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  1. I not sure that will help.
  2. Often the Pro Bowl doesn't mean much, but if the entire secondary of one team makes it, and that team is a champion, they're probably pretty good. To this day, still bothers me about his injury and what could have been.
  3. both are long shots. Negligible upside. Wade has shown a couple great plays, but not sure those translate into the regular season in real game situations with starters and such.
  4. Certainly seems like a bad decision to come out early.
  5. It sounds like the OP thinks that JAckson is playing like crap and will have a hard time making it to the PS.
  6. It clears it up only if we ignore your comment. You said " Are Kaep's supporters now saying that no undrafted free agent QBs should be allowed a try out until Kaep is being paid starter money to ride the bench some where. " OP said nothing remotely close to that. For that matter, I've never heard anyone else say anything close to that either.
  7. You're likely spot on here. It's unfortunate that players that hit children or women aren't more of a distraction, circus with media, fan reactions, than someone kneeling quietly for 30 seconds before a game.
  8. Who will we blame now that Crossman is gone? The players?
  9. If you him to learn for a year, why not do it on the practice squad. That's kinda what it's for.
  10. Allen and Barkley really have to perform consistently well during the regular season. Preseason games still really don't mean much.
  11. Nope, when players hold out for that extra dollar, they always say it's a business. It's ok for the fans to think the same way.
  12. Loved having him run so well last season. If his performance this season is comparable to after he came back from the injury, I'd be pretty happy. The hope is that he won't need to run as much as the line will block better and therefore the offense on the whole will preform better. But his running is a huge weapon, he has Vick like impact running.
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