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  1. The question was yes/no....and I said not yet...and you say the question is not binary. Soooooo....what do you want? If it is strictly yes/no....its no....if it is yes/maybe/not yet/no then I say not yet. We are saying the same damn thing.
  2. Gonna cry lil baby? Not surprising. Fans like you are the problem. Dick statement guy. Not surprising...but apparently surprising enough for you to say not surprising. Dick statement guy. Oh crap I rattled you. The politics thing got you. Damn. Ok. Do YOU need a tissue lil guy?
  3. Ok bud will do lol. What's your plan to fix the QB? Got one? didnt think so. All talk.
  4. Oh shoot. I guess I didnt look at it that way. Actually still doesn't matter. Why would you defend this team? Do you think they deserve it? They embarrassed themselves. Come on. Grow up.
  5. Lots of folks here are seemingly super ok with this BS game and season. Its disgusting.
  6. Wait a week, or two, or three...we will still be bitching about it. They will be on vaca. Couldnt care less about the toll on their bodies considering their pay and the full knowledge of the risk.
  7. And.........you replied. True to form snowflake. So easy with you. You are triggered quite easily and you are quite the snowflake yourself. I predict another reply. I simply cannot wait!
  8. I never dismissed the team bud. My posit was that the team doesn't and will never care about losses as much as fans. And do not say this is how they feed their families. While technically true...they feed their families for multiple decades on a single year's salary. Wake up.
  9. And yet it is not YOUR question...and yet your sensitive nature compels you to reply. Will you reply to this? My guess is....yes.
  10. Their livelihood? They are millionaires man. Not like they are playing to feed their family. Seriously? Come on man. No way these guys care about this after this weekend. We fans will think about this until September.
  11. I disagree. They had an actual ability to control the outcome. Us fans are literally helpless to affect the outcome. That makes it hurt more. Also not going on a millionaire vacation after the season ends also makes it harder on us fans.
  12. Arguably the worst playoff team of the bunch after today's showing....much like 2017. The players have changed but the outcome is the same.
  13. So....GG boy....the question was "is Allen a franchise QB"? My response: not yet. You might have an overactive imagination but I stated my case...you provided a lame rebuttal...move on.
  14. 100% my feelings as well. Thank you. Just sick of it. Fans will always hurt worse than the player.
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