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  1. I was hoping to see the Sabres here in Phoenix that night. Oh well, football takes precedence.
  2. Doesn't make any sense. It's where they are on the field , not where they might be later on.
  3. We've recently brought in Klein, Rhodes, Marlowe, Hines and in the hunt for OBJ. We didn't bring any of them to the dance initially.
  4. Had a good game today, 3 TD's, made a lot of plays. He's not the reason they lost today. He's still better than most QB's in the league, although that doesn't say much. He'll be good for a while, not sure if he'll be great again, he has a lot of weapons , but I don't think he has a good coach.
  5. Why quit when you can earn a nice living doing nothing, usually nothing.
  6. Or that Diggs and Davis are better options. Or the plays aren't designed for our 5th round rookie, instead for our top flight players. It can be something else, or a combination of things. I'd rather passes go to Diggs, Davis and Knox first. He didn't want to be here is a big reason why. Plus he's retired, another big reason.
  7. Do you think McKenzie should have sat more against Detroit?
  8. Dalvin Cook had a nice 89 yard run with Edmunds out , if that helps. Detroit ran well too. Cleveland did not run well, but passed with ease.
  9. One point was that we were a dominant defense without blitzing when we were healthy. If you were complaining about our defense early in the season you weren't paying attention. I thought the same thing.
  10. after Thursday's game, you said we never blitz. Apparently you didn't watch the game Thursday or you just don't pay attention. When we were healthy on defense, not blitzing much was a great thing for our defense. We were dominant. Injuries are the problem, nothing else right now in my opinion.
  11. Just read a stat from Thursday that we blitzed Goff 46% of his dropbacks. A little more often than 'never blitzing'.
  12. I'm guessing that he's very involved in the game. That's a very odd take on him. When we were healthy the first bunch of games, the defense was absolutely dominant. Missing so many players really has a huge impact on the unit's performance. I hated going through your ramblings, so I didn't even notice if you mentioned all the injuries on the defense at all.
  13. Most trick plays are offshoots of running plays. If you don't run well consistently, you will have trouble running trick plays. Nobody will fall for a flea flicker if we are passing most of the time, they're already expecting a pass.
  14. So what this tells me is that except for Miami, every other team with more injuries than the Bills has a worse record than us. Maybe it is the injuries after all. And to add to that , injuries, maybe 'explanation' is better than 'excuse', but it's the best explanation for teams underperforming or struggling in areas. If a team is missing it's starting pro bowl safeties and all pro CB, plus 1st round pick also being a qb, it makes sense that a team would struggle in that area, because of injuries. Injuries probably have more impact on games than anything else.
  15. Except for a handful of snaps for White and Elam, this defense is without those 2, Hyde, Edmunds, Rosseau, Epenesa, we lost Miller during the game. That's 7 regulars out of the lineup, and we were facing a high scoring offense. If we play like this 100% healthy, then there is a problem, but not now. Dorsey seems to be an issue. Very predictable offense, and it seems like we just hope Allen pulls each game out. Not sure our play calling suits our offensive line skill set.
  16. Why wouldn't fans tailgate with a dome? I tailgate here in AZ with a dome. All fans here do.
  17. Imagine a 7 foot snowstorm super bowl week. For many reasons, a super bowl will never be in Buffalo.
  18. Maybe, but it's a 30 minute flight. Hopefully not enough time to cause any issues.
  19. might be a bit premature, but yeah, that's where it should end up.
  20. This is one of those 'sources' posts. A very high up source. White is 100% healthy, but refuses to play on synthetic turf. Not sure which particular fields are involved, but this is the word.
  21. Everyone? Also, guessing the snowmobile did most of the work. I'll wager that he didn't shovel everyone out of their driveways. Let me guess, he flew to detroit and boy are his arms tired.
  22. That's ok. It really has no impact on who actually wins the game. Obviously.
  23. You pull for the team ahead of you to lose.
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