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  1. He can’t NO ONE is allowed in the parking lot due to social distancing. That would totally defeat the purpose.
  2. Pathetic! They should be barred for life. Have a great opportunity to attend a playoff game on an extremely limited basis and act like that!!! Really disheartening.....
  3. REALLY! He played about as well as he could. Sure. He made some mistakes but helped generate over 450 yards of offense. Don’t put Indy’s loss on Rivers. We were lucky to pull it out!!!
  4. Well said. Totally agree. Hope the winds are not too bad
  5. Totally agree. This team is really good but let’s win some playoff games first before we announce that the bills goat teams. Just because the Bills list 4 straight Super Bowls dies not make them a bad team. They were also one dropped pass away from 6 straight afc championship games. Agree that Marv was out is he’d in some of those Super Bowls but those teams had amazing character. Just look at the greatest comeback game as well as some amazing road wins vs Miami and Pittsburgh.
  6. If the Bills beat the Broncos next Saturday, they clinch their first division title in 25 years by virtue of a better record in common games (10-4 vs 9-5). This assumes that the Bills would lose their last two games and the dolphins win their last three games. That would make both teams 11-5, 4-2 in the division snd 1-1 head to head. All the bills need to do is win one of their last three games and they are in no matter what Miami does. GO Bills!!!!!
  7. Will never happen. Just no justification to get a decent return in investment. Plus Buffalo is a small market and would not be able to afford the subsidies that Pegula would ask for in addition to the fan based not putting up with the exorbitant PSL and ticket prices.
  8. No. It was Ronnie Harmon. I still have the smashed remote control from my TV to prove it. One of the most deflating moments in Bills history. Was Jim Kelly’s best game. Rob Riddick was a baller. Great special teams player. Always gave it his best.
  9. I have to disagree. The whole social justice issue has totally undermined the league and has turned me off a lot. I used to watch every NFL game that I could, but now only watch the Bills and even then I am troubled by my favorite team not honoring the national anthem. Ratings have also fallen. I also know that many of my friends have similar feelings. Will be hard to replace those Bills teams of the 90’s who played with so much heart to get to those 4 Super Bowls, even if they lost. Will probably never happen again as teams getting to the super bowl many times don’tveven make the playoffs th
  10. Agreed. Just perfect place at perfect time. Totally heartbreaking 😡😩👎
  11. Had the same experience as you did. People were outraged where I was watching.
  12. Just curious what Bills fans think of this? Have been reading a lot of negative opinions on them staying in the locker room Thoughts???
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