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  1. I know he wasn’t hospitalized, but reading how bad this laid up Freddie Freeman should give anyone pause.
  2. Yuck, figured the league would have had clearer protocols in place.
  3. I think the NFL shot down the bubble idea initially, but maybe this will open their eyes.
  4. Really tough start, they canceled their home opener today.
  5. Options stink, but I figured they’d do something like this. The thought of them holding my money interest free for a year is very annoying to me if we wind up getting zero or limited games. At least offer an opt in option with a refund in the event NO fans are allowed in all season. I’ll have to kick it around for a few days, but in general no thanks to the NFL franchise holding my money.
  6. Cool I’ll sign a waiver, but the person I pass it to the next day didn’t sign anything. People can yell at the sky all they want, adjust to the reality we are living in. I hope the NFL stops the charade and announce a league wide fanless season and maybe have a chance for us to at least watch some football. They could get out in front of it, pump in crowd noise like they are doing in Europe, make some sort of interactive fan platform (be creative), and overall stop being a joke. But it’s the NFL so they’ll surely bungle it.
  7. Exactly. For example I have two seats, the four to my left are STH, six in front of us are STH, and four behind us is a STH who sells every game on secondary market. Most of us will have to move around, I just hope they release details of how that would likely be handled before I have to make a decision one way or the other. And by no fault of the NFL, they are unlikely to have that information anytime soon.
  8. This is what I’m interested to see. How much information are we going to get before opting in or out? I can’t imagine they will have a whole lot of clarity with seating capacities. I’ll be interested in what we actually agree to by opting in. If I’m getting moved to worse seats how is that being handled? How are they chopping games between season ticket holders? Seems like a nightmare to administer.
  9. I posted in another thread about this, but they claim we’ll get an option in the coming days. I’ll be a little miffed if that decision is forced on us without any plan to review. How are we getting equivalent seats, will we get all games, how will that be determined, etc? Wife and I may opt out just for the uncertainty.
  10. I also received that today. Seems like a logistical nightmare. Not sure how they will give everyone equivalent seats, split up games, choose which games you get, etc. My wife and I are considering opting out, especially because it seems likely that decision will be pushed on us before a detailed plan is even available to review.
  11. WTF Kevyn Adams? Can someone who knows him better make me feel ok about that? Might just be interim, but he would be another first time GM right?
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