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  1. Cheering for what is best for the Bills. Our season has ended 2 straight years in KC...every KC loss helps
  2. Why the hell would you want KC to win??
  3. Need zero points on D here. 17 points at half is almost certainly a loss...but 20 or 24 points is basically impossible with how we are playing.
  4. These guys need to hit the jugs machine. Weather doesn't seem to have ANY affect on the Ravens.
  5. I hear you. But just seems like everything is going Baltimore's way. That 2nd down prayer throw by Lamar kind of sums up this half so far.
  6. Agreed, but even Allen looks lifeless on the sidelines. Maybe the game last week really did take a huge toll for the week on them. i dont know
  7. This feels like death by a thousand cuts right now. We might even score a TD before half to make it a 10 point game. But it just feels like across the board this is not the Bills day (or season?)
  8. The Bills might not be as good as we thought. And, they can't stop making mistakes. Bad play calling. No energy. I think we are still definitely a playoff team but not nearly as elite as we may have thought. Every team we play this year is going to be on overdrive to beat us and we can't seem to match the intensity. Sucks.
  9. That punt is on mackenzie...if he just catches it and leans forward he has the 1st down. instead he has to do that step back loop around lose a yard thing.
  10. Man, this is THAT game. The Bills seem so unprepared and out of it.
  11. Ok....so, we SHOULD be able to beat the Steelers next week. No physicality today. The whole Ravens team just seems way more "up" for this game than the Bills. Taking the ball first, giving up the INT and the TD really puts us in a whole. If we can get back to 14-10 maybe we can hope for a turnover.
  12. Thought Ed might be a go...but hopefully our depth on the D line picks up the slack. Will good to get him and Philips back hopefully in the next couple of weeks!
  13. Other QBs are ALSO allowed to play great. Lamar is playing great and he deserves the MVP talk.
  14. I would tend to agree...but after Sunday's hit and him all woozy, then playing 4 days later, nothing would surprise me.
  15. Tua being released...traveling with team per TV lady
  16. Not my weird job, but my father's current retirement job, in addition to mowing the cemetery lawn for the local church, is basically preparing gravesites and doing burials at said cemetery. He has some summer help (18 year old kids) and he still works circles around them at 75. I guess it has to get done but we always tease him that it's a little bit of a weird job.
  17. It gives the whole "game of inches" saying a whole new meaning. There are so many factors that go into a play that it really can be the difference in a win and a loss.
  18. We're trading first round picks with the Dolphins???? just kidding...had to do it considering how the phins are the darlings of the NFL world now.
  19. I think more than his blocking abilities its his ability to set the protections and his veteran presence on the line that was missed the most. Allen was under fire the whole game and most of our runs just got swallowed up. I think even more than all of the defensive injuries we need Morse back the most. If our O can fire on (even almost) all cylinders, even with the D injuries we will be in most games until the D starts to get healthy again.
  20. Disgusting, but true. Manning used to talk about that too and I think Brady mentioned it (or at least a lineman of his mentioned Brady used to give him sh&t for it). I can only imagine what was going on down there in that heat lol
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