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  1. I'm sorry, too difficult for you to understand?
  2. A little bit of me agrees with this. I'm sure he's fine, but I wish we didn't see him out so much.
  3. True, but for backup QB's it seems much easier than other positions.
  4. This is how football players make money, by playing football.
  5. ah yes, the great Matt Leinart experiment. And Eli probably had nobody around the house to help him learn to be a good QB. I like Warner, but come on.
  6. Sure Kurt, he's not trying to win your job from you. Easy to say when you don't have to back it up. Shouldn't the coaches be the ones teaching Malik how to be an NFL QB? I get so tired of the 'mentor' schtick. It's possible to be a good teammate and not need to be a mentor. Tannehill has enough on his plate as the starting QB.
  7. and by anywhere he means at his natural position of RB or lined up on the line of scrimmage as a receiver.
  8. We draft a punter that's never held for a kicker, a year after not signing Bojorquez, who also had an incredibly strong leg, but was a poor holder. The team felt the holder was so critical that we kept an 'elite' holder even though he was a poor punter. It's an interesting pick and Araiza is no lock to make the team.
  9. 2 punters were drafted ahead of him. Any ideas as to why?
  10. Like he did in the KC game? More talented in what way? I'm serious, he's got great hands, good size and speed, gets open and makes the difficult catches. He checks a lot of boxes for WR2
  11. there is this thing called the practice squad, they can roster some of the draft picks there if they don't use them to trade up.
  12. So why do you think Beane did it? Just to get posts on TBD?
  13. I'd say there was probably a 100% chance they would secure a loan and not have to liquidate their assets, while the value of the franchise continues to rise and with the new TV deals coming into play after the season, they'll be raking in hundreds of millions more a year than they are now. They're fine, don't worry about them.
  14. The Week 18 game vs the Raiders was as exciting as the Bills/Chiefs game. Herbert was amazing, 4th and 21 with the season on the line and makes the throw. He's got that special something that Allen has. Those 2 will be the best in the AFC with Burrow for years to come.
  15. Not to get too deep into this discussion, but Herbert has had 2 tremendous season, Burrow is also a dynamic QB, no reason to criticize them to build up Allen. Quite a few very good QB's in the league right now, many capable of winning a Super Bowl.
  16. I was sitting next to him, so was my other brother.
  17. Your comment was not relevant to the topic and your poor grammar made you look like a fool for mentioning that others didn't speak English well.
  18. I think it's pretty safe to say that lamar is the Raven's leader, not supposed.
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