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  1. Like A Mofo

    Are the Lions sort of the Bills of the NFC?

    The Bills are not the Lions. The Bills have actually made Super Bowls. The team to me that most resembles Buffalo is the Minnesota Vikings. Both franchises lost 4 SB's and have had heartbreak in the playoffs and the regular season far too often
  2. Like A Mofo

    Snow Shovelers needed at New Era

    League is giving us lots of December home games to make the fans say its too cold build us a new area and make the Pegulas say the same. Roger and the owners have an insatiable craving for money.
  3. He is a former Buffalo Bill. If one is a former player, coach, resident, heck, even a criminal nephew of our HOF QB, Buffalo MUST have them all. The iron clad rule of some the fan base.
  4. Like A Mofo

    Should we have traded Shady back to Philly?

    I agree completely
  5. Like A Mofo

    Should we have traded Shady back to Philly?

    Agree. Bills best move is to upgrade their OL and WR options in 2019 offseason which will really help McCoy. Draft a RB to pair with McCoy who will have a cheap salary and carry the load, and when you combine Shady's 8M and the rookie's low salary, Shady's cap hit is manageable.
  6. This is a great question: I would still lean Darnold but not by much
  7. Like A Mofo

    Happy Thanksgiving TBD

    Great post! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  8. Like A Mofo

    KC vs. LAR vs. 1992 Bills vs. SF No Punt Game

    Could you imagine the threads made about the likes of Walt Corey if twobillsdrive was around back then?
  9. Like A Mofo

    Fear the Sabres....

    Happy Trees...
  10. Like A Mofo

    When should the Bills look at drafting another QB?

    3rd- 5th round this year 2019 NFL Draft.
  11. There were some dramatic moments on defense too: 3 defensive TD's I believe? What made that game so amazing was : Two 9-1 teams, game moved to LA, lived up to the hype. It's one game. I enjoyed it and I love defense too.
  12. Let's just say it: If the Bills were 54-51 winners last night, most of you haters would be LOVING this