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  1. Harlin is excellent. Continuing on a great tradition following Jack Buck and Hank Stram on westwood one radio.
  2. He's a great coach and Ozzie Newsome was a tremendous talent evaluator. Probably top 3 GM in the last 20 years.
  3. I'm sure a lot of 'real fans' can afford higher ticket prices. I agree with most of what you are saying, but I like that the clock stops after a first down. It make make the game a bit longer, the that just means more plays, not just more time. There used to be a lot more plays per game in the NFL than there is now.
  4. Time for the 'best fans in the world' to suck it up a bit and back up their words.
  5. Same, I just thought it would be straight down the middle, but short.
  6. It's funny how people rightly make a big deal out of Harmon's drop, while totally ignoring we had another play left where Kelly through an INT. I know it was desperation time, but it was a crappy pass.
  7. I am no fan of Norwood, but in his defense , that was a horrible field. I think he slipped on one of his kicks. It was mostly a dirt field.
  8. He's having a very good season, simple as that. Probably our best lineman so far this season. No need to try to discredit his performance.
  9. He had a solid year last season and is having a very strong season now. Sometimes players take a few seasons to reach their potential. I do think he'll sign elsewhere, some team will make offer him more than we care to pay, I would think. I can't see Shaq being one of the players Beane gives the massive extension to. But his leaving will leave a massive hole on the line.
  10. respectfully disagree. Obviously Brady's skills are declining, but he was sacked 3 times, hit a lot and hurried often last night. Edelman still puts up the numbers, the other's aren't yet. Not sure who's fault, but they aren't connecting.
  11. People notice when you have a good team, which we now do, which we pretty much haven't had for the better part of 2 decades. You win more than you lose, you'll likely get attention, it's not rocket science.
  12. We should try/want to win all the games we play in. That's kinda the point of competitive sports.
  13. I've read very little about playoffs this week since the Dallas game. Most of the focus has been on how reporters and NFL talking heads view the Bills now, if we're being given respect, if announcers say nice enough thing about us. Now it's on the Pro Bowl for Allen. We have some real big games coming up with a great chance to make the tournament at the end of the season. I never cared before and still don't care what is said or written about the Bills, nor with individual recognition. Ravens game on 12/8. Huge game.
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