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  1. I think he got the nickname based on his appearance, not the 2 TD's he caught during his career in GB. He's 29 and hasn't really accomplished much. That's getting old for a WR.
  2. WTF? You know teams cut players that are under contract right? Beane asked players like Addison and Morse to take pay cuts this past year, even though they had a signed contract. Do you even know what you are talking about?
  3. Legacy's are unimportant and overrated. Ralph was like anyone else, some good, some not so good. He has a statue, he's in the Hall of Fame, he's mostly remembered as a decent man. Let him RIP.
  4. I think that would have been Bruce's 3rd sack of the first quarter. He ate Munoz alive until he got hurt later in the game. and Ferguson overthrew a wide open Hooks in the endzone on the next play.
  5. The Piccone game was 1980/81 season, Smith was against Pittsburgh. This is about 1989. 3 different games.
  6. I didn't go to the 'Ralph is cheap' refrain. We were unsuccessful more often than not under Ralph and some of those unsuccessful stretches were long and awful.
  7. You think Ralph did that? He hired Knox, yes, but everything else was Knox but if you give Ralph credit for building that team, you must also blame him for quickly turning it into 3 seasons of 2-14, 2-14 and 4-12 teams a year after letting Knox go.
  8. Might be the most frustrating period of the Bills history. We had a championship defense and a solid offense. Probably the best coaching staff top to bottom til present day staff. Won't speak ill of the dead, but jeez Ralph...
  9. One of the amazing things about those season is how well the other backs ran. In 73, in only 6 games, Braxton had 500 yards, on pace for 1000. In 75, he had 823 yards. You knew we were going to run and it was impossible to stop us.
  10. What's so bad about Bruce mentioning this? Seems like a positive thing to most people.
  11. If we were 4-12 last season, I'd be worried. The under 25 statistic means nothing.
  12. If players won't listen to science now, after all that has happened over the last 16 months...., they never will. ahh, so the covid is like the flu... where have I heard that before?
  13. Why do you think that the number of those infected and dying has dramatically decreased since we started mass vaccinations? Like really dramatically.
  14. If they do something like the old Dallas stadium, cover the fans, but leave the field exposed, I think that would work.
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