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  1. Oh how you underestimate the malcontents among us!
  2. This might have been the Bills best game this year so far. Solid across the board. Dominant. 9 and 3 baby!!!!
  3. Pretty standard for a defense to give up some yards but make the O earn the yards...when up 17 with 4 mins to go.
  4. Not much chance to. Herby mentioned the pump fake kind of threw off the timing and the D closed on it quickly.
  5. Good drive but killed by 2 drops and a hold. Gotta get the ball back and suck the life out of them!
  6. Still a whole half to go. Wouldn't say he abandoned anything yet lol
  7. Agreed. We all know more about his injury and the team's needs more than the team does. AGREED!!
  8. Agreed. I think it's the "in thing" with media now to downplay the Bills, much like it was the "in thing" to jump on their SB bandwagon.
  9. On WGR it was the same...basically the Bills have a chance but it's going to be really tough. Who the hell knows. Maybe we come out with our hair on fire and put up a couple of TDs and it changes the whole flow of the game.
  10. For sure. Only if we don't get the 1 and end up with the 2 we would play the 7 which may very well be Jersey B
  11. I'm hoping the worst of the travel issues were resolved after the Lions game. At least this week they had a full week of practice.
  12. McD indicated, I believe in one of his pressers this week, that they will be ramping him up. So I would assume White will get more playing time tonight (how much, is anyone's guess unfortunately).
  13. That's what she said. Are people still saying that? If not I am bringing it back.
  14. Couldn't find a gif of the annoying waiter with the proper pieces of flair
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