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  1. billvernsays

    What do you expect from Trent Murphy in 2019?

    I think his best game was Minnesota. I rewatched that game last night and was surprised how much of an impact T Murphy made. If we can get him playing like that every game we’ll be solid
  2. billvernsays

    Opposing fans

    @Ice bowl 67 You’re great man, my only question is do you spend as much time on Packer Boards as well?
  3. I’m starting to think Josh Allen was instructed to not check check the past year. I think it was important for Allen/Dabol/McDermott to know what he can/can’t do. No one expected us to be decent this year, I think our agenda in 2018 was getting Josh Allen comfortable down the field. Next year I think we see a monster improvement in accuracy and efficiency because we’ll have game plans designed to win with the talent to go along with it
  4. billvernsays

    The AAF Thread

    What does it mean that we (Buffalo bills) have interest in birmingham Iron?
  5. billvernsays

    Ja’Waan Taylor OT Florida

    Bumping this thread because Taylor is now the trendy pick for us. I said this before it was 😎
  6. billvernsays

    The Phantom Hold and why the NFL is dying

    Well said. Football is a game of momentum and almost every game it seems the Pats get certain calls that help their momentum or hurt the team they are playing against. i will say that earlier on the same drive you mentioned the Pats got called for defenssive holding on 3rd and long to extend the drive but then they needed to kill the momentum by throwing a phantom holding call after a big run.
  7. billvernsays

    Gilmore on the Pats is the same player he was in Buffalo

    And the phantom hold in the 4th quarter when’s gurley ran it 15 yards inside the Pats 40. Huge momentum swing right there
  8. billvernsays

    Gilmore on the Pats is the same player he was in Buffalo

    I’m not only talking about tonight, all season watching the Pats it seems like the announcers are showing replays of Gilmore’s brilliant coverage but all I see is the same exact physical coverage that he used to get flagged for left and right while he was here.
  9. billvernsays

    Defense wins championships

    The real story of this game was Sean McVay’s brilliance
  10. But is it just me or does it seem like he gets called a whole lot less for Holding and Pass Interference penalties. In Buffalo he gets flags in New England announcers drool over his “coverage skills”
  11. billvernsays

    Mahomes wins MVP

    I’m pretty sure Mahomes wouldn’t have won the MVP in Buffalo this year. Give it time, I think Josh Allen is gonna be a stud
  12. billvernsays

    Draftniks: Name your 2019 Draft "Crush"

    Garrett Bradbury C from NC State This kid is the next Alex Mack or Travis Frederick IMO. Having a young center in place to go along with our young franchise QB would be the way to build the Offense from the inside out.
  13. billvernsays

    Bills Packers similarities

    It’s better than expected here. The Eagles fans are obnoxious though, there’s no getting around that.
  14. They don’t have a 4th or a 6th.