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  1. compared to you, that was literary gold.
  2. How many of those white's that were killed innocent? Like 12 year old Tamir Rice, cops got away with that killing. There is an outcry about blacks killing other blacks, although some seem to relish in that statistic. How about white on white crime, where's your outcry there? Won't even waste my time with your planned parenthood propaganda. this is such BS. He had a pretty good career, better than most NFL QB's since we've been watching. You don't like him or his protest, that's fine, but just say that and don't peddle the bs on his play on the field. If it wasn't for his protest, he'd be in the NFL right now, or at least for the last few seasons.
  3. So you think he made a mistake in not agreeing to Denver's offer of 2 years at $7 million per, instead of staying with SF with his current contract where he would earn about $26 million over the next 2 years?
  4. Kaeps final season had 16:4 TD:Int ratio, ran for about 500 yards.... 90 QBR. The vegan diet is the dumbest reason.... It's disingenuous to bring up these side issues as reasons he's not playing. The only reason he hasn't been given a chance is because of the protests. That should be clear to everyone, regardless of your stance on it's merits.
  5. Don't ask his supporters, if you really want answers, look into it yourself. Just because the people you speak to don't know what he is doing, doesn't mean he's not doing good things. I always have a problem with people that criticize those that are trying to help, but just not trying to help how you want them to. You don't like that he's not meeting with certain officials, but we know that his is donating millions in doing other endeavors. Why isn't that enough for you? Why would teams deal with the headaches of a crappy QB like Peterman, Sanchez.... instead of someone who is likely much better? Last opening day, I would have preferred the attention of having Kaep as opposed to having to have Peterman start for us.
  6. Of course his exposure has a lot to do with his name recognition, but it's because or it makes him the face of this controversy. And I don't necessarily think playing in the AAF would be the best path for him, but I can be wrong. He may end up playing with ducasse as his guard... what are the chances of him having any success then?
  7. The NFL field, not AAF. there's a bit of a difference. Maybe you recognize Reid and Jenkins as being front and center like Kaep, but i'd bet the ranch that many of the haters of Kaep, who are just casual fans have no idea about the other 2. I could walk up to random people for name recognition, most will know Kaep, most won't know the other 2.
  8. that would be helpful, but your post was based on a 'source' and nothing else. The co-founder of the league doesn't know why Kaep didn't agree to play, you'd think he would know if he asked for $20mm.
  9. but seriously- who said he asked for $20m- Polian said he doesn't even know why Kaep isn't playing.
  10. It wasn't easy for Reid, he took a huge paycut and was on a 1 year deal until recently. Also, and this should be obvious, Kaep is the face of the protest and he gets the most reaction. Also being a QB , he'd be more in the limelight naturally. There's a huge difference between the other players and Kaep , anyone paying attention would realize that. if only he kicked his GF on video , he's probably be signed by now.
  11. That's BS- teams are afraid to sign him because of the bad PR they might get.
  12. I find it hard to believe that Kaep asked for $20MM when league salaries at $225,000 per year. I would need more backup on this to believe it. Polian said he doesn't know what happened with Kaep not playing so let's be careful not to assume this 'source' is correct. But think about it, if Kaep does sign to play, the ratings probably are pretty high with curiosity, he would probably help make the league some good advertising money early on at least.