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  1. We traded up into the 3rd round to draft him. So no, we are not asking too much of him, he just hasn't done too much yet.
  2. I know you are not putting it all on him, but to say he 'set up' the great return isn't quite fair. He hit a great punt, according to Joe B, whom I really respect, Neal left his lane to allow the return. I'm not the leader of the Bojorquez fan club, but I think there's quite a bit of nitpicking in regards to his performance.
  3. "off the charts" ? does that mean potential to be one of the best ever? I don't see what he has shown to be 'off the charts'. He's made some nice plays, probably more bad ones.
  4. That's what averages are. He has 12 punts this season, 5 in the 20. Not too bad. He flipped the field on tuesday with a net 73 yarder, too bad the defense allowed a 90 yard drive.
  5. They don't need to tank, they are legitimately a horrible team that will be lucky to win 2 games.
  6. Prime is not necessarily chronological age, it's experience too. This is year 3, if his age is holding him back, maybe don't draft someone that young who won't be in his prime by the time his first contract is up.
  7. I've mentioned in other posts the significant turnover on the defense. But the eyes don't lie, it's not like everyone on this site isn't seeing the same thing. We all see him not shedding blocks, not in position... not making plays. And you know it's Edmunds, not Edwards, right? Do we know for a fact his shoulder is hindering his performance? If so, that certainly is significant, let's see what happens the next few weeks.
  8. This is getting close to midway through his 3rd season, hardly day one. His play has been very poor compared to last season, it's impossible to deny that.
  9. It is a completely different defensive group. Look at last years roster. Shaq, Phillips, Star, Lorax, and missing last night Milano, Wallace and Tre
  10. Besides all the change in personnel from last season, Hughes, Oliver and Edmunds are not playing as well as last year. Nothing is really working right now. The new players on the line this season haven't been adequate replacements.
  11. If you want to compare to last seasons defense, you need to understand that this years unit is missing Lawson, Phillips , Star, Lorax and from tonights game, Wallace, Milano and White. Probably not fair to compare to last season's defense. Not saying they don't deserve the criticism, but not a fair comparison.
  12. I'm sure the 4-1 Bears would be anxious to make such a move.
  13. He's been one of the top QBs in the league since about halfway through last season.
  14. I don't think the O line is getting enough credit. They are really giving Allen a lot of time to throw. Those crossing patterns take time to develop.
  15. Not worried about our punter, he's actually pretty good. All defense in next years draft. A couple linebackers will be needed. I don't think Edmunds has earned a lucrative extension, so may need to find a replacement. If were are missing both Milano and Tre, we are at a big disadvantage. Titans have a very good offense , some solid weapons.
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