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  1. Like A Mofo

    Young Bills getting some love from ESPN...

    The insatiable desires and yearnings for ESPN validation from some of our fanbase absolutely baffles me.
  2. Like A Mofo

    ESPN has Jets taking Josh Allen 3rd in 18' draft redo

    Sounds like ESPN might be pissed that Buffalo has an answer at QB so let's redo it and give Buffalo the spoiled brat from SoCal and help the Jets out. Poor ESPN.
  3. Like A Mofo

    How Does LA Match Up Against New England?

    My question is: Does anyone really care?
  4. Kent Hull - Anchor the OL as Center is a very valuable position and major need for this team.
  5. Like A Mofo

    Marquise Goodwin: Tough year, loses twins

    This is something I would not wish on even my worst enemy. Always breaks my heart to hear these stories.
  6. Donate to social justice now a days = Anti Trump. This and many other comments are all code words for their distaste of Trump.
  7. That's it: Time for Beane to blow up this roster and coaching staff: Only hire coaches with Buffalo ties. Reich make him an offer he can't refuse: Hands the reigns to Chad Kelly to be the field general and sign Gronk and bring in or back every WNY native, relative, former lover, anyone with Buffalo roots ONLY and we can then all sing kumbaya around a fire at the tailgates and go 4-12 but hey at least its Buffalo roots!
  8. Like A Mofo

    Sunday NFC Wild Card: Eagles at Bears 4:40 NBC

    Notice Bills fans on twitter mocking the Bears kicker: Any Bills fan making fun of the kicker missing that kick should really sit back and analyze one self: We have been there before at a much higher level. Ill never laugh at that situation.
  9. Like A Mofo

    Would you trade for AJ Green?

    Yes, if the price is right. AJ Green would offer experience not only for Josh Allen, but say another WR that is drafted in 2019. He can really be a help for guys like Foster and Jones in their development. Borderline HOF receiver already. He wont hit 98 receptions again, but even if he can get to 60 and 6 TD"s and just make things easier where teams don't just load up the box against the run, its a plus. Make it happen Beane.
  10. Like A Mofo

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Love that Kyle Williams is retiring on his own, most athletes do not get that option to decide when they are leaving the game. And Kyle is doing it in style, right at home in Buffalo. As well as we all know our fellow Buffalo Bills family, I know for sure Bills fans will send him off tremendously. Kyle Williams will be on the Bills Wall Of Fame and will be a legend in Buffalo sports lore for many many years to come Thank you Kyle!
  11. Like A Mofo

    Week 17 -- rooting for a win or loss?

    Goodell routinely intervenes. Case in point Colts deal with Jets. Buffalo has to build a new stadium to prevent his meddling.
  12. Like A Mofo

    Week 17 -- rooting for a win or loss?

    Sad to say because of the teams in the middle of the Top 10 in the NFL Draft, coupled with the fact the commish won't make it easy for Buffalo to move ahead of some teams in the draft, have to root for a L.
  13. Like A Mofo

    Bills vs Patriots*** - **Predict the Score**

    New England 27, Buffalo 13