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  1. Dude those are awesome...with the exception of the purple-ish black licorice flavored ones.
  2. Agreed. I would imagine a lot of the roster feels like this is the stadium/team they should have played in February and I think they will come out with their hair on fire. Allen seems to love the big stage and this is a big one!
  3. "It's a game of inches". It just makes me feel better about myself.
  4. I was in 6th through 9th grade for the SB runs. That era ABSOLUTELY weighed into me sticking with them all these years. For me it was my childhood team and even though there was so much pain in those SB losses that era hooked me for life.
  5. FINALLY someone started a thread about "13 seconds"...it seems like after the Chiefs game it wasn't even mentioned on here.
  6. Just like a lot of us do not understand your bitterness towards the Bills
  7. Kupp has to be MVP...huge 4th down pick up, 2 TDs, and drew multiple fouls in endzone on last drive.
  8. I tend to think the HOF has too many people in it. A lot people use the criteria that "if you can't tell the story of the NFL without player X, they belong in the Hall". I think the story of the NFL can often be told just fine without a bunch of this year's class (all great players but not necessarily HOF players (beyond obviously them actually now being HOF players lol).
  9. And Marty 04 to 06 with Chargers. 14-2 his last season.
  10. Agree 100%. Most businesses have succession plans in place for important positions. Its the nature of the world...people move on, quit, get promoted, etc. I'm certain they have a running list of coaches, staff, and players in the event there are openings.
  11. Chiefs fans lol. So basically the OP's thought process was as follows: "Man I love my Chiefs...we're going to the Super Bowl as soon as we crush these Bengals"..."wait we just gave up a 21-3 lead and we lost?!?!?!?"...."I am devastated...I know! I'll go over to the Bills message board and start a thread telling them they shouldn't get their hopes up for next year...that'll make me feel better!" Sad.
  12. I've changed my pants 3 times today already....so you tell me.
  13. Happy for Stafford. Pulling for Rams to win it all. He was in football siberia in Detroit and 1 season later he is in the Super Bowl.
  14. Upcoming Bengals drive prediction: 1st down run for 2-3 yards; 2nd down incomplete pass; 3rd down completed pass for 4 yards; 4th down punt Chiefs following drive Whatever they want on the drive for a 28-3 lead lol
  15. Agreed. One thing I think that helped us last week was we were able to sustain some drives in the first half that helped keep the score down (14-14) at half. This one is looking to be 21-3 very soon. I think the Rams', or 49ers' for that matter, run game will be key against the Chiefs in having some sustained drives that actually end in TDs.
  16. The only way to beat the Chiefs is with a high scoring offense (for the most part). If the Bengals don't start getting some TDs this one will be over by half-time. There really isn't much you can do to the Chiefs on D. If you get pressure on Mahomes he scrambles or buys time and someone breaks open for a big play. If you blitz he will tear you up. You really just have to focus on putting up 40+ on them.
  17. Great season...to me kind of went back to the show's roots. Very tense. Very binge-able.
  18. Exactly this. People could easily post their vents in a single thread but it doesn't give them the attention they crave. Instead we have to have 30 different threads about how person x is having a tough time dealing.
  19. A) I posted a response to another poster questioning who could possibly already be over this loss...to which my response was: a mentally health and stable person (to paraphrase my original response). B) Sleeping like crap and tossing and turning the night before a big event is not really a stretch. It's pretty normal. To be carrying on and crying like a child a week after is pathetic.
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