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  1. Just think of most law firm commercial disclaimers "past success does not guarantee future success".
  2. That was freaking awesome. Thanks for posting!
  3. Makes sense. TDs are TDs. If a QB puts up 40 TDs that is a very good/great season regardless of whether it was passing or running.
  4. IMO he was wrong to say what he said, didn't apologize, and basically said "well I said it because...that's what I say". Consequences. If you are calling someone dumb...that likely would be offensive to most people.
  5. I would say points off turnovers is more of what I would like to see increase. For instance in the Baltimore game we got that great pick...zero points. Ravens get the fumble...7 points. Direct D scoring would be great but with a short field after a turnover I would like to see more points converted.
  6. The Titans have a very good chance of beating the Texans twice, AND the Saints? Wow. They might be a Super Bowl team.
  7. We havent lost back to back this year. I like our chances. Will be tough considering the venue, opposing coach, Steelers D....BUT...I like our chances on D against the Steelers O. Would love to clinch Sunday night and just hope for "fun" games last 2 games of the season.
  8. I will take the Bills record this year over some deep passes from a 2 and 10 team. I would also take Allen's efficiency in the short ans intermediate over boom bust deep shots. Trust the process
  9. Damn. Surprising 1st half. Hoping for more competition from the Eagles in 2nd half to make it a more competitive game to watch. Also....other than the booing, where the hell are the Eagles fans? Can barely hear them.
  10. Agreed lol. Just deserts. Couldn't happen to a more deserving team. Man if it's this year it would be sweet but it feels inevitable that we get the division soon.
  11. Could still happen. Fitzmagic maybe? Would be fitting.
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