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  1. I agree to a point on the episode count and how much they had to cram in. My biggest complaint....SPOILERS....is dealing with the night king mid-season and then dealing with King's Landing. I think the night king should have been the last enemy. A virtually unstoppable undead army seems more of a threat than a dragon (considering how effortlessly the boats/giant crossbows killed the one dragon a couple of episodes ago).
  2. With how the season has been going, this may end up being true
  3. Great, great question. A lot of Bills "fans" seem to want people to talk them out of being mad at the Bills...hugely attention seeking/needy. Same person. Real name: Mike Schopp.
  4. Agree 100%. While it would be awesome to have the inside look and some exposure for the team/fan base...it always seems to be such a distraction.
  5. As others are saying, I think it's all Raiders...the AB drama, Gruden, etc.
  6. Great, now the Bills will lose twice a year to the Pats...oh wait...
  7. This is awesome. ESPN should put him on MNF.
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