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  1. ALL of them. Think about it. If WE get them ALL...nobody else will have any. It's actually genius.
  2. Is that a cemetery in the background? No thank you sir!
  3. When I was in the Coast Guard, after I graduated from A-School I had a choice to go to San Diego, VA, FL, and Buffalo. I chose Buffalo specifically so I could go to Bills games (not originally being from Western New York I had never been to a game).
  4. My wife got her first shot on Friday (I get my first a week from this Friday) and she felt pretty tired that afternoon but nothing too bad. My father had his 2nd shot last week and he felt really run down that day but then felt fine.
  5. I guess this is what it feels like during free agency to have a good team. Some moves but nothing necessarily earth shattering.
  6. Probably why none of us have jobs in NFL front offices lol
  7. It's more like saying Canada accounts for 1/3 of the countries in North America.
  8. The 2 of them were on the Eagles together. Could be he is just happy for a former teammate who is getting paid.
  9. I think the people who get mad at the people who get mad at the people who get mad at the hunters...where was I going with this...
  10. It's a Browns thread now. Get with the program.
  11. I would tend to trust Cosell over Mina Kimes, personally.
  12. I thought about that too. If it dropped to the bottom of the river they could just make another one lol.
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