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  1. Dear Social Media and message board watchers, I as a Buffalo Bills fan will refrain from making a definitive conclusion as to Josh Allen and if he 'is the answer' at QB for the long term for the Buffalo Bills for the rest of the season. After reviewing mine and other opinions over the weeks, I realize that the knee jerk reactions are not needed during this time. I will allow time for Josh to develop. I will stay even keel if Allen has a great game or a bad game in 2018. I will tell myself over and over that 2019 will bring in an infusion of talent which can help the young signal caller. I will remind myself that quarterbacks can take different amounts of time to develop. I sign off on this vow the rest of the year, for my betterment as a fan of this team. Who is with me? Signed, Like A Mofo
  2. Why do I have a feeling this exactly what is going to happen
  3. Like A Mofo

    Next Playoff Appearance

  4. Like A Mofo

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    That truly brings a smile to my face
  5. Like A Mofo

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    The offense of the Bills is the worst in the league. Their defense isn't much better. I stopped reading the thread on that board as soon as I saw that. Buffalo 23, Houston 20
  6. Like A Mofo

    Priority: Develop Allen or Win Ugly?

    Priority as a coach is to win. ALWAYS. The guys in that locker room who are giving it everything want that. Can't talk tank when the Bills are 2-3. Allen's development is always most important. Win or lose. It will take time. Now, in Beane's case in a private moment? Maybe he would prefer a higher pick and developing Allen. But in no way shape or form does that message get conveyed to McDermott and to the team.
  7. Like A Mofo

    Predict the Score: Titans at Bills

    Buffalo 23, Tennessee 20 (OT)
  8. Like A Mofo

    Worst injury you have ever had

    Going to the gym parked in a parking structure, fell down the stairs and tore my quad tendon. Surgery, and months of rehab. Seems so trivial and small compared to a lot of you. I wish you all good health
  9. There were years and games where it would get to me so much I would be enraged for awhile: There are some quick moments of frustration and whatnot when it comes to the Buffalo Bills, and after awhile I say don't get this get you THAT upset, it's not good for your health. Here is how a typical Sunday goes for me when it comes to the Bills here in California: 1. Drive to the Bills Backers club, get there by 930am: Greeted at the door by other Bills fans, hey how are you, how is the family, how are things. So what do you think today, you think about our chances today?. Sit down, usually in same seat. Order breakfast and a coffee. Get ready for the games at 10am. Talk with now who I call friends that I have made as a result of watching our Bills together on Sundays for years. 2. We all cheer, get frustrated at a fumble, or bad call. Sometimes we laugh when they are so bad, sometimes we cheer so loud when it goes well it feels great. I look around the place and there are Bills fans everywhere, enjoying a nice Sunday mid to late morning, watching a football game, plenty of food, maybe some beer. Folks, these are what I call blessings, even if you are not religious. We are able to enjoy a Sunday watching a sport with food and drink and hopefully for all of us, good health. These are things that we should enjoy. Even enjoy getting upset over a loss, but get back up, dust yourself off, and get a little hopeful for the next game. Our resiliency is what makes the Buffalo sports fan so special. We are all in this together. We all want to see the Bills succeed. The Buffalo Bills are more then a football team for me, and I am sure for almost all of you as well. Enjoy it.
  10. Like A Mofo

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    Oh trust me, I myself am all for everyone, carry no hate, but if you don't think that is a strategy even by the sports media to get clicks and eyeballs on their product, then I'm not sure what to tell you. Sadly these days, it sells.
  11. Like A Mofo

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    Not only that, get ready for the national media onslaught about this for the following reasons: 1. Buffalo is a wonderful and juicy soft target for the NFL media. Clickbait, we get pissed, rinse and repeat. 2. Josh Allen had a 'racist' tweet at 15, Mahomes is not white, fits perfectly into the race baiting ways of the political forum these days. Somehow, Allen will be blamed for this.
  12. Like A Mofo

    Would you rather have: Mahomes or both Allen & Tre?

    Because he has cravings to push our buttons and give himself satisfaction. He should go to Chiefs Planet.
  13. Like A Mofo

    Hello From A Titans Fan -- Titans Come to Town

    Buffalo 23, Tennessee 20. Book it.
  14. Like A Mofo

    Rodak: Bills Should Explore Trades for McCoy and Benjamin

    Agree, Rodak is a happy camper today. His beloved Pats with a huge win. Tom is back. Buffalo had a bad game. His usual talking points work again. Makes his job easier.
  15. Like A Mofo

    Marrone went for 2 up 31-12 with 25 sec to go vs Jets

    True, but Bill Parcells and other great coaches aren't really liked either. But are darn good coaches. The same is true for Marrone.