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  1. The topic is 'freakish' athleticism, I don't see it and nobody can point it out to me. I'm not sure I get the chart, is the 86th the percentile he's in?
  2. Hardly, but save me the time and point out examples of this 'freakish athlete'. I would think they'd be quite obvious, right? Beane obviously isn't happy with TE production.
  3. actually I have. Most NFL players are very athletic, Knox is probably in the lower half of NFL TE's right now. I think he will continue to improve, but how much and how quickly are important questions. I heard a rumor we are interested in Engram for a 3rd, I'd do it in a heartbeat. What have I missed ? What makes him so special? Again, I don't think he's bad, I think he's decent and still has the ability to improve. But I've never seen anything about him that's 'off the charts' as some like to say. He's not faster, bigger, still drops a few too many, average blocker, not great separa
  4. This was post season review. “We just never really got that position,” Bills General Manager Brandon Beane said. “At the end of the year, I thought we did a little bit. Dawson started to get his groove. But it was never where the opposing defense was like, ‘Man, we’ve got to stop their tight ends from going off.’ So we’ll look to that group.”
  5. like I said, he knows better than I do, but still haven't seen anything freakish about him. Nothing he has done really stands out as anything special. I don't dislike him and he's worth having on the team, but even Beane said we need more from him, freakish or not.
  6. see how most of the Bills fans act too. Don't take balls from Diggs please.
  7. He knows better than I , but I haven't seen anything 'freakish' about Knox yet. Most NFL players are great athletes, nothing really stands out with him. I wouldn't cut him, I think he's a decent 2nd tight end, but would love to get Engram from the Giants for this season.
  8. We beat the crap out of him. Never seen him get hit like that before. He wasn't the same after that game.
  9. We might win a super bowl adding CMC and Watt. Let's do it.
  10. A lot of players/bigger contracts will be gone by the time Allen's extension kicks in. Two more drafts will have taken place which hopefully would replace big contracts with rookies deals. There should be a new TV deal which should show a significant jump in the cap. I think going forward, after this coming season, the cap won't be a big issue again.
  11. Gotta be real frustrating for a Bears fan and their QB issues over the years. Wentz isn't going to get anyone excited til he wins a lot.
  12. How much would you have paid for a good kicker back in , say Super Bowl XXV?
  13. I think the issue in using Ertz over Knox is that when we need our TE, Ertz will be there and not so sure about Knox. It may only be 2 or 3 targets per game, but they could be significant. If Allen has all day to throw again, Diggs will again get 150 receptions, but if not, the TE may need to bail him out more often. That's the argument for Ertz, I would think.
  14. what do you think would happen if he signed here? What bad things would come about from him getting a lot of attention?
  15. The post I originally replied to commented on how , this is society today... that was the swat at society. I guess I took a swat too, saying society likes to complain about society... but we are all guilty I guess. This is a nothing story and hopefully it goes away. I'll do my part and withhold further comment.
  16. nope, not gonna complain. I just find it amusing that people go to social media to complain about people that complain on social media. I'm with you though in seeing the irony of that. One person got upset about something in part because of her fathers role with the trophy. It could have ended right there, but not in today's world.
  17. How many pages of people going after 'Karen' will this thread take up? I guess you may be right about society today. This site included.
  18. No it doesn't. It sums up one persons feelings about something.
  19. How can anyone not admire this guy. Not only was he one of the most dominant defensive players in my lifetime, the amount of good work he's done for others is tremendous. Buffalonians love themselves for donating $17, this guy has raised millions for people in need and unlike Buffalonians, he doesn't brag about it. He's a role model if there ever was one in sports. What does that mean? Misspelling phony besides the point.
  20. Maybe she read threads like this and saw how petty some people from Buffalo can be, don't you dare think negative about our city or else we'll attack the place you choose to live.
  21. Guess it should be 'unnecessary' or 'useless' . You don't think Milano and Brown may be gone, Butler , Jefferson, Addison? Williams, Feliciano? Really?
  22. We could have significant changes on both lines, 2nd CB, 2nd WR, TE, RB, LB... hard to make a sensible power ranking until we get past the draft at the earliest.
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