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  1. Oh God no....NOBODY would accuse you of that! I mean we all regularly go to other teams' boards to explain to them why our team is better. It's super normal.
  2. It wasn't easy to take, but the Chiefs are on a completely different level than us and the rest of the NFL right now. If we had lost to a team that we were clearly better than, with a trip to the SB on the line, to me that would have been way more painful. Now, it WAS painful watching the game Sunday as it felt like death by a thousand cuts, but the Chiefs being the Chiefs for some reason softens it for me.
  3. My guess is its Browns at Chiefs if Chiefs win the SB. Baker #1 overall...the Browns performed better against Chiefs (yes Mahomes left in 3rd quarter).
  4. To me, he had the same look in the Ravens game. Played a little tight in both games and just had that look in the eyes. Not sure if it is a thing or not but again, to me, but the look in his eyes did seem to correlate to his play in both the Ravens and Chiefs games.
  5. Good call. I am basically only going to pop in here. No twitter, espn, nfl network, radio, etc. Maybe for a long while lol
  6. This ending perfectly illustrates the Bills' performance in this game. What a mess lol.
  7. Running up the score and celebrating the way they are is kind of a dick move. Anyone watching knew this one was over after the Allen pick.
  8. Just dont get the FG thing. Losing by less is still losing. All of our aggression seems to be gone.
  9. I mean, I have to take him at his word. He DOES know what he's talking about here.
  10. Damn, I just looked her up...57 years old. Even with the top of the line make up and wardrobe she gets for show...that's impressive.
  11. Agreed. I really enjoyed the last episode a lot and where we may be going in Season 4.
  12. Dude, you have bear hands. That's effing awesome!!!
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