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  1. That's good news. My company, probably like a lot of companies, furloughed a lot of people with the intention of bringing them back. We actually all went on 20% pay reduction to avoid straight up layoffs.
  2. He has a tweet from June 26th on his account where he is talking about having to take drastic measures due to Covid. I guess it doesn't apply to New Era who probably just wanted to lay off people for no good reason. Covid and drastic measures probably had nothing to do with it lol.
  3. The Halle Berry one is beyond insanity. She's....an actress....she....acts like the characters that she is playing lol. Bill Burr had a really funny bit in his Paper Tiger special (think it was right at the beginning of the show) where he ***** about how Brian Cranston got ***** for playing a person in a wheelchair and how people thought an actual paralyzed person should play the role. That's not acting...that's a documentary. It's beyond crazy at this point.
  4. I don't know if I find it odd...or just notable. I have no dog in this race, I was just curious why the poster I replied to thought maybe things were inflated in NY. It could also be that a lot of the people who were dying early on got a higher viral load and couldn't make it and once this virus started get out in the media and ***** hit the fan people started staying inside and the population densities decreased. I have know idea. Just some thoughts. Again, I don't have a dog in the race and was just curious why anyone would think numbers would be fudged.
  5. Hard to say I guess. There were reports regarding the exposure time to the virus increasing the viral load in the body which could possibly lead to a hard hit on the body's system so who knows maybe that played a factor. Maybe areas with greater population densities and more of the viral load led to people with a greater viral load in their body and a harder case so to speak.
  6. Just curious, what would lead you to believe that the death count was artificially inflated? NYC is one of the busiest cities in the world with regard to travel and is a global economic hub. It would only make sense that there would be more cases and more deaths than, say, North Dakota. Just interested in your train of thought. Seems intriguing.
  7. Agreed, and I think that's why everything is so off the rails (sorry if anyone has had loved ones pass away in a train derailing). Anything can be offensive if someone tries hard enough to be offended...and it seems that is exactly what people are doing lol. Maybe all this time at home just made people bored and they're looking for things to get passionate about.
  8. Then I fear myself the most! I guess I should do as Yoda said and unlearn what I have learned in order to void my M.S.
  9. I can agree with that, as far as not having a problem using alternative language. But, honestly, never in all my life have I ever thought of racism or slavery when saying "master bedroom". In that article they seem to really be reaching for any language they can find to link it to slavery/racism and why we shouldn't use those words anymore.
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/06/us/racism-words-phrases-slavery-trnd/index.html More words set to likely be cancelled. My favorite quote from the "article" with regard to the term "Master Bedroom" (basically, we aren't totally sure, or even remotely sure this term is rooted in racism and/or slavery in America...but ***** it we're going to make that leap anyway!!): "Master bedrooms" were more widely implemented in American homes after World War II, intended to give working parents a private space within their own homes, Trelora notes. While it's unclear whether the term is rooted in American slavery on plantations, it evokes that history."
  11. If it's not this year...or next year...will it be the year after next year? And if it isn't this year...or next year...or the year after next year...will it be the year after the year after next year? And if it isn't this year...or next year...or the year after next year...or the year after the year after next year...will it be the year after the year after the year after next year? And if it's not this year... !@#@ it!
  12. Murder is murder regardless of political affiliation. If a woman lost a child due to a still-born birth...people around her would mourn her loss...but if that same woman chose to abort that baby...suddenly it's a talking point about "freedom" and "choice".
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