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  1. This is why they are overwhelming favorites Sunday. These basically measure overall strength of a team.
  2. I hold my breathe every time he’s in the pocket and one of our linemen whiff on a block, since that’s when most injuries occur.
  3. Yea, that worked so well last year when McKenzie destroyed them.
  4. That’s all well and good, but we live in a passing league and you need to be proficient against the pass. There’s no comparison between the two in pass defense. Edmunds is light years better.
  5. This thread reminds me of a preseason game between the Bills and Vikings in the early 70’s. OJ had just put a move on middle linebacker Wally Hilgenberg for a big gain. When Hilgenberg came to the sideline, Vikings coach, Bud Grant layed into Hilgenberg and said they were paying him 250k per year to make that tackle (remember this was the early 70’s). Without missing a beat, Hilgenberg responded “but coach they’re paying OJ 650k to make me miss”. moral is the other guys get paid too.
  6. Really it’s just a few who start these insane threads about the coaching staff and think we should win every game by 20 points. I imagine the overwhelming majority are proud of the job they’ve done.
  7. Agreed. We have the second highest scoring team in the entire league. Those who think we should score on every possession are living in la la land.
  8. Yes, but neither SB participant last year was the number 1 seed. So it’s certainly not the end all be all.
  9. It’s some weird masochist complex. We should be extremely proud of what this team has accomplished. It’s basically unheard of for a team to have to travel back to the same stadium within 5 days and win both.
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