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  1. My section has been a standing only type of section for as long as I’ve sat there. I’d gladly sit, but then I wouldn’t be able to see so I too stand all game. Sorry to those behind me my hands are tied.
  2. A light sentence, but at least his season is mostly shot. Guy is a total POS and league fans won’t soon forget that.
  3. I sure wish the team was still going sub .500 every year just so these youngins learn what bad football is… Missed the mark with that one Jerry.
  4. Gross. If only Josh Gordon was a serial predator instead of an addict may have had a HOF career.
  5. The person who tests that the most for me is Kanye West. He’s probably the only one where is whacked out personality has effected my enjoyment of his work, which is a shame because he had a great stretch.
  6. I luckily have no problem totally separating the artist from their music. Had to do this with Roger years ago.
  7. I’m sending as many positive vibes to you as possible. Mazie seems like an amazing girl.
  8. I can see Minnesota challenging for a WC berth, but just can’t pick them to win that division over Green Bay.
  9. Working from home is awful. You don’t get as much done and your internal relationships are suffering, stop fooling yourself. Adults who get excited for children’s movies are nuts. Corned beef is disgusting and anyone who likes a Reuben sandwich is nuts. Not only do I enjoy Thursday night football, I wish they put a game on every night of the week during the season.
  10. I’d like to know what “extensive research” the Browns did. Laughable.
  11. I’ve been laughing hysterically the entire time between the AWFUL tee shots and Barkleys commentary.
  12. I really enjoyed Tokyo Vice on HBO. Finished season 1 today.
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