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  1. Really! Look what the Titans did to the Bills last year. it wasn't even close. This will make them more dangerous in the playoffs, but at least they are not in our division, but we have to play them during the year which will make that matchup even tougher for us.
  2. Your kidding. Right. He was our best pass rusher as well as being one of the leaders on defense. He is also in the last year of his contract so he will be here and lead our D to good things, but probably will be gone in 2022.
  3. I know. So did I. But this guy looks good and the Bills need a better pass rush. Sucks that KC got him. Watched All the Oklahoma games and creed is a gamer. Solid
  4. No way! He’s our best pass rusher. What team have you been watching? But he is at the end of his career do hood move to draft his replacement after this year or next
  5. Loved Joe Ferguson. Still remember when he beat the Jets at Shea Stadium with that long pass to Joe Cribbs with only a few seconds left. I was there and it was so sweet driving home after the game with all the upset Jets Fans!!! GO BIllS......
  6. Looking forward to seeing what Hodgins can do. He was doing well in camp reportedly and Is a big receiver, so we’ll see.
  7. Spot on with everything you said. We are a solid team, but not even close to a championship team as constructed.
  8. A) Bill Simpsons interception in the end zone at the end of the game to win the 1981 wild-card game vs. the NY Jets B) Taron Johnson’s interception for a TD vs. the Baltimore Ravens in the 2021 Divisional Round C) Carlton Baileys interception for TD of John Elway in the 1993 AFC Championship game Thoughts......
  9. What was that? Turret Hill is a punk that just went after one of his coaches. Easy guy to root against. Will be interesting to see if the announcers even bring it up.
  10. He can’t NO ONE is allowed in the parking lot due to social distancing. That would totally defeat the purpose.
  11. Pathetic! They should be barred for life. Have a great opportunity to attend a playoff game on an extremely limited basis and act like that!!! Really disheartening.....
  12. REALLY! He played about as well as he could. Sure. He made some mistakes but helped generate over 450 yards of offense. Don’t put Indy’s loss on Rivers. We were lucky to pull it out!!!
  13. Well said. Totally agree. Hope the winds are not too bad
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