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  1. It wasn't my intent to get into a big thing , but yeah, Norwood would be the hero if we won, along with Thurman.
  2. Norwood missing the FG was the main reason.
  3. You should listen to Bills fans, we didn't even make it to the championship game, but if you listen to them, we are better than KC, Cinci and the Rams. We lost 7 games last season, finished 1 game ahead of the Pats and 2 ahead of the Dolphins, but all off season, you could swear we are the defending champs the way the fans have acted.
  4. OC - never called plays before. Has a lot of talent to work with. I hope he knows how to use it.
  5. Cornerback. Might have a rookie starting and Tre unavailable or not near 100%.
  6. Not quite the same, but we drafted Kelly in the first round, 2nd of 2 picks(Tony Hunter), also got Talley in the 2nd round. Not too shabby there. The pick we used for Kelly was acquired in a trade with Cleveland for Cousineau. So we didn't give up any capital.
  7. Third and whatever? How many times? Tell us. If it's a lot, you're right. I'm guessing you're wrong.
  8. I usually don't get caught up in the 'we're great people' and 'great community' stuff, a lot of athletes feel obligated to say the love the city or whatever... but this is the most genuine display of real emotion and caring that I can recall. It's a reflection of the type of organization the Bills strive to be along with the type of quality people they desire to play for the team. I don't think this is something that's over when the next mass shooting occurs later this week. This is the start of a nice movement for the community. I don't mind it, but it's great to be able to control it more. When I want snow and cold, I can drive 90 minutes to Flagstaff and ski.
  9. I used to think that, but I love AZ weather. Even the summers are no big deal. Just spend the day at the pool or the golf course. It's easy weather to deal with.
  10. I fast forward when the Chiefs have the ball, Josh Allen in the 4th qtr played perhaps the greatest playoff qtr ever. I can watch all day and just forget the ending. Damn!
  11. What does he mean that PFF 'is a complete liability'?
  12. They don't need to. We just decided to get it out of the way early.
  13. You have to go all the way back to 2019 for the last time the Patriots played in Miami in September. Since 2000, 4 games in Sept, 5 in October.
  14. NE opens against the Dolphins in Miami. That game is in September.
  15. go find some 5 year old to explain it to you, it's really not that complicated.
  16. No, he's not allowed to have a life outside of football. You obviously uncovered the actual meaning of my post. Good grief.
  17. I'm sorry, too difficult for you to understand?
  18. A little bit of me agrees with this. I'm sure he's fine, but I wish we didn't see him out so much.
  19. True, but for backup QB's it seems much easier than other positions.
  20. This is how football players make money, by playing football.
  21. ah yes, the great Matt Leinart experiment. And Eli probably had nobody around the house to help him learn to be a good QB. I like Warner, but come on.
  22. Sure Kurt, he's not trying to win your job from you. Easy to say when you don't have to back it up. Shouldn't the coaches be the ones teaching Malik how to be an NFL QB? I get so tired of the 'mentor' schtick. It's possible to be a good teammate and not need to be a mentor. Tannehill has enough on his plate as the starting QB.
  23. and by anywhere he means at his natural position of RB or lined up on the line of scrimmage as a receiver.
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