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  1. Most of those would have been spectacular interceptions, especially the one against Pittsburgh that landed on the field without anyone touching the ball. These are ridiculous.
  2. I think they'll focus more on the running game this season, especially on the road, because fans will be at games. No way we throw so often with a full house of fans yelling. It's not that easy. We barely tried to run the ball, no surprise we were below average. Defending the run is still a major concern.
  3. Lack of crowd noise on the road would have to be a huge benefit for every offense in the league. No question about it. Still need to make the plays though and Allen made the plays. Might be why we threw so often, we had an advantage. All offenses were pretty unstoppable much of the season.
  4. That's my biggest concern. But really, Four years? What kind of lame contract is this? 6 years minimum please.
  5. all last month they had a special $1 per month for a year. Well worth it.
  6. by the time we hit year 17, it will probably be a bargain.
  7. Smith had 4 sacks after 3 games. 1 sack the final 13 games. Not sure he's worth looking at.
  8. I think our defense was more patchwork last season, we did better when we faced a more one dimensional(dolphins, Ravens) or no dimensional(Patriots), but had great trouble with a balanced attack, (Colts, Chiefs). I think in order to be a championship level defense, a lot of things need to happen. CB opposite White needs to improve from last season, Edmunds needs to take a big step up, Epenesa needs to make a big improvement, Addison needs to be better, Hughes needs to stay 'young' and Oliver needs to step up big. That's a lot of pieces, along with Star needing to play well. I'm nervous thinki
  9. Valid rebuttal. I think it's been pretty clear over the years that fans spread the blame around to others besides Norwood, and not only spreading the blame but going to lengths to absolve Norwood, like it appears you are doing. Games often come down to the final drive/play/kick. He missed it, the kick was wide right soon as it left his foot, maybe the laces would have made a difference, but it didn't seem to have a chance right off the bat.
  10. Jeff Wright, mainly because of his horrible game in XXV. Other than that, a decent player, but the wrong player.
  11. It shouldn't have come down to that? Why is that play a problem, but not a missed FG at the end of the game?
  12. There is no proof that Byrd quit on the Bills or exaggerated his injury. No reason to believe that. He was an All Pro caliber player before his injury, for some reason someone suggested he faked it and some people ran with it. He was a tremendous player with the Bills.
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