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  1. In both the Dallas and Pittsburgh games they tried to run a few screens and each time they were blown up, you’ll also notice a few more examples of the mesh point issues.
  2. Yeah I can’t figure it out as to why our screens aren’t effective but this seems to make sense
  3. I completely agree with the screen game comment but I’m not sure if it’s a RB/QB or OLine init Selling it enough ssue
  4. I’ve been rewatching the games from last year and a few things keep Coming up. 1) I’m super pumped and excited of what this team can accomplish next year. We have a difficult schedule but I’m not concerned at all, can’t remember the last time I thought like that. 2) Offseason work is NEEDED on the mesh point between Motor and JA. When they attempt to do read options which should be a staple in our offense, it’s too awkward and not nearly as smooth as it needs to be. This keeps coming up while reviewing the games. 3) I’m probably gonna get crap for this but I didn’t realize how many IMPACT play Shaq made. In our signature wins last year some HUGE defensive plays were because of Lawson and Although I’m confident the moves we made make me feel like we’ll be OK but it’s something that shouldn’t be over looked.
  5. If we can get Clowney for $5 million obviously
  6. And 5 million is the going rate for a top tier backup QB. Making this an effective 2 year contract. I really didn’t think this was that bad of a suggestion
  7. I tend to get better at these things the more I drink
  8. My structure would cost us 3.5-6 million this year in cap space
  9. I’ve Drank too much while I’ve been in quarantine?
  10. To give Josh a veteran QB as a backup. Also, with his running and willingness to do whatever it takes at times, it leaves him more prone to injury. We’d have one of the better backup QB situations in the NFL, upgrading from one of the worst,
  11. He’s got a 17.5 million salary this year 0 guaranteed. That can be restructured to 3 years 18.5 with 10 guaranteed. What do you think, since he’s gonna be released anyway, the Bengals would probably take our extra 6th
  12. Love this signing. The guy is a missionary on ST, and honestly with the way we play defense he’ll be a very nice fit. incredible instincts, the main idea along with ST may be able to help Edmunds quickly diagnosis plays as this is where I feel Tremaine can make the most growth in his game. Matakevich’s knock coming out of Temple was did he have the athletic ability to compete min the NFL but then surprised at the combine and has looked great as a plug and play ST ace and has also had some very good preseason games at ILB. But if you throw on the tape of his last year in school specifically the ND the guy was on a mission it was incredible to watch. I know I’m gonna get flamed for this but this could be a Jerry Hughes type of situation. We’ll see but I’m pumped.
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