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  1. Bills are going to have tough decisions to make come cutdown day.
  2. Yep. Our backups look a lot better right now than their starters.
  3. I guess technically training camp continues through the entire preseason. However, some consider the start of preseason to be the end of training camp.
  4. Sort of like how his defense kept the Bills offense to the first perfect game in NFL history. Bottom line if you don’t have the players it doesn’t matter who the coach is.
  5. Keep in mind these odds will change as the season progresses due to wins, losses and injuries.
  6. I didn’t know much about Wydermyer before the draft but this breakdown against Alabama was pretty impressive, especially as a blocker. https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2022/02/22/jalen-wydermyer-2022-nfl-draft/
  7. I think Kyle has officially taken over as the official Bills spokesperson from Chris “no one circles the wagon like the Buffalo Bills” Berman. Well done.
  8. I’m amazed there are several on this board that don’t see this. They just picked up 2 extra draft picks and are going to get someone they wanted anyway.
  9. Or he has similar grades on several guys still on the board.
  10. That’s exactly why it’s unlikely that he’s going to be a problem-because their QB sucks. Without a QB and string passing game a RB isn’t going to be successful against 8 man fronts.
  11. Is that why the Panthers have been so successful these past 2 years?
  12. Correct. If he was the second coming of Jim Brown he would have been a top 5 pick.
  13. Met Daryle in the 60’s while I was a in Little League football in Williamsville. Our coach knew him and brought him to one of our practices. He was a real class act. RIP.
  14. With 13 seconds left from their 25 yard line, no receiver should have been let run free. Hold them or even tackle them. It’s only a 5 yard penalty AND the time runs off the clock. So they now have the ball at the 30 with 8 seconds. Do it again and they have the ball at the 35 with maybe 2 or 3 seconds. Game over.
  15. I would think Malick is a big Bills fan since she actually worked for Jack Kemp when he was in Congress in the 70’s.
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