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  1. You can disagree but the guys who do this for a living disagree with you.
  2. It was both late and high. He actually stopped when Josh threw the ball and then recoiled and hit him. Roughing all day long.
  3. As I said the other day-trends are trends until they’re not. Bill win a one score game.
  4. It’s where the ball crosses out of bounds. Looks short.
  5. Yes, and being wobbly and falling to the ground is a sure sign of loss of motor reflex. Under the rules that should have led to him being removed from the game regardless of any subsequent “examination”.
  6. Yes, trends are trends until they’re not.
  7. Agreed. As soon as he got up, held his head and wobbled to the ground anyone with half a brain knew he had some degree of concussion.
  8. I was about to post the same thing. Bengals looked pedestrian most of the night. Their O line is terrible and something isn’t quite right with Burrow.
  9. Miami coaching staff and front office should be shot for letting him play.
  10. Really lacks arm strength. He has to throw short quick passes.
  11. Of course it is, but the reason it starts off at 3.5 is because they (oddsmakers) believe the Bills are the better team, and they are.
  12. Statistically QB’s get hurt in pocket more often than on the run. Oftentimes they’re sitting ducks and can’t protect themselves.
  13. Add in Davis dropping a perfectly thrown pass for a TD.
  14. Just don’t think they will lose more than 4 this year. Yesterday was what I’ll call a fluke game. You absolute dominate in yards better than 2 to 1 and have a huge advantage in time of possession you win 85-90% of games.
  15. Yes, and Dane’s looked so much worse. You just never know.
  16. Historically favorites in the NFL win outright approx 67% of the time and teams with +5 or more around 75% of the time. Take it for what it’s worth.
  17. Good point. Heard Peter King today mention he was at Bills training camp and said they have by far the deepest roster in the league.
  18. Don’t forget Daquan Jones. Dude has been playing great.
  19. Pretty interesting that all the players mentioned are on defense and it looks like the entire offense will be available Sunday. I expect Poyer and Hyde to play.
  20. You’re right. He actually stopped running and spun and started backpedaling. If he had continued to run he probably would have had both hands on the ball. But I can’t fault him.
  21. Yep, why in the he** would you want a close game rather than a blowout?
  22. You can either pressure Josh or sit back and let him pick you apart. They chose the former in many instances and got destroyed. The Rams, for the most part tried the latter, and got destroyed. Pick your poison.
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