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  1. Yeah, I guess that is probably the right approach. Once we get a few under our belt, it'll be easier to expect to compete/win these games.
  2. Good point on the wind. Hopefully Joshy's short game is on point. That will also be a key. It would also be great to get a few turnovers from our D with some short fields. The kicking game should be mighty interesting as well lol.
  3. I don't know if they have the personnel to shut down our passing game (this is largely dependent on John Brown playing healthy). Been reading a lot about the Patriots struggles with motion. Hopefully we can work that in to help the run game.
  4. I swear we've seen players not practice until like Friday and get cleared to play after concussion protocol. I guess if he is out, it's better that the coaches are certain of it earlier in the week than later in the week so the backup can get more 1st team reps.
  5. Those are good examples. That's where I'm at with this week. On Monday I was pretty confident, but the more thought I give it I think we would have been better off catching them last week instead of after 3 straight losses. McDaniels' offense can be pretty creative as well so that concerns me that the Patriots coaching staff is going to be throwing everything they can and seeing what sticks. Add in the crappy weather (like that damn Eagles game last year) and my confidence is starting to waver lol.
  6. https://www.radio.com/wgr550/sports/bills/patriots-devin-mccourty-doesnt-think-theyre-still-team-to-beat-in-afc-east I think we're going to get the Patriots best shot of the season Sunday. Just reading what Devin McCourty said about how he doesn't think the Patriots are currently the team to beat, that their backs are against the wall, etc. I don't think I've ever seen a team that is better coached on creating motivation. I recall when the Patriots were in the midst of their undefeated season, some players kept saying how they weren't being respected (which was utter hogwash). Now I do know that this Patriots team is very short handed and has not been playing well, along with the fact that the Bills ARE the more talented team, but I think considering the desperation the Patriots seem to have right now, this game might be another nail biter.
  7. The Basin lacation slices are fantastic. Work in the Basin (now from home) and we would get slices every couple weeks there. Real solid.
  8. Well, if the Bills tank it, just try your best to remind yourself its one game. However, if the Bills win, I would relentlessly bust his chops until he reconsiders being your friend.
  9. I think Allen "complains" a lot to the refs after he gets hit when sliding or "roughed" (and by complaining, he usually looks at them and puts his hands up (aside from the personal foul against the Rams for yelling at the refs lol)). Seems he might not get some calls because of his size maybe (big strapping lad and maybe a thought from the refs of "hey, if you're going to run, that's what happens"). Not sure. I remember there was that time a few years back where Ed Biceps said to Cam Newton something to the effect of "you're not old enough to get that call" (obviously, not size related, but still a weird, biased view from a ref).
  10. Oh, is that what people are doing? I hadn't seen where anyone was thinking getting swept by this year's Patriots was being "tolerated" by anyone. How mad will you be when the Bills win Sunday? Like, really, really mad?
  11. Have to re-watch the Jets game. Anyone recall when this might have occurred? Hope he is back and healthy soon.
  12. I had heard that previously...does anyone know why? Can't imagine it gives that much of an unfair advantage (if it helps block out sunlight, I guess all players would have the option to do it). Edit: https://www.sbnation.com/a/nfl-preview-2019/visors I guess there are several reasons, including not being able to see where a player is looking (definitely an advantage for QBs) and for medical staff in diagnosing concussions.
  13. No worries. It'll probably be on youtube at some point. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Did Allen's interview get pushed? I tuned in at 11:27 AM and have been listening since and he's not on.
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