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  1. I believe that's the same defender that hit Allen and didnt get fined. Patriot way.
  2. So you were waiting for a post like this??? Shocker. This is troll territory mate.
  3. Your attempt to blend in as a "Bills fan" is exposed based on your seeming love for the Patriots. There are a ton of message boards (I assume) for band wagon Patriots fans.
  4. Oh bet they are. I bet most the folks that make up NFL teams are basically just the same as fans on a internet forum.
  5. Waahhhhhhh the Bills won. This sucks...wahhhhhhhh
  6. Ummmmm...nope. You lighten up. Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet Kilo Lima Mike
  7. Do you also wish the Bills had won the game??? Wait, what? They did??? Oh cool...so we can just be happy and move on.
  8. Nice pull. Snake approves
  9. No need to be salty. I didn't say you were aware of the debate. I was speaking to the larger audience since all of these interactions are read by the forum. The "if he's cleared he should still sit" debate has been raging for days which is why I referenced it. Agree to disagree. Whatevs
  10. I get that...but what if he gets his head smashed in 3 weeks from now? I think if he is cleared, he's cleared. I guess that is what all the debate is about. If a player is cleared, they are cleared. I don't think it matters, if the symptoms are gone and a player is cleared, if that player waits 1 or 3 weeks to play.
  11. If Allen is cleared...do you think he should still sit? If so, why don't we just cut him...what is the point of sitting him if he is cleared? Isn't the point of drafting him to play him?
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