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  1. Very interesting thank you for sharing. Biggest key to me for the defense: Lamar will get his yards. Dobbins will too. Red. Zone. Defense. Hold them to FG's Win the turnover battle. Max 1 Turnover for the Bills. be respectable running the ball to keep Baltimore off the field offensively. And we will win.
  2. Lamar Jackson is 14-2 and 11-5 the last two seasons, the guy is doing something right. What makes him dangerous is you can watch him and 7 of 9 plays a defense will completely stifle him and then boom he makes two 40+ yard plays.
  3. I really would like to see a lot more of Williams at RB this weekend, I feel he could be a diamond in the rough for the Bills
  4. So the bigger threat to our way of life shut down the less bigger threat. At least now the far left controlled global media will pump articles about how 'great' things are and the sheep will gleefully follow along.
  5. Idk what it is but I also have a lot of negative thoughts too. I think about Baltimore last year flying into the postseason and coming up lame. Maybe its our history as to why I haven't truly accepted this is a top team. The 'always looking for the other shoe to drop' mentality as a fan takes a long time to break.
  6. I like the crew. Ian is one of the best in the biz and Charles is a really solid analyst.
  7. I was thinking Romo and Nantz I dont know what other games they have
  8. The entire key to me is the Colts OL vs the Buffalo Bills DL: If the Colts OL controls the LOS and pushes us around and controls the clock and wears us down this might be a tough Saturday afternoon. Just keep Taylor in check and make Rivers beat the Bills. As for the offense, give me much of the same we have seen all year, no reason to change from what is working. Turnovers are key, especially in 2nd half
  9. Mighty Taco Field House? Duff's Stadium? La Nova Field? Tim Horton's Stadium?
  10. Pancho Billa Stadium I know it can't be but it would be awesome
  11. Good morning COMRAD. Sorry, just getting used to YOUR new regime. Enjoy it. Conform. Take down statues, take away more freedoms. And WEAR THAT MASK.
  12. I cannot say enough great things about Dion Dawkins. Have said this before and will say it again, when this is all said and done, Dion will go down as one of THE greatest and most beloved Buffalo Bills players in franchise history, and yes he is a REALLY good OL, but moreso because he is a great young man that just GETS Buffalo perfectly. Dion is such a breath of fresh air in today's world, we all need more people like Dion around.
  13. Exactly. Considering that 11 wins was the minimum buy-in for the AFC Playoffs, I think we as Bills fans, while should be feeling downright giddy about what we are witnessing, should be more humble right now because this conference is loaded and we can win it or sadly be out Saturday. Baltimore last year should teach all of us that lesson, remember how that team was rolling into the AFC Playoffs?
  14. Only thing I worry about is the old peaking too early thing. Every team in the AFC is really really good IMO. This will be tough. All I am focused on is seeing this new regime and new era of Buffalo Bills earn their 1st playoff win. Nothing more. Nothing less. Control Taylor to about 100 yards and make the Colts more one dimensional. Limit turnovers to 1 (figure Allen might throw 1 pick which happens) Be strong in the red zone. Special teams. We got this. I say Buffalo 27-20
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