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  1. All I want to know is how many points your scoring versus your opponents points. Total yards etc.. are pretty meaningless.
  2. True but they did just beat a spread by 31.5 points.
  3. Along those same lines, it is extremely rare to beat a team by 5 touchdowns on the road while shutting them out regardless of the team. It was an A effort all around.
  4. Yes, I have a three way parlay with Motor getting 100 yards, a touchdown and Bills win.
  5. As mentioned many times above, they got them to jump Offside so they snapped the ball. The refs blew the call.
  6. Wasn’t this guy already proven to be a clown last year?
  7. Not many. Nor do we have many kickoffs returned. So we may have 3 returns per game. The question is do you keep someone for 3 returns per game?
  8. That was well before the kick off line was moved up. Now probably 75% of kickoffs aren’t returned. We will make 3-4 special teams tackles per game. Keep that in mind.
  9. Disagree. I can guarantee that we will receivers injured during games requiring our 5th, 6th and (maybe) 7th receiver to play.
  10. I must have missed his “great camp/preseason”.
  11. Again, it’s about the vested vet rule. Hollister doesn’t go through waivers. They already have a deal with him to resign tomorrow. This happens all the time. It’s about roster management.
  12. Correct, and if they are on IR after season starts then only have to be there 3 weeks.
  13. I think it’s more about coaching and systems. I think he is better than several starters in the league right now, including some in our division. Well then we’ll see how Dalton does this year with that vaunted Chicago coaching staff.
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