminal so not a credible witness.
  13. Really? But Ray Lewis, guilty of obstruction of justice in a murder case , a murder that he was likely involved in, is a legitimate source of 'the truth'. Jesus Christ you are over the rainbow. The guy has been working out constantly for 3 years preparing for a chance and somehow you come up with it's not a priority for him?
  14. Riiiight, Blane Gabbert stinks and played in 8 games for the Titans last season, starting 3.
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