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  1. DION DAWKINS IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL LOVE what Dawkins says here! And that sweatshirt is TREMENDOUS!!!
  2. 55.5% 3400 yards 19TD 18INT Oh sorry, I thought this was a Pats* message board....
  3. It all comes down to contract and term and JJ's health. If JJ can come in and command a double team and respect from opposing offenses and get pressures on the QB its a win win for the Bills.
  4. Bottom Line: If Josh Allen played in the SB and had the same OL out, very few of these talking heads would say 'go get your eyes checked' if you think Allen was one of the Top 10 reasons that Buffalo lost the SB. Lots of not all would point to Allen and his inaccuracy talk pre draft and how 'they knew deep down' that is what he would be. Most know exactly why this is happening.
  5. Drunk Tom Brady is what America truly needs right now
  6. This is a tough one. Would love to see Isiah stay but could not blame him if he seeks more money and term somewhere else.
  7. I want to say Jarius Byrd back in 2012 or 2013 or so maybe?
  8. This is an interesting take too and have wondered if this will be a factor as well. This is why it is imperative Buffalo improves on check-down options and the running game in 2021
  9. From your lips to the Football God's ears I hope you are right. As far as Josh goes, I still believe to be considered great you have to duplicate it, need to see in 2021 Josh had a similar year and then I think its fair to put Josh in the Mahomes category.
  10. If you mean that Ewing was great and was never given that true star around him I agree lets hope Beane gets the needed talent around Josh that the Knicks never gave Ewing in his prime.
  11. Buffalo has 2 away games at Tampa and at KC. Regardless of who wins next Sunday I can see the NFL setting up Buffalo to be that 1st TNF game on the national stage either at TB or KC. Thats all. Thats the thread 😁
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