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  1. EASILY a HOF coach and it isn't close. One of the all time greatest coaches when it is all said and done.
  2. For those Bills fans who were able to attend the Super Bowl live in the 1990's, consider yourself lucky even though we lost. Very few of us will be able to attend when we make it again. That's why I hope the Bills win it soon so I can kiss the sport goodbye and take my $ with it. And also, enjoy these special moments at New Era, once the new stadium come in, and everything becomes ultra corporate, most of you will long for the fire burning table smashing days.
  3. Its very simple. If Eli Manning's last name was say, Eli Losman, he will not go to the HOF. The end.
  4. You can never have enough edge rushers. I say make the defense even better. To win big in the NFL you must be elite at something. Buffalo defense was upper echelon, but I say take it to the level where there are virtually zero holes A WR can be found in the 2nd round
  5. The league always trends to something nobody wants to truly talk about: You need: 1. Great coach 2. Be great at something (QB, passing, running, defense) and I mean truly elite And you have a great chance to make a SB
  6. Agree. Let's be fair about 95-100 percent of all that cover sports when it comes to social media: Everyone craves attention 24X7x365 and will say virtually anything to satisfy that insatiable appetite for likes, retweets, and getting people pissed off in general.
  7. No way. How will these bloggers and Bills beat writers properly push buttons of their own fan base so they can get a rise out of watching the RT, Likes, and attention thrown their way?
  8. Being a California resident I do agree with this: Partly it is the weather, partly its other states busing homeless here and dropping them off here, and also in part is the behavior that is enabled by the actions of some of the government here. California has its fair share of issues I agree in cities like LA and SF, but where I live it is just fine, yeah its expensive, but I am not dodging drug needles and homeless tents like most might think. There is a LOT more to this state then just inner LA and SF. Also there is massive shortage of homes here for the high demand which has thrown real estate prices out of whack, and yes, that is a bi-partisan issue.
  9. Obviously Daboll was interested, so why not let him go?
  10. I am not a parent but I always say this: I would never wish even my worst enemy the pain of losing their child.
  11. Maybe Kraft bought his NE home to convert it to a Chinese massage parlor?
  12. I didn't want anything criminal to happen to Coleman or his family, I just wanted him to get his arse kicked, and be taught a lesson to stop being a jackarse online.
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