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  1. Its the right call. It's Week 2. Buffalo is no longer playing for September, we are playing for January. Get both healed for the big picture.
  2. Im going to respectfully disagree here on the picture that is being painted. Next time there is a cop shooting where it is not a white cop vs black victim, let me know the games leagues sit out at, the kneeling taking place, and the social media outrage displayed.
  3. It's all about intent. Like with the cops, it seems that the BLM movement, left and others assume, in virtually every scenario, that the cop was racist in their intent to shoot someone. And while in some cases this IS true (and that has to stop we all agree there), it is very dangerous to automatically assume this being the case in every situation, until more facts come out. If the 'movement' truly stood for what some believe it does, count me in, 100 percent. But when you look deeper, its evident they have much bigger and more dangerous agendas them most believe based on what they say and actions. We do need change in our policing, but we don't need to complete change America as we know it to do so, as BLM is out to do. In the NFL's case with the slogans that they are putting in the end zone, is the intent towards ALL races when it comes to racism? Or is it going along with the narrative that these movements are only targeting whites that are racist? We need clarification from the league, because I am going to cautiously assume here these slogans fall right in line with the BLM movement, which appears to be only interested in one race against another in these cases. This is a real roll of the dice by the NFL here; To allow players to put the names of the victims on their helmets and not allow Dallas to put the names of slain cops in Dallas a few years ago, it creates a tricky precedent. From my vantage point I feel this can only hurt their product in the short term. I stand to be corrected if that isn't the case. Another thing; instead of using protests and social media on both sides, its about time we get all these folks together in person. I would bet most of this can be resolved if those involved would meet in person and have discussions about it and move towards resolution.
  4. I can completely understand how you feel. And here is the thing: When it comes to the political angle to sports, this isn't about 'oh I dont agree with them Im Republican' there is no balance at all: Sports recently has generally proven they are siding with the far left, and pretty strongly. All we want is balance folks. And to enjoy sports. This should not be this difficult.
  5. As a St John's NY alum and watching the old Big East games will always remember the classic duels between Big John Thompson and Louie Carnesecca. RIP Coach.
  6. I voted 'Could care less about football' I like coming to this board to browse and read topics. But until balanced, rational minds prevail in the NFL, I am not giving them my time or money.
  7. If we kneel when calling, is there a deeper discount?
  8. Said this a few times to others and Ill say it now: I sure hope Dion Dawkins has a long and successful career with the Buffalo Bills. Dion can go down as one of the most popular players in Buffalo sports history. At least from what we can see, Dion seems to really love being in Buffalo, and gets this city and the culture and the fan base. My favorite Buffalo Bill. He GETS it.
  9. Maybe its time to get, you know, priorities in order and shut down sports altogether and get this damn virus under control. And we can, you know, come together as 1 and fight this so we can all resume normalcy sooner. Putting band aids on this will not slow the spread at all.
  10. Josh Allen just has to go out there and keep proving a lot of these doubters wrong. let him hear this. Let this keep that chip on his shoulder. I love it.
  11. Rutgers defenses have been social distancing properly since joining the Big 10, they are well prepared for this pandemic.
  12. Screw it: Troll the NFL and call the stadium Redskins Park.
  13. Dak is a lot better then most give him credit for. He is considerably better then an average QB. I love that we have Josh Allen but if we didn't: Id take Dak on Buffalo in a heartbeat.
  14. 1. It's the Dallas Cowboys. There are some teams out there that just get a LOT of coverage whether we like it or not. 2. Dak is one of those QB's that elicits a lot of opinions. Why? Because Dallas as far as playoff success goes and even in season, has not lived up to the lofty expectations placed on them annually. 3. When you analyze Dak further, it should be a no brainier that he should be paid like a top QB. He is better then Goff, and to me, its not particularly close. 4. Why isn't he getting paid? I think mostly, draft position, if Dak was a 1st round pick Dallas would have locked him up long term already. These same issues happened to Brees and Cousins, and all 3 have something in common: They were not 1st round picks.
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