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  1. Of course he is, but if he picked the Bills to win 12 we would want to name a street in Orchard Park after him. Expect this until the Bills ACTUALLY prove it.
  2. Somewhere after waking up from a nap, Buddy Nix's ears are ringing
  3. You think Barstool did an entire feature on the Buffalo tailgating experience its because they thought they are so cool? No, the Boston hack outlet did it to EMBARRASS this fan base. Most are fine at the tailgates, but there are too many knuckleheads that are out of control, and can ruin it for more people then you think. Have several beers over a few hours, feel a nice buzz, have great food, good laughs and get pumped for a football game? THAT is fun. Some of the other antics to me are childish, and in some cases, dangerous. Those actions are leading to this. Take a bow.
  4. You felt this needed to be created as a brand new topic? 'Not really' : Filled with overflowing depth and detail, tremendous hot take that might go viral, and worthy of 60000 replies.
  5. Again: 1. This could happen. Unlikely, but it could. 2. The media needs this, they crave it. A lot of the national media LOVES when things stay as they are. They WANT New England to be great. They WANT the Steelers to be great. Big markets. They NEED you to lose. And they NEED you to click these and get all pissed off about it. It makes them money. Embrace the Hate.
  6. Buffalo sports fans: You have to get over the fact that national outlets do NOT want to see your teams succeed, do NOT want to travel to Buffalo when they are on the road. They don't care about Buffalo. Stop yearning for validation from these talking heads once and for all.
  7. 14 picks? That is insane. Hate to say it fellow Bills fans but stop hating: If the Bills had 14 picks in 2020 we would have 500 threads created about that topic already boasting about Beane and his wizardry. Patriots just continue to create the trends and are smart year after year.
  8. WGR needs to find another Sal Capaccio or 2 to take their sports talk coverage next level.
  9. I hate these yelling at clouds posters who get all annoyed because how DARE you ask about what the New York Giants will pick on a Buffalo Bills board? Truth is: How the Giants go at 6 could play a big role into how Beane and the Bills act at 9.
  10. What site do you all go to to go through a Mock Draft that allows you to trade and grade your picks? Thanks in advance
  11. Love this draft and we had very similar results as I did a 3 round mock. If we really want to see Josh Allen take this to the next level, a guy like Hockenson at 9 to me is a no brainer. Get Josh Allen a Kelce like TE for 10 years and take the offense next level:
  12. This is why TJ Hockenson is the pick at 9. Reach smeach, he would be a TRUE difference maker at the TE position for years to come
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