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  1. It's not important that she is a sports fan, it's important that she understands that YOU are a sports fan.
  2. I think our throwbacks are awesome and the regular ones are good. It has nothing to do with small market, probably because we have sucked for 20 years. And different tastes for different people, I'm older so I like the AFL uniforms, younger kids probably want some flash. It's not a big deal.
  3. Months later, Smith was on ESPN and he talked about how having this flu bug was worse than any knee injury he ever had. He talked about how he was so out of it, that he couldn’t even walk.
  4. He wasn't even able to get out of his bed, it sucks, but it happens. How would he have helped?
  5. You're concerned that the media doesn't think buffalo is a respectable and upstanding community? What says that they don't? What says it is? Who cares either way.?
  6. still playing the 'poor ole us' BS. The Patriots deserve the benefit of the doubt on player transactions.
  7. blow it out your a** Howard
  8. Almost anything would be an improvement over last season, but the guards still don't seem very impressive and based on the contracts they received, I don't think Beane is expecting a whole lot. Overall , really need Dawkins to get back to rookie form and hope Ford can contribute as a rookie.
  9. Might be the most ridiculous trade idea ever. Ever
  10. Sports book is where you can place bets on all games of any sport, horse racing , boxing... as opposed to gambling at black jack, slots....
  11. Why would having a undrafted QB playing TE make the defense have to work harder to gameplan? I would think it would be easier to game plan against.
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