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  1. I'm trying to remember when the Bears started winning games.
  2. We have a few young receivers from last season that might help. Sometimes it's those type players that have an impact, not the first year players.
  3. I've been wondering why we aren't asking these questions about the Oline. Is anyone really feeling good about our new LG and Center? If they don't play well, doesn't matter much about our WR room.
  4. And it was Tessio that betrayed Michael Corleone, I always suspected it was Clemenza, but Tessio was smarter.
  5. This year, it was pretty clear that injuries were the significant issue. We couldn't field a quality NFL defense against Reid, Mahomes, Kelce. I think our other defensive problems were lack of consistent pass rush, which they addressed with Von, and the defense looked great until he was hurt. I have no answer for the 13 seconds. That, along with Norwood will haunt me till I die.
  6. I became a much bigger McDermott fan during the stretch run this past season. The team rallied, and he was the leader. It was great coaching and I believe he's a top coach in the league. We will win a super bowl with him.
  7. We probably won't have 11 roster spots that will be realistically available, so I would guess Beane uses a couple picks to move up a few spots in a mid round.
  8. It definitely sounds good, but take into account FA signings, Rousseau needs a new deal, Brown needs one, I'm probably missing someone, but it's still a good place to be considering the past few seasons.
  9. Exactly, I wasn't impressed early when he wasn't on the field often, but when he started to get more action, he made an impact. Like most of our DB's , I would expect continued improvement.
  10. He'll bring in a big ticket player, I'm betting on 2 of them.
  11. If we restructure Allen and Dawkins, maybe Knox. I could see a big ticket FA. If they backload a couple contracts, could make a big splash.
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